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Hotel 81 Fragrance Hotel Hourly Hotels In Singapore

Hotel 81 Vs Fragrance Hotel: Visiting Both Hourly Hotels To See Which Is More Value For Money

Hotel 81 Vs Fragrance Hotel – Comparing hourly hotels in SG

When it comes to hourly hotels in Singapore, Hotel 81 is practically synonymous. There’s also Fragrance Hotel, which might have you wondering what the differences are. In a very important case study and analysis, today we seek to answer the questions: Hotel 81 vs Fragrance Hotel – how do they compare? And which one is “better”?

Why do people go to hourly hotels in Singapore?

But first, let’s step back and consider why people go to hourly hotels in the first place. We’re all of age here – presumably, so let’s not beat around the bush. Hourly hotels are most commonly frequented by couples needing a private and comfortable space to get intimate.

Hotel 81 Fragrance Hotel - Hotel 81 Staycation
Having a staycation at Hotel 81 Bugis.
Image credit: Renae Cheng

The struggle is all too real, especially in Singapore where it’s the norm to live with your parents all the way till your SO pops the “BTO ai mai?” question. No judgement here! In fact, it makes a lot more sense to spring for a room than to risk getting caught in a handicap toilet or staircase landing.

Of course, there are other instances where hourly stays would prove beneficial. Maybe your home is not the most conducive environment and you need a Work From Hotel spot.

Hotel 81 Fragrance Hotel - Fragrance Hotel Loft Bed
Getting some work done at Fragrance Hotel Balestier.
Image credit: Renae Cheng

Or you’re in between appointments and would kill for a nap to pass the time without heading all the way home. As a uni student, I was always tempted to get a room to catch up on precious shut-eye when my classes were spaced more than 3 hours apart. 

In any case, we bring to you the most crucial comparisons based on our own reviews, and not just pristine photos on the hotels’ websites, or sensationalised horror stories online. Here’s what you can expect:


Hotel 81 hourly & overnight rates

Hotel 81 Geylang
Hotel 81 Geylang.
Image credit: Hotel 81

As an unofficial love hotel, it makes sense that Hotel 81 has branches located in and around the Geylang area. Because of the somewhat seedy environment, these rooms come at the cheapest price point: $25 for the first 2 hours, and $10 for every subsequent hour.

I’ve personally been to several Hotel 81 outlets in the Geylang region, and I had my reservations about it too. Alas, the check-in process was smooth and judgement-free, the rooms were of the same level of cleanliness as that of other outlets – albeit with more dated decor, and the experience overall was free of any hiccups that would make me steer clear of future visits.

Hotel 81 Cosy
Hotel 81 Cosy at Outram Park.
Image credit: Hotel 81

If you’d prefer to get a room outside of the red light district, you don’t have to worry about forking out that much more moolah. Rates for the Hotel 81 outlets outside of Geylang start from $35 for the first 2 hours, and $15 for every subsequent hour.

For those wanting to spend the night, Hotel 81’s overnight rates start from $80/night at the Geylang locations, and $116/night at the non-Geylang ones.

Affordability rating: 5/5 – As affordable as it gets, in terms of getting a private space with basic furnishings and amenities.

Fragrance Hotel hourly & overnight rates

Fragrance Hotel Classic Balestier
Fragrance Hotel Classic at Balestier.
Image credit: Fragrance Hotel

The hourly stays at Fragrance Hotel start from around the same price point, and it’s worth noting that none of their outlets are within the red light district. The cheapest outlets – Fragrance Hotel Rose and Fragrance Hotel Classic – are both located in the Balestier region, and are priced $30 for the first 2 hours, and $15 for every subsequent hour.

Hotel 81 Fragrance Hotel - Fragrance Hotel Ocean ViewFragrance Hotel Ocean View at Pasir Panjang.
Image credit: Fragrance Hotel

Hourly rates range depending on the outlet, going all the way up to $40 and $41 for the first 2 hours for the Fragrance Hotel Viva and Fragrance Hotel Ocean View locations respectively – both charging $20 for every subsequent hour. We’ll talk more about these locations and why they would warrant the surcharge later on in the Convenience section.

As for overnight stays, you’re looking at a range of $85-$119/night (depending on the outlet) for non-peak periods, meaning the middle of the week during a time where there are no public holidays or notable occasions like Valentine’s Day. For peak periods, the rates are around $106-$133/night.

Affordability rating: 4.5/5 – Slightly higher price point, but worth it for the added privacy and if you’re staying at a more niche location.

Quality of rooms

Hotel 81 cleanliness & quality

Hotel 81 Fragrance Hotel - Hotel 81 Bugis
Image credit: Renae Cheng

At the rate of … how do we say this? Lovers shuttling in and out of Hotel 81, your immediate concern might be the sanitary standards. There are urban myths saying that the bedding, furniture, and walls may very well glow wherever you shine a UV light torch, but that can be said about pretty much any hotel if you think about it.

As someone who has been to numerous Hotel 81 outlets in my life, from central locations to those within the red light district, I can vouch that I’ve never encountered remnants of bodily fluids from previous occupants.

Hotel 81 StainsImage adapted from: Renae Cheng

Sure, there might be small stains here and there, perhaps on the far corners of the quilt cover or on the bathroom floor towel. If it bothers you, just ring up the front desk and they’ll have a replacement sent to your doorstep in a jiffy.

Cleanliness & quality rating: 4/5 – No major flaws, and you can take comfort in the fact that the turnover rate is so high that the rooms are constantly being sanitised.

Fragrance Hotel cleanliness & quality

Fragrance Hotel Bed
The contraption in the bottom left corner is a bag rest, but the fabric lining tore so we had to stash our bags on the floor instead.
Image credit: Renae Cheng

Fragrance Hotel adheres to the same standard of cleanliness as Hotel 81 for their bedding and linens, which are arguably the most important factors at an hourly hotel. Where it might be lacking, however, is in the upkeep of the interior as a whole. 

Fragrance Hotel Stains
Image adapted from: Renae Cheng

Spotting the many stains and marks was almost like an Easter egg hunt. There was also a strong odour of mildew in the air, which begged the question of how often the room was aired out.

As an eczema sufferer, I get quite apprehensive about sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, because it’s a gamble as to whether there is dust, irritants, or god forbid – dust mites embedded in the sheets. Thankfully, I had an A+ rest with absolute comfort and zero itching or skin irritation, which proves how thoroughly they sanitise their bedware.

Cleanliness & quality rating: 3/5 – More wear and tear, and the air quality is on the stuffy side. But nothing preventing a comfortable slumber.


Hotel 81 outlets

Hotel 81 Outlets In Singapore
Image adapted from: Google Maps

You’ve probably spotted their signature light blue facade before, dotted all around the island including at high-traffic places like Chinatown, Bugis, and along the IG-worthy stretch of shophouses in Joo Chiat. When it comes to accessibility, Hotel 81 doesn’t play around. There are a whopping 25 Hotel 81 outlets, with 9 of them situated in Geylang.

Hotel 81 Fragrance Hotel - Hotel 81 Premier Star Geylang
The swanky lobby at Hotel 81 Premier Star, one of the Geylang outposts.
Image credit: Hotel 81

Other than that, Hotel 81 also has a presence in Singapore’s backpacker districts, like Jalan Besar and Little India. Meeting a lover fresh off the plane? There’s a Hotel 81 in Changi that’s a 16-minute drive from the airport.

Checking out the trendy Haji Lane area and need a place to crash afterwards? Head to Hotel 81 Heritage at Jalan Sultan, 6 minutes away on foot. And if you’re cafe-hopping in Tiong Bahru, Hotel 81 Osaka is situated a stone’s throw away from joints like Merci Marcel and Tiong Bahru Bakery.

Convenience rating: 4/5 – Plenty of outlets to choose from, from central to ulu.

Fragrance Hotel outlets

Fragrance Hotel Outlets In Singapore
Image adapted from: Google Maps

To date, there are 8 Fragrance Hotel outlets in Singapore. Curiously, 4 are located in the Balestier region alone. So if you were ever in need of a room while in Balestier and the first one you hit up is fully booked, you can just stroll around the area till you find a vacancy.

In the Affordability category, we listed the Fragrance Hotel outlets that have rates from $40 for the first 2 hours. You might be wondering why it costs significantly higher than its counterparts. 

Hotel 81 Fragrance Hotel - Fragrance Hotel Viva
Fragrance Hotel Viva at Telok Blangah.
Image credit: Fragrance Hotel

These outlets are situated near the southern edge of Singapore (Fragrance Hotel Ocean View) and in the West Coast (Fragrance Hotel Viva); not common spots that you’d expect love hotels at all.

Tip: book a stay at one of these outlets if you’re thinking of having a hiking or picnic date at the nearby parks. Viva is close to Mount Faber, Keppel Hill Reservoir, and Keppel Bay. Meanwhile, Ocean View is near West Coast Park, Kent Ridge Park, and even Haw Par Villa. Makes sense especially if you and your staycay companion live far away from these regions.

Convenience rating: 3/5 – May not have as many outlets, but offers convenience in a different sense, i.e. if you want to pursue certain activities or explore a particular region.

Overall experience

Hourly stays at Hotel 81

If you’re opting for a stay at Hotel 81, the most immediate upside is that you get to enjoy the convenience of their network of many outlets.

Because it’s such a popular franchise, they operate like a well-oiled rig; knowing what to expect and how to handle various situations. In other words, don’t be shy if you’re getting a room for some cheeky couple time – the hotel staff certainly won’t bat an eye.

Hotel 81 Entrance
Most Hotel 81 outlets have frosted strips on the doors for the privacy of guests.
Image credit: Renae Cheng

Do be prepared for rooms to be fully booked during peak periods like weekends though. Your best bet would be to ring up your chosen outlet ahead of time. Also, make sure to reach before 11pm if you’re eyeing hourly stays – check-ins past 11pm only qualify for overnight stays. Of course, you’re free to skedaddle whenever you wish, but you’ll be charged overnight fees regardless.

That said, turndown service is extremely swift, so you’re likely to be able to get a room if you’re okay to wait a couple hours and maybe grab a bite nearby, since their outlets are all right smack in the middle of many eateries. Plus, you’ll get to check into a room that was freshly tidied and sanitised.

Overall review: Cheap and reliable go-to with tonnes of outlets across the country. Might be too in-demand at times though.

Hourly stays at Fragrance Hotel

Of the two, Fragrance Hotel is definitely the lesser-known alternative, which in turn makes it more private. If being spotted or recognised when you get a room is a concern of yours, heading to one of Fragrance Hotel’s outlets – especially the more far-flung ones – should set your mind at ease.

Fragrance Hotel Loft Room
Plus points for the fact that they have loft rooms from $120/night.
Image credit: Renae Cheng

Because the franchise has a steady clientele of tourists, including families with young children and those travelling to Singapore for work, I’ve noticed that the service at Fragrance Hotel is more warm and sincere.

The trade-off is that the upkeep might not be the best, since certain rooms may have been left vacant for some time. The difference is clear when you step into a room and can smell the stale mildewy air, and spot a lot of wear and tear on the furniture and interior.

Overall review: A worthy alternative if you value privacy, and want to stay at a particular area to explore nearby places of interest. Offers warmer service and more interesting room types.

Which is the better hourly hotel chain in Singapore?

As they say, different strokes for different folks. For the debate of which hourly hotel chain in Singapore is better, it really depends on your personal criteria. 

Hotel 81 Fragrance Hotel Hourly Hotels Singapore
Image adapted from: Hotel 81, Fragrance Hotel

Hotel 81 certainly reigns supreme in terms of convenience, and is a solid go-to should you need a quick and fuss-free space to shack up in after a day out – wherever that may be. Meanwhile, Fragrance Hotel might require a little more effort to get to, but the fact that it’s more low-key means your chances of bumping into an acquaintance are lower. 

Instead of telling you which the ultimate superior option is, we implore you to head out there and explore it yourself, now that you know the baseline differences to expect. After all, getting to trial and review a bunch of hotels with a special someone? That’s an undertaking you won’t hear us complaining about.

What is Hotel 81 known for?

Hotel 81 is a budget hotel chain in Singapore, most known for its availability of hourly stays.

Is Hotel 81 a cheap hotel?

As a chain of 2-star hotels, Hotel 81 offers rooms from $25 for 2 hours, and around $80/night.

Do you need IC for Hotel 81?

Yes, guests checking in at Hotel 81 are required to provide their IC for registration purposes. Your IC will be returned to you upon payment and confirmation.

Is Fragrance Hotel a love hotel?

Fragrance Hotel is not officially a love hotel. However, the chain offers hourly stays, which makes it suitable for couples looking for a private space without committing to overnight stays.

Who owns Fragrance Hotel?

Fragrance Hotel belongs under the parent company Global Premium Hotels Limited, which also has hotel chains Mercure and Ibis under its umbrella.

Hotel 81 Orchid
Google Reviews
21 Lor 8 Geylang, Singapore 399090
Opening Hours:
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Full list of Hotel 81 outlets.

Google Reviews
255 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329710
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Friday Open 24 Hours Show More Timings
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Full list of Fragrance Hotel outlets.

Cover image adapted from: Renae Cheng, Fragrance Hotel