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130 Best Things To Do In Singapore That’ll Give You Something To Do Every Single Weekend

Things to do in Singapore

Our island-city is super tiny, there’s no disputing that. But if you think it’s boring here just because of our lack of size, you’re just not looking in the right places. In this small but densely-packed country is an abundance of places to enjoy – and we’re not only talking about futuristic-looking tourist spots that have appeared in Hollywood movies such as Hitman: Agent 47 and Crazy Rich Asians.

From the bustling town area to quieter heartlands, every corner in Singapore has something fun waiting in store – be it secluded nature spots to thrilling adventures and quirky eateries. We’ve selected 130 things to do in Singapore to fill your itinerary, whether you’re a first-time visitor from abroad or a bored local who needs inspiration for your weekend plans.

You can also easily view what’s near you by checking out the Google My Maps we plotted out. This includes the location pins of the activities mentioned down below!

– Family-friendly things to do in Singapore –

From seeing wildlife animals and birds at the zoo to roller skating and arcade games, there are plenty of fun activities in Singapore to do with the fam.

1. Explore Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Mandai Wildlife Reserve features the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Wonders, and Bird Paradise in walkable proximity to each other, so you can spend a day or more experiencing the diversity of nature here.

Start with the sprawling Singapore Zoo, home to over 4,200 species, and where visitors can get up close to the animals, enjoy animal feeding sessions and shows, and take free tram rides for easy navigation.

Another favourite is River Wonders, Asia’s only river-themed wildlife park, with freshwater marine life such as crocodiles, stingrays, and otters. Visitors can also see pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia, and board the immersive Amazon River Quest boat tour to take in the key sights.

Evening is a good time to head to the Night Safari, the world’s first nocturnal zoo. Tip: be there at opening time and book a guided buggy tour that includes rhino feeding. After that, see racoon dogs, bearded pigs, and more show off their physical skills in a Creatures of the Night presentation.

Bird Paradise now has thousands of birds such as parrots, flamingos, and toucans. Look out for bright feathered friends at the Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands, birds from bamboo groves and paddy terrace habitats at Kuok Group Wings Of Asia, and penguins in the Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove.

Tip: Singapore residents can sign up for a free WildPass digital card to enjoy 30% off single-park admission, 10% off souvenirs, food, and wildlife experiences, and more benefits.

Book tickets to the Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, Night Safari, and Bird Paradise.

Contact: 6269 3411
Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826
Opening hours:
Singapore Zoo: 8.30am-6pm, Daily (Last entry at 5pm)
River Wonders: 10am-7pm, Daily (Last entry at 6pm)
Night Safari: 7.15pm-12am, Daily (Last entry at 11.15pm)
Bird Paradise: 9am-6pm, Daily (Last entry at 5pm)

2. See the S.E.A. Aquarium

The S.E.A. Aquarium is where you can get up close and personal with all sorts of marine life, from hammerhead sharks to massive stingrays and colourful corals.

Look out for the feeding times to see those majestic creatures in full action, and make sure you drop by the touch pool to find out what a sea cucumber feels like. You can also experience their open ocean and shark dives for an additional fee.

Book a visit to the S.E.A. Aquarium.

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269
Opening hours: 10am-5pm, Daily

3. Visit the Museum of Ice Cream

Clad in pink literally from top to bottom, the Museum of Ice Cream is a place where you’ll get to satisfy your sweet tooth and snap snazzy pics for IG. Visit the Scream’s Diner for some classic tunes on the jukebox and free apple pie-flavoured ice cream – which comes in a pink cone, of course.

From an iconic “dragon playground” to a pink beach serving pina coladas and sorbet, the museum is filled with photo ops and activity stations to fill your tummy at every corner. One of the exhibits also features the world’s largest sprinkle pool.

Book a visit to the Museum of Ice Cream.

Address: 100 Loewen Road, Singapore 248837
Opening hours: Mon & Wed 10am-6pm | Thu-Sun 10am-9pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

4. Swim at Wild Wild Wet

Image credit: Rachel Yohannan

Wild Wild Wet has been around since the time of the now-defunct Escape Theme Park, but this waterpark has recently undergone a facelift to include a new host of slides that’ve taken the thrills up a notch. Don’t miss out on Torpedo – this slide will have you standing on a platform that will retract after a countdown, and you’ll then experience a short vertical free-fall before zooming through a winding passage and finishing in a horizontal position.

If you’ve got a weak stomach, take heart in knowing that they’ve got milder rides, kid-friendly pools, and a Lazy River which you can leisurely cruise down on a round float.

Book your tickets to Wild Wild Wet.

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, Downtown East, Singapore 519599
Opening hours: Mon & Wed-Fri 12pm-6pm | Sat-Sun 11am-6pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
Contact: 6581 9128

5. Roller skate at Hi-Roller

Go back to the good old days of roller derby at Hi-Roller, Singapore’s largest indoor roller skating rink. With colourful disco lights and thumping music, this skating area is sure to get you feeling super pumped – even if you’re not the most active of people.

Balancing won’t be a problem either, because other than loaning the usual roller blades, you can opt to rent roller skates that have a 2×2 wheel configuration for better stability.

Book a Hi-Roller ticket.

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, E!Hub, Market Square @ Downtown East, #05-103, Singapore 519599
Opening hours:
Mon-Thu 11am-6.30pm | Fri 12pm-8pm | Sat-Sun 11am-10pm
9694 4094

6. Play arcade games at Timezone Westgate

Before video games took over, gamers used to visit arcades such as Timezone to slay virtual zombies and show off their moves on Para Para Paradise. Out of their 15 outlets, the Timezone outlet at Westgate is their largest arcade so here, you won’t have to worry about waiting for noobs to finish a game.

There are over 200 games available at this arcade that’s the size of three basketball courts, including two bowling alleys and themed party rooms to boot. 

Address: 3 Gateway Drive, Westgate #B1-45, Singapore 608532
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 11am-10pm | Fri 11am-11pm | Sat 10am-11pm | Sun 10am-10pm
Contact: 6265 1132

7. Frolic around at Airzone (temporarily closed till Oct 2024)

Take playtime to greater heights at Airzone, the world’s first suspended indoor net playground at City Square Mall. Stretching over 4 bouncy levels, this play area for all ages features ball pits, slides, tunnels, and giant balls to throw around. Rest assured that the nets are extremely strong and can support 2 full buses worth of people.

Book a session at Airzone

Address: 180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall #02-K4-10, Singapore 208539
Opening hours: 10am-9.40pm, Daily (last session at 8.40pm)
Contact: 3159 0767

*Airzone is temporarily closed for renovation works.

8. Learn new skills at NLB libraries

Singapore’s National Library Board offers 28 locations across the island, including the main Victoria Street branch, serving all of us food for the brain with convenient access to books and engaging learning opportunities.

Events here are far from traditional, with diverse activities from robotics to 3D printing for kids, and career improvement sessions for adults. Those who prefer more structured learning can join LearnX learning communities covering topics from video and chatbot creation to zine- and craft-making. Book clubs are also open to anyone to make new friends with similar interests.

Whether you want to just chill with a good book or pick up a fun new hobby, libraries in Singapore have something for everyone – all for free.

Read more about cool facilities in Singapore’s NLB libraries, the new Punggol Regional Library, and the revamped Choa Chu Kang Public Library.


9. Discover new playgrounds in Singapore

Great World Playland.
Image credit: Play Point

Kids are both bundles of joy and endless pits of energy. It’s almost a daily task for parents to tire them out especially before bedtime. If your neighbourhood playground no longer offers a fun challenge for the tots, take them out to explore new playgrounds in Singapore.

Jubilee Park.
Image adapted from: @maggiemepok, @justin.loi via Instagram

These free playgrounds will have the kids happily exhausted in no time, as they’ve got epic 4-storey slides, trampolines, and obstacle courses to boot. You don’t necessarily have to be a kid to enjoy any of these playgrounds, and even the young at heart will find joy climbing up and down these structures.

Book a session at Kidodo Indoor Playground.

10. Chill out at Snow City

The weather in Singapore is always hot – so if you’re looking for a respite from the sweltering heat, go to Snow City, where it is always cold. We’re talking chilling in –5°C temperatures, sliding down 60m-long slopes, and experiencing “snowfall” with man-made flakes!

Don’t miss the ice bumper car rides and target shooting arena for added thrills. You can also check out the Ice Hotel Gallery at Snow City to feel as if you’re in Westeros too. Be sure to book online to reserve a time slot in advance.

Book tickets to Snow City Singapore.

Address: 21 Jurong Town Hall Road, Singapore 609433
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 10am-5pm | Sat-Sun & PH 10am-6pm
Contact: 6560 2306

11. Tour the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Image credit: Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is Asia’s first children-focused garden, with imagination-stimulating obstacles, slides, bridges, fruit orchard gardens, and a treehouse. Admission is free.

Families including children 14 and below are welcome. For children’s safety, children accompanied by adults are prioritised here and adults without children can enter only with special permission.

Don’t forget to explore the rest of the Singapore Botanic Gardens when there.

Address: 481 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259769
Opening hours:
Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden: Tue-Sun 8am-7pm (Closed on Mondays, except PHs)
Singapore Botanic Gardens: 5am-12am, Daily
Contact: 1800 471 7300

12. Try fishing at Qian Hu Fish Farm

To give your kids – and yourself – a taste of nostalgia, you can try longkang fishing reminiscent of kampung days at Qian Hu Fish Farm. Don’t worry though, as you won’t be squatting by actual drains, but rather specially built ponds with nets and small tanks provided.

Image credit: @kzliang via Instagram

Even if you don’t have kids, you can also swing by for an exfoliating fish spa. Our feet are oft-neglected and they deserve TLC for being our main mode of transport. The fish will rid you of your dead skin cells, leaving them soft and clean.

Book a guided tour of Qian Hu Fish Farm.

Address: No. 71 Jalan Lekar, Singapore 698950
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm | Sat-Sun 9am-7pm
Contact: 6766 1554

13. Play with felines at The Cat Cafe

Image credit: @sgcatcafe via Instagram

Here’s one for the cat ladies and gents: If the stray kitties in your neighbourhood still aren’t enough to sate you, hang out with even more feline friends at a cat cafe. The Cat Cafe only has rescues as part of its family, and your entry fee will be channelled towards the care of these abandoned and once-stray cats.

Book a visit to The Cat Cafe.

The Cat Cafe
Address: 241B Victoria Street, Singapore 188030
Opening hours: Mon 3pm-10pm | Tue-Fri 10am-9pm | Sat-Sun 10am-10pm
Contact: 6338 6815

14. Support the Kitten Sanctuary

Image credit: via Instagram

Kitten Sanctuary Singapore is a non-profit animal welfare group helmed by Jessica Seet, the number one cat lady in Singapore who has dedicated her life to saving orphaned, abandoned, and suffering felines.

Currently, Kitten Sanctuary is home to Singapore’s first and only neonatal kitten nursery which cares for newborn kitties. They also have a “kitten kindergarten” where older kittens are socialised in preparation for adoption.

Pay these cuties a visit with a small fee that will go towards the upkeep of the shelter, and who knows – you might just fall in love with one and decide to take it home.

Cat lovers can also visit The Cat Museum & Academy, previously known as Lion City Kitty and also run by Seet.

Kitten Sanctuary Singapore
737A North Bridge Road, Singapore 198705
Opening hours:
Sat-Sun 10.30am-11.30am, 12pm-1pm, 2,30pm-3.30pm, 4pm-5pm | Tue 11am-12pm, 7pm-8pm | Fri 11am-12pm (Closed on Mondays)
9126 7379

The Cat Museum & Academy
781A North Bridge Road, #02-01, Singapore 198749
Opening hours:
Sat-Sun 11.30am-12.30pm, 5pm-6pm (Closed from Mondays to Fridays)
6336 2133

15. Relax in Singapore’s newest hotels

Image credit: Raffles Sentosa

Working day after day can be exhausting. If you need a little break, a staycation can be a great way to de-stress and enjoy some time away from all your responsibilities. For many of us, staycations are nothing new – so if you want to stay somewhere refreshing, check out one of these new hotels in Singapore.

From resorts such as the Raffles Sentosa Resort & Spa that exudes major Bali vibes, to the luxury The Singapore EDITION Hotel that epitomises opulence, you can easily plan staycays with the fam, the SO, or buddies alike.

– Active & outdoor things to do in Singapore –

Whether you’re a thrill seeker searching for their next adrenaline rush or a tired adult who likes to throw axes to relieve stress, there’s sure to be something for you at these fun outdoor places in Singapore.

16. Bungy jump at Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett

Here’s one for the thrill-seekers. Take a leap of faith at Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett’s bungy tower, and plunge 50 metres down with the option to land in a 3.5-metre pool. If the prospect of free-falling terrifies you too much, you can choose to rappel down the tower instead. Or have a spin on the giant swing, which hits up to 120km/h and can hold up to 3 people at a go.

Not into such heart-pumping activities? Enjoy the view of Sentosa’s beaches with a leisurely stroll across the open-air skybridge with glass floor panels.

Book a session at Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett.

Address: 30 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099011
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12.30pm-7pm | Sat–Sun 11.30pm-7pm
Contact: 6911 3070 

17. Ride the Skyline Luge

You don’t need a driving license in order to cruise along on the Skyline Luge, which will have you twisting and turning through a trail full of slopes in a momentum-powered kart. The forest-flanked paths are scenic as they are, but here’s a tip: visit at night to see the whole track lit up with multi-coloured neon lights.

You can also opt to hop aboard the Skyride, a chairlift that will carry you up above the trees – also with a scenic night view.

Book a session at Skyline Luge Sentosa.

Address: 45 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099003
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 11am-7.30pm | Fri 11am-9pm | Sat 10am-9pm | Sun 10am-7.30pm
Contact: 6274 0472  

18. Spend a day at NERF Action Xperience (Closed)

Take your group outings to the next level at NERF Action Xperience, a huge indoor arena where you’ll get to go trigger-happy with a shootout. Guns, foam bullets, and safety goggles will be provided, and you’ll get to shoot zombie targets, take on timed speed challenges, or engage in a capture-the-flag battle complete with obstacles to duck behind. There’s also a high-elements course with a rock wall and rope obstacles to attempt.

Book a session at NERF Action Xperience.

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #01-208, Singapore 039594
Opening hours: 12pm-8pm, Daily

19. Retreat to Adventure HQ

Adventure HQ at HomeTeamNS Khatib is an indoor playground that lets adults become kings and queens of the jungle gym again. This spot features the longest indoor slide in Singapore, stretching 14m, and the country’s only indoor aerial glider.

Get an all-access pass that grants you 3.5 hours of playtime, and come on weekdays for lower prices and smaller crowds.

Book a session at Adventure HQ.

Address: 2 Yishun Walk, HomeTeamNS Khatib, Singapore 767944
Opening hours: Tue 2pm-5.30pm | Wed-Fri 2pm-5.30pm and 6pm-9.30pm | Sat-Sun, School Holidays & PH 10am-1.30pm, 2pm-5.30pm, and 6pm-9.30pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 6705 9420

20. Go-kart at The Karting Arena

Channel your inner F1 racer by speeding around on a go-kart track – no driving license needed. The Karting Arena has two branches – one branch at The Grandstand and another branch at Jurong.

The go-karts used here can go up to 50 km/h, and can buffer impact with their side bumpers. Now you can chase the high of fast speeds without risking any demerit points and speeding tickets. You can even gather friends, party-goers, or colleagues and host a race here.

Bukit Timah outlet:
Address: 200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand #01-01B, South Car Park, Singapore 287994
Opening hours: Wed-Fri 1pm-8.30pm | Sat-Sun 10am-9pm | Closed Mon-Tue

Jurong outlet:

Address: 511 Upper Jurong Road, Block B, Singapore 638366
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 1pm-9pm | Sat-Sun 9am-9pm (Closed on Mondays)

21.  Cable-ski at Singapore Wake Park

Image credit: @princessonkicker via Instagram

You don’t have to travel to Australia to catch a few waves. Located in East Coast Park, Singapore Wake Park is a cable-ski park that’s catered to both newbies and pros. It’s also a fun family activity to do as young kiddos can give cable-skiing a whirl too. 

Consider getting the Share-The-Fun pass to share the hours with friends and family. Or experience a single session if you’re just testing the waters.

Address: 1206A East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449891
Opening hours: 10am-8pm, Daily | Sat-Sun 9am-8pm
Contact: 6636 4266

22. Throw axes at Axe Factor

Image credit: @deborahtanpink via Instagram

Don’t just throw stuff around in your room to relieve stress – head down to Axe Factor and you’ll get to fling real axes at a target board to let off some steam. Think of it as darts, but with weapons instead.

All the necessary safety measures are in place, including a briefing by their “axe-perts” and a practice round, so you can get the hang of axe-throwing before going on a little round-robin tournament with your mates.

This could even be your next birthday party or team-building event venue – just ask about their event planning services.

Book a session at Axe Factor Singapore.

Address: 200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand #01-32A/B & #01-34A/B, Singapore 287994
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12pm-10pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 8923 8945

23. Golf virtually at Five Iron Golf

While there are many traditional golf courses in Singapore for you to take a swing at, Five Iron Golf has levelled up the good ‘ol swinging game with technology to bring us an indoor virtual golf course. You can select your preferred golfing ground among 7 golf simulators, and set different weather conditions if you’re up for the challenge.

Novice golfers who have yet to invest in some swanky gear can rent equipment on-site too. Beginners and kids are welcome, and can learn from pro golf instructors on site.

Address: 139 Cecil Street, #13-01, Singapore 069539
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 7am-12am | Sun 7am-8pm
Contact: 6993 4131

24. Skydive indoors at iFly Singapore

Image credit: @iflysingapore via Instagram

If you’ve always wanted to try skydiving but have been put off by the thought of jumping off a plane, have a little teaser at iFly Singapore first. This indoor skydiving park at Sentosa allows you to hover around in the air within a controlled environment, bringing that same thrill without the potential danger.

iFly houses the world’s first, largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel that simulates the feeling of dropping 9,000 feet. Certified instructors will teach you the right techniques and supervise you throughout the course of your flight.

Book a session at iFly Singapore.

Address: 43 Siloso Beach Walk, #01-01, Singapore 099010
Opening hours: Thu-Tue & PH 9am-10pm | Wed 11am-10pm
Contact: 6571 0000

25. Jump around in trampoline parks

For adrenaline-pumping fun that doesn’t involve sweating it out outdoors, try bouncing around at trampoline parks in Singapore. They might look like child’s play, but the workouts they offer are actually more strenuous than they seem!

Trampoline parks are not just about jumping up and down either – many of them have other cool features such as basketball hoops for slam dunks and dodgeball courts. Bounce even has a Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course that includes a vertical wall run and flying fox.

Jumprrocks at Kinex offers free daily games in its Battle Groundz area at fixed timings, ideal for newbies to try trampolining out, and regular admissions discounts.

Book a session at Jumprrocks at Kinex.

26. Try bouldering or rock climbing

Image credit: @chasing320 via Instagram

We don’t have any mountains in Singapore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel your inner Spiderman here. There are plenty of rock climbing and bouldering gyms in Singapore where you can scale great heights, and most of them are indoors, which means: the comfort of air-con!

Apart from the standard rock walls, there are places with AR and Tetris-like walls for a bigger challenge.

27. Go bowling at K Bowling Club

Can’t decide on whether to go to a bowling alley, bar, arcade, billiards room, or karaoke lounge for a night out with your pals? Quit the bickering and tackle all of them at once at K Bowling Club, a 5-in-1 cosmic bowling alley – where there’ll be music thumping and neon lights flashing as you knock down your strikes with a good buzz from a cocktail.

If you find yourself consistently landing gutter balls, take a break with a game of darts, claw machines, or old-school arcade games such as Puzzle Bobble.

Book a session at K Bowling Club.

Address: 313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset #03-27, Singapore 238895
Opening hours: 10am-1am, Daily
Contact: 6737 5313

28. Ride coasters at Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is currently our only amusement park, offering endless thrills with their Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cyclon ride – the only one in the world. But even if you’re not a fan of roller coasters, there are other milder, family-friendly rides available across their 6 themed zones from Hollywood to New York to fairytale-inspired Far Far Away, along with 4D shows, live entertainment, and a firework display after sundown.

Book a ticket to Universal Studios Singapore.

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269
Opening hours: Refer to Universal Studios Singapore’s calendar for more information
Contact: 6577 8888

29. Cycle on water at WaterbikeSG

Water biking – if you haven’t heard about it, here’s all you need to know: it’s an aquatic activity that has been making waves since it first appeared in Pasir Ris at Waterbike SG.

While it may seem intimidating to beginners, waterbiking is actually a pretty intuitive activity – its pedaling motion makes it similar to cycling on land. The only difference is that you’ll be rocked by gentle waves, instead of cycling on hard ground.

Book a waterbiking session with Waterbike SG.

Address: Campsite 1 at Pasir Ris Park, near Carpark F, 133 Pasir Ris Road, Singapore 519149
Opening hours: Sat-Sun 9am-6pm, by appointment (Closed from Mondays to Fridays)
Contact: 9871 8007

30.  Try extreme sports at Mega Adventure

If you’ve heard screams coming from above you at Sentosa, that would probably be from the MegaZip at Mega Adventure – a giant zipline that starts from 75 metres high up in the trees, stretching 450 metres across the sea to a strip of shore at Siloso Beach. Now that’s certainly a huge step-up from the flying fox lines we played on in parks as kids!

Mega Adventure also has a high-elements course called MegaClimb, and a MegaJump tower from which you’ll take a 15-metre leap of faith – while strapped to a safety harness, of course. Team-building sessions can be arranged as well.

Address: 10A Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099008
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 2pm-6pm | Sat-Sun & PH 11am-6pm
Contact: 6722 3785

31. Play outdoor laser tag with GO Team

Gamers, live out your Call Of Duty fantasies with a game of outdoor laser tag hosted by GO Team.

GO Team offers mobile outdoor laser tag games, meaning they are able to set up a game just about anywhere, allowing you to turn common spaces into battle arenas. For the best experience, opt for an outdoor game of archery, laser tag, or paintball – eye shields and arm guards are provided for protection.

Alternatively, you also have the option to shoot it out in bookable air-conditioned spaces such as OCBC Arena.

Contact: 9003 1177

32. Ice-skate at Kallang Ice World

Image adapted from: Dennis N via Google Maps and Jan Michael Oyales via Google Maps

We’ll never experience a winter wonderland here in this land of eternal summer, but we do have ice skating rinks that’ll let you pretend for a while. Glide around on the ice at Kallang Ice World at Kallang Leisure Park.

Skate aids are available for those who haven’t mastered balancing on the blades, and you can even host your birthday party at either venue with prior arrangements.

The Rink

Address: 2 Jurong East Central 1, JCube #03-11, Singapore 609731 (till 6th Aug 2023)
Opening hours: Refer to The Rink’s calendar for more information
Contact: 6684 2374

Kallang Ice World
Address: 5 Stadium Walk, Kallang Leisure Park #03-08/09, Singapore 397693
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 10am-10pm | Fri-Sat & Eve of PH 10am-12am | PH 9am-10pm
Contact: 6348 1347

33. Mountain-bike across Singapore

Singaporeans love the outdoors and exploring our little red dot on wheels. If our extensive network of PCNs isn’t enough for your adventurous spirit, try some of these mountain bike trails in Singapore.

Intrepid mountain bikers can enjoy trails in more forested areas in Singapore such as the Kent Ridge Mountain Bike Trail and Ketam Mountain Bike Park. There are also trails at Mandai Track 15 and Chestnut Nature Park that novice cyclists can enjoy.

Rent a mountain bike in Singapore.

34. Snorkel at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Apart from Wild Wild Wet, Adventure Cove Waterpark is Singapore’s only other water theme park, and compared to the former, its water slides are not as terrifying so it’s a good option for scaredy cats or those with young kids. The slow-moving Adventure River and Bluwater Bay wave pool are also gentler to swim around in.

One unique experience here is the Rainbow Reef saltwater tank where you’ll get to snorkel among colourful tropical fishes and corals with a life jacket at no extra fee.

Book a visit to Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269
Opening hours: Fri-Tue 10am-5pm (Closed Wed-Thu)

35. Scale and slide through Coastal PlayGrove

Coastal PlayGrove is a colossal playground at East Coast Park with epic slides and a complex network of climbing nets. Inside its Play Tower, the country’s highest outdoor play structure, is a four-storey-high net and rope-based obstacle course for teens and up – after climbing to the top, slide down either of two tube slides and feel like a kid again.

Younger tots can have a go at scaling the lower Leisure Nets where parents can keep watch.

Aside from heart-pumping activities, the playground also has a quieter facet to it. Be one with nature at the Nature Playground, which has log trails and teepees surrounded by shrubs and blooms, and even a mini Arashiyama-like bamboo tunnel. Then, cool down at the nearby Water Play Area that has wading pools for juniors 5-12 years old.

If you’re feeling peckish, head towards the air-conditioned eatery, Food Splash, to have a post-playtime meal.

Address: 902 East Coast Park Service Road, Singapore 449874
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 8am-8pm (Closed on Mondays)

36. Bike around Marina Bay

Image credit: GoCycling Facebook

In the bustling CBD area, popular bike rental provider GoCycling has set up shop at the base of the Singapore Flyer. This unlocks new route options for cyclists who want to tour the scenic Marina Bay without having to lug a bike all the way from home.

Other GoCycling outlets where you can rent and return bikes are spread across Pasir Ris, Changi, East Coast Park, Jurong Lake Gardens, Punggol, and more, so you can even plan a cross-island bike ride.

Opening hours: Various hours; view all GoCycling opening hours
Contact: 8831 3068

37. Hang out at Skateparks

Image credit: Alex Mindustry Tan (DogeMultiverse sg) via Google Maps

Skaters in the west won’t have to journey to the east or downtown just to find decent skate parks in Singapore. The new Skatepark @ Lakeside Garden, Singapore’s first skate park with a 3m bouldering wall, 5 skate pods for all levels including a sheltered one, and a 300sqm parkour area, is now part of the Jurong Lake Gardens that opened in 2019.

Image credit: Andy Wong via Google Maps

Fuel up after your skating sesh at The Ride Side Skate Cafe which has an in-house skate shop and even offers skateboard, longboard, and kids’ skating classes for all levels.

Also take a gander around the surrounding Lakeside Garden.

Address: Yuan Ching Road, Jurong Lake Gardens
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 8am-10pm (Closed on Mondays)

38. Tackle a high elements course at Forest Adventure

Challenge yourself and tackle Forest Adventure, a treetop high elements course at Bedok Reservoir. There are 3 routes at various difficulty levels – a 44-obstacle, 3-zipline course for adults, a 26-obstacle, 2-zipline one for teens, and a 22-obstacle, 2-zipline one for kids.

The adult course’s final Big Zipline will send you zooming across Bedok Reservoir’s waters. Safety briefings will be provided, and 4-person group package discounts are available.

Address: Bedok Reservoir Park, Singapore 478931
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm | Sat-Sun & PH 9.30am-6.30pm
Contact: 6206 9744

39. Have an overnight cycling trip

Rower’s Bay Park Boardwalk is one of the landmarks on this cycling trip.

For a wholesome late-night activity with your mates, embark on a cycling adventure. Overnight cycling routes in Singapore can be 2-in-1 affairs where you’ll get to clock in cardio and score some sick night shots for your socials.

Our recommended 60km route begins at sunset from Raffles Marina Lighthouse and ends just before sunrise at Woodlands Waterfront Park. Of course, there’ll be supper stops along the way, such as Springleaf Prata at Lower Seletar and Uncle KKM at Bukit Panjang, to refuel.

– Activities in Singapore –

If you’re planning a chill weekend with your friends, here are some activities that you can consider ranging from scenic road trips and pottery classes to getting rid of those sore muscles at Japanese onsen spas and massages.

40. Hop on a scenic bus ride around Singapore

Image credit: @jia_xiu_baa via Instagram

If you’re a fan of long, quiet bus rides, you should try going on a “road trip” on one of many scenic bus routes in Singapore. The bus 200 route which loops around Buona Vista has panoramic green views to give your eyes a break from the screen, bringing you past wide pastures, hills, and pretty colonial houses.

And if you just want a short break from the city, hop on bus 975 with your headphones and enjoy a restful bus ride down the Lim Chu Kang heritage road – it’ll even give you a glimpse of a sea view at the road’s northern end.

41. Watch movies at an outdoor cinema

Image adapted from: Cinewav

It’s hard to say no to comfy air-conditioning and comfy plush seats, but for some fresh air and a non-conventional date, take your movie night outdoors. Cinewav Seaside Cinema hosts these post-sunset events regularly over at Marina at Keppel Bay, but tickets sell out fast so be sure to check their Facebook page and book your seats quick!

Book a session at Cinewav Marina @ Keppel Bay.

Address: 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382
Opening hours: Selected nights, 7.45pm – end of screening

42. Make pottery at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

Image credit: @saykeen via Instagram 

Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle is home to Singapore’s oldest surviving Dragon Kiln dating way back to the 1940s, and it’s still in use today for the firing of ceramics. Try your hand at moulding your own clay creations and get your hands dirty with their pottery workshops, where you’ll get to use a turning wheel and learn hand-building techniques.

Those looking to purchase Singapore crafts and souvenirs should explore the sprawling Peranakan ceramics section, with dining and bathroom ware that can become your next statement piece.

Address: 85 Lorong Tawas, Singapore 639823
Opening hours: 9am-5pm, Daily
Contact: 6265 5808 | 8949 0168 (WhatsApp)

43. Experience VR with Headrock VR

Sometimes you just wanna escape to another dimension, and with technology, you can. Temporarily, at least. Headrock VR is Singapore’s first and only virtual reality theme park, where apart from the usual shooter games, there are also exciting VR roller coaster rides that’ll take you to extreme heights, winter climates, and fantasy worlds, and milder rhythm games such as Beat Saber.

Book a session at HeadRock VR Theme Park Sentosa.

Address: 80 Siloso Road, Block #01-03, Singapore 098969
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-7pm | Sat-Sun & PH 11am-7pm (last admission 6pm)
Contact: 6963 4127

44. Try the Boeing 737 Flight Experience

Image credit: @gabrielalphonsus via Instagram

Not everyone can be a pilot, but you can come close to the real deal with the Boeing 737 Flight Experience. The high-tech flight simulation is used for actual pilot training and will have you doing your own takeoffs and landings with a hyper-realistic view that looks just like our cityscape.

You can even choose to “fly” in adverse weather conditions should you want some added excitement. A VR military jet simulator is also available, and if you get addicted to virtual flying, you can pre-pay for multi-session tickets and enjoy discounts.

Address: 30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore Flyer #02-06, Singapore 039803
Contact: 6339 2737

45. Explore Pearl’s Hill Terrace

Image adapted from Phoo Phoo and Pei Yun Cheng

From speakeasy bars along Ann Siang Hill to picturesque shophouses in Tanjong Pagar, Chinatown wears many more shades than just being an enclave known for traditional Chinese restaurants and stores. Dig deeper and you’ll discover 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, the former site of the police’s Lower and Upper Barracks since the 1950s, and now a charming building filled with unique shops and art studios.

Image adapted from: @artnooq via Instagram

The Art Nooq takes art jamming a step further with their Macaron Painting workshop which may leave you pretty reluctant to dig into your treats afterwards. Meanwhile, there’s State of Shiok with pseudo tattoo workshops where you can try inking faux skin using a real tattoo gun.

Address: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, Singapore 168976

46. Tour Tiger Brewery

Learn how hops and grains are brewed into our homegrown Tiger Beer with a guided Tiger Brewery Tour, which includes a chance to tap your own beer and a 45-minute sampling session that’s already included in your entry fee.

You’ll get to try a half-pint of Tiger Beer and 5 x 120ml samples of other booze brands such as Baron’s, Guinness, and Archipelago, which you’ll be sipping on in the old-timey Tiger Tavern.

Book your tickets to the Tiger Brewery Tour.

Address: 459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Singapore 639934
Tour schedule: Fri-Sun 1pm-6.30pm (Excluding eves of PH and PH, last tours at 5pm)
Telephone: 6860 3005

47. Watch films at The Projector

Projector X: Picturehouse at Dhoby Ghaut.
Image credit: @theprojectorsg via Instagram

Located in Orchard Road’s historic art deco-style The Cathay building is The Projector, Singapore’s only indie cinema which screens not only the latest blockbusters, but also arthouse films and foreign titles.

From anime classics to Asian indie films and culture documentaries, the selection here is something you won’t be able to find at any other regular chain.

The Ruby Room at Projector X: Picturehouse.
Image credit: The Projector

Its latest location, Projector X: Picturehouse at Dhoby Ghaut, opened in late 2022. Film-goers can look forward to 4 halls screening indie and arthouse favorites, including a 25-seater Ruby Room where you can enjoy film-themed dining.

There’s also a bar from which you can bring snacks and drinks into the screening halls, art and theatre spaces, and a ballroom for live events.

The Cathay, 2 Handy Rd, #05-01, Singapore 229233
Opening hours: 

  • Cinema: Mon-Fri 4pm-8.30pm | Sat-Sun & PH 1pm-8.30pm
  • Bar: Mon-Fri 4pm-10.30pm | Sat-Sun & PH 1pm-10.30pm

48. Draw graffiti at Heaven Spot

Art jamming is fun and all, but art jamming with spray paint is a whole new experience. At Heaven Spot, you can let your creativity run wild. A 1-hour session comes with free access to a 30sqft panel and 2 spray paint colours, plus gas masks and coveralls to keep you safe and clean. 

The graffiti studio is a beginner-friendly and judgement-free zone where you can approach the friendly staff to get some spray painting tips.

Book a session at Heaven Spot.

Address: 3 Lorong Bakar Batu, #03-01, Singapore 348741
Opening hours: Tue-Thu 2pm-9pm | Fri-Sun 10am-9pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 8268 3160

49.  Destress at The Fragment Room

Image credit: @shoemafia via Instagram

Little kids smash pinatas at birthday parties. Big kids with stress issues smash breakables with a baseball bat. Don’t go breaking your mother’s precious dinner plates though – head to The Fragment Room, Singapore’s first and only rage room instead, where you’ll be given crates of old junk such as electronics, glass bottles, and porcelain kitchenware to smash to smithereens.

Protective suits, helmets, and cut-proof gloves will be provided for your safety. For those concerned about wastage, you’ll be glad to know that all these items have been bought from scrap yards, so no new stuff is harmed in the process. You can bring your own smashables for an extra fee, so if you still have old rubbish from your ex lying around at home . . . you know what to do.

Book a session at The Fragment Room.

Address: 490 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368198
Opening hours: 12am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 6970 0343

50. Hang out at board game cafes

Besides throwing back a few beers with your pals, another activity you and your friends can engage in is board games. Put on your best game face and battle it out at the various board game cafes in Singapore, most of which have a wide selection of mind-boggling games to choose from.

And with many open past midnight, you can play on through the night with boozy sustenance too.

51. Navigate through an escape room

Team up with your buds and get your brains cracking as you race against time to get yourselves out of escape rooms in Singapore. Most of these rooms come with terrifying themes or chilling storylines, and it’s up to you to piece together any clues around you to find the magic key to unlock yourselves.

Some of these even come with 5D effects, VR experiences, and locally inspired settings such as Tekong’s bunks.

Book a session at Trapped Escape Room and VR Escape Room.

52. Go prawning at FishBugis+

Image adapted from Lê and Jason Seow via Google Maps

Prawn or fish with a drink in hand at FishBugis+, an air-conditioned indoor prawning hangout with 2 ponds including live lobsters and crabs. Fishing rods, bait, and nets are provided, and after a successful catch, you can grill your seafood on the spot for free.

Kids even get to use a shallow longkang fishing pond from which they can net guppies home as pets. Staff recommend coming on weekday afternoons when fewer crowds mean less competition and easier fishing.

Address: Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, #07-05, Singapore 188067
Opening hours: 9am-6am, Daily
Contact: 9008 0201 | 83386530 (WhatsApp)

53. Get competitive at Cow Play Cow Moo

Image credit: Cow Play Cow Moo Facebook

Bashing away at buttons on an arcade machine is something we’ll never outgrow. Cow Play Cow Moo, one of our largest arcades, is always full of people gearing up to catch some plushies or win game tickets. But because it’s so huge with hundreds of machines to select from – including Bishi Bashi, Ring Toss, and giant Space Invaders – you’ll never run out of options.

Tip: look out on their socials for limited-time token purchase discounts. They have 10 outlets islandwide – find Cow Play Cow Moo outlet addresses here.

Also read our articles about arcade game hacks and nostalgic arcade games in Singapore.

54. Attend an art jamming session

It doesn’t matter whether you fancy yourself a budding Van Gogh or not. Art is for everyone, and it serves as great therapy when you’re stressed. Not all of us have the right equipment at home, but at an art jamming studio, you get a canvas and an unlimited usage of paints to create your own masterpiece with – all without the hassle of having to clean up afterwards.

Read our article on art jamming studios in Singapore. If you’d rather paint on t-shirts instead of canvas, read our article on Streaks n Strokes.

Book an art jamming session.

55. Bathe in a Japanese-style onsen

Image credit: @ikedaspa via Instagram

Soaking in a Japanese-style onsen is something everyone should try once in their lives, but you don’t have to fly to a ryokan abroad to do that. Both nude and non-nude Japanese-style onsen spas in Singapore will give you a similar experience, with water that contains minerals with health benefits.

There are private ones such as Elements Wellness, as well as communal ones such as Yunomori Onsen & Spa which gives you that true blue butt-naked experience.

Book a visit to Elements Wellness.

56. Book for a massage

Sometimes we really feel the aches after a long, tiring day – especially if you’re a serial OT-er who hunches up in your office chair for hours on end. Give yourself a treat at massage spas in Singapore and get those knots all loosened up.

In case you’re wondering, no, these aren’t the sleazy sort – there are quite a few wholesome spas that open till the wee hours, some even 24 hours a day. A few of these even come with added perks such as buffets and free movies.

57. Visit ORTO

Image credit: @jeromequek via Instagram 

How to make sure your seafood is fresh: catch it yourself. ORTO at Khatib has a huge fishing pond as well as a prawning facility, and you can grill and eat your catches on the spot. But if you’d rather not get your hands dirty, just pop by one of their many alfresco eateries offering mookata, hotpot, and Asian tapas.

And if waiting for fish to bite is too mild an activity for your squad, ham it up with drift-karting, paintball, and jumping around at the Katapult Trampoline Park instead.

Book a session at the Katapult Trampoline Park in ORTO.

Note: ORTO will be moving in stages to 27 West Coast Highway, opposite Haw Par Villa MRT station, after its Khatib location closes in June 2023.

Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu, #01-01, Singapore 769198
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily (individual establishments’ opening hours apply)
Contact: 6257 8858

58. Travel to Senoko or Jurong Fishery Port

Image credit: @mjdivine86 via Instagram

Younger Singaporeans tend to gravitate towards clean air-conditioned supermarkets instead of noisy wet markets, but all those nicely-packaged fish laid out in styrofoam trays have to come from somewhere. And that place is likely either Senoko Fishery Port or Jurong Fishery Port, the only 2 fishing ports in Singapore.

It’ll be an eye-opening experience watching fishermen and fishmongers alike tirelessly working in their rubber boots in the wee hours. Don’t forget to bring some cash so you can get the freshest marine fare way up the supply chain at unbeatable wholesale prices.

Note: Senoko Fishery Port is due to close down in 2023 due to a drop in visitors. It will be consolidated with Jurong Fishery Port, which remains open.

Jurong Fishery Port
Address: Fishery Port Road, Singapore 619742
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 24 hours | Mon 12am-2am, 7am-12am (most bustling in the early morning from 2am)
Contact: 6265 1680

Senoko Fishery Port
Address: 31 Attap Valley Road, #02-29, Singapore 759908
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 2am-6am (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 6257 6721

59. Stroll around Gardens by the Bay

Not that it wasn’t already popular before, but ever since being featured in Crazy Rich Asians, Gardens by the Bay has seen a new surge in interest. Even if you’re a local, there’s always a reason to revisit its Flower Dome as the setup there changes every few months with different themes each season.

You’ll also want to pay a visit to Floral Fantasy, where walls of pretty blooms line the way, and the Cloud Forest with cool temps, rotating sculptures, and flowery photo spots.

Those on a budget can stroll the outer gardens such as the Bay East Garden, the Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes, Heritage Gardens, and the desert-inspired Sun Pavilion for free, and catch the Garden Rhapsody light show at the Supertree Grove at 7.45pm and 8.45pm daily.

Book a ticket to Gardens by the Bay.

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953
Opening hours: Refer to Gardens by the Bay’s calendar for more information
Contact: 6420 6848

– Nature spots in Singapore –

This is your reminder to go outside and touch grass. Plan a romantic picnic date with the bae at one of the many parks in Singapore or immerse yourself in nature by trekking through Maju Forest.

60. Drop by NTU’s Yunnan Garden

Image credit: NTU

Westsiders are spoiled for choice when it comes to visiting gardens for scenic jogs and evening walks in nature, now that the Yunnan Garden at NTU has been renovated in 2020. Aside from 1,000 new trees from over 80 species, there is now also a 5.6m waterfall and a 900m boardwalk for picturesque strolls.

Image credit: @jessiechan2111 via Instagram

You don’t need to worry about your smartphone’s connection dropping out either, as the gardens are fully covered by Wifi. The ulu-ness of it also means that there are fewer people that will accidentally photobomb your Instagram stories.

Fun fact: a replica of the former Nanyang University’s arch and the Chinese Heritage Centre building, once the former university’s administration building, are preserved here.

Address: 12 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637721
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily
Contact: 6791 1744

61. See Little Guilin

Image credit: @theinsanewanderess via Instagram

No, for the last time, Singapore isn’t in China. But we’ll forgive you if you think the granite quarry at Bukit Batok Town Park is.

It’s been dubbed Little Guilin (or Xiao Guilin) for its resemblance to the limestone karst formation landscape in China’s Guilin. Come here early in the morning and you’re likely to see elderly folk practising taichi.

Address: Along Bukit Batok East Avenue 5
Getting there: Walk about 8 minutes from Bukit Gombak MRT station, or take Bus 945 to Bukit Gombak Stadium

62. Tour urban farms in Singapore

Image credit: @pacificagrofarm via Instagram

Singapore may be a concrete jungle, but we’ve actually got plenty of urban farms in Singapore where our own local produce is grown. Many of these farms grow their fruits and veg organically or avoid the use of pesticides so you know that what you’re consuming is safe.

Some of them offer tours with explanations and demonstrations on what the farming process is like.

63. Island-hop between Lazarus, St John’s, & Kusu Island

Hop on a ferry at Marina South Pier and have an island-hopping adventure off mainland Singapore. Visit on a weekday to have Singapore’s southern islands all to yourself or head down on a weekend instead when there are more flexible ferry departure timings. Either way, you’ll be met with a relatively tranquil environment far from the tourist crowds.

The boat will first stop at St John’s Island, from which you can walk to Lazarus Island and its unspoilt beach. Once you’re done exploring, hop on the next leg of the ferry ride to get to Kusu Island which is home to a tortoise sanctuary and Chinese temple perched above water.

You can now also spend the night at tiny house hotels on Lazarus Island, newly opened in 2023.

Book a ferry to St John’s, Lazarus, and Kusu islands.

Also read our articles about islands in Singapore such as Pulau Hantu, the history behind Pulau Tekong, and hidden Singapore islands.

64. Check out the Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum

With what’s probably Singapore’s largest collection of turtles and tortoises, the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum in Khatib houses not just the common red-eared terrapins found at pet stores and reservoirs, but also less common specimens such as soft-shell turtles, a 6-legged tortoise, and a golden terrapin.

Book a session at the Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum.

Note: The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum is slated to move to a new site behind HomeTeamNS Khatib in the 4th quarter of 2023.

Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu, #01-16, Singapore 769198
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 10am-6pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
Contact: 6268 5363

65. Go fishing around Singapore

Fishing is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of outdoor activities – after all, many of us are unsure of where exactly we’re given the green light to fish. To spare yourselves from getting caught red-handed, cast your rods at these legal fishing spots in Singapore, from Marina Reservoir down south to Bedok Jetty in the east.

Book a guided kayak fishing tour in Singapore.

66. Venture out to Changi Bay Point

If you’re craving a relaxing vacation to Okinawa – known as the “Hawaii” of Japan – but can’t spare the time or the money, Changi Bay Point is a pretty good alternative.

Located along the newly revamped Changi Bay Park Connector, Changi Bay Point is a seaside escape complete with breathtaking ocean views and plenty of spots to sit down and relax. Let out your excess energy by cycling the full 3.4km stretch, or take a stroll down the scenic boardwalk. If you look close enough, you can even spot Pulau Tekong on the horizon.

It’s best to come here in the early morning or evening to avoid the sun’s glare.

Address: Aviation Park Road

67. Birdwatch at Kranji Marshes

The Kranji Marshes are a grassy freshwater marshland and nature reserve rich in biodiversity including butterflies, dragonflies, and especially birds. Aptly named, the 10.65m Raptor Tower is the best vantage point for spotting raptor birds such as the Black Baza and Japanese Sparrowhawk during the migratory season from November to March.

Board the Kranji Farms Shuttle service to the Kranji Marshes, Sungei Buloh, and other Kranji farm attractions from Kranji MRT, and bring along a pair of binoculars to spot your next rare bird.

68. Trek through Maju Forest

Clementi Forest is a spot that most of us are familiar with – even if you haven’t hiked there, you’ve at least heard of it. What few know about, however, is that just near by Clementi Forest is Maju Forest, a nature trail complete with an abandoned railway tunnel and old military road.

Image credit: via Instagram

You’ll want to wear a good pair of hiking boots as the path can get pretty muddy and slippery. After you’re done exploring, there’s even a tunnel leading to Clementi Forest if you’re up for the adventure.

Also read our article on hiking trails in Singapore.

69. Conquer the MacRitchie Treetop Walk

Up for a challenge? Embark on a round hike of close to 10km at MacRitchie Reservoir, part of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. You’ll cross their Treetop Walk suspension bridge in the middle of the trail. This bridge is a fantastic vantage point above the forest below, so it’ll be well worth the sweat and humidity.

Completing the hike will take 3-5 hours depending on your speed, but if you wish to shave off some distance, enter via the car park at Venus Drive instead of the Reservoir Park.

Opening hours: 7am-7pm, Daily

70. Take a day trip to Pulau Ubin & Chek Jawa Wetlands

Take a break from city life and immerse yourself in nature at Pulau Ubin, an island off Singapore teeming with forested trails, mangroves, and gorgeous blue lakes. It’s also home to the Chek Jawa Wetlands, which has a well-built boardwalk from which you can observe marine critters such as sea slugs, starfish, and horseshoe crabs.

To get to Pulau Ubin, take a a short 15-minute bumboat ride from Singapore’s mainland Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Tip: If you’re a confident cyclist, it would do you good to rent a bike as it’s a 3km journey from Pulau Ubin Jetty to Chek Jawa. But be careful as the trails are unpaved and steep at some points.

Make a Pulau Ubin bike rental and book an Ubin kayaking trip at Round Ketam Kayaking Adventure.

71. Have a romantic picnic

Marina Barrage and the Botanic Gardens are the top picnic spots in Singapore, but don’t just stick to those. You’ll find scenic corners of greenery all around this little red dot which are just as worthy and way less crowded.

A less bustling environment means it’s going to be all the more romantic! Some places to visit include Toa Payoh Town Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park, which is full of vibrant pink bougainvillaea blooms.

72. Hike through Singapore’s parks & nature reserves

Singapore may not have towering mountains with chilly temperatures, but hiking enthusiasts can still get a dose of the great outdoors with our many trails in parks and nature reserves.

The hill with the steepest incline is Bukit Timah Hill in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, but there are other nature sites such as Dairy Farm Nature Park and The Northern Explorer Loop, all of which you can read about in detail in our article about undiscovered hiking trails.

Read our article on hiking for beginners and check out our other hiking-related articles, covering topics from hiking to the “Lost Ark” in Alexandra to kid-friendly hiking trails in Singapore.

73. Unwind at Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Sembawang Hot Spring Park has Singapore’s only natural onsen of sorts. Once just a small tap spouting from the ground, it has now been revamped to have a triple-tiered pool. Well, you can’t strip and dip – the police will come at you for skinny-dipping – but you are welcome to soak your feet into designated ponds.

You’re allowed to cook your own onsen eggs on-site too. Don’t forget to bring your own eggs and boil them in your own containers using your own ladles to keep the place clean. If you get hungrier, the halal Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant in the park has plenty of local dishes.

Address: Along Gambas Avenue, Singapore 756952

74. Explore Jurong Lake Gardens

Image credit: NParks & Jurong Lake Gardens

The area around Jurong Lake has been transformed into the Jurong Lake Gardens that’s been reopening in stages.

You can now stroll, skate, or even longboard through the Lakeside Garden that houses Skatepark @ Lakeside Garden, bring kids and seniors to Singapore’s largest therapeutic garden designed to engage the senses, paddle boat on a lake from Passion Wave @ Jurong Lake Gardens, and take your dog to one of Singapore’s largest dog runs on site.

Image credit: NParks & Jurong Lake Gardens

The beloved Chinese Garden and Japanese Gardens are currently under renovation and are slated to re-open soon, for those “out of Singapore” vibes that make them popular with cosplayers.

Address: 104 Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 618665
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily

75. See “Avatar Trees” at Bukit Brown Cemetery

One of the perks of living in the garden city of Singapore is that you’re never too far off from a hiking trail. If you’re an avid hiker who’s already done laps around MacRitchie, pop over “next door” to attempt a 3km trekking route in Bukit Brown Cemetery to Singapore’s “Avatar Trees”.

The trekking route takes you through Bukit Brown Cemetery where you’ll be treated to a stunning view of trees similar to the ones in the James Cameron epic.

Apart from the towering trees, there are also plenty of sightseeing points along this trek, such as abandoned cars that have been swallowed up by nature, and a hidden Chinese temple. The trek isn’t difficult but you might want to give this a miss on a rainy day because it can get pretty muddy.

Or book a guided tour of Bukit Brown Cemetery.

76. Walk through Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

One of the rest points along the trail.
Image credit: @storey_chris via Instagram

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is Singapore’s first ASEAN Heritage Park. All year round you’ll find swamp animals such as mudskippers, water monitor lizards, and even crocodiles in its mangroves.

It’s also a “pit stop” for migratory birds, so you’ll catch glimpses of plovers and sandpipers here from September to March. Don’t worry about it being all wet and muddy, because there are proper paths and a mangrove boardwalk for you to tread on comfortably.

The Visitor Centre on 60 Kranji Way also hosts free events such as regular guided walks and educational talks, so we recommend timing your visit for one of them to maximize your mangrove adventure.

Book a tour of Kranji countryside attractions, including Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

Address: 301 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718925
Opening hours: 7am-7pm, Daily (last entry at 6.30pm)
Contact: 6794 1401

77. Bike or hike through the Park Connector Network

The Park Connector Network offers over 300km of walking, jogging, and cycling trails connecting different parts of Singapore, while giving us scenic routes to exercise and explore nature on.

Prominent Singapore park connector routes include the Central Urban Loop connecting Kallang to Ang Mo Kio to Punggol, bringing you through nostalgic Toa Payoh Town Park, the scenic Kallang River, and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. Northeasties can exercise along the North Eastern Riverine Loop traversing Buangkok, Sengkang, and Punggol, and Easties can plane-watch while cycling down the Eastern Coastal Loop from East Coast Park to Changi.

Check out bike rental services in Singapore that’ll help you cycle up a storm.

78. Visit the Tropical Montane Orchidetum

We all know the national flower is the Vanda Miss Joaquim, but other orchid variants and hybrids are lesser-known. The Tropical Montane Orchidetum at the Singapore Botanic Gardens is where you can catch a glimpse of many unique orchids.

They’re all housed in the new Sembcorp Cool House, a glasshouse chilled to a comfortable 16°C-24°C to mimic a temperate forest. This is where you’ll also be able to spot plant species native to the African and Australasian regions, which creates quite the ethereal-looking garden. You’ll want to bring your cameras out for this one to snap loads of pics.

Address: 1 Cluny Road, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259569
Opening hours: 8.30am-7pm, Daily
Contact: 1800 471 7300

– Restaurants & cafes in Singapore –

If you’re a foodie on the lookout for their next new meal to review, then check out these restaurants and cafes in Singapore.

79. Have a brunch date at a cafe

Image adapted from: @mighty.explorers, @eatingwitheating via Instagram

A brunch date is the one thing that’s hard to go wrong with whenever we’re planning a day out with bae. To switch things up, choose a cafe based on either your or your SO’s favourite colour from the many colour-themed cafes in Singapore. On top of yummy cafe grub, you’ll be promised cool aesthetics that deserve a spot in your IG feeds.

Some names to bookmark right off the bat: Smile Dessert for its blue and white ball pit; and Fraser Street Brothers for its vibrant rainbow theme.

80. Have a seaside meal while yacht-viewing

For a change of scenery, pop by Quayside Isle at Sentosa or Keppel Bay near Harbourfront for a romantic seaside stroll with a view of yachts. If renting one is out of budget for now, you can still dine at one of the many restaurants in either location.

Both are date-worthy settings, so save them for a special occasion or when you need to impress!

81. Dine amidst nature at Lucky Saigon Cafe

We all itch for an outdoor adventure whenever city life gets a bit much, but it doesn’t always have to mean hiking or cycling. Instead, have lunch at Lucky Saigon Cafe, where you can enjoy some solid Vietnamese grub while snapping cute #OOTD shots against their rustic nature setting.

Pets are welcome to this family-friendly cafe, and visitors recommend applying mosquito repellent before dropping by.

Address: 356 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247674
Opening hours: 8am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 6556 8228

82. Travel to Smith Marine Floating Restaurant

Singapore may no longer be a fishing village, but you can still get a taste of that part of her past at Smith Marine Floating Restaurant.

This kelong-style restaurant between Pulau Ubin and Changi Point Ferry Terminal provides fresh seafood that’s sent off to the kitchen to be cooked in your preferred style.

Make a booking in advance with the restaurant, which’ll arrange for your 2-way bumboat transport from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Book a set meal at Smith Marine Floating Restaurant.

Address: 01’23’52″N – 103’57’42″E
Opening hours: 10am-7pm, Daily (Closed on alternate Mondays)
Contact: 9792 7609 (WhatsApp/SMS for reservations)

83. Dine at Soul Coffee

Image credit: Soul Coffee via Instagram

A rare few can dive, but at Soul Coffee, you won’t need to carry a heavy tank on your back to enjoy an underwater view of corals and aquatic animals. With horoscope-themed drinks, pretty cakes, and full-length wall projections which alternate between different landscapes and seasons, the concept cafe is practically made for the ’Gram.

You’ll also get to watch their AI robot barista brew a cuppa for you when you order a Pourover Coffee. Crystal aura readings and tarot readings – provided by human readers – are also available in the cafe upon advance booking, if you’re seeking answers to pressing questions of the heart.

Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Road, Kinex Mall #02-16, Singapore 437157
Opening hours: 11am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 9876 7257

84. Order a drink at Platform 1094 cafe

Perhaps enrolling into Hogwarts might be a far-off dream, but Platform 1094 – better known as Singapore’s famous Harry Potter-inspired cafe – brings some magic to the table for us muggles.

Dress up in their wizard robes, grab a wand, and order their Hogwarts house-coloured and potion-inspired cocktails, some with flaming and dry ice effects, along with a hearty meal of House-Elves Special Pork Ribs.

Book a meal at Platform 1094.

Address: 1094 Serangoon Road, Singapore 328192
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am-10pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 6204 6003

85. Visit unique food courts in Singapore

If there’s one thing most of us can’t live without, it’s local hawker fare that’s both shiok and affordable. These days, unique food courts in Singapore have been seeing more creative spins.

Head down to Rivervale Mall Food Junction and you’ll find one that resembles a quintessential Singapore void deck, complete with a dragon playground and songbird cages. Food Junction at Great World has atas vibes with an outdoor bar area where you can dine alfresco while looking at the city skyline.

Who says you have to sacrifice on the vibes when you don’t want to spend too much money dining out? 

Rivervale Mall Food Junction outlet:
Address: 11 Rivervale Crescent, #01-01/02/03 Rivervale Mall, Singapore 545082
Opening hours: 6.30am-10pm, Daily

Great World Food Junction outlet:
Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #03-116 Great World, Singapore 237994
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily

86. Take your dog to a dog-friendly cafe

Image credit: @8thepoodle via Instagram

Our dogs are our best friends, so it sucks when we have to leave them at home while we go cafe-hopping – but not if you’re headed to dog-friendly cafes in Singapore such as What The Pug and We Are The Furballs. These places not only allow your furkid to socialise, but many of them also have menu items specially catered to them.

Check out our other dog-related articles about dog training hacks, the cost of owning a dog in Singapore, free dog runs in Singapore and tips on improving your dog’s diet.

87. Go on a pub crawl

Working hard and playing hard in Singapore doesn’t mean we turn in to bed after knocking off from work. Head to one – or several – bars in Singapore to celebrate the end of a work week, catch up with friends or colleagues, or to taste local bartenders’ bespoke cocktails.

You can’t go wrong by starting with bar-hopping clusters such as boisterous Boat Quay and Clarke Quay with a Singapore River view, or heritage streets Keong Saik Road, Neil Road, and Amoy Street, all a stone’s throw from Chinatown. However, don’t overlook indie bars set up in quieter spots away from the downtown bustle for a more intimate night out with a date.

Book a pub crawling tour in Singapore.

88. Enjoy a foodie & heritage walk in Geylang

Geylang‘s rep as a red-light district tends to overshadow its food, thrift shopping, heritage, and even hobbyist shops that make it an authentic mini-Singapore.

With old-school barbers, vinyl shops, second-hand thrift shops, a Peranakan home decor museum, a Malay heritage gallery, multi-religious places of worship, and pre-war shophouses, Geylang is a less-gentrified, old-school cool ‘hood. Folks also come from all over the island for its annual Geylang Serai Hari Raya bazaar.

Book a guided Geylang walking tour.  

– Museums & cultural sites in Singapore –

From educational and cultural museums on Singapore’s history to art and themed galleries around specific niches, there’s a variety of museums for you to explore.

89. Catch free music & art shows at the Esplanade

Singapore’s Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay isn’t just a pretty sight but also a performing arts centre truly welcoming to all. Catch free performances that take place almost daily, from modern dance to visual art installations to live instrumental music. Look out for the shows in the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, with a backdrop of Marina Bay.

While here, don’t miss Jendela Visual Arts Space, a free-entry art gallery with changing exhibits of local and international artists’ work. There’s also the Esplanade Roof Terrace – open to all with a great night view of Marina Bay, and even NDP rehearsals and fireworks.

Tip: sign up for a free Esplanade&Me membership to get priority event booking, member-only event invitations, and Esplanade mall promos.

Address: 1 Esplanade Drive, Singapore 038981

90. Check out the Vintage Camera Museum

We’re no stranger to going trigger-happy with our smartphone cams for Instagram, but few of us know the history of cameras. The Vintage Camera Museum houses antiques such as pigeon spy cams used during WWI and II, as well as a 6-metre long Mammoth Camera.

There’s also a fun Click Art zone where you can get creative snapping perspective shots with hand-painted wall art as your backdrop.

Also, read our article on where to buy film cameras in Singapore.

Address: 8C-8D Jalan Kledek, Singapore 199263
Opening hours: 11am-7pm, Daily
Contact: 6291 2278

91. Walk through the Japanese Cemetery Park

Image credit: @greentea_dollycious via Instagram

If you’re not the superstitious sort, make a trip to the Japanese Cemetery Park at Yio Chu Kang for a romantic stroll underneath pretty bougainvillea archways.

The cemetery also has a tranquil prayer hall dating back to the 1980s, as well as many traditional sculptures and tombstones belonging to Japanese residents in Singapore from the 1890s.

Address: 825B Chuan Hoe Avenue, Singapore 549854
Opening hours: 7am-7pm, Daily
Contact: 6468 0066 (The Japanese Association, Singapore)

92. Visit the Science Centre

Get your geek on at Science Centre Singapore and enter a series of educational exhibits that explain how things work in a fun way. Their permanent exhibitions include The Mind’s Eye, which holds a rainbow mirror maze, as well as Know Your Poo, created to let you know more about our poop and farts.

They’ve also recently introduced a couple of free-to-play VR games such as Soar High on Birdly which will have you soaring high over a virtual cityscape, and a new interactive Energy Story exhibition where you can challenge friends to power a city with different energy sources.

Book a visit to Science Centre Singapore.

Address: 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-5pm (last entry 4.15pm) (Closed Mondays except for public holidays and school holidays)
Contact: 6425 2500

93. Go museum-hopping

Image adapted from: NUS Museum, National Parks

We’re all familiar with the trippy art projections at the ArtScience Museum that dominate our social media feeds every now and then. But don’t let it fool you into thinking that there aren’t other interesting galleries and museums in Singapore to explore.

Check out the many free art exhibitions and museums around the country, from the NUS Museum with its permanent collections of modern to ancient Southeast Asian and Singaporean art to the Botanical Art Gallery that houses colonial-era botanical illustrations that showcase Singapore’s natural heritage.

Find more free art exhibits and museums in Singapore.

94. Visit the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery

Image adapted from: @travelkudos, @travelkudos via Instagram

Some of us may have dreamt of being firefighters as children, but there’s more to it than just wielding large hoses and rescuing kittens from trees. Plan your next museum outing to the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, where you can learn about our country’s Civil Defence Force for free.

Located within Singapore’s oldest fire station, Central Fire Station, it holds collections of firefighting paraphernalia and exhibits about notable moments in history such as the Bukit Ho Swee fire. Guided tours are available, where enthusiasts can try wearing firefighter gear and even sit in a vintage fire engine.

Admission: Free
62 Hill Street, Singapore 179367
Contact: 6332 2996
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-5pm (Closed on Mondays)

95. Tour The Intan

Image credit: @tangenghui via Instagram

An alternative to the tourist-filled Peranakan Museum is The Intan, a private Peranakan home-museum that opens its doors to visitors by appointment. You’ll find the 2-storey shophouse unit full of traditional ware such as handmade beaded slippers, tiffin food carriers, and antique furniture as you explore the compound through a tour by its owner and curator Alvin Yapp.

During the tour, you’ll also be treated to an afternoon tea selection with nyonya kueh. After your visit, don’t miss these photo spots in the Joo Chiat neighbourhood.

Make an appointment at The Intan.

Address: 69 Joo Chiat Terrace, Singapore 427231
Opening hours: By appointment only
Contact: 6440 1148

96. Check out the Singapore Art Museum

Museum dates are definitely a vibe, whether you’re artsy or not. If you’re running out of paktor ideas, head to the new Singapore Art Museum at Tanjong Pagar Distripark, where you’ll get to enjoy a whole range of exhibitions by both local and international artists.

Address: 39 Keppel Road, Tanjong Pagar Distripark, #01-02, Singapore 089065
Opening hours: 10am-7pm, Daily

97. Go on a Fort Serapong tour

If you’ve paid attention in history class, you probably know about Singapore’s colonial past. At Fort Serapong, witness your history books come to life – explore an abandoned military bunker that once housed hundreds of soldiers.

Image credit: @nrhtdytz via Instagram

While it was previously closed to the public, the area is now open for tours bookable directly from Sentosa, and hosted by trained guides from Pudu Puda LLP. Spend an afternoon exploring heritage sites such as the Serapong Casemates and the Battery Command Post, while learning about native flora and flora along the way.

Do note that unaccompanied explorations are considered trespassing, and offenders may be prosecuted.

Read our article on Attack at Fort Serapong! A Time Travel Adventure Tour.

Address: 54 Lakeshore View, Singapore 09844

98. Visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Image credit: @donnnut via Instagram

With oriental lanterns strung across the rows of shophouses and decades-old stores touting traditional ornaments, herbs, and toys, Chinatown still retains pockets of culture from the olden days.

Pay a visit to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, a towering Tang dynasty-style Buddhist temple. Or have a breather at one of the many teahouses in the vicinity such as Enjoy Tea or Pek Sin Choon Pte Ltd.

Come by after sundown during Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival season to catch the annual street lantern light-ups too.

Book a heritage walking tour of Chinatown.

Read our article on lesser-known things to do in Chinatown.

99. Explore Kampong Lorong Buangkok

Image credit: @tbngrdns via Instagram

Our land is packed with high-rise apartments and skyscrapers, but once upon a time it was full of kampungs with attap houses. Kampong Lorong Buangkok is the mainland’s last surviving village of this sort, shrouded by greenery and landed property. It’s the only neighbourhood in Singapore that still has a 4-digit postal code, compared to the usual 6.

You can enter the area for a slice of yesteryear, but remember that these are actual houses with people living in them, so do show respect and avoid causing disturbances. Fortunately, the kampong will continue existing in the foreseeable future as the second-generation landlord is committed to leasing houses to the residents at a token price.

Book a guided tour of Kampong Lorong Buangkok.

100. Revisit St James Power Station

Most of us are familiar with St James Power Station, an iconic red-brick building just opposite VivoCity that we have nostalgic memories of. After all, it used to be a very hapz party spot before its restoration works began in 2018.

Now, the colonial-era building has been reborn with a new Heritage Trail and Gallery. Lovers of history can visit for a free introduction to Singapore’s maritime history and the evolution of the nation’s first-ever power station.

Image credit: St James Power Station

The trail includes a harpoon gun originally from a Soviet ship that used to dock in Singapore, 2 cast-iron gate posts from the 1860s, and a 10-tonne steam crane.

Then, hop into the gallery to see an impressive 3D artwork, an animated augmented reality video series, and an exhibit.

Admission: Free
Address: 3 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098544
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-6pm (Closed on Mondays)

101. Explore Haw Par Villa

Don’t think of Haw Par Villa as a derelict statue park – it’s recently undergone a facelift and now includes impressive new pavilions, pagodas, and intricate archways worthy of pre-wedding shoots. There are even some anime-style murals on some walls.

Of course, their star attraction, the Hell’s Museum featuring the 10 courts of hell, still remains, so venture in and get ready to be spooked by macabre depictions of the underworld.

Fun fact: you can also stay overnight at Haw Par Villa’s shipping container hotel rooms!

Book a stay at Shipping Container Hotel @ Haw Par Villa.

Address: 262 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118 628
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 9am-8pm | Fri-Sat 9am-10pm
Contact: 6773 0103

102. Visit the ArtScience Museum

The name ArtScience Museum sounds like an oxymoron in itself, but art and science are more intertwined than you may think. The high-tech Future World exhibition will show you just how, with mesmerising interactive projections and light installations by teamLab.

Apart from this permanent exhibition, you can look forward to seasonal ones that last a couple of months, and also rotating film and documentary screenings in the ArtScience Cinema.

Book your tickets at ArtScience Museum.

Address: 6 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018974
Opening hours: 10am-7pm, Daily
Contact: 6688 8888

103. Trawl Kampong Gelam

Image credit: @jadorejealique via Instagram

The Kampong Gelam area is known as a cultural and heritage hub celebrating all things Malay and Muslim culture. A stone’s throw from Bugis MRT station, it’s got a series of hole-in-the-wall bars, cafes, street murals, and stores selling quirky knick-knacks.

Pop by Haji Lane at any given time and you’re sure to see both tourists and locals snapping away with their cameras and using the vibrant alleyways as a backdrop.

Image credit: @hardianti_w via Instagram

Once you’re done, hop over to neighbouring Arab Street for the best of Middle Eastern and fusion cuisine and culture, and to check out the majestic Sultan Mosque.

Book a guided tour of Singapore’s Kampong Gelam.

104. Browse the grand Rotunda Library & Archive

Image credit: National Gallery Singapore Facebook

The National Gallery’s Rotunda Library & Archive is unlike any other public library in Singapore. With a dome-shaped ceiling, rustic wooden furniture, and tall columns supporting its two levels, this free-entry library housing art history books is the epitome of grandeur.

Do note that the materials in this library are for reference only and not for borrowing, and that appointments in advance are recommended prior to browsing.

Address: National Gallery Singapore, 1 St Andrew’s Road, Supreme Court Wing Level 3, Singapore 178957
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-12.30pm & 2pm-5pm (Closed on Sat-Sun & PHs)
Contact: 6697 9180 

105. Visit the Trick Eye Museum

Image credit: @zxynpot via Instagram

It’s a wonderful world of optical illusions at the Trick Eye Museum, where every station allows you to be put into imaginative scenes and settings, giving you an opportunity to play with perspective photography. Sit on the moon, cross a treacherous ravine, or become a figurine in a wintery snow globe – nothing is impossible here!

Tip: the staff can help you take photos from the best angles, but it’ll be useful to bring a tripod so you can go ham on snapping pics.

Book an entry ticket to the Trick Eye Museum.

Address: 80 Siloso Road, Southside Interim Market, Block D #01-04, Singapore 098969
Opening hours: 11am-7pm, Daily
Contact: 6795 2371 

106. Tour the Singapore City Gallery

Snap some photos with projections of Singapore’s landscape as your backdrop.
Image credit: Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore

The Singapore City Gallery welcomes all to its 5 galleries of free-entry, interactive exhibits that show our country’s urban development from precolonial times to a bustling metropolis. But this is more than just a larger-than-life social studies textbook.

Image adapted from: Multimedia People, Urban Redevelopment Authority

Beyond viewing light projections that show 24 hours in Singapore, visitors of all ages can also role-play as an urban planner to design Singapore as they wish. The gallery also hosts free guided tours if creative city development piques your interest.

Address: 45 Maxwell Road, Level 1, The URA Centre, Singapore 069118
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm (Closed on Sundays & PH)

107. Spend time at the Indian Heritage Centre

Image credit: Indian Heritage Centre

Go back in time at the Indian Heritage Centre and learn the history of migration from India to Southeast Asia, and prominent members of Singapore’s Indian community who’ve contributed to our country in various fields.

With free entry for locals, and an audio guide on the centre’s mobile app that lets you take a self-guided tour, this is a must-visit the next time you’re on a Little India cultural walk.

We recommend visiting around Pongal, usually in January, and Deepavali, usually in November, for festival-related and kid-friendly educational activities.

Book admission tickets to the Indian Heritage Centre. Entry is free for citizens and permanent residents.

Address: 5 Campbell Lane, Singapore 209924
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-6pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 6291 1601

108. Join the Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club

We’ve all seen the occasional uncle at a void deck with birdcage in hand. But what many don’t know is that there’s an avid community of birdkeepers in Singapore known as the Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club, which gathers at a field in Ang Mo Kio to let their birds sing together after being raised on flag poles.

They even hold regular birdsinging competitions. Everyone there is warm and welcoming, so feel free to approach them for a chat.

Address: Block 159 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, Singapore 560159
Opening hours: Sat-Sun & PH 9.30am-12pm

109. Stop by Gillman Barracks

Image credit: @caramellechaos via Instagram

Tucked behind the Southern Ridges, away from the bigger downtown museums, Gillman Barracks is a former colonial camp that’s been transformed into a series of private art galleries. It’s also a regular venue of the Singapore Biennale and the annual Singapore Art Week.

Exhibitions vary from time to time, so there’s always something new to check out every couple of months. While you’re there, check out the restaurants and bars within the compound such as Masons and Hopscotch.

Address: 9 Lock Road, Singapore 108937
Opening hours: Refer to Gillman Barracks’ page (Closed on Mondays & PH)

– Instagrammable places in Singapore –

Strike a pose for the gram at these scenic and aesthetic places in Singapore.

110. See lighthouses in Singapore

Image credit: @arkitin via Instagram

Hunt down one of the lighthouses in Singapore and you’ll be able to use Coldplay’s “lights will guide you home” line as your Instagram photo caption without sounding pretentious – because that’s literally what these beacons are for. Yup, unbeknownst to many, they’re still in use for navigation purposes, guiding ships safely to shore.

While some of them are inaccessible or require special permission to enter, there are easy-to-reach options such as Raffles Marina Lighthouse and Fullerton Lighthouse. The former is a popular spot for wedding photography and the sunsets there are amazing, while the decommissioned Fullerton Lighthouse now lives on as a vintage landmark near Harbourfront Tower 1.

111. Admire Jewel Changi’s Rain Vortex

Only in Singapore do you have an airport with a sunflower garden and butterfly garden, and with the retail complex of Jewel Changi now standing alongside the flight terminals, I’d say we’re pretty hard to beat. It’s not any regular airport mall, though, ‘cause apart from its shopping and food options such as Shake Shack and an A&W open till late, it’s also home to a giant Forest Valley full of trees, and the iconic Rain Vortex, the world’s highest indoor waterfall.

There are also play zones for all ages which include a mirror maze, hedge maze, suspended bouncing net, and a slide with a near-90 degree drop.

Book tickets here to access multiple attractions at Jewel Changi.

Read our articles on food, shopping, and play zones at Jewel Changi, Jewel Changi Canopy Park attractions and Changi Experience Studio, and Jewel Changi’s photo spots.

112. Revisit old-school playgrounds

Image credit: @philippem1984 via Instagram

Our old-school playgrounds are truly icons of our country, and now that they’re such rare finds, these nostalgia-inducing structures from a simpler time are all the more precious. You already know the classic dragon playgrounds – only 4 of which are left today – but there are a couple other gems such as clock- and dove-shaped ones.

113. Go on Apple Photo Walks

On Apple Photo Walks, you’ll get insider tips from phone photography pros on how to step up your mobile photography and editing. From Jewel Changi Airport to Marina Bay Sands to Emerald Hill, these curated routes will show you how to uncover hidden IG-worthy corners at your favourite hangout spots, take and direct portraits of human subjects on location, and edit pics to perfection with the iPhone’s Photos app.

Best of all, it’s free. All you need to bring is your iPhone – or don’t; the latest iPhones will be loaned to you for you to snap away with.

114. Have a photoshoot at selfie studios

Get creative with your poses in The Furbies themed room at 123ChiCha.

Minimalistic selfie studio pics have been quite the trend lately, but if you’d like your pics to stand out from those more sombre black and white ones, check out iWan Selfie Studio and 123ChiCha

For the spontaneous, 123ChiCha is open 24 hours and has 20 aesthetic themed rooms, as well as props and costumes you can loan from bridal gowns to traditional qipaos. If a touch of whimsy is what you’re looking for, iWan Selfie Studio has fancy backdrops such as a trippy crystal tunnel and a Japanese tea house.

Read our article on affordable photo booth studios.

iWan Selfie Studio

Address: 12 Aljunied Road, KH Plaza #05-01, Singapore 389801
Opening hours: 11am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 9622 3715

123ChiCha Selfie Studio
Address: 110 Lorong 23 Geylang, Victory Center #03-07, Singapore 388410
Opening hours: 10am-5pm, Daily
Contact: 9029 4733

115. Head up to ION Sky

Image credit: @howlwithstyles via Instagram

For the best views of our cityscape, visit ION Sky, a glass-windowed observatory at the 56th storey of ION. You’ll have to spend at least $50 at the mall to enter, but that’s easily settled with a meal, and includes a choice of welcome drinks at 1-Atico Lounge including an exclusive cocktail or mocktail.

Image credit: @phrancphoo via Instagram

From there, you’ll get a panoramic view of not just the Orchard belt, but also other areas such as Newton, Keppel, and Chinatown – all indicated with pointers on the windows. Come at the right time on a clear day and you’ll also be treated to an orangey sunset.

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard Mall Level 56, Singapore 238801
Opening hours: Tue-Thu 4pm-8pm | Fri-Sat 2-9pm (Closed Sundays & Mondays)
Contact: 6238 8228

116. Have a date at Wings of Time

Image credit: @dolphintoursandtravel via Instagram

The ultimate light show from our childhood, Wings of Time at Sentosa, reopened in 2022 with an upgraded stage set-up – think new and improved spark machines, and seats closer to the huge laser light and water effect screen where you can get a more immersive experience.

Tip: Those who get a free Sentosa Islander membership enjoy 15% off standard tickets. So book tickets for 2 and surprise bae to an electrifying night out.

Book tickets to Wings of Time.

Address: Near Beach Station, 50 Beach View, Singapore 098604
Performance timings: 7.40pm and 8.40pm, Daily
Contact: 6361 0088 (Singapore Cable Car ticketing counter)

117. Check out CapitaSpring

A 2-minute walk from Raffles Place MRT will take you to CapitaSpring. It’s an all-in-one skyscraper comprising offices, serviced apartments, eateries, and a sky garden 100m above the ground. Coming in as Singapore’s second tallest building, CapitaSpring takes work and play to the next level.

Drop by for a stroll in CapitaSpring’s Green Oasis and Sky Garden on the 17th-20th and 51st floors respectively if you’re in need of a breather from work. But should the pings of Slack beckon, chope a spot in one of their outdoor birdcage-like work pods equipped with charging points. You’ll at least get a stunning view to look out at while replying to urgent emails.

Address: 88 Market Street, Singapore 048948
Contact: 6713 3948

118. Ride on the SkyHelix

Talk about seeing from a different POV: SkyHelix Sentosa will take you 35m up in the air for a bird’s-eye view of the sandy beaches below. For those averse to steep inclines and high speeds, take note: this is anything but a theme park ride. It’s a slow ascend up, and you’ll be securely strapped down while your legs are left dangling.

If you’ve got the stomach for it, there’s also a snack bar where you can purchase light bites such as fruit bowls and pastries. Take your grub on the ride with you for a mid-air munch.

Book a session at SkyHelix Sentosa.

Address: 41 Imbiah Road, Sentosa, Singapore 099707
Opening hours: 10am-9.30pm, Daily
Contact: 6361 0088

119. Watch the sunset at Yishun Dam

Image credit: @caramellechaos via Instagram

For some of the best unobstructed sunsets, visit Yishun Dam, a quiet spot in an ulu corner of the North. There isn’t much here, but it’s a good area for sunset gazing and picnics. Some people even bring their own disposable BBQ pits here for a mini-cookout, and at times you’ll see fishermen bringing in their catch at nearby Jenal Jetty.

It used to be only accessible by car since it’s pretty impossible to walk here from Yishun MRT, but good thing there’re now bus services 103 and 117 for better convenience.

Address: Yishun Avenue 1, Singapore 769130

120. Visit rooftop gardens around Singapore

For a panoramic view of the city, visit our stunning rooftop gardens, tucked away in the heartlands.

From a sky garden spanning 5 blocks in Toa Payoh, to a community-tended garden growing fresh local produce, these gardens are gems hidden right in plain sight.

– Shopping in Singapore –

Whether you’re a comic book collector, a bundle thrift hunter, or a casual window shopper, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to shopping in Singapore.

121. Go shopping in Little India

Image credit: @jefjefffff via Instagram

It goes without saying that Little India is the best place in Singapore to fill yourself up with some tasty tandoori chicken, dalcha, and thosai. When you’ve eaten your fill, stroll along the bustling preserved shophouses in and around Little India Arcade to check out the market stalls, colourful traditional clothing and accessories, and henna parlours.

A popular place for shopping in Little India is Mustafa Centre, a megastore open past midnight and piled high with Indian and international groceries, cheap electronics, luggage, clothing, home decor, and quirky snacks.

Book a Little India walking tour.

122. Read at Woods in the Books

Image credit: @curatingmotherhood via Instagram

Reading a book is a form of escapism – and bringing your little ones to quaint children’s bookstore Woods in the Books will show them a whole new world. Whether you’re bookworms or not, this store is a must-visit for its quirky decor, as well as its wide selection of picture and illustrated books that kids will enjoy.

Let the staff know if you have any special book requests, as the store can order books for you from abroad.

Address: 3 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168642
Opening hours: Wed-Sat 10am-7pm | Sun-Mon 10am-6pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
Contact: 6222 9980

123. Go thrifting at Turf Club Road’s Antique Row

Old is gold, and if you want to incorporate a rustic look into your home, head down to the 2 stores at Antique Row at Turf Club Road for old furniture that has stood the test of time. Even if you’re not there to purchase anything, it’s interesting snooping around Junkie’s Corner and the nameless store beside it to uncover old paraphernalia such as statues, dolls, and vintage cameras.

Find out more about what you can do at Turf Club Road and read our articles on antique and vintage furniture and knick-knacks: from stores with 80s collectibles in Singapore to secondhand furniture stores in Singapore with refurbished vintage and antique items to undiscovered secondhand furniture stores in Singapore.

124. Shop around at Cat Socrates

Image credit: @prettydayssingapore via Instagram

Hidden far away from the cookie-cutter shops in malls is Cat Socrates, where cat lovers can go gaga over a range of cat-themed trinkets, books, and even tarot cards.

Those who aren’t fans of felines will still be able to find a quirky general selection of stationery, postcards, and home items, with an extensive Peranakan accessory and home decor section.

Yong Siak outlet
Address: 78 Yong Siak Street, #01-14, Singapore 163078
Opening hours: Mon 10am-6pm | Tue-Thu 10am-7pm | Fri-Sat 10am-8pm | Sun & PH 9am-6pm
Contact: 6333 0870

Joo Chiat outlet
Address: 448 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427661
Opening hours: Mon 11am-6pm | Tue-Sat 11am-8pm | Sun & PH 11am-7pm
Contact: 6348 0863

125. Revisit People’s Park Centre

Not to be confused with the nearby People’s Park Complex, People’s Park Centre is a an old-school but underrated Chinatown mall that packs massage, hair, and nail salons, three affordable food courts, and beading and craft shops all in one place.

You can even get a fengshui consultation for your upcoming BTO layout or a TCM checkup and tuina session for ailments and aches while you’re here – or simply kick back at the Ya Kun coffee shop and lim a leisurely kopi.

Address: 101 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058357
Contact: 6535 9177

126. Discover T for Toys$1

Image credit: @t_fortoys via Instagram

Hidden across the road from the big branches of IKEA, Courts and Giant in Tampines North, T for Toys is a toy store with a wide and affordable range of fun and games from as little as $1.

You’ll be spoilt for choice at this huge, no-frills store with classic toys such as checkers, memory games, and toy cars. When Halloween or school dress-up days come around, you’ll find costume sets here too. There are even affordable kitchen set-ups if your kid is an aspiring MasterChef contestant.

Address: 18 Tampines Industrial Crescent, Space @ Tampines #01-02A, Singapore 528605
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-6pm | Sat-Sun 12pm-7pm
Contact: 9021 7376

127. Browse through comic book stores

Image credit: Evernew Book Store

Archie comics and superhero series will always be classics, even as their pages grow yellow and dog-eared with time. Go old-school at comic book stores in Singapore, and see what gems you might be able to pick up – some of them even have clearance shelves with vintage titles going for as low as $2!

128. Shop at Don Don Donki

Better known as Don Quijote in Japan, bargain store Don Don Donki is a massive collection of Japanese snacks, beauty products, and even hot meals such as teppanyaki and beef hamburg freshly prepared on the spot. It’s open 24 hours too, which makes it like a Japanese version of Mustafa Centre.

Read our article on the best things to buy at Don Don Donki.

129. Stroll through Bugis Street

Right opposite the shiny modern mall Bugis Junction is Bugis Street, a shopping street that might make you feel as if you’re in another country. The first floor is non-air-conditioned and mainly houses food stalls, clothing and accessory shops, and souvenir stands, much like a street market.

The second and third levels – thankfully with air-conditioning – are chock-full of cheap clothing stores, beauty salons, and most recently, arcade games and claw machines.

That said, clothing is still the most popular thing to buy here. This is one of the few places in Singapore where haggling isn’t frowned upon, so don’t be afraid to strike a bargain with the store owners, especially if you’re buying multiple pieces of apparel!

Address: 3 New Bugis Street, Singapore 188867
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 6338 9513

130. Wine, dine, and shop at Dempsey Hill

Image adapted from Dempsey Hill

Once a colonial-era nutmeg plantation site and military barracks, Dempsey Hill is now a kid- and pet-friendly neighbourhood that comes to life on the weekends with nature, art, dining, and shopping experiences.

Treat your loved ones to a meal at Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant Candlenut or Aussie BBQ joint Burnt Ends, shop for antiques at Maywell Lifestyles, or get inspired by modern art at ARTitude Galeria.

Your kids can stay occupied at Wildings Forest School that offers day camps for children, sensory learning sessions for toddlers, and supervised kids’ nature play sessions with showers and washrooms. So will your fur babies – who can enjoy pet spa treatments or daycare at the Wagington pet hotel.

Address: Dempsey Road, Singapore 249679

Things to do in Singapore

You can’t possibly deem our little red dot boring with this list of things to do in Singapore at your disposal. Here’s a fun game if you can’t decide on where to start: just choose a random number and see which point it corresponds to, and let that be your pick for the week. These are definitely enough to cover every single weekend of the year and more, so your plans are all set for a good amount of time.

We’ve included 130 ideas here, but of course, Singapore offers much more than these. For more activity ideas and the latest happenings in the country, check out the “Things to Do” section on our website.

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