Forest Adventure: We Tried This Treetop Obstacle Course At Bedok Reservoir With Zip Lines Over Water

Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir

For many of us, the last time we’ve gone on a high elements course probably dates back to our primary or secondary school days in OBS camps. But if you think obstacle courses are only meant for kids, think again.

Forest Adventure’s revamped facility at Bedok Reservoir now has higher platforms, longer crossings, and 4 zip lines across the water. We decided to take up the challenge and head down to experience it for ourselves – here’s what you can expect there:

In-depth safety briefing with hands-on simulation

All the courses in Forest Adventure are unguided, meaning that when you’re in the treetops, it’s up to you to use your equipment and maneuver through the obstacles. But don’t worry, you’ll go through a thorough 20-minute safety briefing first before you’re good to go up amongst the trees.

Our instructor, Tim, adjusting our safety harnesses and carabiners

Being a noob when it comes to handling climbing equipment, going on an unguided course didn’t sit well with me at first. Thankfully, the briefing given by our instructor, Tim, was very comprehensive and settled all our doubts.

There was even a hands-on simulation less than a metre above the ground – for us to properly acquaint ourselves with the equipment to move along on our own before the real thing.

Learning how to manoeuvre the trolley along the safety line 

Forest Adventure operates on a continuous belaying system, which means that you’ll be connected to a safety line at all times throughout the entire course. Plus, the instructors patrol the grounds regularly so you won’t have to worry about being left alone if you somehow find yourself getting stuck.

Forest Adventure’s Grand Course – 44 obstacles and 3 zip lines above water

For a good challenge, tackle Forest Adventure’s gutsy Grand Course. The course has a total of 3 loops in increasing difficulty, each finishing off with a zip line across the water.

Outline of the Grand Course route

The Green Loop – a good warm-up with obstacles of alternating difficulty levels

Walking across the Talloires Crossing – a bridge of suspended skinny logs

We started slow and steady with the green loop at 6.3m high, making our way through the foliage as we familiarised ourselves with the belaying system and acclimatised to the height.

The Indian Bridge

The courses are constructed such that there are obstacles in varying difficulties within the same loop, so we weren’t constantly exhausted. For example, after the Talloires Crossing which requires more balance as your manoeuvre yourself across skinny logs, we were met with the easier Indian Bridge, which only requires you to walk across a horizontal ladder.

The Bedok Bridge 

The easier obstacles will give you a sense of peace as you venture through the quiet canopy.

The Red Loop – Tarzan Swing 9.3m above the ground

The Tarzan Swing

Things got tougher as we kick-started the Red Loop with one of Forest Adventure’s must-trys – the Tarzan Swing. You’ll have to hook yourself up to a vine-like contraption and swing across mid air from a 9.3m platform towards a vertical net. Brace yourselves for the initial free fall before the swing mechanism kicks in, propelling you to the net on the other side.

As this obstacle requires a bit of equipment work, instructors will be at ground level to guide you step by step before you take the leap. This rope system is designed to completely foolproof, meaning you won’t even be able to jump off if you aren’t hooked up correctly.

If you aren’t quite up for the challenge of the Tarzan Swing, there’s an alternate route you can take, consisting of 3 crossings before the 2 routes merge and the course continues in the same direction.

One of the obstacles in the alternate route – the Half Stirrups 

The Black Loop – the trickiest obstacles, with a reward of stunning views at the end

Also at 9.3m high, the Black Loop may be the shortest of all, but houses the trickiest obstacles. We kid you not, even Tim acknowledged that the instructors had difficulties crossing the obstacles sometimes.

The Sherwood Crossing, by far the hardest obstacle in the whole compound 

Unsuspecting as these small wooden octagonal planks look, it’s seemingly impossible to step on one without immediately slipping off and getting tangled in the mass of ropes. But here’s a hack we learnt from Tim: the trick is to turn left and cross sideways while holding the rope as high up as possible for maximum tension and stability.

Walking on the Goat Crossing 

Our hard work wasn’t in vain when we were rewarded with a stunning panoramic view of the reservoir nearing the end of the loop. It was satisfying to know that to have gotten far enough to witness this priceless view, it meant that we had successfully conquered 2 gruelling hours worth of obstacles.

Forest Adventure’s Big Zip – zipline across the waters of Bedok Reservoir

Only one word can describe the feeling of zipping down a 300m stretch across water, suspended at 14m in the air – shiok. If you’ve already conquered the 3 zips in the Grand Course and are looking for grander finale, Forest Adventure’s Big Zip is the way to go.

Before reaching the platform, you’ll have channel your inner Kim Possible and climb up a wooden shaft called the Fisherman’s Trap. Then, attach your carabiner to the wire and let yourself zoom down!

Tip: Run off the platform for extra speed

Take things to new heights at Forest Adventure’s obstacle courses

If you’re looking for a challenge that doesn’t involve racing to meet a deadline, Forest Adventure is the perfect outdoorsy activity for an adrenaline rush. After all, up in the treetops, the sounds of everyday life like zooming cars and the city bustle are completely muted by the rustling of leaves.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the “fitspo” type – Forest Adventure’s Grand Course can be conquered by anyone – as long as you’re at least 1.5m tall and chock full of guts.

There are also easier courses for kids’ to attempt, so your little ones can be part of the fun too. So gather your family and friends, and head down for an experience that’s out of the norm. Sure, you’ll find yourself sweaty and tired after the 2 hours or so, but the sense of accomplishment at the end will be worth it.

Prices for Forest Adventure’s various courses are as follows: 

  • Kids Course: $36
  • Junior Course: $39
  • Grand Course: $50
  • Big Zip: $15

Note: The Big Zip is not a standalone attraction and is only accessible to course ticket holders at an additional price of $15 on top of the course price. 

CNY Promotion: The Big Zip is free of charge until 28 February 2018

Address: Bedok Reservoir Road, Singapore 479244
Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 9.30AM – 6.30PM (closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 8100 7420


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