Eastern Corridor cycling guide

With the widespread availability of bike rentals, exploring Singapore on a bike makes for an appealing exercise option, given its slow pace and scenic views. Heck, you can even tour the Southern Islands by bike, should the mainland get a bit boring.

Whether you’re looking for a way to burn off those extra calories from all that CNY feasting, or a seasoned veteran of the many long-distance biking trails, you’ll want to check out the newly-opened Eastern Corridor. The 18km long trail is essentially a truncated version of the Eastern Coastal PCN, with both routes sharing some of the same paths. 

How long does it take to cycle the Eastern Corridor?

Cycling around the Eastern Corridor takes around 3 hours, end to end. But if you’re worried about rumbling bellies, full bladders or tired legs, the 18-km route’s many access points throughout Pasir Ris, Tampines and Bedok mean that you can easily hop off the trail to refuel at the many cafes, supermarkets or coffee shops along the way.

Where does the Eastern Corridor run from?

The Eastern Corridor is an 18km stretch connecting Area C of Pasir Ris Park to Area G of East Coast Park. The route cuts through Tampines Eco Green and Bedok Reservoir Park.

Can I connect to other PCNs along the way?

The Eastern Corridor connects to several PCNs along the way. It is connected to the Round Island Route and Eastern Coastal PCN on both ends. The latter is a 42km-long cycling route that incorporates the Eastern Corridor along with other PCNs in the east such as the Coastal Park Connector, Telok Kurau Park, and Siglap Park Connector.

Pasir Ris Park

Pick up your bikes & start your journey

Yay, out of office today.

We started off our cycling odyssey at Pasir Ris Park. Given its intersection with the Round Island Route, it’s unsurprising many rental bikes can be found here, including the pay-per-use varieties from Anywheel and Hellobike.

A GoCycling branch can be found right behind Carpark C as well. The bike rental store offers a variety of bikes for rent from $10/hour, and every second hour rented on weekdays is free. But if your quads are starting to quake at the thought of a 36km round trip, fret not. They have other branches along the way along East Coast Park, so you can choose to return your bike there. 

We found that most of Pasir Ris Park was either closed off to bicycles or fenced off due to construction works, so the only way out of the park is by following a road called Pasir Ris Green till you reach the cross junction. Then, make a left onto Pasir Ris Drive 3. Keep riding till you see Pasir Ris Sports Complex across the road, before making a right at the traffic light.

Refreshment points: None


  • 2-minute walk from the GoCycling rental store

Pasir Ris Town Park

Stop here for a short break

With a pair of bus stops located a mere stone’s throw away, Pasir Ris Town Park also makes for a good starting point, especially if you’re bringing a foldable bike

Located a mere 800m down from Pasir Ris Park, there’s plenty to do here. Those wanting to grab a bite can head over to the McDonald’s at Pasir Ris Sports Complex or the Pasir Ris Hawker Centre. Otherwise, resting your legs at the fitness corner benches is a great idea too.

If you’re one to embark on a midnight ride, you’ll be glad to know that you can get refreshing isotonic drinks at the nearby Kelong Lifestyle One Stop, which is open 24 hours.

Despite the amenities found on the bank with the pond, we found that it was much easier to cycle on the opposite bank of the canal, given its straighter path. That said, some parts of the path are closed off due to Cross Island Line construction work, leading us to cut through the void decks of HDB blocks.

Refreshment points: 

  • Kelong Lifestyle One Stop (24h, Daily)
  • Bistro at the Park (3.30pm-12am, Daily)
  • Pasir Ris Hawker Centre (7am-8.30pm, Daily)


  • Next to Kelong Lifestyle One Stop
  • Pasir Ris Hawker Centre

Tampines Eco Green or Tampines PCN 

Walk through otherworldly forest scape

Eastern Corridor Park Connector
Into the unknown.

Oh, decisions, decisions. You’ll have to make one after zooming down the overhead bridge from Pasir Ris, given the fork in the road ahead. Nature lovers wanting to go off the beaten path can turn right towards Tampines Eco Green, with its untouched forest landscape and myriad of wildlife spotting opportunities. Do note that cycling is not allowed in the park, and you’ll have to park your bike at the many stands at the park entrance before walking in. 

Otherwise, the paved track along Tampines PCN is also an attractive option, if you’re the sort who prefers views of civilisation along your route. From here, set your next destination to Sun Plaza Park.

Hands down beats the office view, any day.

Refreshment points: 

  • Cheers @ Esso Tampines Avenue 9 (24h, Daily)


  • Esso Tampines Avenue 9
  • Tampines Eco Green Eco Toilet

Sun Plaza Park

Pretend you’re in Japan with pink blossoms

Image adapted from: @eddiesteady88 via Instagram

With its large Trumpet Trees providing plenty of shade, Sun Plaza Park makes for a good pit stop, whether you’ve just bashed through the pristine greenery of Tampines Eco Green or chionged through Tampines PCN. 

If you’re lucky, you can even catch the trees blossoming, washing the entire park in a sea of pink. After all, it is fondly known as “Singapore’s cherry blossoms”. 

Refreshment points: None

Toilets: None

Tampines Avenue 9 & 10 PCN

Short route amidst greenery

After catching a quick breather, it’s time to get back in the saddle again. But lest you worry about getting honked at by motorists on the road, or dodging pedestrians on the sidewalk, fret not, the pavements here are all shared paths, wide enough to do double duty as both pedestrian and bicycle pathways.

Do note that the 2km stretch along Tampines Avenue 10 is bereft of any refreshment points, so we’d highly recommend using the washroom and stocking up on drinks at the many coffee shops and supermarkets along Tampines Avenue 9.

Refreshment points: 

  • Sheng Siong Supermarket @ 602A Tampines Avenue 9 #01-01 (7am-11pm, Daily) 
  • Ang Mo Supermarket (7.30am-10pm, Daily)
  • Happy Hawkers @ 602B Tampines Avenue 9 (8am-10pm, Daily)


  • Kimly Zi Char @ 742A Tampines Street 72
  • Get Together Coffee Shop @ 622A Tampines Avenue 12
  • Happy Hawkers @ 602B Tampines Avenue 9

Bedok Reservoir Park

Steep hill with scenic views

Image adapted from: Google Maps

Those needing to answer nature’s call urgently after conquering the barren stretch along Tampines Avenue 10 will surely find the washroom in Bedok Reservoir Park a sight for sore eyes. It’s hard to miss it, given that it’s quite literally the first structure you’ll see upon turning into the park.

Screenshot from: Google Maps

Turning right is considerably longer, but you’ll be rewarded with picturesque views of Bedok Reservoir down below after ascending the hill.
Screenshot from: Google Maps

After a quick loo break, you’re again faced with 2 options. Those wanting to speedrun the trail can head left and cut through PAssion WaVe to Bedok PCN, but if you’d like to soak in the breeze and take in some majestic views of the park, turn right in the direction of HomeTeam NS Bedok Reservoir, before heading up the steep hill. The stairs do feature a bike ramp along the side, which beats having to haul the bicycle up the steep incline.

Sian, if only I trained for IPPT instead of raiding the pantry everyday.

But you’ll be rewarded with incredible panoramic views of the park down below. Worth it, if you ask us.

The Sheng Siong here is a lifesaver, especially if you’ve just conquered that steep hill climb.

Refreshment points: 

  • Scoopy Doo (Sun, Tue-Thu, 1pm-10pm | Fri-Sat, 1pm-12am | Closed on Mondays), 
  • georges @ The Waterfront (3pm-11pm, Sun-Wed | 3pm-12am, Thu-Sat)
  • Sheng Siong Supermart @ 471739 (24h, Daily)


  • Entry point of Bedok Reservoir Park
  • PAssion WaVe 
  • Exit near WaWaWa Bistro
  • HomeTeamNS

Bedok PCN

Quiet estate with plane-spotting opportunities

Inserts song lyrics about broken dreams* 

It’s hard to go wrong along this segment, given that all you need to do after crossing Bedok Reservoir Road is to ride along the bank with the incomplete HDBs, all the way to the bridge opposite Bedok Ria Crescent. 

But should you feel your quads burning hotter than Dione and Oliver in One Week Love, you’ll be glad to know that there are a few eateries along this stretch where you can rest your tired legs. 

Those wanting some affordable, no-frills fare can pop by Food City Eating House, a kopitiam located along Bedok North Avenue 4. Alternatively, there’s a whole slew of cafes located along Jalan Pari Burong too, a mere 10-minute ride down. These include the likes of Forage Cafe @ Pari Burong, Porta Porta Italian Restaurant, and Mummy Yummy.

“Faster, damn dark already I wanna go home,” our photographer said.

Refreshment points: 

  • Porta Porta Italian Restaurant (Mon-Sat, 12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm) 
  • Forage Cafe @ Pari Burong (Wed-Mon, 9am-9pm)
  • Food City Eating House (6.30am-10pm, Daily)


  • Cafes along the route
  • Food City Eating House

Stretch to East Coast Park

The final push

The last stretch isn’t a PCN, per se, given the route’s closure due to ongoing works at the Thomson East Coast line’s Sungei Bedok station. 

The only way out is by weaving through the many little lanes till you reach Bedok Road, and a sure sign that you’ve reached it is when you see Eastwood Centre. The apartment complex is also a great place for a short break, given that the many cafes, Subway, and Cold Storage found on the 1st floor.

The underpass looks like the tunnel that Sarah and Evan crossed in The Algorithm

Once you’re out of the confusing maze of tight lanes, all that’s left to do is follow the pavement along Upper East Coast Road down to Guards Avenue, where you’ll make a left. 

Image credit: @jons_pinholebox_world via Instagram

Those needing a bathroom break can do so at the Upper East Coast Bus Interchange, otherwise, head right till the end of Guards Avenue, before making a left onto the path parallel to the ECP. The underpass to East Coast Park is located at the end of the stretch.

Do note that this part can get a little dusty because of the construction work going on, and the path along the construction site is rather narrow and rough.

Refreshment points:

  • Bedok Food Centre (8am-10pm, Daily)
  • Eastwood Centre Cold Storage (8am-10pm)
  • Subway (8am-9pm, Daily)


  • Bedok Food Centre
  • Eastwood Centre
  • Upper East Coast Bus Interchange

Guide to cycling along the Eastern Corridor

Once you pop out of the underpass, give yourself a pat on the back; after all, you’ve just conquered an 18km-long park connector on 2 wheels. Now all that’s left is the last 5km leg towards Area C4, which is home to GoCycling’s East Coast Park branch, as well as many eateries such as PS.Cafe and McDonald’s.

Map of the Eastern Corridor.
Image adapted from: Strava

Sure, the Eastern Corridor might not have the sick seaviews like more ulu PCNs like Changi Bay Point or Changi Beach Park have. But its relatively flat terrain, easy accessibility and multiple resting points more than make up for the view. 

What’s more, with the upcoming Sungei Bedok station on the Thomson East Coast line set to open next year, the trail’s about to get a whole lot more accessible, especially since it’s located near the trail’s 16km mark.

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Photography by Shawn Low.

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