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spotify singapore regions playlists - cover image

Spotify’s New Playlists For Each Region Of Singapore Are Hilarious, Find A Mixtape For Your ‘Hood

Spotify Singapore Regions – Playlists that rep our ‘hoods

North, South, East, West. For a long time, the 4 regions of Singapore lived in harmony. Then our kiasuness birthed arguments like “West side, best side” and yada yada. Now, Spotify has chimed in with a playlist to represent each region. 

Depending on where you are located, you’ll be recommended a different set of 58 songs – one each for Singapore’s upcoming National Day. Now, we’re not here to start a war on which region is the best, but here are the vibes we picked up from the 4 playlists. Plus, we’ll throw in things to do in each area as well – free of charge.

North – Wacky & spooky incidents

spotify singapore regions playlists - north
Image adapted from: Spotify

Mention the North of Singapore and you’d immediately think of all the infamous incidents that have taken place in Yishun. You’re not alone in these thoughts. The North playlist pokes fun at this by painting the region as a pretty dark and scary place to be in by including songs like AHHH and SAFETY FIRST

spotify singapore regions playlists - Khatib Bongsu
Inside the mangrove tunnel of Khatib Bongsu.
Image credit: via Instagram

Further down the list – you even get songs like Pyscho, Toxic, and I’m Gonna Show You Crazy. If that ain’t shade, we don’t know what is. But, having been to Yishun ourselves, we can safely say there’s more to stabbings and cat murders than you think. Just take a look at our pure and wholesome list of things to do in Yishun for a sampling.

And now, can it really be dangerous when the North has also blessed us with cool public spaces? We’re talking about gems like the Alice In Wonderland-themed playground and the Woodlands Waterfront Park where you can see views of JB.

spotify singapore regions playlists - north 2
Image adapted from: Spotify

There are also several song titles referencing the supernatural. It’s no surprise since the North also has places like Neo Tiew Estate, where there have been reported sightings of pontianak

This region is also home to Kranji, which, if you remember from your history books, is where an important battle took place during WW2. We’re not saying there are any spooky connections between that battle and the North, but you can always check the Kranji War Memorial and Marsiling Tunnels for supernatural encounters yourself.

East – Where we take to the skies or chill out & watch the skies

spotify singapore regions playlists - east
Image adapted from: Spotify

This one is a bit obvious – the East playlist has several references to Changi Airport and Jewel Changi as seen from the inclusion of songs like Airport Goodbyes and JEWEL.

spotify singapore regions playlists - changi jurassic mile
Image adapted from: Ricky Li & Karen Woo via Google maps

Of course, the East doesn’t just have the world’s best airport, East Coast Park is a major part of the region. You already know it as the place to head to with friends if you want a picturesque walk with dinos at Changi Jurassic Mile or pop an ollie at Xtreme Skatepark. In other words, the east side is pretty chill, a sentiment shared by Spotify with its addition of songs like CHILL and friend friend.

spotify singapore regions playlists - changi bay point
Viewing deck at Changi Bay Point.

We can’t forget the views of course. Cahaya, which means “light” in Malay and song #18 on the list, is probably a reference to the amazing sunrise and sunset spots you’ll find in the East. Our top picks? Changi Bay Point and Changi Boardwalk for seriously stellar pics for the ‘Gram.

West – Feels like travelling to another country

spotify singapore regions playlists - west
Image adapted from: Spotify

Westies are gonna fight us on this, but the joke on having to bring your passport whenever you need to go to Jurong is never going to grow old.

I mean, even Spotify agrees when it has a literal song titled Tukar Currency, which means “change currency” in Malay on the West playlist. There’s even one song called Seeking For Connection – a subtle nod to the lack of cell reception there perhaps.

spotify singapore regions playlists - jurong eco garden
Jurong Eco-Garden.

And Westies, we know y’all really think West side, best side, but there’s no need to throw yourself a Pity Party and tell yourself We’ll Be Alright, according to the Spotify playlist.

spotify singapore regions playlists - Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle
The dragon kiln at Thow Kwang Pottery.

Afterall, what you lack in chill places, you at least have gems like Singapore Science Centre and the only dragon kiln in SG – Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle – hidden in the industrial neighbourhood of Jurong.

South – Corporate stress, lavish lifestyles & abhorrent taxi fares

spotify singapore regions playlists - south
Image credit: Spotify

One look at the South playlist and we already know where they were going with this – money, work, stress, more money, and more stress. After all, you’ve got to be one of the Crazy Rich Asians to own property on Sentosa. The South includes the CBD too, which we all know for its glistening skyscrapers dedicated to various banks.

spotify singapore regions playlists - capitaspring
A different kind of green to enjoy in the CBD area.

But if you thought this region was all about finance bros, that’s where you’re wrong. Lesser-known things to do in the CBD include the Singapore City Gallery, a free, interactive museum on the Lion City, as well as the CapitaSpring Green Oasis, a rooftop garden on one of the skyscrapers in Raffles Place.

spotify singapore regions playlists - Yueh Hai Ching TempleImage credit: @pmkfayd via Instagram

And hey, money can’t buy you love, but you might just find it at Yueh Hai Ching Temple, AKA, Singapore’s own Temple Of Love. We totally get why songs like Love Me Little More, love from afar, and Can’t Help Falling In Love all make an appearance on the playlist.

If anything, the most relatable song on the South playlist is Taxi Fare. Anyone who’s worked in town would know that taking a cab or private hire car here isn’t going to be friendly on the wallet. No wonder the playlist even includes songs like Stressed Out and Wake Work Sleep for all the hustlers out there.

Spotify playlists to represent regions in Singapore

However accurate these Spotify playlists are in representing your neighbourhood, we’ll let you be the judge. Maybe some of these playlists will convince you to pay a visit to one of the regions that you haven’t been to yet, based solely on the music chosen to represent them.

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