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Changi Bay Point

Singaporeans are huge fans of cycling and hiking, with folks conquering all sorts of routes from cycling routes of all difficulties to epic round-island walking trails. Let that love for the outdoors loose once again, with a brand new seaside destination to explore: Changi Bay Point, along the 3.6KM Changi Bay Park Connector.

Below is a guide on what you can expect during your next trip down.

New park connector to explore in Changi

Changi Bay Point

Changi may be far away for many, but anyone with a penchant for good views would have surely visited the area for its panoramic vistas, particularly during sunrise. On 22nd January 2022, this area near Changi Beach Park unveiled a brand new park connector (PCN) that you can add to your bucket list.

Changi Bay Point
Bus stop near Changi Beach Car Park 7 with Bus 35

Start your journey near Changi Beach Car Park 7, which is best accessed by car or taxi. A 3.4KM journey along the Changi Bay Park Connector lies ahead.

Changi Bay Park Connector - entrance
Entrance to Changi Bay Park Connector

Cycling bridge and park benches

Changi Bay Park Connector - bridge

A wide cycling bridge – the first of two 80M bridges – will let you know that you’re on the right path. From this point onwards, expect seaside views throughout. Now would be a great time to sweep the dust off your skateboard as other than for walking and cycling, the flat pavement is great for cruising as well.

Changi Bay Park Connector - seat

There are plenty of sea-facing benches, where visitors can have a rest and chow on some snacks. Since there aren’t any F&B stops along the way, it may be a good idea to stop by Changi Village beforehand to dabao some food over for a scenic picnic. 

Changi Bay Point - seats - benches
More aesthetic benches lie along the PCN

Flower patches, lalang grass and lookout pavilion

Changi Bay Point - Flower patches

Bask under the sun among the colourful patches of flowers along this PCN – at this point, anyone could have convinced us that we were in a faraway land. In fact, tell your friends that you are in NZ and they may just take your word for it.

lookout pavilion
Image credit: @mackymuy

Before long, you’ll come across Changi Bay Point itself, a picturesque lookout point by the sea. There’s a romantic pavilion from which you can catch a stunning sunrise – but even if you’re not an early bird sorta person, the area still offers stellar vistas you can chill in throughout the day. We were there in mid-afternoon and still, the experience was 10/10.

Changi Bay Point - lookout pavilion

Thanks to the unblocked views, you can spot Pulau Tekong and even some of Johor’s hills sticking out on the horizon.

Changi Bay Point -  lalang grass by the sea

Tuas may be the legendary spot to find lalang grass for “Tumblr-worthy” photoshoots but we’ll say Changi Bay Point easily dethrones it with dreamy lalang grass by the sea

Changi Bay Point -  lalang grass by the sea

Snap a gazillion shots, and once you’re done, take a break under the nearby shelter. There’s a vending machine here where you can purchase a bottle of water or other outdoor essentials like packets of tissue paper and bandaids. 

Changi Bay Point - shelter

Breakwater with an obscured entrance

Changi Bay Point - Breakwater with an obscured entrance

The breakwater is an obscure spot some might miss out on as it seems cordoned off by a wall of trees. We found a semi-shrouded dirt path leading in, where you snap some shots, or simply chill out and soak in the vitamin D.

Changi Bay Point - Breakwater with an obscured entrance
Path leading into the breakwater

Scenic public washroom and boardwalk

Changi Bay Park Connector - Scenic public washroom

Whether you need to go number two, purchase a drink or even take a shower, head to the new Changi Bay Public Toilet

Changi Bay Park Connector - Scenic public washroom

There’s a vending machine here with cold drinks, alongside a water cooler to refill your bottles. If you’ve taken a dip in the sea, rinse off the sand at the indoor and outdoor showers here. 

Changi Bay Point - Scenic public washroom
It certainly doesn’t hurt that this toilet looks like a Maldives resort from certain angles. 

Connected to this is also a short boardwalk where you can take a break from your adventure and soak in the views. Our quick tip here would be to use this stop as an opportunity to slather yourself in sunscreen, especially if you’re there on a sunny day. There won’t be much shade along the rest of the way.

Changi Bay Point - boardwalk

Small forest path and a leaning tree

Changi Bay Point - Small forest path

If you’re catching Coney Island vibes from the image, you’ve got that right. Near the public toilet is a small forest patch that our photographers were quick to go gaga over. The mystical enclave was one that we didn’t expect to find, but it’s a spot that would be worth checking out if whimsical photos are what you’re gunning for. 

changi bay park connector - leaning tree

While we nearly ended our trip there, we were glad we didn’t – a little further down the road is a picturesque leaning tree right by the sea where you and your friends can sit down and enjoy some HTHT with a view. Bali, Phuket and Okinawa, y’all can take a back seat today. 

Visit Singapore’s newest park connector at Changi Bay Point

Changi Bay Park Connector

Part of the Eastern end of the Round-Island-Route, Changi Bay Point is a beautiful new stop to add to your outdoor adventure. After visiting the area, you can continue on the PCN, either upwards to Punggol or downwards to East Coast Park.

Be sure to check the weather forecast before heading down and try to come on a weekday if you’d like the space all to yourself.

Address: Aviation Park Road – find it on Google Maps.

Changi Bay Point Connector website

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Photography by Huiwen Chan.
Originally published on 31st January 2022. Last updated on 24th February 2022.

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