Affordable capsule hotels in Singapore

Affordable capsule hotels in Singapore
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Staycations are the new sleepovers; While we once took turns to crash our friends’ houses as kids under parental supervision, we’re all grown up now, and have slightly more atas squad parties in hotels.

But along with these chill sessions with juicy stories and lots of laughter, come an empty wallet. It’s just not feasible to keep splashing cash on hotel rooms, and while chalets are cheaper, they’re usually located at hard-to-reach corners of the country.

Fret not – capsule hostels are “in” now, and we’ve found 10 places that are perfect for that weekend sleepover with your squad, minus a hefty price tag.

1. Cube Boutique Capsule Hostel

If crafted cocktails excite you, Cube Boutique Capsule Hostel is where you’d want to stay.  Alcohol lovers can conveniently crash in one of their luxurious bedrooms after a round of drinks – without worrying about how they’re gonna get home.

cube boutique hostel
Image credit: Cube Boutique Hostel

Cube Bar at their lounge offers a variety of cocktails, beers and wine, starting from just $5.50 per glass. They have a list of their own signature concoctions, but if you have a preference, just let the bartender know and he’ll whip it up for you.

cube boutique hostel - capsule pods
The capsule pods are decked in futuristic neon lights, which alternate from purple to blue.
Image credit: CUBE – Boutique Capsule Hostel

Light sleepers need not worry about sleeping in a communal space – capsules are built diagonally from each other to minimise noise levels. Duvets provided are also made with soft duck feathers, so they’re sure to provide cosy comfort.

cube boutique hostel - guestroom
Image credit: Cube Boutique Hostel

All guestrooms come with a flat screen TV, and pods are equipped with personal reading lights, power sockets and individual lockers.

Rates: From $38/night
Nearest MRT Station: Chinatown
Address: 76/78 Smith Street, Level 2 & 3, Singapore
Telephone: 6221 7769

2. 7 Wonders

7 wonders - communal guestroom
Image credit:

If you’re just looking for a place to rest your head after a wild night out, the unpretentious 7 Wonders is ideal. The minimalist hostel offers clean guestrooms and a communal bathroom with soap, towels and laundry services.

7 wonders - single capsule rooms
Image credit: 7 Wonders Hostel

Single capsule rooms are designed to suit all needs of the solo traveller, with power sockets and a laptop holder that doubles up as a desk. Lights are mounted in each pod, along with curtains for privacy. Every bed comes with two pillows for maximum comfort.

7 Wonder Hostel
Image credit: Makemytrip

Besides offering complimentary breakfast, this hostel is the only one in Singapore serving up Death Wish, the world’s strongest coffee – so if you wake up bleary eyed, that cuppa joe will give you a well-needed boost.

Book a stay at 7 Wonders Boutique Capsule Hotel.

Rates: From $28.50/night
Nearest MRT Station: Farrer Park
Address: 257 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208930
Telephone: 6291 3774

3. MET A Space Pod

There’s no need head to Japan just to stay in a wacky capsule hotel, when the space-themed MET A Space Pod can give you an experience that’s out of this world.

MET A space pod

Guests can change the air-conditioner and light settings here with a simple swipe of some touch buttons, and shift the hue of the pod lights from a spectrum of blue to white.

MET A space pod - built-in tv and predownloaded movies

A foldable table is attached to each pod, along with a built-in television and pre-downloaded movies, in genres from action to romance and drama.

MET A space pod - lounge area

Being in space can get lonely though, so when you’re ready to leave your pod, visit the lounge for books, board games, and nightly movie screenings. Take this opportunity to bond with backpackers and make some new friends from around the world!

Read our full review on Met A Space Pod here!

Rates: From $45/night

MET A Space Pod @ Little India
Nearest MRT Station: Farrer Park
Address: 424 Race Course Road, Singapore 218670
Telephone: 6291 5113

MET A Space Pod @ Boat Quay
Nearest MRT Station: China Town
Address: 51 Boat Quay, Singapore 049840
Telephone: 6635 2694

4. The Bohemian Chic Hostel

bohemian chic hostel - lobby
Image credit: Hostel World

Decked with colorful walls and furniture, the lively lobby of The Bohemian Chic Hostel is nothing short of inviting. It’s also equipped with game consoles to facilitate bonding between guests. But if you’d rather be outdoors, head over to their bike rental station for a scenic ride around town.

bohemian chic hostel - soundproof pod
Image credit: Chen Yi Wang

When you’re done for the day, retire into your soundproof pod, and chill in front of the flat screen TV with a good movie.

Rates: From $28/night
Nearest MRT Station: Chinatown
Address: 40 Mosque Street, Singapore 059518
Telephone: 9154 6893

5. COO Boutique Hostel

Illuminated with snazzy neon lights, the obscure COO Boutique Hostel is definitely one for the ‘gram. But it’s way more than just a pretty sight.

coo boutique hostel - bistro bar
Image credit: @staycoosg

Built around the social needs of a traveller, the hostel welcomes its guests with a bistro bar and encourages bonding over food and drink. Hone your accuracy at the dart machine, or compete with some new friends over a friendly match.

To get the best bang for your buck, grab your drinks there take note of their happy hour which is 5PM – 9PM on Tuesday to Saturday.

coo boutique hostel - pulled pork burger
Image credit: Stay Coo

Their menu offers bar bites such as the COO Chicken Winglets ($9) and Roasted Pork Belly ($12). We recommend their Pulled Pork Burger ($21), with tender braised BBQ pork, served with pickled kyuri cucumber, yuzu cabbage slaw and a side of thick cut fries.

Complimentary buffet breakfast is also served from 7AM to 9.30AM, so set your alarm to avoid missing it!

coo boutique hostel - dorms
Image credit: Stay Coo

Burn off the food coma with the hostel’s free bicycle rental service, before heading back to your room where a comfy duvet awaits. Unlike the typical whitewashed hostel dorms, rooms here are decorated in muted hues of grey and purple – bringing a calming vibe that’ll help you sleep better.

Rates: From $45/night
Nearest MRT Station: Outram Park
Address: 259 Outram Road, Singapore 169056
Telephone: 6221 5060

6. The Port by Quarters Hostel @ Singapore River

the port by quarters hostel - dorm
Image credit: The Port By Quarters

Waking up to the sound of the city and view of a river may seem like stuff of movies, but at The Port by Quarters Hostel, this dream is not that far off – and can be realised in our very own island. Situated at Clarke Quay, this hostel offers a bustling view of Singapore that you can enjoy over a slow cup of coffee.

the port by quarters hostel - cafe
Image credit: @everycsday

Everything in the CBD area is known for being upscale, and this hostel fits the theme in appearance. Bed lockers are protected by security scanners, and each capsule is decked with warm lights. Unlike other hostels, their guestrooms come with adjoining bathrooms – this means more privacy and less walking!

the port by quarters hostel - lounge area
Image credit: The Port By Quarters

Free all-day breakfast and coffee can be found in the pantry, and the lounge also has a computer and workstations with a view. Complimentary WiFi is available, so you don’t have to worry about busting your data.

Rates: From $39/night
Nearest MRT Station: Raffles Place and Clarke Quay
Address: 50A Boat Quay, Level 2, Singapore 049839
Telephone: 6816 6960

7. Capsule Pod Boutique Hotel

Capsule Pod
Image credit: Kayak.SG

Situated in Chinatown, Capsule Pod Boutique Hostel is surrounded by pubs such as the famous 28 HongKong Street which sells sinful fried Mac & Cheese Balls.

capsule pod boutique hostel - dorm
Image credit: Capsule Pod 

Come back with your squad to a cosy room for 10, complete with power sockets and hangers for each individual bunk bed. Towels are provided too, so you can free up bag space for card games and snacks.

Capsule Pod
Image credit:

Plus, there’s an outdoor seating area along their terrace and a lounge area for movies  – so those who aren’t up for partying in the vicinity can simply chill and talk the night away.

Rates: From $38/night
Nearest MRT Station: Chinatown
Address: 38 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058341
Telephone: 6532 0911

8. Wink Hostel

wink hostel - kitchen
Image credit: Wink Hostel

If you wish to throw a party with friends but lack space in your own home, Wink Hostel is your solution. Equipped with a large kitchen and outdoor balcony, this hostel offers enough space for many to cook and mingle simultaneously.

wink hostel - sound-resistant pods
Image credit: Wink Hostel

After the party, head to your dorms where you’ll be greeted with clean sound-resistant pods. All beds come with bright lights, a smart card access locker, and even a backrest for optimum posture.

wink hostel - breakfast
Image credit: @pedduck

Plus, the kitchen has a fully-stocked pantry with bread, spreads, and cereals – so fill your tummy before you leave in the morning!

Rates: From $45/night
Nearest MRT Station: Chinatown
Address: 8A Mosque Street, Singapore 059488
Telephone: 6222 2940

9. Central 65 Hostel & Cafe

central 65 hostel & cafe - jacuzzi
Image credit: Central 65 Hostel

A hostel with a rooftop jacuzzi and gym facilities for just $24 a night sounds too good to be true, but you’d better believe it, because that’s exactly what Central 65 Hostel & Cafe is. Located in Farrer Park, this is a hidden gem that even most locals don’t know about.

Their pool is equipped with massage jets, so soak yourself in some much needed hydrotherapy after a long work week. When you’re done with your dip, chill out by the outdoor seats, with a view of lights dotting the town.

central 65 hostel & cafe - guestroom
Image credit: Central 65 Hostel

Rooms don’t fail expectations either – each capsule comes with reading lights, power sockets, a personal locker and an anti-bedbug mattress.

central 65 hostel & cafe
Image credit: Central 65 Hostel

You’ll be delighted to know that their cafe serves free fruits, along with favourites like fish and chips, pizza, and pasta. You can choose to enjoy your meal indoors in air-con, or dine alfresco anytime from 11AM to 11PM.

Rates: From $24/night
Nearest MRT Station Farrer Park
Address: 134 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208852
Telephone: 6298 0015

10. Blanc Inn

Blanc Inn may be the priciest item on our list, but it’s also one of the most luxe as far as hostels go. Following a luxurious French design, the hostel strays from the style of normal dormitories and has private lofts for visitors instead of typical bunk beds.

blanc inn - guestroom
Image credit: Blanc Inn

Each alcove can only be accessed through an electronic pin door, and holds four rooms separated by curtains for added privacy. All rooms come with a queen-sized bed, safety deposit box and wall fan.

blanc inn - lounge area
Image credit: Blanc Inn

There’s also a lounge with DVDs, a TV and computer, along with a pantry corner offering free beverages. But you don’t have to stay cooped up in the area – a public swimming pool is just 50 metres away from the hostel!

Rates: From $52/night
Nearest MRT Station: Lavender
Address: 151 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207564
Telephone: 8113 9906

Cheap hostels in Singapore

There’s no need to scrimp and save for that one hotel room when there are loads of affordable but comfortable hostels to choose from. And the best part – no one will have to sleep on the couch, or deal with their friends stealing their part of the blanket in the middle of the night.

If you’re a traveller visiting Singapore soon, consider booking one of these places as your base camp. From simple options with the bare minimum to fancier ones, there’s something to suit every sort of tourist.


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