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Prawn and lobster fishing in Singapore

Image adapted from: Fun at Fish

If you wish to catch your own fresh seafood, kampung style, try prawning. Because prawns are smaller and struggle less than their finned counterparts, it’s much simpler than fishing. All you need is some bait, patience, and a few deft tugs – you’ll even get to grill your loot afterwards.

Check out these 8 prawning places in Singapore where you can catch your prawns, and eat them too.

1. Aquarium Iwarna – from $10.50/hr

Prawning - Aquarium Irwana daytimeImage credit: @vennnnn

Accessible only by car, Aquarium Iwarna (from $10.50/hour) is pretty off the grid. That said, this also means it’s a lot less crowded – which is ideal for an activity that requires peace of mind and patience.

Prawning - Aquarium Irwana

Google will inform you of what you can find at their aquarium – mostly what’s needed for the setup and maintenance for your home aquarium – but what’s not shared are the ponds they have for fishing and prawning. These are also, for some reason, not listed on their website. There are grills available for you to cook your catch after your session.

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1 hour – $14
2.5 hours – $28
4 hours – $42

Address: 70 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, Singapore 518234
Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Aquarium opening hours: 9AM-6PM
Telephone: 8714 2313

2. ATC Fishing Village (Jurong Hill) – from $12/hr

Prawning - ATC Fishing Village Jurong HillImage credit: Prawning at ATC Fishing Village – Jurong Hill

Jurong Bird Park and the Science Centre aren’t the only places to visit in the West side of Singapore. Just beside Jurong Hill is ATC Fishing Village (from $12/hour), where you can cast your lines for prawns.

Prawning - Tagged Prawn SystemImage credit: Prawning at ATC Fishing Village – Jurong Hill

They also have a Tagged Prawn Rewards system, where you’ll have a chance to win $2, $5, $10 or one free hour of prawning, based on the colour of tag attached on the prawn.

1 hour – $20
2 hours + 1 hour free – $36
10 hours loyalty card – $100*
*Only applicable for 2 rod

Address: 241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Singapore 629143
Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Telephone: 6265 8268

3. Ah Hua Fishing – from $12/hr

Prawning - Ah Hua FishingImage credit: Prawning at Ah Hua Fishing

Located in another secluded area of singapore, prawning at Ah Hua Fishing (from $12/hour) is made more enjoyable thanks to its quiet surroundings and fresh air, away from all distractions.

Prawning - Koi Fish FeedingImage credit: Prawning at Ah Hua Fishing

Opened just recently in March this year, they’ve also got koi fish feeding ($1 per bottle) and pole fishing (from $25/hour), if prawning isn’t the activity for you.

1 hour – $20
2 hours + 1 hour FREE – $36

Address: 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813
Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Telephone: 9125 2088

4. Riviera Prawn Fishing – from $11/hr

Prawning - Riviera Prawn FishingImage credit: @kinkokel

Located in the more ulu part of North-East Singapore, it’s no wonder that many prefer heading to Riveria Prawn Fishing ($11/hour) for its quieter environment.

They’ve also got a reward system so you’ve more incentive to keep prawning – you’ll get $10 in cash if you’re lucky enough to catch a tagged prawn.

1 hour – $18
2 hours – $28
3 hours – $33

Address: 60 Punggol East, Golf Club, #01-11, Singapore 828825
Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Telephone: 6886 4998

5. D’Best Fishing @ Pasir Ris Town Park – from $13.50/hr

Prawning - D'Best FishingImage credit: @mummy_sha76

Located at Pasir Ris Town Park, kelong-style D’Best Fishing’s prawning, crabbing and fishing area will brings you back to your parents’ childhood days from $13.50/hour.

Prawning - D'Best Fishing Pro PondImage credit: D’Best Fishing

They’ve also got a Pro-Fishing Pond ($20/hour) where you can learn to bait a hook and properly cast a fishing rod, or just get some fishing tips and advice from the pros themselves.

1 hour – $18
2 hours – $30
3 hours – $38
4 hours – $54

Address: 96 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 519638
Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Telephone: 6581 2123

6. Prawning At Orto – from $10.80/hr

Prawning - OrtoImage credit: @jung_doyoung

Being the largest prawning facility in Singapore, Orto (from $10.80/hour) has a total of 10 ponds filled with big head prawns and yabbies, a type of crayfish. Try longkang fishing too and experience what your parents used to do as kids, or take up freshwater sport fishing that will equip you with knowledge for local and offshore fishing adventures.

Prawning - Orto cookingImage credit: @tmarcus86

As large as 7 football fields, the compound is more than just a place to relax. They’ve got futsal, paintball, a trampoline park and drift karting too! Check out our video on Orto here:

1 Hour – $20
2 Hours – $30
3 Hours – $36
10 Hours – $108

Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu, #01-09, Singapore 769198
Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Telephone: 8518 7088
Website | Facebook

7. Hai Bin Prawning – from $20/hr

Prawning - Hai Bin Image credit: @juz.purple

At Hai Bin Prawning (from $20/hour), the more you prawn the more you save. A three-hour prawning sesh will cost you $36. And if you’re a seasoned pro who can spend an entire day prawning, their 10-hour session only costs $100!  They also offer corporate rates here, so you can bring your whole team down for some bonding fun.

Prawning - Hai Bin CookingImage credit: @haibinprawning

Hai Bin Prawning also has a Banyan Bar and Kitchen, if you’re keen to feast while waiting for the prawns to bite. With finger food like drumlets, fries and calamari rings, and mains like chicken chops and spaghetti, they also offer fresh tap beer. It’ll be a relaxing end to a long day of prawning!

1 hour – $20
3 hours – $36
10 hours – $100

Punggol outlet:
Address: 6 Tebing Lane, #01-04, Singapore 828835
Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Telephone: 6447 8693

Sembawang outlet:
Address: 301 Canberra Road, #01-08, Singapore 759774
Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Telephone: 6261 7226

8. Fun @ Fish – from $10/hr

Prawning - Fun @ FishImage credit: Fun at Fish

If you’re not into sweating buckets while waiting for the prawns and lobsters to bite, head on over to Fun @ Fish – Singapore’s only indoor air-conditioned prawn/lobster fishing place – at either Bugis+ or Aranda. 1 hour of prawning here can go for as low as $10 on weekdays!

Prawning - Fun @ Fish LongKang FishingLongkang fishing for kids
Image credit: Fun at Fish

Young kids who can’t handle the prawning rod can try longkang fishing instead. Afterwards, the whole family can relax at the fish spa, with “physio fish” nibbling away at the dead skin on your feet.

Prawning - Fun @ Fish GrillingImage credit: @thequirkyfoodie

For a more hands-on experience, they’ve got BBQ grillers for you to cook all the big head king prawns and lobsters you catch. They hold regular live screenings of soccer matches at their beer garden too – go on and chill with the bros with refreshing ciders, and beer towers at $49.

The Aranda outlet also has a Fish Feeding pond ($2 for fish food), along with a Fish Spa where you can let fish nibble on the dead skin of your feet, making them baby smooth.

Weekdays: 1 hour – $10
Weekends/Public Holidays/Eves of PH: 1 hour – $18, 2 hours – $29, 3 hours – $35

Address: 201 Victoria Street, #07-05, Bugis+ Shopping Centre, Singapore 188067
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10AM-6AM | Sat, Sun & PH: 9AM-6AM
Telephone: 8338 6530

Address: 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3, Singapore 519497
Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Telephone: 9839 2715
Website | Facebook

Best prawning ponds in SG

Prawning - Ah Hua Fishing pondsImage credit: Prawning at Ah Hua Fishing

Prawning is a relaxing activity that’s easy to pick up. Since most of these spots open till late, prawning also makes for a good date night activity. Impress your other half with your skills, or just enjoy each other’s company while waiting for the prawns to bite.

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