Don Don Donki Singapore – 20 Best Things To Buy With Snacks, Beauty & Household Items Ranked

Best things to buy from Don Don Donki Singapore

With outlets at JCubeClarke Quay, Downtown East, Tampines 1 and 8 other outlets in Singapore, one thing’s for sure – locals love Don Don Donki Singapore.

Here are the top 20 items to buy from Don Don Donki Singapore, from food to beauty and household products. Do note that prices are subjected to change and may vary with individual stores!

#1: Salmon Nigiri Aburi

At the top of the list, we have these beauties. Forget the regular sashimi sushi, there’s a reason why you’ll see throngs of people grabbing trays of these. 

For $9.90, you get 10 pieces of sticky sushi rice topped with smoky blow-torched sashimi, which is honestly more than we could ask for. The perfectly seared top with creamy raw salmon underneath will make you come back for more.

#2: Angus beef shabu-shabu

While Don Don Donki sells a variety of meats and cuts, the most worth has to be the melt-in-your-mouth Angus beef shabu-shabu. Known to have more marbling than regular beef, this translates to juicier and more flavourful meat. 

This cut is also perfect for steamboat meals as the thin slices of meat will cook in seconds. A hefty tray will only set you back $10 and with that kind of quality, it’s a steal. 

#3: Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

An exfoliator + cleanser combo, this Don Don Donki cult-favourite is hailed for its effective results. Every capsule contains powder that will foam when you lather it up with water. The enzymes and amino acids in the powder will then help to refine skin texture and boost radiance. 

The portable size makes it great for travelling and the individual-use packaging takes the guesswork of how much powder to dispense each time. For a pack of 15, $14 is a pretty reasonable price considering you only need to use this 2-3 times a week. 

#4: Kirin Afternoon Lemon Tea

Image credit: Maido!

Nestled among the endless selection of refrigerated drinks, this seemingly average bottle of lemon tea won a place in our list because of how addictive it is. 

Praised for its strong black tea and lemon flavours, the tea is also not overly sweet which is what we found the usual lemon tea around to be. At $2.50, it’s a little pricey for tea but we’re willing to pay for that bit of quality. 

#5: Otafuku Takoyaki Kodowari Cooking Set

This all-in-one takoyaki set comes with the ingredients you need for the batter, takoyaki sauce, as well as pickled ginger and tempura bits to top your cooked takoyaki

All you need are eggs for the batter and liao like octopus or crabmeat to fill the doughy balls. With the number of good reviews and high success rates, this is one of the better sets out there. You can make about 32 balls with this $7.90 kit – averaging out to only $0.25 per takoyaki.

#6: Breath Palate Flavoured Toothpaste

Although slightly gimmicky, this is actually a popular product in Japan which boasts the use of natural ingredients and extracts. The toothpaste flavours range from the commonplace like Matcha, Vanilla, Peppermint, to the wacky like Pumpkin Pudding, Indian Curry and Coke. 

While $2.50 a tube is affordable for the novelty factor, you should note that this doesn’t foam up like traditional toothpaste due to the lack of fluoride. While still effective in its cleaning power, it’s something you may need to get used to. 

#7: Assorted daifuku mochi

These soft daifukus come in a tray of 3 for $7.90 or can be bought individually at $2.80. The chewy mochi skins come in a variety of flavours: plain, mugworts, sesame, or walnut, and generous fillings in each can vary from chunky red bean paste to smooth sweet potato. 

P.S. To get the best mochi experience, let them soften for about 5 minutes after taking them out of the fridge before chowing down. 

#8: JN Mould Remover

Even though this is a popular product many people purchase from Daiso, not many know that Don Don Donki sells it in a bigger size and gives you more product for your buck. It’s super effective in removing mould and mildew that are commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms – just spray, leave on, then wipe away. 

The 500ml bottle costs $4.90 while the refill without a nozzle gives you an additional 100ml of product for $0.50 less. 

#9: Takara Mio Sparkling Sake

For those who are getting into drinking sake, this sweet and sparkling sake is easy to enjoy. I’ve been purchasing this from Don Don Donki ever since finding out that they sell it the cheapest here in Singapore – $9.90 for a 300ml bottle.

There is also a dry version which is less sweet for seasoned drinkers as well as one with gold flakes for those feelin’ fancy.

#10: Kiss New York 3D Make-up Sponge

Highly raved as a dupe for a certain egg-shaped makeup sponge, these come in different shapes to blend makeup or get to hard-to-reach nooks of the face such as under your eyes.

This multi-functional, reusable sponge can be used with liquid or powder makeup, making it a steal for $4.90 each. As compared to cheaper packs of disposable sponges, these don’t soak up your makeup, causing you to waste more product. 

#11: Pork Omusoba

I don’t think anything can make me salivate more than that glorious mess of stir-fried yakisoba with pork slices wrapped in a thin omelette, drizzled with Japanese mayo and a sweet tonkatsu sauce. 

For a generous portion that costs only $5.50, it naturally deserves a spot on this list and in your belly. Those feeling more ravenous or would like a variety, Don Don Donki even has omusoba sets starting from $7.50 with chicken karaage or takoyaki.

#12: Umaibo

You probably would’ve chanced upon these colourful snacks but never really knew what they were. They’re actually an addictive puffed corn snack that’s popular in Japan and come in a variety of flavours such as Mentai, Cheese, Tonkatsu, and Chocolate. 

Don Don Donki sells them in packs of 30 between $5.80-$6.80 (depending on flavour) so they make for great office snacks or party pack fillers.

#13: Casio watches

Image credit: The Fun Social

If you’re looking for cheap watches that get the job done – attention NS boys- you can find a variety of analog or digital Casio watches at Don Don Donki. 

While they’re pretty much simple models, you can’t really complain when prices start from $9.90.

#14: MSH Love Liquid Eyeliner

With the copious amount of good reviews this eyeliner has, it’s one of the best makeup products to buy from Don Don Donki. It’s sebum and sweat-proof and has mad staying power. 

The 0.01MM thick bristles makes it easy to stay in control while creating clean, sharp lines. It also comes in colours like black, blue-black, brown, and more. For $24.90, this is similar to drugstore eyeliners we can find here in Singapore. 

#15: Suntory Whiskey Highball Can

Another alcoholic beverage that made its way onto our list – the Suntory Highball. Instead of buying the whole bottle of whiskey which you can also find at Don Don Donki, Suntory makes a great canned highball for $6.80.  

A refreshing mix of their whiskey, soda water and a hint of lemon, it’s an easy drink to down with a relatively low alcohol percentage.  

#16: Hotapa Washing Machine Cleaner

Made with all-natural ingredients, these handy tablets help to clear out the mould and gunk stuck in your washing machine drum. They can be popped into the washer with or without any laundry and after a spin cycle, watch as all the dirt flows out. 

The secret ingredient here are scallop shells that have been crushed into a fine powder and have strong antimicrobial capabilities that are able to combat bacteria and mildew. It costs $12.90 for a bag of 100 tablets which can last you a while. 

#17: Pure Smile Oedo Art Mask

Image credit: Beauty Triplerin

These fun and quirky masks come in a pack of 4 for $12.90 and will transform you into characters like a samurai or princess. These are great to use with a group of friends as you share the entertainment factor.

Not to worry, while these cutesy kinds of masks typically lack in their effectiveness, these are packed with hyaluronic acid, collagen and Vitamin E, so you can bet your skin will be left refreshed and moisturised. 

#18: Bold Gel Ball 3D Washing Detergent

This popular Japanese product combines laundry detergent with fabric softener in a spill-free pod to make laundry time fast and easy. There’s no need for you to pop the pods, simply place into your washing machine and the special bio-film will disintegrate by itself. 

While it’s a mini-splurge at $7.90 for 18 pods, it’s still worth a try given the praise about the pleasant scents.

#19: Sake Kit-Kats

While there’s no shortage of places to buy limited edition Kit-Kats in Singapore, Don Don Donki has one of the widest selections. Our must-try is the sakeflavoured ones – the aroma of sake coupled with sweet white chocolate makes this one of the best special flavours around. 

Yes, it’s a bit pricey at $11.00 for 9 Kit-Kats but there’s also alcohol inside so we promise it’s worth it. 

P.S. Look out for the seasonal Ume and Yuzu sake variations which are harder to come by!

#20: Cooking oil solidifier

Image credit: BentoUSA

If you put off frying food because of the hassle with disposing of the cooking oil after you’re done, then this product will change your life. A common kitchen product in Japan, this powder solidifies the oil and leaves you with a hardened block that can be easily thrown away. 

The powder comes in individual-use packets and a box of 3 packets costs $2.50 – a small price to pay for fuss-free disposal and a clog-free sink. 

Bonus: Honorary mentions

While these items didn’t make the cut, they’re still worth a try:

Underrated snack: Chicken gyozas, 12 pieces for $9.90

Although they look pretty unassuming, buy a tray of these golden morsels and heat them up in the microwave before inhaling them. The crispy wrapper coupled with the hot juicy filling can rival those you find in restaurants.

Value-for-money health supplement: Yamamoto Young Leaves Barley Powder, 44 sachets for $19.90.

High in vitamins and minerals, barley grass sometimes comes with a grassy taste that not many can get past. This 100% pure powder, however, tastes like matcha and can be mixed with water or smoothies. Considering the price point for such a product, it’s definitely a steal. 

Strange-but-effective makeup product: Browlash EX Brow Coating, $16.90

If smudging your brows is a concern you face, then this product will make sure they stay in place the whole day with just one swipe. It comes with a nail polish-like applicator which seems counter-productive in preventing smudges but it does the job in repelling water, sweat and sebum.

Best buys from Don Don Donki Singapore

With rows and rows of interesting products to buy at Don Don Donki, the number of choices can get overwhelming if you don’t know what to look out for. The next time you drop by any store in Singapore, don’t forget to look out for the items we mentioned today! 

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Originally published on 22nd January 2020. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 12th April 2022.

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