13 Last Min Christmas Gifts Under $10 From Don Don Donki For Secret Santas Struggling To Think Of What To Get

Don Don Donki Christmas gifts

Picture this: you’ve clean forgotten that we’re less than two weeks from Christmas, and are struggling to find a presentable gift. And now, you feel called out. 

For all you busy and last-minute chiongsters out there, we’ve got you covered with these gifts you can easily grab before your next Secret Santa exchange – from Don Don Donki, no less. Below are 13 products under $10 that your Santee will never suspect was purchased at the eleventh hour. 

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1. Sparkling bath tablets

The fact that bath bombs can cost more than $10 a pop might trick your Santee into thinking that Don Don Donki’s Sparkling Bath Tablets from Samourai cost a bomb too – only you’d know that they’re $9.90 for a box of 12. While not marketed as bath bombs on the packaging, these are one and the same and will fizzle in your giftee’s bathtub for a relaxing soak.

Price: $9.90 for a box of 12 tablets

2. Premium KitKats

Every time we walk into Don Don Donki, there’re a couple of things we know to expect: first, its earworm of a jingle – don don don donki, don don donki! – and second, unique snacks. Find rarer KitKat flavours including Almond & Cranberry as well as Ruby Chocolate here for a safe gift that’s far from basic.

Price: $4.90 each; two for $7.90

3. Pokemon sheet mask

Any friend who loves Pokemon will surely go gaga over the Eevee masks from Japanese skincare brand Lovisia. Depending on which outlet you head to, you may even find Pikachu, Snorlax and Jigglypuff variations. Other than looking absolutely adorable, these also have collagen and hyaluronic acid ingredients that’ll gently moisturise your skin.

Image credit:

Price: $5.90 each

4. MegRhythm steam eye mask

If your fellow colleagues look like they can use some decent shut-eye, get them the gift of a good night’s sleep with Megrhythm’s range of Steam Eye Masks

These scented and heated eye masks help to relieve tension and soothe the muscles around the eyes after staring at the screen all day. Other than the usual rose, lavender and chamomile scents, you can find the limited-edition forest-scented Moomin and vanilla-scented Dreamy Selection variations here as well. 

Price: $5.95 – $7.50 

We’ve also spotted a sizable range of the highly-coveted LuluLun sheet mask at City Square Mall’s outlet, which any devoted follower of the 10-step skincare routine would be happy to receive.

Price: $7.90 – $8.90

5. Pokemon 3D jigsaw

These come in Charmander, Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Psyduck designs

Don Don Donki is packed with plenty of Pokemon-themed merchandise, so there’s plenty for fans for the Japanese anime to love here. If sheet masks won’t be to your giftee’s liking, 3D jigsaws may fit the bill instead. 

Price: $9.90 each; two for $16

6. Spherical ice maker

Image credit: Kezia Tan

Don’t ask us why, but alcohol served with a ball of ice rather than the usual ol’ cubes just take on a whole new level of fancy. As any booze-loving friend may be glad to hear, spherical ice cubes also melt slower, meaning your Santee can slowly sip on their homemade cocktails this Christmas without worrying about it quickly turning diluted. 

Price: $8.90

7. Sanrio makeup sponge

This next gift is for that one friend with a penchant for all things pink and cute. These adorable Sanrio beauty blenders come in three designs – Hello Kitty, Melody and Kuromi – and have resealable packaging for hygiene as well as pointed tips for easy under-eye application.

Pompompurin sponges were also spotted!

Price: $9.90

8. Scented spa salts

The tastefully-packed Yuzu bath salt sachets would be a great gift for anyone that could do with a good DIY spa sesh at home. Pair it with a packet of Sakura Milky Bath Powder from the same brand for a treat-yo’self combo your loved ones will thank you for. Best of all, both add up to less than a tenner!

Price: $4.90 each

9. Tiktok-famous souffle cream rolls

You may have seen it all over social media: anyone who’s tried the TikTok-famous Don Don Donki’s light and pillowy Souffle Rolls only has great things to say about it. Take it from someone who doesn’t usually like cream – this is fluffy, creamy and it will be your saving grace if you’re looking for a quick and easy last-minute gift for your sweet-toothed friend.

Price: $7.90

10. Japanese roasted green tea

With matte packaging and embossed text, Daige’s Roasted Japanese Green Tea easily stands out amongst the wide variety of tea available on Don Don Donki’s shelves. We’re happy to report that it has a distinctly rich and nutty taste as well. Pair it with a tea set which you can get for cheap on Shopee for an affordable but presentable set that’ll sure to impress.

Price: $4.90

11. Paw-stamp hand wash

Image credit:
Omiyage from Japan

We won’t be the first to admit that hand soaps aren’t the most exciting of gifts. But Biore’s Paw-Stamp Hand Wash, on the other hand, ticks off both boxes of practical and cute with pumps that dispense paw-shaped foam that’ll turn a boring gift into something your Santee will go “awww” at. 

How adorable is that?

Price: $9.50 for one bottle of soap and refill

12. Soapless makeup remover pad

High on the novelty factor is Heidi Dorf’s Cleansing Pads. This unique reusable makeup remover is made of ultra-fine fibres that can remove your makeup without any soap, oil or cleansers. 

All you need to do is dampen it with tap water and gently massage it on your face to wipe any makeup off. Since it’s relatively hard to find this elsewhere in Singapore, you can bet your recipient doesn’t have anything quite like this at home already.

Price: $8.90

13. Novelty animal and food-print socks

Useful? Check. Cute? Also check. 

Don Don Donki’s cute socks pass the vibe check with vibrant and eye-catching prints of everything from penguins to takoyaki. With plenty of designs available, you’re sure to be able to find a pair that’ll suit every type of friend you have. 

Price: $6.90 each

Bonus: Collagen drink

ITOH is known to be one of the best collagen drinks you can find in Singapore and the good news is that while they’re usually sold in large quantities, you can snag a small set of three bottles here for a nifty present. 

A health and beauty boost, these come packed with collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C – a combination that is said to combat ageing and restore the smoothness and luminosity of one’s skin. Although typically priced at $13.90, you may find this still on sale at $7.90 at City Square Mall if you head down fast enough.

Price: from $7.90 (U.P. $13.90)

Affordable gifts from Don Don Donki

While last-minute gift shopping can be stressful, it can be a breeze if you know where to look and what your recipient likes. Try Don Don Donki, for a one-stop-shop for not just Japanese groceries but novel gifts as well.

Photography by Zhou Jin Quan.

Kezia Tan

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