Guide to cheap flights to Japan in 2024

We all secretly rejoiced when we heard the Japanese Yen dipped slightly, making holidays to Super Nintendo World and bustling streets of Shibuya even more possible than before. With Japan as your chosen destination, the next step would be securing your flights to Japan. 

Now we can’t speak for everyone, but we try to fly cheap in favour of spending more while we’re there. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the cheapest flights and airlines you can take to get to Japan from Singapore

When is the best time to fly to Japan?

budget flights to japan - sakura season
Image credit: @hochi_ma_daytime_gram via Instagram

If you’re planning to head to Japan next year, note that Spring is the peak season for Japan – typically between March and May. If you want to catch the Cherry Blossom season next year, locals predict them to bloom late in March till early April. 1-way flights during this period average about S$400/pax, so if you want to catch those pink petals, you better start saving up.   

September to November are also the country’s peak period for tourists. The holiday season means you not only have to contend with inflated airfare, but crowds at popular tourist destinations as well. 

budget flights to japan - snow
If you want to experience snow or prefer colder climates, January and March have cheaper fares too. Check out the snowy mountains of Tateyama.

If you’re just gunning for a budget holiday, though, statistically, the cheapest month for Japan-bound travel is July. August comes in at 2nd place with 12% cheaper tickets. 

So now that we’ve established which months are “off-peak” to travel here are the best airlines for Singaporeans looking to save on tickets:

– Budget Airlines –

 LCCs – that’s Low-Cost Carriers – are budget-friendly airlines that get you where you want to go without breaking the bank. If you plan on saving on your flight in favour of some omakase dining, or a JAL Explorer Pass for smoother travel, check these airlines out:     

1. Scoot – New flights on Pokémon-themed plane, from S$361

budget flights to japan - scoot pokemon
Image credit: Scoot

Scoot has been shuttling bargain-hungry travellers to countries since 2012 and Singaporeans tend to utilise their prices for short getaways to Bali or Bangkok. If you’ve got Japan in your sights for 2024, the airline also has routes to Osaka, Tokyo, and Sapporo.  

Food and Wi-Fi are available onboard for an additional price, but it’s overall cheaper than flying on a full-fare flight. As part of their 10th anniversary, flights aboard their Pokémon-themed jet can be booked with some headed to the adorable critters’ hometown of Japan. 

budget flights to japan - scoot cabin
It’s not just Pokémon-themed on the outside, the cabin is decked out with Pokémon too.
Image credit: Scoot 

Scoot also offers a FLEX add-on from S$20 where you can change your flight’s timing and date, just in case plans change. It’s pretty useful if you have friends that keep adding items to the itinerary or just want to shop more.   

Fun fact: Scoot also has quiet and baby-free zones on their long-haul flights, for travellers who require quality shut-eye before they land. 

How much are tickets?
In July, you can find round-trip tickets to Osaka from S$361

Book your tickets on Scoot.   

2. Jetstar – Flights to Okinawa’s sandy shores, from S$466

budget flights to japan - jetstar
After a 3-year hiatus, Jetstar has resumed flights to Okinawa from Singapore
Image credit: @jetstarasia via Instagram 

If you’ve already crossed off Japan’s mainland and Hokkaido, your next destination has to be Okinawa, the country’s subtropical cluster of 150 islands. Jetstar can get you there with one-way tickets as low as S$185/pax

budget flights to japan - cart tour
Take a water buffalo cart tour on Taketomi in Okinawa.
Image credit: @gomako_____ via Instagram

You can even book a domestic flight from Okinawa to Tokyo on Jetstar from as low as S$59 if you have more days to spare. If you need ideas for your island holiday, we’ve got a few things to do in and around Okinawa. 

How much are tickets?
Jetstar offers round-trip flights to Okinawa from S$466 with domestic flights between Japan’s prefectures from as low as S$59/pax.

Check out Jetstar’s flights to Okinawa and other promotions. 

3. AirAsia – Discover the western city of Fukuoka, from S$514

If you don’t mind a layover in Bangkok, you can find flights with 4-12-hour layovers from Air Asia bound for Fukuoka Airport from S$514

It’s only 2.5 hours to Bangkok, and another 5 to get to Fukuoka city from there. Plus, you can also purchase add-ons like hot meals, seating with extra legroom, and additional baggage allowance – you get 7kg with your ticket fyi.   

budget flights to japan - airasia

While tourists flock to popular cities like Tokyo and Osaka, you’ll find prices in Fukuoka to be more friendly on your wallet. To aid the booking process, you can download the airasia Super App which lets you book both your ticket and additional meals with ease.  

Pro tip: Order the Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak if it’s available, it’s got quite a reputation amongst AirAsia flyers for being quite good.   

How much are tickets?
You can find off-peak round-trip tickets to Fukuoka from S$514 

Book a flight to Fukuoka on AirAsia.

4. ZIPAIR – The “Scoot of Japan”, from S$303

While Singaporeans would be more familiar with Scoot as Singapore Airlines’ budget-friendly little brother, ZIPAIR is pretty much the same thing for Japan Airlines. Much like any other budget airline, your airfare only covers your transportation, with in-flight meals and baggage allowance entailing extra costs.

budget flights to japan - zipair
You can pre-order Gyudon for ¥1,300 (∼$12.20) or amenity kits that include sleep masks, slippers & inflatable neck pillow.
Image credit: @agusta_hendrawan via Instagram & ZIPAIR

But seeing that a direct flight to Tokyo takes about 7 hours, you have the option to pre-book meals or amenity kits to make your journey comfier. ZIPAIR offers either service ala carte or as a package. 

budget flights to japan - zipair cabin
Image credit: @yu_aviation via Instagram

Did we mention that ZIPAIR offers free Wi-Fi? Because they do.  

How much are tickets?
Return tickets in July 2024 on ZIPAIR start from S$303.71 

Check out ZIPAIR’s prices for tickets to Japan on their official site

5. T’Way Air – Lesser-known Korean budget airline, from S$628

budget flights to japan - tway air
Image credit; @twayair via Instagram

T’way Air is a South Korean low-cost airline that has flights from Singapore to Tokyo via Seoul’s Incheon Airport in South Korea.  It’s not much different from Scoot and they do have a Business Class that offers 12 flat bed seats.  

It’s a 6-hour 20minute flight from Singapore to Incheon, from which Tokyo is only another 2-hour flight away. So if you don’t mind a pitstop in K-Pop land, give T’Way Air a go for your next holiday. Note that their website is fully in Korean, but it’s nothing a little Google Translate can’t fix. 

How much are tickets?
Skyscanner recommends flying T’way to Japan and taking a ZIPAIR or Scoot flight back. You can find combinations from S$525-S$539. 

Check out T’way Air 

– Full Service Airlines –

We know, these aren’t exactly budget airlines, but if you have the means why not fly in added comfort? Some of these airlines offer cheaper tickets which you can take full advantage of. You might have to make a pitstop along the way but you get in-flight service, plus extra legroom, and extra baggage allowance.

6. Singapore Airlines – Affordable flights to support local,  from S$754

While their prices might be a little higher compared to LCCs, Singapore Airlines has direct flights to cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka as well as cities off the mainland like Sapporo and Okinawa. Your airfare comes with 25kg check-in baggage, wider seats, meals and drinks, and other full-service perks.

budget flights to japan - sia cabinThat “welcome home” in-flight announcement hits different every time. 

Seat selection costs upwards from S$13.30 extra but you’ll be travelling on one of the worlds’ 5-star carriers. We found flights to Fukuoka, Nagoya and Osaka to be the cheapest ones offered by SIA. Since these cities are connected via the super efficient shinkansen, why not fly to these cities and start your journey from there?    

How much are tickets?
SIA has tickets to Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Okinawa from S$731.

Book your next flight to Japan on Singapore Airlines   

7. Korean Airlines – Spend half a day in Seoul, from S$838

Hear us out, we know Japan is your chosen destination, but if you could squeeze in a half-day shopping spree in Seoul, would you? Korean Airlines offers you that very option with 20kg of baggage allowance to work with. 

budget flights to japan - incheon airport
Shop for duty-free cosmetics, bump into a Korean idol, the possibilities are endless here.
Image credit: @mi_cha_el.1990 via Instagram

Stow your luggage, and grab an express train into the city if you have more than 7 hours to spare during your transit. Even if you don’t, the duty free stores within the airports boast an impressive range of luxury and designer goods to check out. 

Plus, their website’s also pretty easy to navigate with options to view fares in your preferred language.   

How much are tickets?
KAL has tickets to Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka, and Nagoya from S$838.

View Korean Air flights from Singapore to Japan 

8. Air China – 3-hour transit in Beijing before Tokyo, from S$564

If you don’t mind a layover in Beijing, Air China flies to Narita Airport in Tokyo with some fairly affordable fares. If you’re a member of Star Alliance, you also enjoy access to their lounge at Terminal 3.

budget flights to japan - air china
Image credit: @airchinalimited via Instagram 

In the interest of having more baggage allowance – 23kg to be specific, in-flight services, and not having too many hours spent at departure lounges. Air China fits that category without costing travellers too much time or money.   

How much are tickets?
You can find Narita-bound tickets on Air China from S$564 on Skyscanner

Search for Air China tickets to Tokyo   

Fly to Japan on these airlines

 If you’re all about that savings life, you can use SkyScanner or Google Flights to source for departing and returning flights on different airlines for even greater savings. It’s a little trickier, but if it means you get to eat, see, and shop more, we say ganbare!

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