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10 Best Spots Around Padang & Marina Bay To Catch The NDP Fireworks For Free In 2024

Where to watch NDP 2024 fireworks for free

It’s official. Our motherland is about to turn 59 this year. Many of us may see her birthday as an opportunity to meet up with family and friends and watch the celebrations on TV together or catch everyone’s favourite Red Lions in action from a spot near the parade.

The most important question on everyone’s mind during National Day though, would be: where can we watch the NDP 2024 fireworks for free? Thankfully, we’ve got a list of spots prepared.

Disclaimer: We’ve compiled a list of vantage points based on logical deductions. The situation may vary on the day itself.

When are the NDP 2024 fireworks dates & times?

Before we get to the best spots, here are some details to take note of. Apart from the show on 9th August 2024, there are also a number of previews and rehearsals that include fireworks too. There are the NE shows for school children on 6th, 13th, and 20th July 2024, as well as the previews on 27th July and 3rd August 2024.

There are 4 bursts of fireworks this year between 7.30pm and 8.20pm. The most explosive one starts at 8.10pm, after the singing of the National Anthem and will last for 10 minutes, so you can get your camera ready then.

The fireworks will kick off at The Padang and at the bay fronting Marina Bay Sands. If you’re in this area from the start of the parade, you might even catch glimpses of the NDP highlights such as the flag flypast and fighter jets salute.

1. Merlion Park @ Marina Bay

Image credit: @keefequek via Instagram

If you didn’t get a ticket to the party at The Padang this year, Merlion Park is your next best bet for the best views of the CBD fireworks. As you track across Jubilee Bridge, you should already see a crowd forming here from afar. 

It faces the open field directly, from which the main fireworks will be popping, so you’ll get unobstructed views of not just the light-ups, but also the Marina Bay skyline.

2. Helix Bridge

NDP 2022.
Image credit: @tcherley via Instagram

Go for a romantic night stroll along the Helix Bridge with your bae as you wait for the fireworks to light up the sky. Popular amongst couples, this bridge connects Marina Centre to Marina South, which also means that views from the bridge consist of the CBD skyline and a sneak peek of The Padang in the distance.

The bridge itself is also an IG-worthy spot, so feel free to pose away before the grand finale at 8.15pm.

3. Bay East Garden

Bay East Garden is another hotspot for free views. This 2km track leads all the way to East Coast Park, with lots of great vantage points along the way.

Image credit: @vengeanceviolet via Instagram 

However, the best one by far, is its waterfront promenade – head to somewhere in the middle of the track directly opposite Gardens By The Bay, and you’ll get panoramic views of the fireworks above the Singapore Flyer and MBS. 

Moreover, it’s open 24 hours, which means you can come early to chope the best spots and chill there after the spectacle. We reckon this spot will be more than crowded on D-day though.

4. Marina Barrage

Image credit: @fernfernshot via Instagram

Marina Barrage is another famous alternative, especially amongst young families. Besides the picnic ground, which is filled with mats and snacks even on a typical weekend, it features a chill rooftop garden. Here, you can view basically the whole CBD on the horizon. 

For a good spot here, make sure to prep all your munchies and be prepared to camp for a few hours before the show.

5. The Lawn @ Marina Bay

Image credit: @marinabaysg via Instagram

What better way to view the fireworks than an open field in the heart of CBD? The Lawn @ Marina Bay is usually one of the less crowded spots, making this a relaxing spot for you to get cosy as you wait. 

6. Clifford Square

Image credit: @keefequek via Instagram

Located near Fullerton Hotel, Clifford Square is an event space with a neat view of MBS and ArtScience Museum, which also means you’ll definitely be able to see the fireworks from here.

It won’t be as crowded as the other spots since most people who come here to catch the fireworks would probably be sitting in the restaurants nearby. If you’re okay with standing, feel free to make this your firework-spotting haunt.

7. The Promontory @ Marina Bay

The Promontory is just next to Fullerton Bay Hotel and faces the Floating Platform Grandstand.

Just outside the Marina Bay Financial Centre is The Promontory @ Marina Bay, a large space that has hosted events like i Light 2024 and GastroBeats 2023. It faces the Padang from across the bay itself, so it’s a definite vantage point for the fireworks. In fact, you’ll even be able to spot the maritime and aerial segments live from this spot.

Just note that if you’re planning to come on 3rd and 9th August, The Promontory will be playing host to the NDP Bay Celebrations. The ticketed event is free but you must register your interest on the NDP Bay Celebrations website by 8th July 2024.

Successful ballotters will receive entry to the festivities as well as the NDP 2024 Pack. There’ll even be a live telecast of the parade from the Padang, and complimentary fod given out to attendees.

8. Waterfront Promenade at the Esplanade

Image adapted from: Kaoru via Google Maps

If you’re keying this destination into your Maps app, don’t mistake the Waterfront Promenade at the Esplanade with the similarly named one at Marina Bay. This one is right in front of the Esplanade, next to the parade square where the action is taking place.

It’s a wide open space, but we predict its proximity to the Padang will mean quite a crowd. We suggest coming early so you can get a spot right at the guardrail, where you could easily park your bum while waiting for the show to start.

9. Marina Square rooftop

Image credit: @i_s_ky via Instagram 

Trust us, the Marina Square rooftop is one spot we intended to gatekeep. The lesser-known space doesn’t attract much of a crowd, and garners unblocked views of the fireworks and aerial displays, including the State Flag Flypast.

For info on how to get to this secret spot, read more about the Marina Square rooftop.

10. Boat Quay

Image credit: @seizetdmj via Instagram

If it’s just the fireworks you want to watch, then head to Boat Quay, which faces the Padang from across the Singapore River. There’s quite a long, walkable stretch here with plenty of space for people to gather around. This place is also well-known for its riverfront bars and restaurants. Book an al fresco table for dinner and you’ll be treated to fireworks through the night.

Celebrate NDP 2024 with these free fireworks spots

Pro photographers, patriotic supporters, or CBD lovers – no matter what group you fall into, one thing is for sure, we all love fireworks. 

For those who still plan on making a trip down to the CBD to catch the main theme, just make sure you head down early so you can set your sights on the best seats in the house. Or, consider booking a hotel with the views of the NDP fireworks – you’ll get the privacy of a comfy room without having to rub shoulders with the crowds.

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Cover image adapted from: @i_s_ky, @keefequek via Instagram


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