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Changi Boardwalk cover image

Changi Boardwalk: A Scenic Stroll Along The Coastline Where You Can Chase Sunsets With Bae

Changi Boardwalk

While life in Singapore is often amidst concrete buildings, crowds, and traffic, we’re blessed to have nature just a stone’s throw away. It’s always refreshing to take a breather at places that bring us closer to Mother Earth. For unobstructed sea views, check out Changi Boardwalk, a gem in the East where you can unwind with a scenic stroll along the coastline. 

6 distinct sections that stretch across the coast

Changi Boardwalk - Looking at the Changi Point Coastal walk map

The 2.2km-long Changi Boardwalk has 6 distinct sections – starting with Creek Walk, where you’ll witness boats and ferries heading to Singapore’s offshore islands. During low tide, you may see marine animals like sea stars and crabs alongside flora like sea hibiscuses.

Changi Boardwalk - Looking over the Changi Beach from the Beach Walk deck
The Beach Walk deck overlooking Changi Beach.

Further down, the Beach Walk offers panoramic views of Changi Beach, while the Sailing Point Walk gives you a sight of anchored yachts. 

Up next, Cliff Walk is one of the shortest sections with only 180m in length, and the most shrouded. The towering trees surrounding it will make you feel like you’ve entered straight into a scene from Jumanji – so do pay attention to slithering reptiles like skinks that may appear. 

Changi Boardwalk - Sunset view at Kelong Walk along Changi Beach
Sunset view at Kelong Walk along Changi Beach.
Image credit: @vwinstonn via Instagram

Walk till the end for the highlights – Kelong Walk, which is an extension into the sea with its stilts, and Sunset Walk, a popular spot to catch the sunset. The sun usually sets just after 7pm on the Changi coast, so arrive earlier to ensure you don’t miss it. 

The boardwalk is well-lit at dusk, and you can gaze at the lights across the water coming from the Punggol Housing Estate. After your stroll, quell any hunger pangs by getting a grab at nearby restos like Changi Sailing Club or The Coastal Settlement.

How to get to Changi Boardwalk from Changi Bay Point

If you’re up for a challenge and want to enjoy more panoramic views, you owe it to yourself to check out the nearby Changi Bay Park Connector.

Changi Boardwalk - The cycling bridge at Changi Bay Park Connector
The cycling bridge at Changi Bay Park Connector.

It’s a path that links Changi Bay Point to Changi Boardwalk, with views of the coastline and lalang fields the entire way. Some people say it bears a striking resemblance to Jeju Island, but you’ll have to see it to believe it yourself.

The pavement is wide and flat, so you can go for a leisurely walk or even cycle. Self-service bicycle rentals are available near Changi Beach Carpark 7 at the start of the Changi Bay Park Connector trail.

Unwind at Changi Boardwalk

Serene and rustic, Changi Boardwalk is a place where you can immerse yourself in nature along the dreamy coastline. Sometimes, a chill promenade with your loved ones is all you need to recharge after a hectic week. 

Getting there: From Pasir Ris MRT Station, take Exit B and board Bus 89. Drop at the “Opp Maranatha B-P Ch” Bus Stop and walk Northwards to Changi Boardwalk. For a shorter walk, take Bus 29 from Tampines East MRT Station and drop at the “Govt Chalets” Bus Stop.

Is Changi Boardwalk open now?

Yes, the boardwalk is open 24/7, so feel free to stop by whenever you feel like it.

Is Changi Boardwalk free?

The boardwalk is free to the public.

Address: 7A Gosport Road, Singapore 509710
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily
Contact: 1800 471 7300 | Changi Boardwalk website

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Cover image adapted from: @vwinstonn via Instagram
Originally published on 21st August 2020. Last updated by Haizreen Natasha on 11th October 2023.