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Airlines with quiet zones

Did You Know? Scoot & AirAsia X Have “Quiet Zones” For Long-Haul Flights So You Can Fly In Peace

Scoot & AirAsia X child-free & quiet zones

To fly in silence is the dream of any passenger, and a crying baby is most definitely not something you’d want to encounter especially during a long-haul flight. 

Thankfully, Scoot and AirAsia X have found a solution that allows passengers to leave their noise-canceling earphones behind. With dedicated “quiet zones” on their flights, not only can you have a noise-free flight, but also more legroom and cabin baggage allowance.

What are child-free or quiet zones on aircraft?

Child-free or quiet zones on airplanes are designated seating areas within the aircraft that aim to provide a quiet and peaceful environment for passengers. 

These zones are typically located away from the main cabin, usually towards the front of the aircraft, and are separated by dividers and curtains. Child-free zones, however, do not entirely ban children per se; they usually only allow children above a certain age – usually above 10 years old. 

AirAsia X quiet zones

child-free-quiet-zones-airasia-330AirAsia’s A330 airbus offers Quiet Zones.
mage credit: @wst_syd_planes via Instagram

If you’d willingly pay more to fly with no young kids in your vicinity, then you’ll find AirAsia X’s Quiet Zone perfect for medium-haul flights on the Airbus A330. This aircraft flies to popular destinations such as Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

This area is designated for passengers aged 10 and above. For parents traveling with younger children, alternative seating options at other parts of the aircraft will need to be selected.


child-free-quiet-zones-purple-zoneQuiet Zones are highlighted in purple.
Screenshot from: AirAsia

Here’s another perk: selecting a seat within this area will grant you the advantage of receiving your in-flight meals before others.

child-free-quiet-zones-kl-to-mel-seatsExample of Quiet Zone seats from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne, which is about an 8-hour flight.
Screenshot from: AirAsia

Of course, a seat here costs higher than regular seats. Prices vary according to the destination, you can expect to pay upwards of at least $20 each way. There are also “hot seats” you can book if you add a premium package to your booking. 

Scoot’s Scoot-in-Silence

Image credit: Scoot

Did you know that Scoot has had a child-free zone since 2012? Neither did we. Known as Scoot-in-Silence, this section is only available on their Boeing 787 Dreamliner which does medium to long-haul flights to countries such as Greece, Germany, Australia, and Japan.

Image credit: Scoot

Passengers must be at least 12 years old and within this designated area, travelers can choose from 3 distinct seat options. 

The Stretch Seat, which is located at the bulkhead for more legroom, is available starting from $80/journey, while the Super Seat, which also offers more space, begins at $40/journey

child-free-quiet-zones-yellow-zoneScoot-in-Silence seats are highlighted in yellow.
Screenshot from: Scoot

Alternatively, passengers can opt for the Standard Seat, available from as low as $20/ journey, offering a budget-friendly choice for the peaceful ambiance of the Scoot-in-Silence zone.

Tips for booking seats for quieter flights

If you don’t want to fork out the extra cash for these seats, or they’re unavailable on your selected flight, here are some tips to consider when booking seats for a quieter flight. 


Seats that have extra leg space may also come with a baby bassinet as shown above.
Screenshot from: AirAsia

Be sure to review the seat maps to identify the location of bassinet seats, often situated at the bulkhead. While these seats offer extra legroom, they are typically assigned to parents with infants. 

Next, opt for seats farther away from the galley and toilets. Although these seats have more legroom, you may encounter other passengers frequently walking by to get to the toilet, the flashing of toilet lights as they open and close the door, and of course, that dreaded “wooshing” flush sound. 

Japan Airlines shows the seats on which infants below the age of 2 are booked.
Image credit: Japan Airlines

Some airlines also indicate seats where infants are booked on, such as Japan Airlines. While this doesn’t guarantee a baby-free zone, you can try your best to avoid rows that might have infants.

And if all else fails, be sure to bring along your earplugs, noise-cancelling headphones, and eyeshades to ensure a peaceful journey, no matter where you sit. 


Quiet and baby-free zones on AirAsia X & Scoot

If you’ve always wanted to pay more to fly without crying babies in your vicinity, you’ve actually had this option all along with AirAsia X and Scoot medium and long-haul flights. Just use this guide to identify both airlines’ designated quiet zones, and use our tips to book the least disruptive seats. 

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Cover image adapted from: AirAsia & Scoot