5 Affordable Fitness, Craft & Culinary Classes To Take If You Wanna Try Out A New Hobby With Friends

Fitness, craft and culinary classes in Singapore

Trying new things can be scary, be it stepping into a new gym, restaurant, or even ordering a new bubble tea flavour. It means you have to leave your comfort zone and explore an unknown territory – something we might be reluctant to do.

Luckily, with the classes offered through PWRx – a programme organised by the People’s Association – picking up a new skill will be easy as pie. These affordable fitness, craft and culinary classes are held at various locations around the heartlands for maximum convenience. When you sign up for selected courses, you’ll even get to bring a buddy for free.

Read through till the end and find out how to win a fab giveaway too.

1. Master the trendy new sport of longboarding

Image credit: PWRx

If you think skateboarding is difficult, try longboarding first. Longboards are, well, longer than a regular skateboard, and have bigger wheels. This makes it easier to find your balance, and eventually master manoeuvring on the board. Soon, you’ll be carving and drifting down the streets like a seasoned rider.

The longboarding classes under PWRx are beginner-friendly, so worry not even if you’ve never set foot on wheeled boards. Experienced coaches from Odyssey Boards will teach you all the tips and tricks to balance, kick-off, and cruise in no time. Plus, you’ll get to hang with a bunch of people who share the same interest in longboarding, and potentially form your own outing groups.

Price: From $20
Sign up for a PWRx Longboard course.

2. Surprise your taste buds when pairing coffee with cheese and chocolate

Image credit: PWRx

If you think cheese and wine pairing is totally overrated, give cheese and chocolate pairing a try instead. It even includes a side of your favourite pick-me-up – coffee. It’s an unusual combo, yet able to wake your taste buds up like no other.  

When you sign up for this unique class, you’ll learn how to pair various types of cheese and chocolate the right way – by sampling them, of course. Find out how to best match chocolate and cheese at this coffee workshop, and whip up a lush chocolate and cheese board like a true gourmet chef at your next dinner party.

Price: From $48
Sign up for a PWRx Coffee Pairing with Cheese and Chocolate course.

3. Break a sweat at outdoor and indoor spin classes

Image credit: PWRx

Here’s your chance to try spinning without breaking the bank or feeling claustrophobic in a cramped studio. Introducing Spin with Oompf! – an intensive cardio workout that lets you burn up to 600 calories in one session, and works all your muscles. And no, you won’t be spinning in the dark to deafening music.

At Spin with Oompf!, you’ll groove to the beats of your fave EDM tracks, master spinning staples like double time and tap back, all while being surrounded by greenery, like the stunning Jurong Lake Gardens and tranquil Hong Lim Park – just to name a few.

For a more realistic cycling experience that can even teach beginners how to properly balance on a bike, opt for Spin Out. It’s especially ideal for folks who are worried about their fitness levels and wish to ease into a more active lifestyle. This lower-impact fitness class uses real bikes and has a slower pace but is still effective in improving your health.

Price: From $20
Sign up for a PWRx Spin with Oompf! and Spin Out courses.

4. Learn brush lettering for beautiful calligraphy

Image credit: PWRx

Brush lettering is a delicate form of art that, surprisingly, won’t take you years to learn. In fact, you’ll be able to create your own work of art in just a single session at Beautiful Brush Lettering class – helmed by trainer Lew Houy Ping. 

From basic techniques to advanced blending skills, this calligraphy course will put you on the right track towards beautiful handwriting. An added bonus is that it also brings some much-needed serenity to your day. Nothing like taking a break from digital screens and practising the age-old craft of penmanship!

Price: From $20
Sign up for a PWRx Beautiful Brush Lettering course.

5. Design your ceramic plate with resin

Image credit: PWRx

The use of resin to design household items has been gaining popularity over the years. From fancy coasters to salad bowls and dinner plates, resin can transform your basic dinnerware into a piece of art.

Instead of sinking your cash into resin homeware at retail stores, play around with resin at home and create one-of-a-kind pieces. Or, grab your besties and sign up for this course to learn all the ins and outs of resin art by designing your own resin plate. You’ll be able to bring home your very own unique yet functional artwork.

Price: From $25
Sign up for PWRx Plating with Resin Art course.

Bring A Friend to participate in selected classes for free

Besides these fab courses spanning fitness and crafts, PWRx is running a special Bring-A-Friend promotion on several other fun-filled courses, which gives you a free pass for one companion when you sign up for selected classes.

From now till 31st March 2022, fitness fiends can bring a plus one at no additional cost when they sign up for courses such as HIIT, HIIT Yoga and RPM™(Rhythmic Indoor Cycling). Or, hit your artsy bestie up and try your hands at Soap Making, Kokedama Making (ornamental moss garden), or Designing A Decoupage Tea Cup.

Do take note that this promotion is only applicable to courses with the BAF tag on the PWRx course website. Check out the full list of PWRx courses and start shortlisting your faves.

PWRx giveaway – Win a free brush lettering class

Christmas is around the corner, and PWRx is celebrating the season of gifting the best way we can think of – by giving away 20 free Beautiful Brush Lettering class passes. From now till 31st December 2021, fulfil these three easy steps and stand a chance to win:

Step 1: Follow PWRx on Instagram and Facebook.

Step 2: Comment on this post and tell them why you’d want to win a free class

Step 3: Tag three friends and share their social media on your Instagram story

Beyond the enriching and enjoyable class, just imagine how much you can do with your new calligraphy skills. Nothing looks cooler than a beautiful greeting card or note handwritten by you, and it adds a thoughtful touch to any special occasion.

Participate in affordable fitness and craft classes with PWRx

Kickstart your “new year, new me” plans early by enrolling yourself in fitness, craft and culinary classes that are fun and inexpensive. You can even bring a friend to some of the classes for free! 

Our colleague Zhin recently gave two courses at PWRx a go – the Cardio Pilates class and the Decoupage Teacup workshop – and enjoyed every moment.

Image adapted from: PWRx

The pilates class was hosted at the beach at sunrise, during which he got to test his flexibility – and also his ability to wake up early on a Sunday. As for the teacup workshop, Zhin learned how to turn paper tissue into art – an experience he feels that millennials would definitely love.

So, round up your fitspo friends and crafty colleagues who’ve been wanting to take up a new hobby, and sign them up for a course or two at PWRx. There’s something fun for every interest under the sun.

Find out more about PWRx’s courses and promotion


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This post was brought to you by PWRx.
Cover image adapted from: PWRx

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