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T’Way Air: New Budget Airlines Flying From Singapore To Seoul From Just $158

T’Way Air budget airline

By now, most of us have had our fair share of flights on budget airlines. These no-frills, low-cost carriers get us from Singapore to many other parts of the world at a fraction of what full-fledged airlines would usually charge.

Here’s one more you might have heard of from friends but haven’t tried out yet: T’Way Air. This budget airline from Korea flies directly to Seoul from Singapore daily. We’ve got the scoop on whether this airline is worth booking:

Budget flights from Singapore to Seoul

T’Way Air mostly serves as a domestic airline within South Korea, providing multiple flights daily between Seoul and major cities like Busan, Jeju, Daegu, Cheongju, and Gwangju.

On the international front, T’Way Air connects Seoul with most of Asia, such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and, of course, Singapore. Right now, the Singapore-Seoul route happens daily, so booking a last minute getaway can still be done in a 24-hour window.

t'way air - aeroplane livery
Image credit: @daegu_spotter_pilot via Instagram

Travellers should take note, however, that the airline only has 1 flight per day that departs from Singapore at 1.55am and arrives in Incheon, South Korea at 9.35am. This is great news for those who don’t mind red-eye flights. At the very least, by the time you land, there’s still a full day ahead to check off your list of new things to do in Seoul.

The flight back may be less favourable. Similarly, there’s only 1 flight per day that departs from Incheon to Singapore, and it leaves Korea at 7pm. The plane then lands in Changi Airport at 12.25am the following morning.

Since there’s no public transport at this time, travellers will need to book a taxi or private hire car to get home or to their hotel. And at this time, high surcharges and booking fees are expected.

Economy ticket benefits – Baggage, in-flight meals & entertainment

t'way air - economy seats
Image credit: @tway_singapore via Instagram

While there’s less flexibility in picking out flight times, each economy ticket does have a number of benefits not often seen on other budget airlines. Prices start at S$158/pax for a single trip and S$340/pax for a round trip ticket.

t'way air - checked baggage

T’Way Air includes free checked baggage of at least 15kg for all passengers. So yes, that means you can stock up on all the liquid K-beauty skincare and makeup products you want, without worrying about bringing them onboard with you. If that isn’t enough, you’ll even get up to 10kg allowance for carry-on baggage – good enough for last minute souvenir shopping at the airport.

t'way air - inflight meal
Image credit: T’Way Air

As with most other low-cost carriers, meals aren’t provided in the cost of the ticket. But there is an onboard cafeteria, where you can order snacks and drinks from KRW5,000 (~S$5.18). If you skipped dinner and want something more filling, there are warm meals available, such as bibimbap and beef bulgogi with rice from S$12 each.

Just note that it’s recommended that you pay for your food and beverages with cash – either in Korean Won, US Dollar, Japanese Yen, or Chinese Yuan. Credit cards aren’t accepted, except for those linked to banks in Korea.

t'way air - inflight magazine
Image credit: Flight Report

There’s no entertainment onboard, save for the in-flight magazine and duty free catalogue, but these are both mostly written in Korean. To make up for it, T’Way Air does have USB charging ports at each seat, so you can at least keep your devices charged while you watch your downloaded shows and movies.

And if you’re lucky, T’Way Air does hold special entertainment events hosted by their cabin crew on certain flights. There are performances where the cabin crew sing and play musical instruments. There’s even an introduction to Korean culture with calligraphy demonstrations for passengers.

Business class tickets with lie-flat seats & additional baggage

At S$340/pax for a Singapore-Seoul round trip flight, T’Way Air’s economy class is already quite a steal for budget-conscious travellers.

But for those who want even more comfort, the airline’s business class might be worth the splurge for its lie-flat beds. You’ll be forking out about S$1,680/pax for a round trip ticket, which is about the equivalent of a premium economy class ticket on a full-fledged airline.

The steeper price does mean more benefits though. For baggage, business class passengers get to check in up to 32kg and carry on 2 pieces of luggage weighing up to 10kg each. There’s also 1 free meal per flight.

t'way air - business class lie flat seats
Image credit: @twayair via Instagram

These perks aside, what really sets business class apart from economy is its lie-flat seats. Those blessed with tall genes will know how cramped and uncomfortable airplane seats can get. And forget sleeping – you’ll be battling pins and needles just trying to stretch your legs out on a 6-hour flight.

Here’s the beauty of lie-flat seats: they can be adjusted into a fully flat surface where you can stretch out your legs or even sleep.

Reviews from T’Way Air passengers

We can show you all the pictures you’d like, but nothing beats hearing it straight from actual customers on their experience.

“The pillow on the seat was quite hard to sleep on but I still managed to fall asleep on my flight. I’d fly T’Way Air again to Korea just for the price of the ticket alone.” – Pearly

t'way air - phone stand
Phone stand for all seats.

Image credit: @twayair via Instagram

“The T’Way Air planes are clean and comfortable, and I like that they provide USB charging ports and even a phone stand so you can watch your shows. No cons for me; I would fly T’Way Air over other budget airlines to Korea.” – Estee

“I feel like T’Way Air is about the same as most other budget airlines available. An upside is that I’ve never experienced delays with them, as compared to other ones. I also like that they provide free check-in luggage – practically unheard of for other budget airlines.” – Doreen

Fly budget to Seoul from Singapore via T’Way Air

There you have it. The next time you’re planning a trip to Seoul, Korea, T’Way Air is a viable option to consider if you’re working with a smaller budget. And if you’re looking to save even more money, check out these cheap hotels and free things to do in Seoul while you’re at it. 

Find out more about T’Way Air here

Cover image adapted from: @jellyjoong via Twitter, @spotting.icngmp & @twayair via Instagram