MacRitchie treetop walk guide

The MacRitchie TreeTop Walk is one of the most beautiful and rejuvenating hiking trails in Singapore, but can also be a bit tough to navigate especially due to its size. Spanning 250m, the suspended pathway links you between the 2 highest points in MacRitchie – Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalan.

At the highest point, you’ll be 25 meters above the ground – which is approximately 7 storeys high. Here’s an in-depth guide to the trail so you can conquer the heights of MacRitchie.

How to get to MacRitchie TreeTop Walk

MacRitchie TreeTop Walk is nestled in the middle of MacRitchie Reservoir, accessible via several routes that vary in length – but do be prepared to hike a total of at least 7km, minimum. Those who want the shortest and quickest route can begin their journey at Venus Drive carpark.

Route #1 – Venus Drive carpark

You can either drive to the Venus Drive carpark or take a bus to either of the Flame Tree Park bus stops.

bus stop

From the “Opp Flame Tree Park” bus stop, walk away from the road into Venus Drive and into the carpark, where there’s a hiking route you can take. Alternatively, you can walk along the road past Singapore Island Country Club. 

pub building

Taking either route will lead you past the PUB Bukit Kalang Service Reservoir building. Once you spot this, you know you’re on the right track to getting up to the treetops.

Route #2

Try this route if you’re up for a longer, more scenic route to make the trip a more fulfilling one.

Start this route by alighting at either the “After Sime Road” or “After Lornie Walk” bus stop. Then, walk all the way down this street against the flow of traffic until you see a little path that leads into the reservoir. This is where your journey begins.

macritchie treetop walk - path in route 2

Be prepared to meet squirrels, monkeys, giant lizards, and a few snakes on the path but don’t freak out – they usually run away. 

Look at this friendly fella.

Just keep following the signboards pointing toward the TreeTop Walk, even if those signboards disappear halfway. You’ll enter the golfing part of the route, which is an open space where there’ll no longer be towering trees surrounding you. Instead, you’ll be greeted by friendly golfers and enjoy the sight of a great open expanse of land and water.

golf link

While walking down the golf course route, you’ll be able to spot more interesting wildlife like birds and insects – many insects. This is probably a good time for a friendly reminder to use insect repellent if you haven’t already applied some. You might want to wear some comfortable and airy long sleeves and pants as well to stay further covered.

macritchie treetop walk - bird

Apart from the not-so-friendly ones, there is a whole array of insects to admire like butterflies and dragonflies. But for those who hate insects, this path might just be a cardio sesh for you to run through.

macritchie treetop walk - rest stop

After the golf course, keep heading down the trail and follow the abundance of signboards. Your first rest stop at the Ranger Station will be right around the corner. Give your legs a break and make sure you refill your H2O here using the water coolers available. The cold water will make you feel like you’re drinking from the Fountain of Life itself, especially on a blistering hot day.

Reaching the start of the treetop walk

start of treetop walk sign

It’s already been a heckuva journey up to this point but the TreeTop Walk hasn’t even started yet.

It might be time for another break, especially after the 100m slope you have to climb before getting to the sign indicating the start of MacRitchie TreeTop Walk itself. Plus, there’s still a significant distance to clear before you’ve completed the trail so catch your breath before continuing if you need to.

security hut

You’ll come across this quaint security shack which reminds those embarking on the journey that this bridge is one-way – this is the point of no return. However, the sights you’ll get to enjoy once you get on the 250m trail is worth all the effort getting there.

macritchie treetop walk - treetop views from bridge

The bridge isn’t that long so take your time to enjoy the view – taking pictures is a necessity but it’s also worth it to put away all the tech to really embrace the beauty of nature. This is the reward for all the climbing and walking, so come on a day or during a time when there aren’t as many people – that way you can take as much time as you want.

Getting out

The door at the end of the bridge only opens from the inside, so once you’re out, you can’t go back in. So before you step out, check your camera and make sure you’ve got all the shots you want and are happy with all of them. Maybe take in the scenery one last time before pulling on that heavy door out of the highlight of your hike.

macritchie treetop walk - stairs

And once you’re out of the bridge, it’s back to the grind – you’ll be faced with many flights of stairs on your way out. Although it is generally downhill, there are some that go up as you’ll be looping back to the Ranger Station – the first rest stop on your way up.

macritchie treetop walk - ranger station

It’s important to hydrate, so take the opportunity to replenish your water supplies as you make the last leg of the trail back into civilisation – to the bus stop of Venus Drive Carpark

The Jelutong Tower

macritchie treetop walk - jelutong tower

If you’re a trooper and you think you can add even more kilometres to the trail, The Jelutong Tower is a great stop at MacRitchie to enjoy even more breathtaking views.

It’s another climb to make but if you love thed views while you were on the TreeTop Walk, this one is definitely worth the effort as well. The difference at the Jelutong Tower is that there’s also room for you to sit at the top – what better place to have a HTHT with your hiking buddies.

treetops from jelutong tower

Snap some pics of the canopy below as proof of your accomplishment. Unlike the TreeTop Walk, this spot won’t have anyone rushing you to move along so you’ve got time to get the perfect shot.

– Things to note –

1. Beware of monkey business, literally

There will be monkeys in the area so do be careful not to aggravate them. Also take note not to eat in front of them too as that would encourage them to get closer and try to snatch your food, which could potentially be dangerous.

2. Protect yourself from the elements

Packing sunblock and insect repellent is a must – you’ll definitely be under the sun majority of the time and encountering a lot of insects. Say no to sunburn and itchy bug bites – these are not on the list of things you want when getting in touch with nature.

3. Misery loves company, and so do hikers

The hikes are a lot less painful with company – get together with a group of hiking kakis to accompany you on the journey. Not only will it be less boring, you’ll have someone to look out for you as well in case of any incidents, or give you that burst of motivation when lethargy sets in.

Tips & tricks to conquering the MacRitchie TreeTop Walk


The expression “go take a hike” isn’t always a negative one – hikes are a great escape from the hectic pace of the day-to-day grind. Instead of heading out to the usual cafe or trip to town over the weekend, grab some friends and reconnect with nature while also getting your cardio in. 

MacRitchie TreeTop Walk
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 9am-5pm | Sat-Sun & PH 8.30am-5pm (Closed on Mondays)

Venus Drive Carpark (Windsor Nature Park Carpark)
Address: Singapore 574411
Opening hours: 7am-7pm, Daily 

Closest MRT: Marymount MRT Station CC16

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First published by Cheryl Suah on 5th March 2015. Last updated by Raiz Redwan on 3rd July 2023.

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