Museum Of Ice Cream Is SG’s Most IG-Friendly Pink Paradise With Over 12 Exhibits & Activities

Museum of Ice Cream Singapore

Since the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore (MOIC) arrived on our shores, tickets have been selling out fast. And just looking at its exterior, it’s no surprise why. Decked in pink from top to bottom, MOIC has 12 Instagrammable exhibits that you might want to save some album space for.

The large sign lights up in neon pink at night so come down after dark to catch it in action

Whether you like ice cream or not, the interactive and aesthetic exhibits shouldn’t be missed. From its very own dragon playground to a room full of giant potong ice cream, the Museum of Ice Cream has unlimited picture opportunities and ice cream treats that are free included in the ticket price to enhance the experience.

Check out our guide to MOIC in San Francisco for a future trip idea.

What can you expect at the Museum Of Ice Cream?

Before jumping in, you’ll be treated to a wall of celebrity ice cream names such as Gurmint Singh and Brad Pistachio. Get your journey started by crafting your own ice cream name on the sheets of name tag stickers to give yourself a sweet alter ego.

Balloons are not included, but don’t be afraid to get one yourself to zhng your photos

Museum of Modern Ice Cream – Draw up some sweet treats

To ease yourself into the long list of exhibits, soak in some sweet trivia about these ice-cold treats and draw up your own ice cream creation. Take inspiration from some of the ice cream renditions of famous paintings like Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory.

Embellish it with stickers when you’re done and watch it get displayed for everyone to see. Don’t worry about others hogging the machines as well as there is a time limit allocated per person.

Playspace – Climb across a pink-themed dragon playground

For a kick of nostalgia, step into Museum of Ice Cream’s very own “dragon playground” which has been adorably modified to match the pink aesthetic of the Museum of Ice Cream. Be sure to trek through the spine of the playground before sliding down its cute unicorn head.

Before hopping on the swing you could get a taste of the bandung ice cream with biscuits available at this exhibit

This fully equipped playground also comes with cherry and banana swings for you to use. So, put Miley Cyrus to shame and climb onto the very sturdy cherry swing and have a blast. 

Banana Split – Trek through the pink and yellow “banana jungle”

As you continue making your way through the museum, make a stop to admire the long archway lined with squishy, red, yellow, and pink bananas arranged like Neapolitan ice cream. Feel free to run your hands through the thousands of bananas for an interesting sensory experience.

That aside, this aesthetically pleasing tunnel makes a great place for some Instagram shots too, of course.

Scream’s Diner – Jam out to some classic tunes on the fully functional jukebox

MOIC Scream’s Diner comes with a working ice cream machine that dispenses apple pie-flavoured ice cream

If you never made it to Joji’s Diner at Serangoon, take in the retro 90s vibes at Scream’s Diner instead. From its pink interior to its jukebox and ice cream machine, it includes both photo-ops and fun things to do. The bar seats at the side are also equipped with word search activities for restless children and adults alike. 

Let’s not forget the soft-serve ice cream that comes in a pink cone that you can get at this diner, free of charge. 

California Dreamin’ – Relax with some ice cream at a pink beach

What better way to enjoy yourself than to kick back and chill at a relaxing beach? You can even take a peek into the pretty pink beach house to catch a glimpse of a little sandcastle. 

But other than the pink trees and house, the best part of this beach is probably the scoops of ice cream available at no extra charge. Just approach the friendly guide to get yourself started with one of the three flavours available: Belgium chocolate, mango sorbet, or if you’re feeling up for it, pina colada.

The last flavour does have alcohol in it, but don’t worry because as the cheeky staff member said, “it’s five o’clock somewhere”.

Melted Infinity – Glowing ice cream maze

This room wasn’t just pleasing to see, but to smell too. As you walk across this maze of lit-up ice cream cones, you can actually catch a whiff of sweet scents wafting through the room.

The place is also lined with mirrors that make the ice cream scoops seem endless. It’s undeniably a great place for the necessary mirror Boomerang to add to your IG story.

Potong – Take a picture with some giant potong ice cream

For those who have grown up in Singapore, you’ve probably eaten red bean or durian potong ice cream at some point in your life. Well, the best part of this room isn’t the giant potong ice cream lying across the floor, but the actually edible and super tasty pulut hitam ice cream that you can get from the staff. 

Don’t worry about having to fork out extra cash too because any ice cream picked up along the way is all included in your ticket price. 

Inflatable – Unleash your inner kid at a bouncy castle

My favourite place was probably the all-pink bouncy castle that satisfied my Gen Z need for aesthetic shots and my inner child’s need for some ridiculous fun. 

After consuming all those sweet treats, there’s no better place to sweat it out in case you came here to get some cute pictures, not calories.

MOIC Sprinkle Pool – The world’s largest sprinkle pool

Most of us have sunk ourselves in a ball pit and disappeared into its depths before, but not many of us can really say we’ve jumped into the world’s largest sprinkle pool.

Complete with a diving board and pool steps, the Museum of Ice Cream’s sprinkle pool promises you the workout of a lifetime as you attempt to make some Olympic-worthy dives. But if you’re well into adulthood and wondering what you’re doing in life, you can still take a leap of faith and maybe get on the radar of Singapore’s very own Jonathan Chan, teehee

How long do you need to visit the Museum of Ice Cream?

The Mercone is an icon designed especially for Singapore’s MOIC branch
Image credits: Museum of Ice Cream

The experience at MOIC is designed to be around 60 to 90 minutes, but you can easily spend 2 hours here. Before you leave, pick up a little souvenir at the retail shop where everything is a pretty pastel pink. From cute pink caps to activewear, the shop has something for anyone looking for some much-needed retail therapy.

Image credit: Museum of Ice Cream 

Or, if you’re still feeling a little jelak from your tour through the museum, you could make a quick stop at their outdoor Dessert Bar for some refreshing cocktails and light bites. Try their freshly baked waffles paired with a scoop of ice cream ($12) and or a Tartufata pizza ($28) with topped with mushrooms, truffle, and thyme on some Parmigiano Reggiano DOP cheese. It’s also pet-friendly, so bring your furbabies for a day out in Dempsey. 

How much are tickets for the Museum Of Ice Cream?

Make your mark in this room with magnetic walls covered in letters for you to play around with. These magnetic letters are also available for purchase at the retail store.

Museum of Ice Cream Singapore has way more to offer with six more rooms for you to explore. From a classic American diner, complete with a jukebox and ice cream machine, to a secret room, there’s lots more to see – and eat – that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

Try your hand at some crafts by making a cute ice cream van

If you’re a sweet tooth or just a sucker for a good Instagram picture, the Museum of Ice Cream isn’t one to miss out on. How many of us can say that we’re lucky enough to explore the coveted MOIC without leaving our home country?

General admission costs $36/pax on weekdays and $42/pax on weekends, eve of public holidays, public holidays, and school holidays. If you want to sweeten up your experience, purchase a Premium Ticket (from $46/pax) – which will get you unlimited ice cream at 5 ice cream stations – along with additional flavours and a complimentary beverage at Scream’s Diner.

You can reserve tickets online, however, with an extra $4 charge per ticket. 

So, grab all the friends you know, make your way down to the Dempsey Hill area, and enjoy a fun-filled day dripping with ice cream. 

From $31/pax
100 Loewen Rd, Singapore 248837
Opening Hours: Monday 10:00 a.m - 06:00 p.m Show More Timings Hide
Monday 10:00 a.m - 06:00 p.m
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 10:00 a.m - 06:00 p.m
Thursday 10:00 a.m - 09:00 p.m
Friday 10:00 a.m - 09:00 p.m
Saturday 10:00 a.m - 09:00 p.m
Sunday 10:00 a.m - 09:00 p.m

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Photography by Huy Pham. First published on 18th August 2021. Last updated by Dewi Nurjuwita on 14th August 2023.

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