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Cat themed shops Singapore

9 Cat-Themed Shops In Singapore To Buy Gifts For Your Crazy Cat Lady/Gentleman Friends

Shops for cat lovers in Singapore

Cat themed shops Singapore Image adapted from (clockwise from top-left): Cat Mama Shop, Alfie De Meow, Fluffette, @alfiedemeow,, Steak and Eggs Please

“So what do you want for your birthday?”

“CAT” I almost always reply without missing a beat.

Annoying and unhelpful, I know; No one’s actually gonna get me a kitty – each of those little furballs come with a hefty price tag in the thousands, and adoption on behalf of someone else isn’t any easier, what with stringent house screenings and all.

God forbid you settle on a generic towel set though, because not all hope is lost. If you’ve got a crazy cat lady (or gentleman) friend whom you need to find a gift for, the next best thing would be to get them something cat-themed. These local stores have a range of cat-related items for humans up for sale, many of which are original creations by the store owners themselves.

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1. Kittea – cat-inspired tea

KitteaImage credit: @mykittea

Kittea brings two of the best things in life together: Cats and tea. Each of their blends are inspired by different cat breed and their personalities, and come without preservatives or artificial flavourings so you know you’re consuming only the good stuff.

KitteaImage credit: @mykittea

These come in regular teabags ($15/12 pcs) as well as tea tubes ($6), which are slim test tubes filled with loose leaf tea.

But their bestsellers are their tea tins ($8), each bearing an illustration of its corresponding cat breed. You can also purchase gift sets which come with your pick of either 2 ($16), 4 ($32), or 6 tea tins ($50), all presented nicely in a gift box.

Note: These teas are strictly for hoomans only, so please do not feed them to your cat!

KitteaImage credit: @mykittea

They’ve also come up with their own pins ($15) featuring the Kitticorn, a unicorn hood-wearing cat with a rainbow tail. Snag both the Kitticorn tea tin and the pin in a discounted bundle at just $20 (U.P. $24) – the tea is a fruity mix of chocolate-dipped pineapples, apples, and raspberries.

You can purchase from Kittea online, or check them out in person through one of their many stockists here.

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2. Steak & Eggs Please – cheeky greeting cards

Cat themed birthday cards Grumpy birthday card, Christmas card, and graduation card ($6.80 each)
Image adapted from: Steak and Eggs Please

Steak and Eggs Please is a Singapore-based artist who illustrates all sorts of animal postcards and greeting cards. But they appear to have a special liking for cats in particular – there’s even a dedicated section on their Etsy store solely for feline postcards.

Cat greeting cardMany Faces of Cat Postcard ($3.50). I can vouch that all these are true.
Image credit: Steak and Eggs Please

Some are pure and wholesome, some are punny, while others verge on sarcastic, but one thing’s constant across all cards: Super high levels of cuteness. The drawings are relatively simple but eye-catching, and do a great job in getting their messages across.

Cat pins Left and right: Silly Cat Dessert Postcard ($3.50 each). Centre: Grumpy Cat Pins ($16 each)
Image adapted from: Steak and Eggs Please

Especially endearing are the postcards printed with grumpy cats dressed up as our favourite local kuehs, such as pineapple tarts and steamed lapis. Similar in fashion are the enamel pins, with cats as the king and queen of fruits, i.e. durian and mangosteen.

Cat birthday cardsPostcard ($3.50) and birthday card ($6.80)
Image credit: Steak and Eggs Please

Good news: Steak and Eggs Please offers free delivery in Singapore, so you don’t have to worry about hitting a minimum amount. If you’d like to purchase many cards at a go, it’d be worth going for their bundle offer, which lets you pick any 5 cards for $32.


3. Alfie De Meow – glittery resin brooches and jewellery

Cat brooches Alfie de MeowImage credit: @alfiedemeow

Those drawn to shiny objects like a magpie would have a hard time resisting the glittery resin brooches ($29) by Alfie De Meow. Packed with mesmerising foil flakes, these brooches shaped like cats in various poses will bring new life to any plain outfit or bag.

Wooden cat brooches Alfie De MeowImage credit: Alfie De Meow

For something less flashy, go for their Eco Bamboo Brooches ($15), which will look great against a pale background. Y’know, that whole white-and-wooden Muji vibe that’s all the rage these days.

Cat jewellery Alfie De MeowPerfect for that special someone: Cat and Meow Double Chain Necklace ($32) and Sophisticat Earrings and Necklace ($22 each)
Image credit: Alfie De Meow

If you prefer less chunky accessories, they do have sleek metal earrings, rings, and necklaces.

Cat jewellery Singapore Alfie De MeowMeowrina Bay Cats Necklace ($35) and Supertree Cat Earrings ($20)
Image credit: Alfie De Meow

But what we’ve got our eye on are the acrylic laser-cut creations which come with a Singaporean element, where local landmarks and icons like Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer have been cleverly incorporated into the jewellery. Fancy a cat casually using GBTB’s Supertrees as scratching posts!

10% of Alfie De Meow’s proceeds go to local cat charities, so that’s an added bonus in making a purchase.


4. Cat Socrates – quirky books and knick-knacks for the home

Cat tarot cards Singapore Cat SocratesCat Gurus tarot card deck
Image credit: @cat_socrates

Both branches of Cat Socrates are an eclectic hodgepodge of all things feline-related – their Tiong Bahru store carries smaller trinkets like stationery and accessories, while their Joo Chiat outlet is mainly stocked with larger homeware pieces like cushions, cutlery, and furniture. Now you know where to make a beeline (or should I say, catwalk) to, for housewarming gifts for that cat-crazy couple you know.

Cat SocratesCat Straw Sling Bag ($12) and Cat Wooden Spoons ($4.90 each)
Image credit: Cat Socrates

If you’re a first-time cat-owner who might need some help, check out their handy guide books on caring for and connecting with your furkid. Quirkier titles include a doodling guide, and…bedtime stories for cats/dogs? Now that’s something I never knew I needed. Till now.

Cat Socrates cat booksDoodling for Cat People ($20.25) and Bedtime Stories for Cats and Dogs
Image adapted from: Cat Socrates, @neha.mitra

They do have an online presence, but the listed selection only scratches the surface of their treasures, so we recommend heading down to their physical outlets for a browse. You’d be surprised – although both stores have modest cosy spaces, you could easily find yourself lost in their shelves of whimsical knick-knacks for close to an hour.

Cat SocratesChestnut and Zoozoo, the resident cats of Cat Socrates’ Tiong Bahru and Joo Chiat outlets respectively
Image credit: @prettydayssingapore, @cat_socrates

Tiong Bahru outlet
Address: 78 Yong Siak Street, #01-14, Singapore 163078
Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 12PM-8PM | Sun: 1PM-7PM
Telephone: 6333 0870

Katong outlet
Address: 448 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427661
Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 12.30PM-9.30PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 6348 0863


5. Fluffette – handmade ceramic teacups

Cat pins and stickers FluffetteImage credit: Fluffette

Fluffette mainly sells simple bits and bobs like stickers ($2) and enamel pins ($8-$10), but their stuff is far from basic. Each one stars a different puss with its own special costume and mood traits – you’ll find anything from gluttonous grumpy cats, cats as bakers, and cats in animal onesies for a bout of animal-ception.

cat earrings FluffetteStrawberry and pineapple, Mickey and Minnie, Fred and Wilma Flintstone
Image credit: Fluffette

We’d like to draw your attention to the earrings ($6) in particular, with come in complementary mismatched pairs such as Superman and Batman, Mario and Princess Peach, and Aladdin and Jasmine, just to name a few.

Cat teacups FluffetteImage credit:

They’ve also added handmade ceramic teacups and flower pots to their set of offerings. Just imagine sipping a warm brew of matcha from one of these cuties, or filling them with succulents and having them line your mini home garden.

Cat ipad pouch FluffetteFelt Document Bag, fits 9.7” iPad. The one on top has its cats dressed as Little Red Riding Hood characters.
Image credit: Fluffette

All their items are limited edition, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good – no reprints or remakes will be done for the sake of exclusivity.


6. The Tiramisu Hero – pride tees and waterproof vinyl stickers

The Tiramisu Hero stickersImage adapted from: @thetiramisuhero

You probably know of The Tiramisu Hero as an inviting pet-friendly shophouse cafe which specialises in, well, tiramisu. Recently, they’ve added their own line merchandise to their repertoire – starring none other than their cat mascot Antonio, who’s always seen a black cape and eye mask a la Zorro.

The Tiramisu Hero tshirtsImage credit: @thetiramisuhero

Dress up your laptops and files with their waterproof vinyl stickers ($3 each), or wear it loud and proud with their pride tees, featuring Antonio brandishing a rainbow flag. There’s even a pink version of the t-shirt specially made for Pink Dot 2019.

The Tiramisu Hero teesImage credit: @thetiramisuhero

Fret not if you don’t share the same colourful sentiment, as they also have other prints in neutral colours that are just as paw-some.

The Tiramisu HeroImage credit: @kaoriiiiiiiin_bee

Address: 121 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207548
Opening hours: 11AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 6292 5271

7. Purrballs – original card game inspired by local stray cats

Purrballs Catventure card gamePurballs: Catventure Card Game ($35)
Image credit: Purrballs

Purrballs is centred around 6 original characters inspired by the stray neighbourhood cats in Singapore. With its 3 founders being an artist, crafter, game designer, this online store’s self-manufactured wares range from art books to handmade jewellery and even their very own Catventure card game, which you can get separate expansion packs for.

Purrballs washi tape stickersSushi Shop Washi Tape and Purry Christmas Sticker Sheet (both $8 each)
Image credit: Purrballs

Avid scrapbookers will want to add their adorable stickers and washi tape to your collection of craft supplies – these come in different themes like cherry blossoms, traditional local snacks, and Christmas.

Purrballs cat pinsSweet Treats Enamel Pins ($12 each)
Image credit: Purrballs


8. Cat Mama Shop – clothing and stationery for a good cause

Cat Mama Shop Cat Welfare SocietyGreeting Card ($10) and Space Cat Stickers ($3.50)
Image credit: Cat Mama Shop

You’ll be shopping for a good cause at Cat Mama Shop, which is owned by Cat Welfare Society as part of their fundraising efforts to help feed, sterilise, and rehome strays. Their wares get switched up periodically, so you can look forward to something new every now and then. But generally, they offer a range of stationery, home items, clothing, and accessories.

Cat Mama Shop Cat Welfare SocietyMy Cookies Tote Bag ($15) and Large Silk Scarf ($20)
Image credit: Cat Mama Shop

Some of these products are donated by CWS’ volunteers who help source while on their travels – we’ve seen a bunch of kitschy pouches and thick socks from Japan on the site. Grab ‘em before they’re gone!

Cat Mama Shop Cat Welfare SocietyPouches from Japan ($8 each) and Supersoft Cat Head Mats ($20 each)
Image credit: Cat Mama Shop


9. Suddenly Cat – branded Pusheen and Neko Atsume merch

Neko Atsume Bananya cat SingaporeClockwise from left: Neko Atsume dust plug ($11.90), Bananya Plushies ($26.90), and BANDAI Buneko Pan Keychain ($7.90)
Image credit: Suddenly Cat

Those with a penchant for Japanese brands like Neko Atsume, Bananya, and Nyanko will go gaga browsing the kawaii items from Suddenly Cat. This Singapore-based online store ships in their merch from abroad, so you don’t have to wait weeks for your goods to arrive like how you normally would.

Pusheen SingaporePusheen Ceramic Travel Mug ($22.90) and Pusheen Chips Bowl ($29.90)
Image credit: Suddenly Cat

They also stock up on all sorts of Pusheen items, from kitchenware to stickers and plushies of all sizes.

superB and Palnart Poc SingaporeCat Brooch Pin by superB ($10.90) and Handmade Lion Cub Earrings by Palnart Poc ($39.90)
Image credit: Suddenly Cat

Other than that, you can also find smaller indie labels from countries like Taiwan and Korea on their site, with watercolour postcards, stickers, and brooch pins.

Miaokaka SingaporeAutumn Cat Postcard by Miaokaka ($3.90)
Image credit: Suddenly Cat

Self-collection is available during weekends at West Coast Plaza by appointment.

Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 9643 5430 (WhatsApp preferred)

Cat themed gifts Singapore

Getting a present for your cat-obsessed buddy will be a breeze now that you’ve got an almost inexhaustible list of options with these quirky stores. It helps that most of their items are practical, and even those that are more novel than functional are so unusual that they’d be hard to pass up on.

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