One Week Love fun facts

If you didn’t already know, One Week Love is SG’s first reality dating show. First released in October 2022 on YouTube, you can now catch the saucy drama among 10 hot singles living under one roof on Netflix.

Whether it’s your first time watching the series or your Nth time binge-watching the action, we decided to do some digging and speak to the producers to uncover all the juice behind-the-scenes tidbits.

*Mild spoilers ahead.

What is One Week Love?

One Week Love is a dating reality series produced by TheSmartLocal. The contestants of One Week Love feature 5 guys and 5 girls:


  • Oliver Loo
  • Sam Driscoll
  • Tinesh Brendan Jacob
  • Garialdi Salim
  • Donovan Wong Tun Shaun


  • Dione Tan
  • Kasey Avarielle Low
  • Roziana Cindy
  • Dania Ervianny Nah
  • Nur Atiqah

Where can I watch One Week Love?

You can catch all 10 episodes of One Week Love on Netflix. The series first made its debut on YouTube in October 2022..

1. Over 500 people applied to be on the show

Like any good reality TV show, the screening stage was intense. After 2 months of sifting through over 500 online applications, scouting hotties at the beach, and sliding into strangers’ DMs, the producers were finally able to secure 10 singletons.


“Just from online forms alone, we got 300 applicants. Out of this, only 3 were chosen”, a producer shared. 

“In order to hunt down the rest of the cast, sweat and tears were put into the process. We spent days traipsing up and down Sentosa, called up numerous modelling agencies, and bombarded hundreds of people on Instagram. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack”.

In the end, they chose 10 attractive singles whose personalities could shine through on camera. “The singles also came from different backgrounds which we thought would be able to connect IRL”, the producers said.

2. The show was 99.9% organic

Here’s some good news for you: every relationship, friendship, and drama between the cast was genuine and not scripted. And yes, it was entirely up to them to hang out and talk to whomever they wanted.


The 0.01%, however, was influenced by the producers who did a little nudging to help make things move along. “We picked up on personal problems from the cast’s daily interactions and then prompted questions to help point them in the right direction. But their answers were entirely their own words and thoughts”, said a producer.

3. The singles were filmed 24/7

In order to be as real as possible, big brother was always watching. Seriously, this show did not want to miss even a second of drama.

one-week-loveImage credit: One Week Love production team

According to the producers, the cameras ran 24/7 and there were multiple CCTVs set up in the accommodation. The idea was to film everything and filter footage later on so that they wouldn’t miss out on any conversation. This, however, meant that the crew had a whopping 300+ hours of footage to sift through during post-production


The crew listening in on the singles’ conversations.
Image credit: One Week Love production team 

Also get this: crew members also doubled up as sneaky eyes and ears to help gather as much tea as they could from the cast. As the singles were mic’d up for most of the day, the crew were able to instantly disseminate the freshest of tea for brewing drama.

4. The crew was secretly rooting for Dione & Oliver

Weren’t we all? Dione and Oliver had been a cute match from the start – so says the majority of the Internet. Thankfully, crew members also agreed, which was why they occasionally sent the 2 lovebirds on dates in hopes to help them form a stronger connection.


“Dione and Oliver made a pact from day one that they would try their best at a challenge to earn themselves a date. We appreciated that and wanted to make it happen”, said one of the producers.

Will they end up together? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

5. The challenges were meant to heat things up

During the week-long quest of finding love, the cast had to participate in dozens of whacky challenges. There was a reason why these specific activities were chosen – and it wasn’t just for good TV.


Some challenges like the Wild Wild Wet game were created to help boost a sense of competition among the cast. Others like the Nasi Lemak challenge where the singles had to cook the dish together were meant to help them bond and learn more about working together as a team.

6. Being on a reality show is not all fun and games

Most reality TV shows paint a glamorous picture on what it’s like to have cameras on 24/7. But truth is, it’s hard work

dione-kaseyKasey and Dione catching a quick snooze en route to one of the challenges.
Image credit: One Week Love production team 

Aside from the packed 7-day filming schedule, both the crew and cast barely caught much sleep. Whether it was sleepless nights from the excitement of the day’s activities, or wake-up calls as early as 6am for long days of filming, a lot of dedication and perseverance was put into the creation of the show.  


Image credit: One Week Love production team

“We worked round the clock, but it was worth it as the singles got a lot more time to build organic connections with each other,” a producer shared. “This really made the entire process smoother with each day.”

7. Producers had frequent check-ins with the singles

Being filmed 24/7 by multiple cameras was no joke, and producers understood that. That was why they checked in with each cast member often, both individually and as a group, to ensure everyone’s mental health was taken care of.


Image credit: One Week Love production team


“4 days into filming, Sam started feeling overwhelmed with having cameras on him every minute of the day. In order to help, we booked a block of time every day to have a chat with him. We wanted to keep all conversations as open and honest as possible”, a producer shared.

Behind the scenes facts from One Week Love

TSL's First Reality Dating Series: One Week Love | Sneak Peek
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TSL's First Reality Dating Series: One Week Love | Sneak Peek


Those who haven’t already watched One Week Love, do yourself a favour and jump on the bandwagon on Netflix. If you’ve been tuning in, now you know all the juicy secrets from the production team.

Watch One Week Love on Netflix

Cover image adapted from: One Week Love production team
Originally published on 28th October 2022. Last updated by Raewyn Koh on 14th February 2024.

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