Café Camy: Mr Bean-themed homestay in Hanoi, Vietnam

Ask around, and your family and friends will all be familiar with the Mr Bean Live Action (1990). Bean’s everyday struggles and comedic blunders are something people across the globe could relate to. But if you’re a 90s baby, you may have an even more recent memory of this hilarious man: Mr Bean: The Animated Series (2002)

The animated series was based on the OG live-action version and aired on Cartoon Network and Disney Channel. But besides Mr Bean’s quirky mannerisms, what’s even more memorable is the iconic apartment that he lived in, which was the setting for most of the series. 

If you’ve always wanted to step into Mr Bean’s home, you can finally live out your childhood dreams at an all-new concept homestay called Café Camy in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Soak in the quirky vibes in the Mr Bean-themed room

This is your chance to step into an episode of Mr Bean: The Animated Series (2002) IRL, with a room that looks straight out of the cartoon series in all its hilarious glory. It isn’t just a stay, it’s a passport to cinematic adventures. 

Cafe Camy Mr Bean-Inspired Homestay - Mr Bean-themed BedroomWhat’s a Mr Bean-themed room without the iconic Teddy in the room?
Image credit: @duhan.lmd via Instagram

One thing we can say is that this isn’t just a walk down nostalgia lane – it’s an interactive playhouse for grown-up goofballs. With just one peek at the iconic wallpaper, you’re instantly transported back to Bean’s chaotic world in the cartoon show. 

Even the door adds another layer of playful realism to Bean’s room, well, minus the purple curtain that his downstairs neighbour has in the cartoon.

Cafe Camy Mr Bean-Inspired Homestay - Private bathroomImage credit: @micheocheoo via Instagram

While Bean may welcome a house full of guests, this room offers snug comfort for 2. The room has 2 single beds and a private bathroom stocked with personal care amenities like a hairdryer and soap, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.

Cafe Camy Mr Bean-Inspired Homestay - Kitchen in Mr Bean-themed roomImage adapted from: @klinh2711 & @duhan.lmd via Instagram

Of course, beyond the cartoon chaos, this homestay offers a cosy haven for weary travellers. You’ve got a tiny kitchenette with a cosy dining table for 2; perfect for whipping up quick snacks and brewing that much-needed coffee in the morning.

Cafe Camy Mr Bean-Inspired Homestay - Outside of Mr Bean themed roomImage adapted from: @duhan.lmd via Instagram

This place keeps the chill vibes flowing beyond the walls of the themed rooms. Whenever you feel like breaking a sweat, grab the racquets provided by the homestay and play a game with your bestie. Bonus: there’s enough space for all guests to have some poolside chit-chat and swap stories with fellow adventurers or do some reading while taking in the chill vibes.

If you’re sold, hit up your partner in crime for a getaway where channel your inner Mr Bean for the weekend starting at VND950,000/night (~S$51.88). An additional fee of VND150,000/night (~S$8.19) if you bring along a 3rd Bean on your adventure.

Drop by the aesthetic Café Camy

Cafe Camy Mr Bean-Inspired Homestay - Camy Cafe entrance
Image from: @bar.bob via Instagram

Coffee connoisseurs and Insta-holics, prepare to be double-dosed. The homestay comes with a built-in bonus: direct access to the gorgeous triple-storey Café Camy. What makes it more exciting is that there are also activities such as live music, poetry readings, and workshops – so your stay comes with a side of artistic buzz. 

Cafe Camy Mr Bean-Inspired Homestay - Camy Cafe atmosphereCafé Camy is a double-storey cafe with different vibes on each floor – for dating, working and socialising.
Image adapted from: @kirosru & @nld._.162 via Instagram

The highlight of this cafe is the mix of classic and modern interior design that welcomes guests with a very cosy vibe; ideal for hiding from the world with a good book and a latte.

Those who love fresh air while having a caffeine fix can head out to their balcony on the 2nd floor which will make you feel as if you’re sipping an espresso at a charming Italian piazza. Or, head to the river-view deck, where you take a sip while enjoying the breeze from the river.

Cafe Camy Mr Bean-Inspired Homestay - Camy cafe pastries and coffeeNote that there are 2 branches, so make sure you’ve picked out Café Camy in Thụy Khuê.
Image from: @b__etoile via Instagram

They even have some drool-worthy pastries to keep your tummy happy. Drinks start around VND39,000 (~S$2.13) for a Brown Coffee, and pastries hang around the VND50,000 (~S$2.73) mark – not bad for a caffeine and sugar fix with a side of Instagram-worthy vibes.

Live your childhood memories at Café Camy

Those who need a good dose of cartoon-worthy antics for their next adventure in Vietnam, plan a visit to Café Camy. Besides the Mr Bean-themed room, there are rooms inspired by 2 other movies: Call Me By Your Name and Love, Rosie

Plus, booking is a breeze; all you have to do is hit them up on Instagram and book your stay there. The homestay is tucked in a quiet neighbourhood in Hanoi. Yet, it’s not far from tourist spots like West Lake, a foodie’s paradise to savour Vietnam’s delicacies and a hub for entertainment where folks watch water puppet shows. 

Cafe Camy
7 Đ. Văn Cao, Thuỵ Khuê, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam
Opening Hours: Monday 08:00 a.m - 10:30 p.m  Show More Timings 

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