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Fitness Corners In Singapore Cover Image

12 Next-Level Fitness Corners In SG To Workout For Free At, With Unique Equipment & Good Views

Free fitness corners in Singapore

As we dip our toes into February, only the truly resolute are still hammering away at the fitness goals they set during the start of 2024. For the fallen complaining of exorbitant gym membership fees, you’re in luck, thanks to some free-to-use, public fitness corners in Singapore that you can swing by to get them gains. 

What are fitness corners in Singapore?

Hong Kah North Fitness CornerA typical fitness corner; this one’s found at Hong Kah North.
Image credit: Choa Chu Kang Town Council

Fitness corners are all-weather, outdoor gym areas built by the Government to get citizens on their feet to lead a healthy lifestyle. Of course, they’re free to use by any member of the public, and they’re mostly open 24/7.

What equipment can I find at fitness corners?

Working Out At A Fitness CornerImage adapted from: Tay Jin Heok

Although the range of equipment varies among the fitness corners, some of the common ones you’ll be able to find are those that facilitate body weight exercises such as sit-up benches, pull-up bars, and shoulder and chest press machines. 

They’re also fitted with elderly-friendly options such as stationary bikes and elliptical walkers. Some of them even come with rubber massage rollers to soothe knotted muscles, as well as wheelchair-friendly stations which can be interacted with while seated. 

Where can I find fitness corners in Singapore?

You’ve probably come across one in your neighbourhood; fitness corners are peppered around parks, playgrounds, and residential areas such as HDB estates. They come equipped with elderly-friendly machines so even your grandparents don’t have to stray too far from home to hit the weights – in a safe and controlled environment, that is. 

– Heartlands –

1. Taman Jurong Park

Taman Jurong Park Fitness CornerImage credit: KOMPAN

Gone are the days when meagre fitness corners could never contend with gyms because of their lacklustre equipment. Modern fitness corners like the one at Taman Jurong Park are fitted with KOMPAN-manufactured stations, a brand that specialises in outdoor fitness equipment. These use cables and weights to take your workouts to the next level.

Taman Jurong Park Fitness Corner EquipmentImage credit: KOMPAN

Work those quads with some weighted squats at the magnetic bells, or try your hand at the suspension trainers; there are a ton of exercise variations you can do on these stations so have your pick. For callisthenics enthusiasts, there’s also a pull-up bar with different types of handles to play around with.

Address: Yung Ho Road, Singapore 610153

2. Sports@Buona Vista

For folks in the Commonwealth-Buona Vista vicinity, head to Sports@Buona Vista to conduct your daily fitness routine. It’s a huge open-air hub that aims to promote the lifelong benefits of staying active to nearby residents, and has even been endorsed by national triathlete Willie Loo.

Sports@Buona Vista Fitness CornerNearby, you can shoot some hoops at the sheltered basketball court.
Image credit: Playpoint Singapore

Alongside its updated run of KOMPAN workout stations, there are also machines like elliptical trainers and stationary bikes that take it easy on the weary joints of senior folks. Should you want to clock in some cardio, you’ll be able to run 200m laps on the running track which encircles the place.

Address: 115A Commonwealth Drive, Singapore 149596

3. Vista Park

Vista Park Playground

If you’d like to be as energy efficient as possible during your exercise, then consider dropping by Vista Park. It’s known for its whimsical Alice in Wonderland-themed playground but also houses a swanky new fitness corner that rewards you for working up a sweat.

Vista Park Cycling Machine

While the children are busy tiring themselves out clambering all over the wacky structures of the playground, you can charge your phone while pedalling away at the stationary bikes. Similar human-powered charging stations juice up phones at a rate of 1% per 2 minutes of cycling, so there’s your incentive to stay just a tad longer.

Cap off your leg day routine with the step trainers to work those calves, and keep your hands busy with the arm cycling machines; these in particular also come built with the same smartphone-charging capabilities.  

Address: 580 Woodlands Drive 16, Singapore 730580

4. 107 Towner Road

Towner Road Fitness Corner EquipmentImage credit: Playpoint Singapore

Don’t worry, this futuristic-looking fitness corner’s not exclusive to the residents of some atas condominiums. It’s located near the HDB blocks at 107 Towner Road, and boy does it look fancy.

Taking centre stage are its state-of-the-art fitness stations which include leg and arm cycle machines that make use of magnetic resistance to engage your muscles. The Skinetic is another unique piece of equipment, in which users stand atop a board and manoeuvre it side to side to train flexibility and build a solid core.

Address: 107 Towner Road, Singapore 321107

5. ActiveSG Park @ Jurong Lake Gardens

ActiveSG Park @ Jurong Lake Garden Fitness Corner
Image credit: Playpoint Singapore

With how massive Jurong Lake Gardens is, it should come as no surprise that it houses its very own dedicated exercise area. Plan a visit during evenings, and you’ll spot droves of families hanging out around the ActiveSG Park @ Jurong Lake Gardens.

Group Workout Classes At ActiveSG Park @ Jurong Lake Garden Fitness Corner
Image credit: @activesg.juronglakegardens via Instagram

If you don’t fancy working out in solitude, ActiveSG conducts weekly classes such as group suspension training and HIIT sessions, so do call in to book a slot at 6970 1619 if you need some spurring on during your workouts. They’re the same folks behind all the ActiveSG gyms in Singapore, so rest assured their classes will pack a punch. 

Lakeside Garden

To cool off, take a dip at the nearby public swimming pool, or make the trip further down to Lakeside Garden where the dreamy scenery is sure to set your racing heart at ease.

Address: 30 Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 618664

6. KPMG Wellness Garden

Fitness Corners In Singapore - KPMG Wellness GardenImage credit: KPMG

Easties will be no strangers to East Coast Park as they’ve had one too many barbeque shindigs and family weekends here, but I’m willing to bet not many know about the more tranquil KPMG Wellness Garden. It’s one of the therapeutic gardens built by NParks, and provides visitors a zen-like environment integrated with nature.

Fitness Corners In Singapore - KPMG Wellness Garden Fitness CornerImage credit: KPMG

The older crowd will love this one, as it’s built with them in mind. Apart from your average elliptical walkers, there are even wheelchair-friendly fitness stations such as the seated arm cyclers so even the less-mobile can stay active. 

Fitness Corners In Singapore - Agility Zone At KPMG Wellness Garden
The materials used to build the Agility Zone were upcycled from logs found around East Coast Park.
Image credit: NParks via Facebook

For those looking to test their stability, they can attempt to conquer the Agility Zone which sees challengers balancing atop logs of varying heights. To blow off some extra steam, round up your workout with a leisurely walk around the park, or take it to the tarmac by renting a bicycle.

Address: East Coast Park Area D, beside car park D5.

7. 434 Bukit Panjang Ring Road

Fitness Corners In Singapore - 434 Bukit Panjang Ring Road Fitness CornerImage credit: Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council

Singapore’s scorching climate is already borderline unbearable, so fair play to you for wanting to do your workouts away from the sun. This fitness corner situated in the void deck of 434 Bukit Panjang Ring Road is just the place to push yourself to the limits without fully exposing yourself to the elements.

Fitness Corners In Singapore - People Exercising At 434 Bukit Panjang Ring Road Fitness CornerImage credit: Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council

The range of equipment is not too extensive, but it does a pretty good job of cramming multiple stations under the roof of a single void deck. Here, you’ll get to go ham on equipment such as stationary bikes, leg press machines, and seated shoulder press machines.

Address: 434 Bukit Panjang Ring Road, Singapore 670434

8. Chinatown Complex

Fitness Corners In Singapore - Chinatown Complex Rooftop Fitness Corner
Image credit: @knthbyj via Scratchbac

It’s no secret that Chinatown plays host to some of the most culturally iconic things to do in Singapore. At the rooftop of Chinatown Complex, you’ll find a basketball court, as well as a full-fledged fitness corner. Just take the lift to the top floor of the car park and climb a flight of stairs – you’ll then arrive at this hidden gem. 

Drop by, and you might catch a glimpse of these ripped senior chaps making it look all too easy with their body weight routines.

Not too many people know of this obscure workout spot, which makes it perfect for people who’d rather sweat it out in peace. Take note that it might get hot here in the afternoon, as there isn’t any shade you can duck into to rest in between sets.

Address: 46 Smith Street, Singapore 058956

9. Petir Park

Fitness Corners In Singapore - Petir Park Outdoor Gym EquipmentImage credit: Kor Foong Chai via Google Maps

Gym bros rejoice. This fitness corner in Petir Park in Bukit Panjang is probably the closest you can get to the free weights section at your resident gym as far as free, public options go. 

Fitness Corners In Singapore - Petir Park Bench Press MachineImage credit: Chit Boon Lee via Google Maps

The specialised outdoor gym equipment here will allow you to adjust the weight of the load you’re pushing. Exercises you can do here include standard bench presses and dumbbell flys, which are mainstays in any gym-goer’s chest day routine. This spot also doesn’t see too much footfall, so you no longer have to queue up to use this bench – unlike overcrowded gyms.

Address: 141 Petir Road, Singapore 670141

– Central –

10. CapitaSpring

Fitness Corners In Singapore - CapitaSpring Outdoors Fitness Corner
Image credit: Playpoint Singapore

Corporate peeps over at the CBD, you’ll be glad to know that you can sneak in a workout sesh in between lunch breaks right in the heart of the city, FOC. Tucked away in the biophilic oasis that is CapitaSpring, are 2 fitness corners on levels 18 and 19. 

The biggest of the bunch is the unsheltered one, ideal for catching some sun surrounded by the sky-scraping buildings of Raffles Place while tackling the kettlebells, sit-up benches, and pull-up bars. 

Fitness Corners In Singapore - CapitaSpring Sheltered Fitness CornerThere’s also a sheltered option if you’d rather not bake in the sun while working out.

Afterwards, reward yourself by grabbing a bite at the famed Sol & Luna restaurant. You can also bring down your heart rate with a stroll at the building’s Sky Garden which is housed on the 51st floor and features Singapore’s highest urban farm with panoramic views of the city. 

Address: 88 Market Street, Singapore 048948

11. Yan Kit Playfield

Fitness Corners In Singapore - Yan Kit Playfield Fitness Corner
Image credit: @movingwithsean via Instagram

Located near the outskirts of the bustling city, Yan Kit Playfield is a lesser-known spot where you can hunker down in peace and go about your fitness regime. It’s tucked behind Pinnacle@Duxton and opposite Tanjong Pagar Community Club, so you can expect to wrap up your workouts uninterrupted here.

You can’t miss the stretch of outdoor fitness equipment such as declined sit-up benches, pull-up bars, and monkey bars along the red rubber flooring. In case you’d like to relive your army days, there’s even a dangling low rope for you to ascend.

Finish up with a leisure jog on the 150m long running track, or lay out a yoga mat to do some spiritual stretching on the nearby sprawling lawn.

Address: 17 Yan Kit Road, Singapore 088268

12. Gardens by the Bay Active Garden

Fitness Corners In Singapore - Gardens by the Bay Active Garden Fitness CornerImage credit: Gardens by the Bay

Apart from jogging amongst the beautiful flora and the towering Supertrees, those looking for a full-body workout can do so at Gardens by the Bay Active Garden. It’s a dedicated exercise area stocked with various fitness equipment, such as parallel bars, inclined monkey bars, and even a balancing bridge. 

View Of MBS At Gardebs by the Bay Active GardenAs an added bonus, you’ll get to take your post-workout pics with MBS in the background.
Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

If you’re not completely knackered, you can take a jaunt to the Flower Dome to take a peek at the seasonal-themed displays. Should you need to limber up, Bayfront MRT is 800m away, so skip the bus ride and add 8 minutes of walking to your daily step count.

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

Visit these fitness corners in Singapore for your next workout

We get it, committing to a gym membership can be daunting, especially when the allure of setting a lofty New Year’s resolution has already fizzled out. However, as corny as it sounds, it’s not too late to start your fitness journey with baby steps at your neighbourhood’s fitness corners.

Their ease of use can even prove to be effective motivators to usher the elderly out of the house, to keep active even in old age. And come on, the prospect of having ah gong and ah ma as your workout buddies cannot get any cuter. 

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Cover image adapted from: Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council, Chit Boon Lee via Google Maps