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artscience museum exhibition - cover

ArtScience Museum Will Be Having A Studio Ghibli Exhibit This Year With Immersive Theatrical Sets

Studio Ghibli Exhibition at ArtScience Museum

Hang on to your Totoro plushies and prepare to step into the magical world of Mononoke, Haku, and the iconic Catbus. The Artscience Museum is going to have a Studio Ghibli exhibition this year, bringing our favourite childhood shows to life. Think: our very own mini Ghibli “theme park”, minus the plane ticket to Japan.

This will be happening alongside a slew of other exhibitions including a Frida Kahlo immersive exhibit and Goddess, curated by Australia’s national museum of screen culture, ACMI.

The World of Studio Ghibli with large-scale theatrical sets

artscience museum exhibition - studio ghibli totoro
Image credit: IMDb

Picture this – you’re strolling through the enchanting landscapes of My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away, all without the need for a hyper imaginative mind. Studio Ghibli is bringing us an immersive exhibition this October, with large-scale theatrical sets from their films over time. 

artscience museum exhibition - spirited away
Image credit: IMDb

More information is yet to be released but we hear it’s going to be interactive and huge. Ghibli fans, you’ll no longer have to resort to playing pretend at the Ghibli-like places in Singapore like we did.

Frida Kahlo & an ACMI exhibition from Australia

artscience museum exhibition - Frida Kahlo
Image credit: Frida Kahlo: The Life of an Icon

Giant furry demon-cats with pointy ears aren’t the only thing to look out for. ArtScience Museum will also be hosting Frida Kahlo: The Life of an Icon. You’ve probably heard of the French painter, known for her iconic self-portraits – yes, the one with the unibrow. This May, you can expect to check out some of her most famous artwork. 

artscience museum exhibition - goddess ACMI
Image adapted from: Atrbute, SAKURAN Film Committee, Albert Sanchez and Pedro Zalba

If “run the world, girls” is your mantra and you can’t say no to a good film, don’t miss Goddess, by ACMI. Explore notable women in film and how they smashed stereotypes across the last century when the exhibition kickstars this April.

Check out Studio Ghibli, Frieda Kahlo & ACMI exhibitions

artscience museum exhibition - exterior

You and I both know ArtScience Museum to be the place to escape to for wonderful installations and of course, great backdrops for our next IG post. The fact that an upcoming exhibition features Studio Ghibli is an icing on the cake – if only October could come quicker!

Keep a lookout on ArtScience Museum’s website for more updates to be amongst the first to check it out.

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