Qian Hu Fish Farm: Massive Fish Farm In CCK With Affordable Longkang Fishing & Fish Spa

Qian Hu Fish Farm

When we picture things to do in the west side of Singapore, we might think of the Science Centre, Lakeside Gardens or perhaps even West Coast Park. One thing you might not have thought about would probably have been farms – much less fish farms. Enter Qian Hu Fish Farm, whose name may unlock some forgotten memories from our childhood days.

A trip here today can be considered a visit to the kampung version of S.E.A. Aquarium. Entry to the farm is free, so it takes zero dollars to marvel at their endless aisles of fish. Families can also look forward to affordable kid-friendly activities like $6 longkang fishing.

Enjoy longkang fishing reminiscent of the kampung days

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The Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park are often choice destinations when it comes to a family day out. But don’t sweep Qian Hu Fish Farm under the rug just because it’s unlike the average weekend activity. Not just a haven for aquarium hobbyists, the farm offers plenty for kids and the young at heart to enjoy.

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Enjoy longkang fishing from $6 for 30minutes here, where the little ones can have some outdoor fun, catching darting mollies and cichlids with the provided nets and plastic tanks. Release them back into the pond after, or choose to bring the fish back with you if you have a setup at home ready for it.

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After, try your hand at feeding the terrapins and koi at some of the other nearby ponds. Else, those looking to unwind can opt for a fish spa ($5/child or $10/adult for 30 minutes) where a school of garra rufa fish will help you suck away dead skin cells for soft and exfoliated toes.

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Qian Hu Fish

Pick from >1,000 species of fish to add to your tank at home

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Avid fishkeepers, on the other hand, will find the journey down worthwhile with the farm’s wide selection of everything you could possibly want when it comes to the hobby. Having over 1,000 species of freshwater and saltwater fish, you’ll surely find something that you can add to your aquascape back home. 

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Take your time to browse through the many aisles, with dedicated corners for community fish, betta fish, corydoras and even fancy arowanas. Inspired to start a tank of your own? Beginners can find everything they need from tanks and filters to fish food and plants in their accessories section to kickstart the hobby. 

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Take a quick five in between exploring the various sections at the in-house Qian Hu Cafe with drinks and ice cream.

Take a trip to Qian Hu Fish Farm

As with most farms in Singapore, Qian Hu Fish Farm is considerably ulu, but the change of scenery is all part of the fun. Add the other nearby koi farms, aquariums and plant nurseries into your day’s itinerary for a full-day adventure.

Qian Hu Fish Farm
Address: No. 71 Jalan Lekar, Singapore 698950
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-7PM
Telephone: 6766 1554

Qian Hu Fish Farm website

Getting there: Take a free shuttle bus service from Choa Chu Kang MRT. Buses depart every hour – full schedule here.

Cover image adapted from (L-R):, @xavimarti

Kezia Tan

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