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13 Industrial Decor Pieces From Taobao Under $20 To Transform Your Home Into A Boutique Hotel

Budget industrial-themed room decor from Taobao


taobao industrial home deco

Image adapted from: Taobao, Taobao, Taobao, Etsy, Taobao, Ezbuy

With more and more charming hipster cafes popping up in neighborhoods like Tiong Bahru, Bugis, and Duxton, it’s no wonder the industrial-chic aesthetic commonly found in such establishments has become a trend in many households too. 

For those who’ve always been enthralled by Chye Seng Huat Hardware coffeeshop’s vibes, you can now transform your room into a rustic haven with these budget industrial-themed home essentials from Taobao


1. Caged lamp


taobao caged lamp

Image credit: Ezbuy

Caged-anythings almost always match the industrial aesthetic, and coupled with this Edison bulb, this caged lamp (from $15.55) will make a chic bedside or study table illuminator. 


2. Stainless steel mugs


taobao steel mugs

Image credit: Taobao 

Whether you’re craving a hot chocolate or want to indulge in a cheeky Moscow Mule cocktail, these stainless steel mugs (from $8.39) will make your beverages look like they’ve come straight out of a hipster cafe.  


3. Light bulb glasses


taobao light bulb glass drink

Image credit: 500px

Why splurge on galaxy lightbulb drinks when you can get your own quirky light bulb glasses (from $1.23) and stainless steel straws (from $0.69)? Use these glasses to impress your guests by recreating the galaxy light bulb drink fad with with some food colouring, fruit syrup, and edible glitter!


4. Tin foil storage bags


tin foil storage bag taobao

Image credit: Taobao

Stuff your succulents or knick-knacks in these tin-foiled paper bins (from $4.01) and display them on your desks – these will add to the rustic vibe while helping to keep your workstation clutter-free.

taobao tin foil storage bag

Image credit: Taobao 


5. Brass tin can and tray


taobao brass gold tin can

Image credit: Taobao 

If you need something less flimsy than a paper storage bag, get these hardy brass tin cans (from $8.88) to pot your plants, or a golden tin tray (from $4.73) to hold your jewellery. 

taobao gold tin can

Image credit: Taobao


6. Wrought iron shelf 


taobao wrought iron shelves

Image credit: Taobao 

Caged designs are a a must-have to complete your industrial-themed room. Display your books, potted plants, and trinkets on these chic wrought iron wall shelves (from $18.40).


7. Steel pipe table lamps


taobao steel pipe industrial lamp

Image credit: Etsy

Take upcycling to the next level with these pipes which have been turned into vintage industrial lamps (from $5.77) also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, so you can pick one that fits your style best. 


8. Steel pipe wall shelves


taobao steel pipe wall shelves

Image adapted from: Taobao 

Speaking of steel pipes, you can also get these steel pipe-enforced shelves (from $10.23) to mount on to your walls.


9. Rope wall racks


rope wall racks ezbuy

Image adapted from: Tmall

But if you prefer something less bulky, opt for these simple rope-strung wall racks (from $7.45), but be careful not to overload the shelves with heavy items!


10. Metal wall shelves


metal wall shelves ezbuy

Image adapted from: Tmall

Industrial-themed rooms don’t have to be all grey and dreary. For a splash of colour on your grey concrete walls, get these weathered metal wall shelves (from $9.57) for a rustic vibe. 


11. “Concrete” wallpaper


concrete grey wallpaper taobao

Image adapted from: Taobao

Get this textured grey wallpaper (from $5.48) to liven up your otherwise flat, single-toned walls. It certainly beats having to paint everything from scratch!


12. Concrete plant pot 


concrete plant pot taobao

Image credit: Taobao

These smooth concrete plant pots (from $5.78) will perfectly complement your grey walls. Display them on your study or bedside table as individual plant pots, or get several of these hexagonal pots and stack them up in a beehive formation to create a unique succulent display.

concrete plant pots taobao

Image credit: Taobao 


13. Dangling Light Bulbs


dangling light bulbs industrial taobao

Image credit: Taobao 

Let these retro light bulbs (from $5.68) dangle from your ceiling as a substitute for an extravagant chandelier. 

Single light bulbs will function great as night lights, but if you want to make these the centerpiece for your living room, get a few of them and wind them around a long wooden beam to create a kooky bulb cluster.


Industrial-chic decor for a modern household 


With so many affordable options available, you can start sprucing up your hope to make it look like a fancy industrial-themed cafe. Just imaging sitting in your living room, beneath some dangling Edison bulbs, while sipping on your homemade coffee in a chic light bulb glass or stainless steel mug.