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Cat-themed home decor

12 Cat-Themed Home Decor Items From Taobao Under $18 For Crazy Cat People On A Budget

Cheap cat-themed home decor from Taobao


Cat-themed home decorImage adapted from (clockwise from top-left): TaobaoTaobao, TaobaoTaobao 

Humankind can be divided into 2 groups: 1) People who adore cats, and 2) Monsters. Okay, I kid, but felines are wonderful creatures. And it’s nice knowing that there’s an enthusiastic cat-lover community in Singapore – that’s how our street strays are kept well-fed and healthy.

Short of turning your own house into a mini “cat cafe” of sorts – and getting into trouble with the AVA – the next best way a crazy cat lady/man can be surrounded by cats at home is to decorate it with all things kitty-related. If you’re a puss-lovin’ couple about to furnish your new BTO unit, or are simply looking to spruce up your current crib, you’ll wanna get your paws on these affordable cat-themed home decor items all under $18*.

*Prices listed may vary due to exchange rates, and exclude shipping fees.


1. Silhouette wall stickers


Cat silhouette wall stickerImage credit: Taobao

Feature walls don’t always have to be covered in a loud flurry of colour and wild patterns. This wall decal ($3.33) with a silhouette of a cat on a tree branch may be simple, but it’ll stand out boldly against any plain wall.

It measures roughly 58cm x 38cm and works just like a sticker. Easy peasy.


2. Multi-purpose seat cushion/mat


Cat seat cushionImage credit: Taobao

All-in-1 home items are a blessing when you live in a tiny apartment and need to save as much space as humanly possible. This multi-purpose seat cushion ($8.67) not only keeps your bum comfy on a hard chair, but also doubles up as a floor rug or centrepiece for your coffee table.

Cat seat cushionIt can be used as a table mat for drinks too
Image credit: Taobao

It’s got a slightly fuzzy surface, so don’t be too surprised if your pet cat claims the cushion as its new bed.

Cat seat cushion
Image credit: Taobao


3. Watercolour wall art


Cat watercolour wall artCat eyeing his potential dinner
Image credit: Taobao

You don’t even have to be a pro DIY-er to have art adorning your home – just take the easy way out and get these watercolour wall art pieces to add pizzazz to your walls. They’re priced at a very wallet-friendly $4.44 each, so go all out and get a few of the fishy ones too and put them in a row along with the sneaky side-eyeing cat.

Cat watercolour wall artImage credit: Taobao


4. Geometric LED lamp


Geometric cat lampImage credit: Taobao

Brighten up your desk with this LED lamp. While its geometric lines are more intricate than your secondary school trigonometry diagrams, they’re thin and clean, which makes the lamp suitable even for minimalistic rooms.

Geometric cat lampImage credit: Taobao

Those who take delight in high-tech devices will be glad to know that this comes with the option of either a power switch button ($6.39), touch switch ($9.09), or even a remote control switch ($12.65) for the lazies. 


5. Japanese-style door curtains


Japanese door curtains catImage credit: Taobao

Felinophiles who also happen to be Japanophiles can easily add a touch of Nippon to their homes – and we don’t mean the paint. Hang up these Japanese-style door curtains (from $15.11), starring kimono-wearing cats and classic scenes of Japan like torii gates and bonsai gardens. Kawaii! (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆

Japanese door curtains catImage adapted from: Taobao

Those who prefer something more muted can go for these dividers ($17.33) instead – which are just as catterific, but with a cream background and softer hues in general. 2 designs are available: one with different cats piled atop each other in a cuddle puddle, and another with them peeking out and silently judging you from the sides.

Japanese door curtains catImage credit: Taobao

The curtains are made from a sturdy woven burlap material that won’t flap around too much in the wind – or get easily ripped by your own curious cat’s nails. 

Japanese door curtains catImage credit: Taobao


6. Rugs


Cat shaped rugImage adapted from: Taobao

An easy way to make a room cosier is to lay down a rug. These sleeping cat rugs ($7.73) come in 2 colours – ginger and blue – so you can pick either based on whether you’ve got a warm or cool room palette. 

Cat butt rug
Image credit: Taobao

If you like big cat butts and cannot lie, go for this cheekier one (from $3.56) with felines baring their rumps. It comes in 5 sizes, with the smallest being 40cm x 60cm ($3.56), and the largest at 70cm x 120cm ($14.44).


7. Tablecloth and matching seat cushions


Cat tablecloth Image credit: Taobao

Liven up your dining table by throwing a zany cat-print tablecloth (from $12.69) over it. Whether you’ve got a large table befitting of a Weasley-sized family, or live in a quiet 2-person household with just yourself and your partner, there should be a tablecloth that fits – there are 7 sizes, ranging from 85cm x 85cm to 140cm x 230cm.

Cat tablecloth Image credit: Taobao

There are an armful of kooky designs to pick from, but all of them have powder blue as their main colour scheme and feature personified kitties dressed like humans. There’s even one with round hipster glasses and a beanie reading “bad hair day”.

Cat chair cushions“Home is where the cat is” – couldn’t agree more
Image credit: Taobao

You can also get seat cushions to match, at $10.89 each. 


8. Clock


Cat clockImage credit: Taobao

Tick, tock, tick, tock. In place of the usual numbers, this clock (from $16.72) features different cats. Clearly, whatever it reads, it’s always a purr-fect time to cuddle your kitty. 

Pick from a black or white bezel, and a diameter of either 12” or 14”.


9. Wall tapestry


Cat wall tapestryImage credit: Taobao

Instead of hiring a painter to do up a mural – which will set you back in the hundreds – simply tack this elegant tapestry over any plain wall to dress it up. You can throw it in the wash when it gets dusty, and since it’s easy to remove, you won’t have to repaint your entire wall if you wish to redecorate your home a couple years down the road.

It comes in 2 sizes: 150cm x 130cm ($8.67), and 200cm x 150cm ($10.89)


10. Tableware


Cat tableware bowl mug dishImage credit: Taobao

Food is always more appetising when served in attractive tableware. These are reminiscent of your ah mah’s prized blue-and-white porcelain bowls – but with fat cats instead of oriental floral motifs. Pick from mugs ($8) and rice bowls ($8.40), to sauce dishes ($4.89) and even chopstick holders ($4.40).

Cat tableware chopstick holderImage credit: Taobao


11. Trash bin


cat trash binImage credit: Taobao

*Insert the “when you’re trash but still cute” meme*

Yes, just because it’s for garbage doesn’t mean it has to be boring. This endearing rubbish bin ($1.98) will fit nicely on any bedside table, bathroom, or kitchen sink area. 

Cat trash binImage credit: Taobao

Alternatively, use it to hold small items like your pet’s chew toys or snack packets.


12. Felted or Muji-esque coasters


Cat felted coastersImage credit: Taobao

God forbid you spoil your new tabletops with drink stains, so invest in some adorable felted coasters at a very affordable $5.91 for 3.

Cat paw wooden coasterImage credit: Taobao

Those with a Muji-like theme to their home can go for these understated wooden ($2.33) ones with paw print impressions. 


Decorate your home with cat-related Taobao items


Ragdoll catsOur beloved office cats!
Image credit: @jaymeetheragdoll/@lyqian

A home reflects its inhabitants, so if you’re a fellow crazy cat person, let your house decor shout it loud and proud! Home renovation can be pricey, but it won’t cost much to pimp your crib when you’re blessed with the gift of Taobao.

Of course, do exercise good judgement when purchasing from such online marketplaces. We’ve already picked out some of the more reputable stores with good ratings, but it would be best to check reviews and user-submitted photographs before clicking the checkout button just to be safe.

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