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Overnight Cycling Itinerary – 5 Lesser-Known Sights In Singapore To Spot From Sunset To Sunrise 

Overnight cycling itinerary in Singapore

Over the last few years, cycling seems to have become the national hobby of Singaporeans, with no shortage of park connectors (PCNs) and cycling routes around the island. But if you’re looking to escape the throngs of cyclists in the day, it may be high time to opt for an overnight cycling experience instead. 

From exploring one of Singapore’s few lighthouses to panoramic views of Johor Bahru, here are five lesser-known sights and spots to explore on your next after-dark adventure. 

And to document our cycling adventure, we brought the nifty vivo X70 Pro smartphone along to commemorate our fitspo journey with some slick, HD night shots to show off on IG afterwards. 

Suggested cycling route

To get you started, we’ve mapped out a route spanning from Raffles Marina to Woodlands Waterfront. These locations are generally less-traversed, with scenic locations and hidden gems to check off the list from sunset to sunrise. 

The entire route can take up to about five to seven hours to complete, depending on your speed and the number of pit stops and food breaks along the way. 

Here are the main landmarks en-route:

  • Raffles Marina Lighthouse
  • Jurong Hill Park Observatory Tower
  • Heritage Bridge at Lower Seletar Reservoir
  • Rower’s Bay Park Boardwalk
  • Jetty at Woodlands Waterfront Park

Suggested itinerary:

  1. Start at Raffles Marina Lighthouse and cycle 11.8KM to Jurong Hill Park 
  2. Cycle 12.9KM from Jurong Hill Park to Uncle KKM for a pit stop to fuel up
  3. Cycle 17.2KM from Uncle KKM to Lower Seletar Reservoir
  4. Cycle 6.8KM from Lower Seletar Reservoir to Rower’s Bay Park
  5. Cycle 11.9KM from Rower’s Bay Park to end off at Woodlands Waterfront Park. 

Total distance: 59.2KM

As you’ll be covering quite a fair bit of ground, the full route is recommended for more experienced cyclists. However, don’t be afraid to take breaks as and when you need to or customise the destinations based on your fitness level.

For example, those who’d like to catch some sunset views can begin their journey at 6.30PM at Raffles Marina Lighthouse. Otherwise, cyclists looking for a slightly shorter adventure can start at 12AM at Jurong Hill Park instead, with the route distance being 46.8KM

1. Raffles Marina Lighthouse – Views overlooking Tuas Second Link

Raffles Marina Lighthouse
Get some sick sunset shots at Raffles Marina Lighthouse
Image credit: @rafflesmarina

Located in the far west of the island, the 12M-tall Raffles Marina Lighthouse is one of the few functioning lighthouses in Singapore you can visit today.

Start your cycling journey in the evening to catch the golden hour and get the optimal “light to dark” shot amidst the breakwater. Although the lighthouse itself isn’t accessible to the public, you’ll still get a view of Tuas Second Link from the pier, which gives you a peek into one of the causeways going into Malaysia.

Raffles Marina Lighthouse
The X70 Pro’s solid image stabilisation function will ensure you’re getting the best nighttime photos

Getting here: There aren’t any PCNs leading to Raffles Marina, but cycle along the train tracks past Gul Circle, Tuas Crescent, Tuas West Road and Tuas Link MRT stations to get to Raffles Marina Club where the lighthouse is located. 

Start at Gul Circle MRT station and cycle down if you want to clock in the extra distance start your journey straight from Raffles Marina Club.

2. Jurong Hill Park Observatory Tower – Panoramic seaside views

Jurong Hill Park Observatory
Image credit:

Continue your journey and cycle 11.3KM down to Jurong Hill Park – a name that might be unfamiliar to the non-Westies. Located next to Jurong Bird Park, this park sits off the beaten track and has a three-storey tall spiral observatory tower. You might want to lock your bike at the foot of the tower unless you’re willing to push it up the ramp to the top. 

jurong observatory tower view
Spot the causeway into JB and the checkpoint terminal. The vivo X70 series also comes with a gimbal stabilisation function, which means you won’t be left with unintentionally shaky light shots.
Image credit: vivo Smartphone

Visit at night and you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the surrounding Jurong Port and Jurong Island, which will be all lit up. 

Fun fact: The park is also home to the Garden of Fame, where foreign dignitaries were invited to plant trees from 1969 to 1984 in commemoration of their visits. Some notable figures include Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret.

Getting here: Cycle from Raffles Marina Lighthouse via Pioneer Road and Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim
Route distance: 11.3KM
Estimated travel time: ~40 minutes 

3. Heritage Bridge at Lower Seletar Reservoir – Unique bridge and stone platforms 

Lower Seletar Reservoir

Next, ride down to Lower Seletar Reservoir at Yishun for some shots on the Heritage Bridge. Though you might be a little too early to catch the sunrise on this overnight route, you’ll still be able to enjoy the tranquil night views of the reservoir. All areas of the park will be lit up no matter what time of the day you visit. 

Those heading down in the day can cycle further down the park towards Lentor Avenue and the MRT tracks, where you’ll find Lower Seletar Fishing Deck, a less-crowded area to chill at amidst the reservoir views.

Lower Seletar Reservoir
Right by the bridge is a stone platform where you can take a much-needed cycling break and get some wide-angle shots of the reservoir

If you’re hit with some late-night cravings mid-cycle, take the nearby Springleaf PCN to the renowned Springleaf Prata Place for a quick refuel. 

Alternatively, if you’re starting your ride super early, make a pit stop at Uncle KKM Bukit Panjang before you head to Lower Seletar Reservoir from Jurong Hill Park. This supper spot is popular among Westies for serving up some mean Ke Kou Mian and is open from 4AM. 

Getting here:  Cycle from Jurong Hill Park through Mandai Road from Bird Park Drive and onto Pang Sua PCN
Route distance: 28.6KM
Estimated travel time: ~1.5 hours

4. Rower’s Bay Park Boardwalk – Look out for wildlife in the wetlands

Rower's Bay Park
We loved how bright and vibrant the photos turned out despite it being pretty dark IRL

Once you’re done refilling your tummy, ride to Rower’s Bay Park that’s situated at the other end of Lower Seletar Reservoir just next to Yishun Dam. A relatively ulu park, Rower’s Bay Park is one of Yishun’s newer hidden gems.

Go to the boardwalk for a view of the wetlands surrounded by wildlife and plant species. You’ll reach this point before the sun rises if you follow this overnight itinerary, but if you’re ever at the park after sunrise, try to spot critters like dragonflies, grey herons and copper-cheeked frogs. 

Rower's Bay Park

As you cycle down Yishun Dam to get to the park, look out for Jenal Jetty, Singapore’s last fishing village, in the distance. While the jetty is not open to the public, there’s a secret beach spot you can head to hidden near the village’s breakwater area that’s particularly spectacular at sunset. 

To get there, search for “Singapore’s Last Fishing Village” on Google Maps and follow the directions to the mangrove swamps. There’ll be a small beach area where you can watch the sunrise from the shore. 

Getting here: Cycle from Lower Seletar Reservoir via Yishun Avenue 1 onto Seletar North & West Link
Route distance: 6.8KM
Estimated travel time: ~23 minutes

5. Jetty at Woodlands Waterfront Park – Unobstructed views of JB

Woodlands Waterfront park
You’ll get here in the morning just in time for the sunrise
Image credit: @kreativerklubsg

Photo for illustration purposes only

The last stop on the itinerary is Woodlands Waterfront Park. Although the VTL to Malaysia has now come into place, day trips to JB might not be a reality for us just yet. Cycle down the jetty, which is also the longest in Singapore spanning 400M, for a waterfront view of the weekend getaway we oh so miss. 

Woodlands Waterfront park
Photo for illustration purposes only

Ride along the coastal trail at Woodlands Waterfront Park and you might even see interesting birds or macaques along the way. If you’re feeling extra fitspo and want to cycle extra, you can make a detour for Senoko Fishery Port while on the way from Rower’s Bay Park. 

Open from 2AM-6AM on Tuesdays to Sundays, you’ll find a fresh selection of seafood going at wholesale prices. Don’t expect your usual supermarket experience either – you’ll be treated to a cacophony of sounds from the fishmongers looking for their catch of the day here. 

Getting here: Cycle from Rower’s Bay Park via Gambas Avenue onto Woodlands Avenue 8 and Admiralty Road West
Route distance: 11.9KM
Estimated travel time: ~37 minutes

Enjoy the outdoors with the vivo X70 Series 5G

Raffles Marina Lighthouse
A must-have commemorative shot to remember your adventure by

Whether an #imadeit post-cycle shot or sunset snap for the ‘gram, outdoorsy folks who love taking photos will understand the struggle of getting a high-quality shot with just a phone. Lugging around a bulky camera for a long-distance ride isn’t the best idea either, which is why the vivo X70 Pro 5G is a worthy alternative.

With camera features like an Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera, ZEISS Optics, and Extreme Night Vision, you’ll be able to get optimal nighttime pictures. With a built-in gimbal feature, snapping away won’t result in unstable or shaky photos – even when you’re whizzing away on your two wheels. 

vivo X70 Pro

The cameras’ ZEISS T* coating also helps reduce awkward lens flares and light spots that may obscure your shot. Photography enthusiasts will also be glad to know that the phone comes with four ZEISS portrait options to play around with in bokeh mode.

Raffles Marina Lighthouse
Take close up shots of the skyline in the distance without compromising on quality

The X70 Pro is packed with four rear cameras for extra high-level outdoor shots:

  • 50mp main camera with gimbal stabilisation
  • 12mp ultra-wide camera
  • 12mp portrait camera with four unique ZEISS portrait styles 
  • 8mp periscope telephoto camera – this is something you’d usually find in DSLRs

vivo X70 Pro
X70 Pro

However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, opt for the X70 with three rear cameras:

  • 40mp main camera with gimbal stabilisation for extra smooth footage
  • 12mp ultra-wide camera
  • 12mp portrait camera with four unique ZEISS portrait styles 

Customers are also in for limited-time premium gifts when purchasing the phones through official platforms such as authorised telcos and vivo’s official e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee:

  • X70: Brand new TWS 2e wireless Bluetooth earbuds and protection case (worth $118.90)
  • X70 Pro: Brand new 2 ANC noise-cancelling Bluetooth earbuds and protection case (worth $168.90)

So the next time you’re planning to document your two-wheel adventures to show off to your friends on social media, make the vivo X70 Pro your trusty cycling companion to have on the go.

#CaptureTheUnseen with vivo X70 Pro here


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This post was brought to you by vivo Smartphone.
Photography by Zhou Jinquan.
Cover image adapted from: @rafflesmarina