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Dog runs in Singapore

All dog owners know that daily walks around the block can get a tad mundane. But thank goodness dog runs are a thing, providing our poochie pals with the much-needed room to stretch their legs and socialise with other pets.

Here, we’ve compiled an up-to-date guide to all the public dog runs in Singapore – and we’re not just talking about the well-known ones at Bishan Park or West Coast. So whether you’re staying in the far-flung North or in town, there’s no excuse not to spend some active quality time with your furkids – sans leash.

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– Central –

1. Bishan Park Dog Run

dog runs bishan park

We’re starting off the list with the most popular spot: Bishan Park Dog Run. Its convenient location smack dab in the heart of Singapore makes this a hotspot for dog owners and lovers alike.

There are 2 pens: a larger area where dogs can sprint about, and a smaller adjoining pen supposedly for the smaller pups. The dog runs here are well equipped with gravel footpaths, bench seating and water taps to keep your pets hydrated.

Drop by during the weekend to see the wide variety of visiting breeds and make a new friend or two. There’s also a dog-friendly cafe The Canopy nearby, so you can have a nice brunch sesh after.

Address: Bishan Park (2), 1384 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

2. Potong Pasir Avenue 1

dog runsOne of the bigger HDB dog runs on the list
Image credit: Ryan Lim

Located along the HDB estates of Potong Pasir, Potong Pasir Avenue 1 Dog Run is surprisingly spacious despite being in the heartlands. The place is organised, with well-maintained grass patches.

potong pasir dog run
Image credits: Reuben Ang

This dog run has tons of footpaths for the humans, making it easier to avoid stepping into potential “landmines”. Amenities include benches and a tall water tap where you can rinse off your dog after.

Address: 120 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 347685 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 347685 (Near Potong Pasir Ave 1 Block 101)

3. K9 Park at NEX

k9 park nex
K9 playground: suitable for small and medium-sized dogs
Image credit: Michelle M.

Good news to all dog owners: you can now bring your pet to the playground! The K9 Park located on the rooftops of NEX mall boasts 2 pet pens, both equipped with brightly coloured obstacle courses.

Paid training sessions are occasionally conducted here, so you can have your pup jumping through hoops in no time. It’s also right beside a huge Pet Lover’s Center so you can pick up a quick snack for your pup or send him for a grooming session after.

Pro tip: There’s a special elevator just for dogs, leading you straight to the dog run. The lift is accessible via the carpark. 

Address: Level 4R #04-03 & #04-71, NEX mall, 23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083
Opening hours: 10.30AM-10.30PM, Daily

– West –

4. West Coast Dog Run

west coast dog run
The West Coast Dog Run can fit over a hundred dogs with room to spare and is great for massive breeds
Image credit: Singpet Shop

This place can be a little out of the way for those living on the other side of the island, but being the biggest dog run in Singapore, it’s a must-visit. Those hyperactive furkids will have ample space to clock in their top speeds.

west coast
Image credit: Neo Er Jyn

Numerous sheltered tables are scattered along the cement footpaths – great if you’re planning to spend a longer time here. Free water points are available at the pen.

dog wash
Image credit: Dog Wash Singapore

There’s also a high tech Dog Washing Booth ($10/bath) which dispenses shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatment and ends it all off with a quick blow-dry.

Address: West Coast Park, along Clementi Dog Run

5. Clementi Woods Dog Run

clementi woods dog run
Clementi Woods Park Dog Run is a well-kept secret among residents in the area
Image credit: Andrew Luke Lim

With its large area space and sloped terrain, the dog run at Clementi Woods Park Dog Run provides a good workout for you and your furry one. Tables & benches available.

clementi woodsThe quiet and scenic environment is ideal for some one-on-one quality time with your pet
Image credit: @joshuajkurz

Address: Clementi Woods Park, West Coast Rd, near Kent Vale Block F

6. Jurong Lake Gardens Dog Run

jurong lake gardens
Image credit: Nparks

Your big pups will have a field day at Jurong Lake Gardens Dog Run, which is one of Singapore’s newest and largest dog runs. After the gardens went through a major revamp in 2019, your golden retrievers and labradors now have 2,200sqm of space to frolic about with their other furry friends.

Address: 104 Yuan Ching Road
Opening hours: 8AM-10PM, Daily

– East –

7. Katong Park Dog Run

katong park
This dog run is well sheltered by the large canopies of the old surrounding trees
Image credit: Rambo Foo

This dog run is located in the historical Katong Park, once the site of Fort Tanjong Katong.  The long rectangular running area is spacious and free of obstructions for your dog to stretch its legs. The pen also has benches in them.

It’s also conveniently right next to the washroom outpost if you need to answer the call of nature.

Address: Katong Park, along Fort Road

8. Tampines Central Park Dog Run

tampines central park
Image credit: Guek Har Lim

Don’t dismiss this neighbourhood park located at the heart of Tampines. Despite being one of the smaller parks in Singapore, it’s actually a happening hotspot that has its own dog run.

The dog pen itself is on the smaller side but comfortably fits the pet owners in the surrounding HDB blocks. Pop by during the weekend and soak up the atmosphere of the crowd and activities happening in the park. We also heard it’s a popular place for Pokemon Go players to battle raids at.

Address: Tampines Central Park, near Block 856 Tampines Street 82, Singapore 520856

9. Simpang Bedok Dog Run

simpang bedok dog run
Image credit: Herine

Right next to a set of flats, this neighbourhood dog run spot is a hit with the nearby residents – being in a convenient location for an after-work walk. Note there’s no waterpoint in this area so be sure to bring some water for your pet.

Address: At the corner junction of Jalan Pari Burong and Upper Changi Road

10. Mariam Way Dog Run

mariam way dog runImage credit: @golden_bagel

Tucked away in the residential estate of Mariam Walk, this cosy dog run is frequented by the residents in the area. The community of pet owners in the neighbourhood are really friendly, so don’t be shy to mingle around.

It’s right beside a playground, making a nice place for a short family outing if you live around the area.

Address: Mariam Way Playground, Mariam Way

11. Interim Park Dog Run

interim park dog runImage credit: Dog Run at Kembangan

This spacious dog run located at the fringes of Kembangan is a quiet change from what you’d usually expect at the bigger and busier dog parks.

There’s an abundance of seating available and the grove of trees provides welcome shade on a hot sunny afternoon. We heard larger breeds tend to frequent this park too.

Pro tip: We suggest wearing proper shoes rather than flip-flops at this dog run so that you don’t accidentally stub your toe on a tree root. Also, do bring a water bottle for your pup as there’s no water point here. 

Address: Lengkong Enam, Interim Park (Along Jalan Selamat and Lengkong Tujuh)

12. Pasir Ris Dog Run (Next to Block 550)

pasir ris dog runImage credit: @jessie_the_singaporespecial

Within the HDB enclaves of Pasir Ris, this dog run is strategically situated in between two major parks: Tampines Eco Green & Pasir Ris Town Park. This makes for a good mid-way pitstop for you and your pooch when you’re out on that jogging session.

If you’re going by car, you can park at the multi-storey carpark at the HDB blocks right next to it.

Address: Pasir Ris Street 51, near Block 550, along the Tampines River & park connector

– South –

13. Tiong Bahru Dog Run

tiong bahru sit wah dog runImage credit: @kbemo

Tucked away behind the alleyways hipster cafes of Tiong Bahru, the Tiong Bahru Sit Wah Dog Run is a quaint little dog run to bring your pooch to. The abundance of landscaped trees also provides a comfortable shade throughout the day.

Several nearby pet-friendly cafes also offer outdoor seating for your furry date. This includes the likes of Tiong Bahru Bakery, and Flock Cafe, with affordable breakfast sets starting from $10.

Address: 3A Sit Wah Road (behind Block 82 Tiong Poh Road)

– North –

14. Yishun Park Dog Run

yishun parkImage credit: @ttangkongchan

This strangely triangular shaped dog run is located along Yishun Avenue 11, opposite the Adora Green flats. The area is well maintained and features a cement path that borders the pen. Note, there’s no water point within the pen but public water coolers are situated nearby.

While you’re at it, take the chance to explore the park’s footpaths with your furry companion. We heard there are tons of fruit trees in the park lining the walkways like mango, durian and jackfruit trees. Just be sure your pup doesn’t sneakily eat any fruits off the ground!

Address: Yishun Park, along Yishun Avenue 11, opposite Adora Green Block 348B

15. Sembawang Park Dog Run

sembawang park dog run
Image credit:

It’s a well-known fact that Sembawang Park has a dog run but it’s notoriously hard to locate within the park, especially if you’re a first-timer there. But it’s well worth the short “hike” because it’s possibly the second biggest dog run on our sunny island.

Right beside The Ship Playground, this long rectangular dog run is set on a gentle, sloping hill – giving your glutes a good stretch. Washroom and water cooler facilities are just a stone’s throw away so you too can freshen up after that workout.

Address: Sembawang Park, Sembawang Road (Near the Ship Playground)

Free 24/7 public dog parks in SG

Image credit:

With this up-to-date extensive list of dog runs in Singapore, finding a location to spend your weekend with your beloved furkids, off-leash, has never been easier.

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Originally published on 17th October 2018. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 24th December 20021.

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