Cow Play Cow Moo: Arcade Across SG With Cheap Tokens, Over 200 Claw Machines & Limited Edition Prizes

Cow Play Cow Moo Singapore

Arcades will forever hold a special place in the hearts of ’90s kids – their extensive array of games made them our go-to haunts to splash all our pocket money on. If you’re looking to relive those good ‘ol carefree days, consider popping by one of Cow Play Cow Moo’s outlets in Singapore.

With six outlets sprawled across our Little Red Dot, here’s a brief rundown on the myriad of classic arcade fun this wittily-named arcade has to offer. 

Test your skills at claw machines & ticket redemption games

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Chock full of cute prizes, the claw machines are the focal point of the arcade. Pop by their flagship outlet at Suntec City for the whole shebang – it’s decked out with over 200 claw machines to show off your precision and accuracy.

Demon Slayer and Sanrio plushies are all up for grabs
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Whether you’re a diehard anime fan or a sucker for My Melody, there’s bound to be a plushie that catches your eye. And since these claw machines are furnished with new plushies weekly, returning players can vie for unique prizes to add to their collection.

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And whether you’re an arcade aficionado or are having some beginner’s luck, have a go at winning tons of tickets to redeem prizes at their redemption zones. Plus, CPCM has the largest redemption store in Singapore with over 12,000 prizes up for grabs.

And I can’t be the only one, but seeing a seemingly endless string of tickets being dispensed from the machine is oddly satisfying.

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If luck isn’t on your side, then game your misfortunes away with their slew of classic titles. From breaking road rules on Daytona to duking it out on Street Fighter, feel the nostalgic rush when you indulge in these retro games that were the highlight of many of our primary school escapades.

CPCM’s Suntec City outlet has the largest Family Carnival Arcade with over 470 machines!

To play the games, you’ll need to arm yourselves with a bucket of tokens which cost $0.20 each. To stretch your dollar further, an extra $5 worth of tokens is given if you convert $20 at one shot, which equates to $0.16 per token for more gaming mileage.

Pro tip: Keep tabs on CPCM’s Facebook page as they tend to dish out incredible offers where you can get 50% more tokens on special occasions such as Chinese New Year. 

Redeem cute figurines from their constantly changing pool of prizes

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As a reward for your luck incredible skill, head on down to their Prize Shop to see what goodies you’re able to claim.

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Some of their attractive prizes include the renowned line of Funko Pop figurines and Japan-imported Pokemon displays. They’ve also got Nerf guns and other nifty knick-knacks for the kiddos, so take your time to decide which memento you’d like to take home with you.

Indulge in some good ol’ arcade fun at Cow Play Cow Moo

With tech innovations like VR arcades revolutionising the way we game, there still remains a nostalgic appeal returning to old-school arcades like Cow Play Cow Moo

So whether it’s with your primary school kakis or your mini-mes, head here to unleash your inner child and rewind back to simpler times.

Suntec City
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Tower 3 & 4, #03-372, Singapore 038988
Opening hours: 10AM-1AM, Daily

Suntec City @ Fountain of Wealth
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Fountain of Wealth, #B1-150, Singapore 038988
Opening hours: 10AM-1AM, Daily

Downtown East
Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, E!Hub@Downtown East, #04-102, Singapore 519599
Opening hours: 10AM-1AM, Daily

Tampines Mall
Address: 4 Tampines Central 5, Tampines Mall, #02-17, Singapore 529510
Opening hours: 11AM-11PM, Daily

King Albert Park
Address: 9 King Albert Park, King Albert Park Mall, #01-51/52, Singapore 598332
Opening hours: 11AM-11PM, Daily

Thomson Plaza
Address: 301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza, #03-52, Singapore 574408
Opening hours: 10AM-11PM, Daily

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Cover image adapted from: @cowplaycowmoo, Cow Play Cow Moo

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