Keppel Bay: Tiny Island With Marina Views & Waterfront Cafes Near VivoCity

Keppel Bay

Singapore really is a case of “island-ception”. She’s an island, and around her are even smaller islands – or islets. We all know of Pulau Ubin, Sentosa and Tekong – but there are also super tiny islands that many don’t visit as often, like Keppel Island within Keppel Bay.

Located a stone’s throw away from VivoCity, it has IG-worthy bridges, waterfront cafes and perhaps most surprising of all, a “hidden” island. 

Keppel Island

Keppel Island has an entrance that lies behind a “wall” of condominiums. Most won’t think of turning down Keppel Bay Drive as it looks like a private estate, but head on in and you’ll soon find the island, hidden out of sight from the main road.

Home to a marina, Keppel Island’s visitors are largely yacht owners, but the island is very much open to the public, with waterfront cafes and sweet marina views to enjoy. You may have heard Privé, known for opening its cafes in great locales like the top of Jewel Changi, or right in the middle of CHIJMES.

The outlet here is possibly the best one, with waterfront views serving as a great backdrop to your brunch. A spot to KIV if you’re looking for a romantic date spot once Phase 3 returns!

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Come for the cafe, but stay till the sun sets for stunning photo ops of the Marina @ Keppel Bay, magically glowing with glimmering lights once the sun starts to set. If a special day warrants something fancier, sign up for a private cruise.

Yachts available for booking include The Admiral, a grand yacht with three beds and a large sundeck to relax on as you cruise around the Southern Islands.

The Admiral

Other things to do there include getting manicures and hair makeovers at VIVA Group, alongside more restaurants and cafes to dine at, like Sushi Jiro and Bayswater Kitchen.

IG-worthy bridge that links to the mainland

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No worries, the island may be obscure but it’s nothing like the 1990s version of Sentosa, which could only be accessed by cable car or ferry. The island is connected to the mainland by Keppel Bay Bridge, making it super easy to drive or take a taxi ride in. 

Set against a background of the sea and the towering Reflections at Keppel Bay, the bridge is one that will easily bring to mind popular coastal destinations such as Gold Coast or Sydney.

There’s also a path to walk and jog across if you prefer to head to the island on foot
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Visit Keppel Island and Keppel Bay

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Island-hopping has more or less become a national pastime for those just itching to go outdoors. Explore the lesser-known but activity-filled Keppel Bay for a new group outing idea!

Getting there: From VivoCity, take an eight-minute drive or a 15-minute walk to get to Keppel Bay.

More things to do on our island:

Cover image adapted from: Dronestagram, @alexlululu

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