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Shake Shack Singapore – Best Burgers, Milkshakes & Desserts You Should Try At Each Outlet

Shake Shack Singapore

Despite hailing all the way from the US, Shake Shack is a name that’s familiar to almost everyone in Singapore. Ever since they opened their doors at Jewel Changi in 2019, they’ve quickly become the go-to place for satisfyingly sloppy and yummy American burgers.

Now, 3 outlets later, they’ve blended in with the local food scene with desserts and designs inspired by Singaporean flavours and icons. To help you narrow down on the best burgers and exclusive beverages and desserts, here’s a guide to the outlets and offerings of Shake Shack Singapore:

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Signature burgers with soft potato buns

Image credit: Eatbook

The signature Shack Burger ($9.20) is a must-try for Shake Shack first-timers. It comes with a classic combination of fresh green lettuce, bright red tomatoes, yellow runny cheese and a juicy seared beef patty. The iconic potato buns are puffy and cloud-like with a light, buttery taste that’s good enough to eat on its own.

For those who want a more filling variant, order the Double ($12.70) – which comes with 2 beef patties – for an even heartier bite.

Image credit: Eatbook

Our vegetarian friends don’t have to miss out either because the ‘Shroom Burger ($10.80) is a meat-free option that’s worth trying. It comes with a crisp-fried portobello mushroom patty that’s the star of the show. Hidden inside is some gooey melted cheese, with the secret ShackSauce to top it all off.

Rich milkshakes with exclusive Singapore flavours

The consistency of each milkshake is thick and creamy
Image credit: Eatbook

Shake Shack’s milkshakes compel you to call it a cheat day and grab one on the side, every single time. With a wide variety of flavours including the classics like vanilla, chocolate and more unique flavours like salted caramel and peanut butter all priced at $6.90, you might have to make several trips down to try them all.

For a more local flavour, try the Singapore-exclusive Pandan Shake ($7.80) that’s sprinkled with gula melaka crumble.

Concretes – frozen custard blended with toppings

Image credit: Eatbook

Shake Shack’s Concretes ($7.50 single, $9.50 double) are frozen custard blends, just like a McFlurry but bigger, thicker and fancier. Fun fact: each Shake Shack outlet has their own unique flavour of Concrete – a pretty compelling reason to visit all outlets. 

At the Outram outlet, the Eye of the Tiger pays homage to its location, which used to be a Tiger Balm-producing factory. It features a mix of raspberries, lychee and some lime zest. If fruity flavours aren’t your thing, try the Open Sesame Concrete for a heavy dose of chunky, nutty notes.

The Pie-Oh-My Concrete at Shake Shack’s Orchard Road joint
Image credit: Eatbook

Named for the road conditions near its newest Orchard Road outlet, the Orchard Traffic Jam contains blueberry lavender jam, lemon curd and shortbread. Also exclusive to that outlet is Pie-Oh-My, a collaboration with local pastry joint TARTE that features their famous Treacle Pecan Pie churned into the vanilla custard mix.

Shake Shack at Orchard Road will also be a beverage-centric locale, and will premiere the chain’s famous Shack-made lemonades ($5.30) in Singapore for the first time. It’s available both Sparkling and Hand-Shaken, and customers can also grab a cold brew coffee ($5.30) or a local craft beer on tap.

Image credit: Eatbook

At the inaugural Jewel outlet, the special flavours are the It Takes Two To Mango and the Jewla Melaka – pretty punny and self-explanatory.

Available at both outlets, the Shack Attack Concrete is filled with chocolatey goodness, brimming with brownies and Shack fudge sauce.

How to get to Shake Shack Singapore

Image credit: Eatbook

Who could forget the hype surrounding the first Shake Shack at Jewel Changi that brought snaking, hour-long queues? While a trip to the airport may be quite the trek for some, a visit to this 2-storey establishment is worth it. 

To get there via MRT, alight at Changi Airport MRT and enter Jewel from link bridges at Level 2 of Terminals 2 and 3. By bus, take service 24, 27, 34, 34B, 36, 53, 110 or 858 and alight at Terminal 1. Proceed to Level 1 of the terminal and follow the signs to Jewel.

Image credit: Eatbook

Thankfully for all the non-Easties out there, Shake Shack’s second Outram outlet is only a few steps away from the more centrally-located Outram Park MRT. Featuring a wholly different aesthetic from the modern-looking Jewel joint, this outlet is more light-pastel with pops of green. Alight at the stop before Pinnacle@Duxton when travelling via bus service 61, 166 or 197.

Smack in the heart of town, Shake Shack’s latest Orchard Road branch is located at Liat Towers, just opposite Shaw Towers. To get there, alight at Orchard MRT station, and exit from Wheelock Place.

Shake Shack Jewel
Address: Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Blvd, #02-256, Singapore 819666

Shake Shack Outram
Address: 89 Neil Road, #01-01, Singapore 088849

Shake Shack Orchard Road
Address: 541 Orchard Road #01-01, Liat Towers, Singapore 23888

Current opening hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-10PM | Sat, Sat & PH 10AM-10PM

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