The Cat Museum & Academy: Cat Sanctuary That Lets You Cuddle & Adopt Kittens On The Spot

The Cat Museum & Academy

So, you’ve done no less than 1,000 laps around the ArtScience Museum and memorised the layout of the National Museum. But if you haven’t been to the Cat Museum & Academy, then you’re missing out.

Taking up 3 floors of a shophouse on North Bridge Road, this feline club carries quirky cat sculptures, unique furniture, and dozens of kittens for adoption. Seriously, it’s a whole kitty caboodle over here and we purr-omise you won’t be disappointed.

Admire cat paintings & sculptures at the Museum

Not every museum comes with war torn artefacts and photographs of battlefields. Over here at the Cat Museum, the entire second floor is dedicated to chio cat paintings, sculptures, and stuffed toys in funky outfits.

A few things to look out for on the Museum floor include the cat-inspired Russian Matryoshka dolls, a Baby Yoda cat, and shelves of kitty figurines. There are also 4 rare Thai Khao Manee cats with blue and gold eyes so sharp they’ll pierce through your soul. You’ve been warned.

Adopt a kitten at the Muses

Cat ladies and gents whose idea of a good time is petting furry felines for hours are in for a treat.

Image credit: @grumpymrdarcy

Up on the third floor at the Muses, you’ll be able to cuddle, feed, and even adopt a variety of both adult cats and kittens. The space has been designed to resemble a home setting so potential pawrents can envision what it’s like to have a 4-legged friend roaming in the house.

Image credit: @kbt.ography

The hooman cat experts here will also shed light on some of the common concerns with owning a cat. For example, how to prevent your lil dude or dudette from jumping out of the windows.

Acquire unique cat furniture & toys

You deserve kitty-themed home decor that goes beyond the old litter box in the corner of your room. That’s why a trip to the Mansion on the top floor is mandatory. Here, you’ll find a collection of cat furniture and toys.

Essentials like scratching posts, cat trees, beds, and window perches are both chic and functional and can be purchased on the spot. 

However, the resident kitties that you’ll stumble upon belong to the owner and therefore, aren’t up for adoption. But feel free to hang out with them.

Visit The Cat Museum & Academy

If the thought of surrounding yourself with a whole host of cats and kittens brings a smile to your face, then you’ll want to get yourself to the Cat Museum & Academy right meow.

Image credit: @thecatmuseumsg

Each visit runs for an hour and costs $20 which goes towards the cats’ housing, food, and vet bills. IMO, it’s money well spent. Once you’re done at the Cat Museum, swing by next door and visit the tiny kitties at the Kitten Sanctuary. 

Image credit: @joyfulbenben

Both the Cat Museum & Academy and the Kitten Sanctuary are non-profit organisations run entirely by volunteers. Whether you’d like to fulfill your feline obsession, learn about cats, or adopt one, you’ll be able to do that here.

Check out the Cat Museum & Academy

Address: 781A North Bridge Road, #02-01, Singapore 198749
Opening hour: Sat-Sun 11.30am-12.30pm & 5pm-6pm

Cover image adapted from @grumpymrdarcy.

Samantha Nguyen

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