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Fragrance Hotel Review

Fragrance Hotel: I Did A Solo Staycay At This $69/Night Budget Hotel To See If It’s Actually Worth It 

Fragrance Hotel – Budget hotel in Singapore

When it comes to hotels in Singapore that offer hourly stays, the association tends to be that they’re rather lupsup, and that those who flock there have a standard agenda. Hotel 81 is undoubtedly the go-to chain, but Fragrance Hotel is pretty similar in terms of their operations, offerings, and even reputation.

It really makes you wonder: why is it not as synonymous with cheap and quick fixes when you need a private room – be it with or without a companion? We went for an overnight stay at this 2-star budget hotel to bring you an unfiltered review. Guess what? They even have loft rooms that are pretty darn legit. If you don’t mind a few stains here and there, of course.

Fragrance Hotel hourly rates & locations

Fragrance Hotel Classic Rose
Classic (left) and Rose (right) outlets, both located in the Balestier area, Central Singapore.

Image adapted from: Fragrance Hotel

Before we get down and dirty with the room tour, let’s get those FAQs out of the way. If you’re curious about the prices but are too shy to walk in or call to enquire, we gotchu. Fragrance Hotel’s hourly rates start from $30 for 2 hours for a Standard Double Room at their Classic and Rose outlets – both situated along Balestier Road.

Fragrance Hotel Viva
The decor differs across outlets. Deluxe Double rooms (from $40 for 2 hours, $117/night) at Fragrance Hotel Viva, near Mount Faber, feature an interesting hot pink and zebra print combo.
Image credit: Fragrance Hotel

There are 8 Fragrance Hotel outlets in total, but do take note that hourly stays are not available at the Oasis outlet – also located at Balestier. The highest hourly rates for the same room type are $41 for 2 hours at the Ocean View outlet in Pasir Panjang. Depending on the outlet you stay at, extensions are offered at $15-$20/hour

Room review – Value, size, cleanliness & amenities

Now it’s time for the review, where we give you a no holds barred rundown of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Wanting to see if we could have a “normal staycation” experience at an hourly hotel, we opted for an overnight stay at the Balestier outlet’s Standard Double Room for $100/night. You could stay overnight for less though, with rates from $69/nightteehee – for off-peak dates.

Fragrance Hotel Balestier
Keep in mind that this outlet is different from the aforementioned ones which have different names, but are also located within Balestier. A little confusing, we know.
Image credit: Renae Cheng

Considering check-in and check-out timings are 3pm and 12pm respectively, you’re getting a solid 9 hours of hotel access if you enter and exit the premises on the dot.

A little quick math – based on the Balestier outlet’s rates of $36 for 2 hours and $15/hour for extensions – show that 9 hours would’ve cost $141. So if you’re staying 7 hours or more, an overnight stay would give you more bang for your buck.

Spaciousness & furnishing

Standard Double Room Floating Platform
Image credit: Renae Cheng

First impressions: the room is pretty starved for space. Save for a small open area with a folding bench on which to stow your bags, almost every last square inch of the room is fully occupied by the bed, bedside table, vanity table, and stool. 

Fragrance Hotel Bed
Image credit: Renae Cheng

I’ll give credit where it’s due – the floating bed was an unexpectedly atas touch. The light wooden finishes also gave Muji vibes, and the light pastel yellow walls complemented it nicely. A shame that the bathroom walls were painted a rather garish shade of blue for some reason, which brought the aesthetics rating down overall.

Amenities & appliances

Fragrance Hotel Amenities
Image credit: Renae Cheng

Amenities wise, there was a thoughtful selection of complimentary bottled drinking water, instant coffee and tea sachets, plus sugar and creamer to brew your cuppa to your liking.

The room also has a wall mirror, kettle, hairdryer, telephone, and TV. It’s not a Smart TV though, nor is there cable. So you’ll just be scrolling through good ol’ Mediacorp channels like CNA, Channel 5, 8, Suria, and Vasantham.

Bathroom & toilet

Fragrance Hotel Bathroom Toilet
Image credit: Renae Cheng

Over in the bathroom, I’m pleased to say that save for the shade of blue on the walls – which I admit is a matter of aesthetic preference – there were no major flaws to report. The all-important porcelain throne was clean and well-maintained, the shower facilities were working smoothly, and basic toiletries and accessories were provided.

Fragrance Hotel Toilet Amenities
Image credit: Renae Cheng

These include fluffy towels, disposable toothbrush and mini toothpaste sets, shower caps, and the same multi-purpose shampoo/shower gel/condition combo as the ones found in Hotel 81.

Cleanliness & maintenance

Upon entering the room, I was hit with a rather strong scent of mildew in the air. This did not inspire confidence for my night ahead, especially since I have eczema and sensitive skin, which mould and excessive humidity is known to wreak havoc on. Alas, I was able to have a restful and itch-free slumber – so hooray for that!

Budget Hotel Aircon
I appreciated the nice, strong aircon. Plus points for the fact that the room was relatively dust-free. I usually have terrible sinus issues upon waking up, but I didn’t sneeze once here.
Image credit: Renae Cheng

The upkeep of the room is satisfactory for sure, especially given the affordable price point in such a central location. Plus, you have to factor in that their busy clientele is skedaddling in and out of the premises rapidly, so there isn’t a very large window of time in between check-ins.

Budget Hotel Stains Marks
Image adapted from: Renae Cheng

With that being said, kudos to the housekeeping crew who manage to keep the rooms spick and span for the most part. Just don’t mind the number of questionable stains, scuff marks, and – curiously – even pink pen marks on the bedding and walls.

Bonus: Loft rooms from $108/night, including private balconies

Think “loft hotels” and you’d probably be quick to name places like Studio M and Lloyd’s Inn. Who would’ve thought that a budget hourly hotel would have loft rooms? Looking pretty boutique-worthy, dare we say! 

Fragrance Hotel Loft Rooms
Superior Triple room.
Image credit: Renae Cheng

It’s currently only available at the Balestier outlet, and you can choose between a Superior Loft (from $108/night) or Deluxe Loft (from $117/night). Although you wouldn’t be able to tell from the name, the Superior Triple (from $123.50/night) room also features a single loft bed propped above a queen bed on the ground.

Fragrance Hotel Superior Deluxe Loft
Superior Loft (left), Deluxe Loft (right).
Image adapted from: Fragrance Hotel

The difference is that only the Superior and Deluxe Loft rooms have balcony access, as well as a space for either an armchair (Superior) or full sofa (Deluxe). There’s also a difference in bed size, with the Superior offering a double bed and the Deluxe offering a queen bed.

Fragrance Hotel Loft Room Review
Image credit: Renae Cheng

Besides the appeal of the loft which delights our inner child with a faux-bunk bed experience, the bar counter is also a nifty touch. Sitting there to gobble down a cup noodle supper while watching TV just hits different, as does getting some work done while you’re resting your tushy on the bed.

Especially since boutique hotels charge upwards of $200-$300/night, we could really get used to loft-living from $108/night. BRB, bookmarking Fragrance Hotel for a future Work From Hotel sesh.

Check Fragrance Hotel out for short & affordable stays

There’s a bit of underlying stigma surrounding hourly hotels in Singapore, with many thinking that they’re the local version of love hotels in Japan. While it’s true that these no-frills accommodations grant couples a private space – a precious commodity for those who haven’t moved out of their parents’ abode – they’re far from being couple-exclusive.

During my stay, I spotted travelling friend groups, families with young children in tow, and fellow solo staycationers like myself. With reasonable overnight rates as well as the ability to get a room all to yourself from as little as 2 hours, the possibilities are endless.

Think nap time in between classes or appointments, a cosy space to watch some Netflix on your laptop or have HTHTs with your buddies, or even a productive work-cation. ‘Cause if you think about it, Fragrance Hotel is really not as lupsup as the urban legends make it out to be.

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