The Fragment Room: Fun Indoor Rage Room To Smash Items And Unleash Your Inner Hulk

The Fragment Room Singapore

We all have different ways of blowing off steam. Some may choose to tune out at a relaxing spa in Singapore while others may want to catch breath of fresh air at nature reserves and parks. But let’s admit this: there are just days when some of us feel the urge to smash something.

While you can’t do that at home lest your family thinks you’ve gone overboard, let The Fragment Room grant you with that instant gratification. Let out your primitive side by smashing cups, destroying glass bottles and even electronic appliances without worrying about replacing damaged items.

Smash household items to let off steam

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Whether you’ve had a rough day at work or your relationship is in shambles, nothing beats the feeling of letting it all out by throwing plates, vases and electronic appliances to your heart’s content. And you’ll get to do this in a specially-designed rage room, without having to clean up after.

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You’ll be well protected from injuries too as protective coveralls, helmets equipped with visors, cut-proof gloves, and safety boots are all provided with each package. You’ll also be armed with weapons such as baseball bats and crowbars to make the smashing and breaking all the more satisfying.

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Each 30-minute session comes with a crate of breakables for each person. Prices start at $38 for those going solo, while bringing a friend along will cost both of you a total of $75

There are also add-ons available to make the most out of your rage room experience. Unleash your inner demons unto electronics ($20++) such as printers and phones or go beast mode with an extra crate of breakables ($25)

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If you want to bring your gang of three to five, there are currently ongoing discounts on The Fragment Room’s website. This is also a great activity for corporate events and bonding sessions, so do email them to enquire.

Unleash your inner rage at The Fragment Room Singapore

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We’re not going to lie – it’ll feel great to intentionally destroy household items and see them shatter into a million pieces. Whether you’re frustrated as heck, or simply want to unleash your inner rage, head here to finally let loose.

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Getting there: The nearest MRT station is Tai Seng, which is just an 11-minute walk away. If you’re taking the Downtown Line, you can also stop at Mattar and walk for 13 minutes. 

Find out more about The Fragment Room Singapore

490 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368198
Opening hours: 12pm-10pm, Daily
Telephone: 6970 0343

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Originally published on 17th February 2021. Last updated by Dewi Nurjuwita on 7th June 2022.

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