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6 Highly Rated Pet Hotels In Singapore That Come With Webcams For A Peace Of Mind

Pet hotels in Singapore


Pet hotels - 5 star pet hotelImage adapted from: The Wagington

Pet owners, you’d understand the hassle of finding someone reliable enough to take care of your beloved pets while you’re away. But worry not – we’ve compiled some of the best pet hotels in Singapore with webcam services to make sure they’re doing well even when you’re overseas.

Read till the end to find out more about keeping your pets protected. Psst, there’s a special discount in store too!




1. Dear Mutt: Complimentary showers and aromatherapy for dogs


Pet hotels - Dear MuttImage credit: Dear Mutt

So you’re off on a relaxing vaycay; it’s only fair your dogs get the same treatment too. Enter Dear Mutt, a pet hotel that offers aromatherapy and ambient music around the clock for a soothing stay. 

Your pets will be let out into the spacious play area to interact with other dogs, as well as walked twice a day. Pups staying 6 nights or more will also be entitled to a free weekly shower. 

Pet hotels - suites

There are 4 room types for dogs of all sizes, including a family suite for owners with more than one dog.
Image credit: Perro Pet

CCTVs are installed in every room, and first-time customers can access their 24-hour live CCTV surveillance for free. Otherwise, returning customers can purchase it for $8/day. If you’re away for more than 8 days, you can opt to get the bundle rate of $68 to monitor your pet for its entire stay.

Price: From $58/night
Address: 17 Venus Drive, Singapore 574304
Opening Hours: 10AM-7PM daily
Telephone: 6459 9180 


2. Doggies Galore: Large playspaces and toys for active pups 


Pet hotels - doggies galore

Image credit: DoggiesGaloreSG

Think of Doggies Galore as a giant playhouse made just for dogs, with toys such as mini slides, trampolines and tunnels – the perfect spot for playful pups.

Baths are included for dogs that stay a week or longer, along with grooming services that start from $70. Doggies Galore also offers a la carte services such as Paw Pad Clipping ($15) and Teeth Cleaning ($20). Find out more about their rates here.

Price: From $55/night
Webcam services are free.
Address: 17 Binjai Park, Singapore 589825
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 7.30AM-7.30PM | Sat: 9AM-6PM | Sun: 9AM-5PM
Telephone: 9625 3184


3. Sunny Heights – free pool and garden for outdoor exercise


If your pup’s a natural social butterfly, Sunny Heights is a good option to consider. Besides letting dogs run around in a huge in-house compound to play together leash-free, chaperones around will also engage them in games of frisbee and fetch. 

Pet hotel - swimming pool for doggo

Image credit: @thecorgi.maple

There’s even a swimming pool available for a refreshing round of doggie paddle, which boarding and daycare dogs get for free. They’ll also be grouped with other dogs of similar personalities – so no dog-fights here!

Note: All dogs must go through a minimum of 4 days in the daycare (from $49/day) for socialisation and temperament assessment before they can sign up for night boarding.

Price: $30 for boarding in a common area, $48 for private suites.
Webcam services are free.
Address: 110 Turf Club Rd, 288000
Opening Hours: 9AM-6.30PM daily
Telephone: 6314 9363


4. Ginny and Friends: Affordable boarding rates for your dog


Pet Hotel - ginny and friends

Image credit: @ginnyandfriends

For something that’s no-frills and meticulous, Ginny & Friends is the place for you. 

You’re advised to bring only the necessities, like their preferred food, treats and medication, which will be skillfully administered. A staff member will be in attendance 24/7, so you can rest assured that your pet will be well taken care of while you’re away.

Price: from $45/night, 2nd dog from $40/night.
Webcam services are free.
Address: 9 Thong Soon Avenue, Singapore 787436
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 7AM-7PM (closed on Sundays)
Telephone: 6754 3677


5. Pawty Paws – a comfortable indoor environment with treadmills


Pawty Paws offers fully air-conditioned individual rooms that come fitted with night lights for a good night’s rest, and while rates start at $59/night for a standard suite, an additional dog in the same room costs only $30/night.

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Video credit: @pawtypawssg

Some dogs might be slightly more anxious when being walked outdoors by strangers, but owners need not worry. Caretakers will be walking them on the indoor treadmill, clocking in the daily exercise they need. Your dogs can get also some fresh air at the hotel’s open-air rooftop!

Price: from $59/night, 2nd dog from $30/night
Webcam services are free.
Address: 479 Joo Chiat Road #02-00 Singapore 427684
Opening Hours: 9AM-7PM daily
Telephone: 9795 2662




6. The Wagington: Atas hotel suites and custom-made meals


Pet Hotels - baller dog in the Wagington

The Royal Suite. 
Image credit: The Wagington

If you’d like to give your pet a taste of true luxury, book a stay at The Wagington. Their suites for dogs include the Royal Suite, which comes with a queen-sized bed and an LED TV to boot! Each room will also have a pee tray, raised feeder, and a surround-sound system playing soothing classical music.

Those with cats can opt for the Cabin Feline Suite or the extravagant Palace Feline Suite – a room equipped with a scratcher, cat tower and beautiful decorations like a flower-filled birdcage.

The opulence doesn’t end there. The pet menu includes gourmet dishes such as Rosemary Beef and Pork Meatloaf for the doggies starting at $25, and Steak Tartare and Baked Salmon with Prawn (from $17) for the cats.

Price: From $75/night (dogs) and from $39/night (cats).
Webcam services are free.
Address: 27B Loewen Road, Singapore 248850
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 7.30AM-7.30PM | Sat – Sun: 8.30AM-7.30PM
Telephone: 64711689


Protect your pet with Happy Tails


The well-being of our pets is a top priority for owners, which is why we fuss over their lodgings while we’re out of town. But pet safety goes beyond just making sure they’re doing okay – we also have to make sure they’re protected all the time.

Though pet insurance still isn’t very common in Singapore, Happy Tails provides lifetime coverage for your pets and ensures they get the medical treatments they need.

Happy Tails covers various ailments*, such as cancer and specified hereditary conditions. According to, smaller dog breeds like poodles and terriers are more susceptible to the “floating kneecap”, where their kneecaps will occasionally slip out of place.

*Terms and conditions apply. For more information, click here.  

Pet hotel - Happy Tails insurance

Based on a 20% co-insurance plan. Deductible applies. Click here for more details.
Image credit: Happy Tails

On the other hand, Fitzpatrick Referrals of the UK suggests that elbow dysplasia, a genetic disease that may cause crippling lameness, is most often seen in larger-breed dogs. If you enroll your pet before the age of 4, you can enjoy 20% lifetime reimbursement (less deductible) for your pets, and you’ll be reimbursed $2,950 for an elbow dysplasia surgery that costs $4,000**.

**Treatment cost varies depending severity of condition.

Note: Your pet must be enrolled before 6 years old for specified hereditary/congenital conditions to be covered for life, subject to waiting period of 12 months. Happy Tails does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Owning a pet in singapore

Regardless of how comfortable you are with your savings/reserves, if your pet falls prey to a serious illness, or gets into an accident that requires surgery, you’ll still have insurance that’ll prepare you for a potential emergency.

And good news for all pet owners: sign up between 6th – 8th April during the Pet Expo 2018 to enjoy a 15% premium discount on your pet’s insurance plan! 

Campaign code: EXPO18
Pet Expo booth: A02, Singapore Expo Hall 7

Find out more about Happy Tails here!

This post was brought to you by Happy Tails.