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Jurong Has A Mega-Sized Go-Kart Track With Double Seater Rides To Live Your Fast & Furious Dreams

Jurong Has A Mega-Sized Go-Kart Track With Double Seater Rides To Live Your Fast & Furious Dreams

The Karting Arena Jurong

Traffic rules are aplenty. Stop at the red lights, look out for pedestrians and of course, no flooring the pedal on the road – you’ll be fast, but the traffic police will be furious. So here’s some good news for speed demons: not only does Singapore host the annual F1 race but we also have a number of go-karting and virtual racing arenas.

The Karting Arena Jurong is where you can chase thrilling speeds without risking demerit points and speeding tickets. Now that The Karting Arena in Bukit Timah is closing down, this 53,000 square feet go-kart facility is the go-to place to chase your F1 driver dreams. That’s the size of roughly three football fields btw. Prices start from $25/session and you don’t need a driver’s license to participate.

Race top-of-the-line karts through 11 track turns

the karting arena jurong - go kart tracks

Go-karts are one way to live out your GTA, Need For Speed or Herbie dreams. Let loose at The Karting Arena Jurong with their fleet of speedy BirelArt petroleum go-karts. Pros may recognise these as top-of-the-line in the industry, flexing some of the safest and lightest karts available.

go karts singapore

go kart tracks

700M-long tracks with 11 twists and turns to navigate around.

Consider this a step up from your Daytona days: Other than feeling the wind in your hair, the track is also large enough to fit up to 30 people to race at one go, thanks to their super-wide >10m track width. 

Speeds of up to 50km/h with single and double seater karts

the karting arena jurong - registration

Upon entering the attraction, you’ll be greeted at the reception area where you’ll have to register for the ride and select your race type.

single go kart
Single go-kart.

Adrenaline junkies won’t be disappointed here with their Fun Karting Experience. Go on a whirlwind ride around the tracks at speeds of up to 30km/h, or 50km/h if you’ve got a driver’s license to show. Sessions are priced from $25/pax for 10 minutes, which gives you roughly 10-12 laps around the track.  

the karting arena jurong - double seater
Double seaters.
Image credit: The Karting Arena 

Other than the single karts, there’ll also be double seaters (from $45/pax) with one dummy wheel, perfect for parent-child duos. These karts will only be available later this year so stay tuned to their website for more information. 

Organise a professional F1-like race

the karting arena jurong - F1-like race

To manifest your Formula 1 dreams into reality, consider organising a Grand Prix race. With a race control room, trace cameras and even a viewing gallery for supporters, serious racers can pit themselves against up to 14 other aspiring Vin Diesels in a proper match to crown a champion.

the karting arena jurong

Available for folks 9 years and above, the race session comes complete with a practice round, qualifying session and a final lap race to emulate a pro-racer experience. Prices begin from $140 per racer.

Night driving is also available for an added challenge, with the arena open till 9pm daily except on Mondays. However, just note that Wednesday evenings are reserved for members’ night races from 5pm to 9pm.

Safety measures and gears


All racers will be provided with a snazzy helmet available in a wide range of sizes –  from S to XXL – that are cleaned between rides with a UV disinfecting machine. Hair nets and rubber bands will also be provided, both for hygiene reasons and for keeping any long stands out of the way as you zip around the tracks.

the karting arena jurong

Other safety measures include barriers similar to the ones installed into F1 circuits, CCTVs around the track and a remote stop master control system that can stop all the go-karts on track in case of an emergency. 

Complimentary lockers are also provided so you can stow all your belongings away safely during your race.

Race your friends at The Karting Arena Jurong

entering jurong karting arena

The west side is surely becoming a hub of activities with ORTO West Coast and Bird Paradise livening up the space. 

Come by The Karting Arena Jurong to enjoy adrenaline thrills – it’s just a short walk away from Joo Koon MRT too. 

karting arena

Before heading down, be sure to wear covered footwear, and bring along your driver’s license if you plan on going for the Adult option. Those hungry after the race can also refuel at the nearby food courts or Tung Lok Seafood restaurant.

The Karting Arena @Jurong
Admission Fee
Fun Karting (Off peak) - $25 (novice), $35 (adult)
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511 Upper Jurong Road, Block B, Singapore 638366
Opening Hours:
Saturday 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM Show More Timings

Getting there: The Karting Arena is a 7-minute walk from Joo Koon MRT.

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First published on 18th August 2021. Last updated by Aditi Kashyap on 24th July 2023.