Neighbourhood cycling routes in Singapore

Cycling is very much the “in” thing for many Singaporeans. And just as turf wars rage on with battles of Jurong hidden gems versus fun things to do in Pasir Ris, it seems that each region has its own contenders in terms of best neighbourhood cycling routes.

Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or simply looking for new places to explore, we’ve compiled a list of different paths around Singapore to check out. Keep scrolling – or pedalling – to find out more: 

1. Springleaf Nature Park – Overlooking Seletar river 

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Springleaf Nature Park river

Northies have a new haunt to explore – the Springleaf Nature Park, part of the Springleaf PCN linking Upper Thomson Road and Lentor Avenue. Despite it being a smaller park, the place is filled with lush greenery with the Seletar River flowing through. 

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Springleaf Nature Park

Mosey on over to the wooden bird-watching platform to try spotting unique bird species such as the white-throated kingfisher and rose-ringed parakeet. For those who’d like to continue your cycling journey beyond this trail, continue down the PCN and you’ll get to Lower Seletar Reservoir or Upper Seletar Reservoir.

Location: Springleaf Park Connector

Route distance: 1.2km

2. Simpang Kiri PCN – Newly renovated pathways

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Simpang Kiri PCN girl cycling

You might’ve seen the red tapes barring entry to this place, but Simpang Kiri PCN is no longer closed for upgrading works – hooray! Reopened last year, this PCN is now home to a sleek new paved track for both jogging and cycling, lined with an array of local plants sprouting from the riverbanks. 

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Simpang Kiri PCN river

If you’re in luck, you might be able to catch sight of cool birbs such as the kingfisher, egret, and water hens. Start this cycling trail from either Yishun Avenue 2 or Jalan Mempurong, whichever your heart desires. 

Location: Simpang Kiri Park Connector

Route distance: 3km

3. Tampines PCN – Connects to expressway

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Tampines PCN

Tampines has been crowned a cycling town thanks to its numerous dedicated bicycle pathways. Adding to the list is the newly reopened Tampines PCN near Tampines Avenue 9, which had been closed for upgrading works. 

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Tampines PCN girl cycling

Follow the path and cycle along the canals, then head up the viewing platforms that overlook the waterbody. The course will take cyclists all the way to the PIE, and you can get to Simei via the pedestrian bridge on the expressway too.

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Tampines PCN reservoir

You’ll also find yourself outside of Tampines Eco Green, a park that’s less frequented by non-Easties. Curious cats can dismount their bikes here and explore the various trails, or feast their eyes on the verdure. 

Location: Tampines Park Connector

Route distance: 1km

4. Sungei Serangoon PCN – Quieter route

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Sungei Serangoon PCN girl cycling

Sungei Serangoon PCN might be unfamiliar to those who don’t stay around the area, but this place is well-loved by the residents of the Northeast. You’ll find that the pathways get more crowded during the early mornings and evenings – so avoid going at these timings if you want some peace and quiet, as if you’ve got the whole place to yourself.

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Sungei Serangoon PCN

Those up for an adventure can continue cycling all the way up to Punggol Park, as this PCN is a link between that and Punggol Promenade. Or hey, kick it up a notch and cycle all the way to Coney Island for an additional 2.3km journey.  

Location: Sungei Serangoon Park Connector

Route distance: 2.2km

5. Balam PCN – Under 1.5km 

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Balam PCN

Rain gardens – you might’ve learnt about them in science class. In case your memory needs some refreshing, these features are planted mainly around parks to help prevent flooding caused by excess rainwater. Take a trip over to Balam PCN and you’ll see one by PUB. 

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Balam PCN girl pushing bike

While you’re there, cover the whole PCN to cycle right across the Pelton Canal. From there, you can continue riding down to Paya Lebar Road for a myriad of things to do at Paya Lebar, or pay a visit to Circuit Road Hawker Centre to refuel with some grub.

Location: Balam Park Connector

Route distance: 1km

6. Bukit Batok East PCN – Little Guilin quarry 

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Bukit Batok East PCN girl pushing bike

Embark on a journey to the West and check out the Bukit Batok East PCN. Part of the path will have you cycling by the roadside, just on the outskirts of Bukit Batok Town Park where the iconic Little Guilin quarry can be found. 

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Bukit Batok East PCN

Take a breather here and chill at the park, or snap some Pinterest-worthy photos and trick your friends into thinking that you’re overseas. Then continue your trip by cycling down towards Pandan Reservoir via the Ulu Pandan PCN.

Location: Bukit Batok East Park Connector

Route distance: 1km

7. Sembawang Park – Sea views along the jetty

 Sembawang Park sea views

Sembawang Park is the perfect place for peaceful water-lapping sounds and an unblocked view of the clear blue skies. You’ll even get to cycle on the boardwalk itself, and those visiting on the weekend might see people fishing along the jetty.

Sembawang Park colonial-style buildings

As you continue your Tour de Sembawang Park, you’ll come across colonial-style buildings which make for an ideal photo background. Strike your best fitspo pose here with your bicycle. And for a touch of history to round it all up, drop by the Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang – opened way back in 1963 and preserved till this day.

Location: Sembawang Park Connector

Route distance: 1.2km

8. Lornie PCN – Links to MacRitchie Reservoir  

Neighbourhood Cycling Routes - Lornie PCN

Frequent hikers might be familiar with this cycling spot. The Lornie PCN links MacRitchie Reservoir and Kheam Hock Park, and is part of the Coast-to-Coast Trail.

Since the cycling path is by the road, you’ll be able to catch glimpses of the fancy private estates along Lornie Road. Another plus point is that the roads here are less busy as most drivers have switched to using the Lornie Highway instead.

Girl looking at sign board at Lornie PCN

You’ll also pass by the Lornie Nature Corridor, where NParks has planted a tonne of new shrubs and flowers along the PCN. Aspiring botanists can take a stop at the information signs to learn more about the various plant species there. 

Location: Lornie Park Connector

Route distance: 1.7km

Check out these neighbourhood cycling routes in each region

Instead of binge-watching your comfort show for the nth time, take a page out of Lance Armstrong’s book and cycle in the great outdoors. You’ll be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone – uncover new neighbourhood cycling routes while training your leg muscles. 

Girl at Bukit Batok East PCN

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Photography by Liu Xing Ying.
Originally published on 6th April 2023.

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