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Seafood delivery singapore

8 Fresh Seafood Delivery Services for Busy Singaporeans With No Time To Shop After Work

Fresh seafood delivery in Singapore

Shopping for groceries can take a big chunk of time out of any working adult’s schedule. Choose to either wake up early before work to head to the wet market or brave the after-work crowds at supermarkets in the evening. 

While there are many online grocery stores in Singapore, these eight fresh seafood delivery services will ensure that you get the freshest catch of the day at your doorstep, just in time for dinner. 

1. Kühlbarra – individually vacuum-wrapped to maintain freshness longer

Grilled Kühlbarra barramundi in seafood broth
Image credit: @ffthought

Kühlbarra ocean-farms and harvests premium Australian barramundi right here in Singapore. Upon harvesting, the fish is immediately packed in ice and within hours, filleted in a cold room and vacuum-packed. The fish are then delivered in an insulated box with ice, ensuring that you receive them as fresh as can be – pop it into the fridge and it’ll retain its quality for up to a week. 

You can find different parts of barramundi – fillets, bones, and heads on their site, as well as Barramundi Chowder ($11.60), stocks and marinades like Rendang Rempah ($8.56) to pair with the fish. You can also find plenty of chef-created recipes on their site to jazz up your standard dinner protein.

Must-buy: Barra Blessing ($52), get five pieces of barramundi in 200G portions which are usually $10.70 apiece.

Delivery: Free for orders above $65

2. Dish The Fish – fish comes in child-friendly cuts

Dish The FishHomemade sliced fish soup using Dish The Fish’s pearl grouper
Image credit: @pickyin

Calling themselves the “New-Age Fishmonger”, Dish The Fish is modernising the wet market experience for the tech-savvy generation. They sell a variety of products ranging from whole fresh fish and fillets, fishbone broth, and made-to-order fish/prawn paste.

With convenience for their customers in mind, they even offer child-cut options for some of their fishes – 5-7CM boneless pieces, as well as recipe bundles from $16.90 that provide the recipe and all the ingredients you’ll need. 

Must-buy: Curry Stingray Recipe Bundle ($25.90), comes with all the ingredients you need: stingray, curry paste, frozen chopped ladies fingers and coconut milk.

Delivery: Free for orders above $80 or self-collect at Tiong Bahru Market and Jalan Riang stalls.

3. Tankfully Fresh – affordable fish from online “wet market”

Tankfully Fresh Chili-crab style prawns with deep-fried mantou
Image credit:

Dwindling customers to his family’s wet market fish stall were what prompted the 2nd-gen stall owner to set up a site for people to order online. On top of frozen seafood, Tankfully Fresh carries fresh fish, squid and shellfish that’s sold at their stall and are in-season, ensuring that freshness isn’t compromised. Some popular picks include Red Snapper Fillet (from $14), Gong Gong (from $6.50), and Grouper (from $25/1KG) which you can choose how you want to be cut and prepared.

This is great for those who want to get unbeatably fresh fish without heading down to a wet market. The website also has a series of Fisherman’s Wife recipes for simple home-cooked dishes, great for novice cooks.

Must-buy: Salmon Head & Bones Set ($11/KG), great for portioning into different recipes.

Delivery: Free for orders above $60

4. Ah Hua Kelong – restaurant-quality seafood for the masses

Ah Hua Kelong
Chili crab risotto from SCALED by Ah Hua Kelong
Image credit: @aspelicious

Ah Hua Kelong used to only supply their fish and seafood to restaurants in Singapore but now, everyone can get their hands on their quality catches. Their kelong a.k.a. floating farm in Sembawang is where they grow Sea Bass ($10/fillet), Pearl Grouper ($20-44), and La La ($15/1KG).

If you’re lazy to cook and want to have a taste of their seafood, they have two restaurants: Ah Hua Kelong @ Jalan Riang and SCALED by Ah Hua Kelong – with the latter being a modern seafood and cocktail bar.

Note: Restaurants are closed for dining during Phase 2 Heightened Alert.

Must-buy: Chunky Otah ($5-6), this spicy homemade otah is packed generously with your choice of fish or prawn chunks.

Delivery: Free for orders above $60

5. 9s Seafood: 3rd gen old-school stall with air-flown Ikura

9s Seafood fishFlower crab porridge with crabs from 9s Seafood
Image credit: @wensdelight

What started out as a roadside stall in Chinatown with more than 60 years of history, has now brought the market experience online. A wide range of freshwater and sea fishes in different cuts can be found here. Milkfish ($10), Halibut ($10), and sashimi-grade Ikura ($35) air-flown from Japan are just some to expect.

9s Seafood also has bundles starting from $22.50 for collagen-based soup and curry combos to spice up your next meal.

Must-buy: Mala Crawfish ($14.50/100G), marinated and pre-cooked so all you need to do is heat it up to serve.

Delivery: Free for orders above $60

6. The Sampan Catch – same-day harvest & delivery

The Sampan Catch fish delivery service
Pan-seared Sea Bass, Roasted New Potatoes and Beurre Blanc Sauce.
Image credit: The Sampan Catch

This family-owned floating fish farm is located near Pulau Ubin where the fish is always prepared, packed and delivered within a few hours of harvest. 

The selection of fish at The Sampan Catch is simple and you can order only what’s in season, ensuring quality and freshness. A variety of barramundi, snapper and grouper in different sizes and cuts are available from $11.80 for 800G of Barramundi to $49.80 for 1.6-1.9KG of an extra-large Pearl Grouper.

Must-buy: Large Golden Snapper ($25.30), For a 1.1-1.3KG fish, it’s a pretty good deal, considering you can cook the fillets and use the bones for stock.

Delivery: Free for orders above $120

7. Greenwood Fish Market – sashimi-grade salmon & tuna

Greenwood Fish Market
Seafood Platter
Image credit: @greenwoodfishmarket

A seafood market cum restaurant, Greenwood Fish Market has three outlets at Bukit Timah, Quayside Isle and Ocean Way. This is where you can find speciality seafood like In-House Smoked Salmon ($19), Swordfish Belly ($19), Korean Arrowhead Squid ($9.50), Spanish Octopus ($9.80) and Boston Lobster ($45/500G).

If you’re up for salmon and tuna sashimi platters, they’re also available from just $8.50, alongside freshly shucked oysters from $27/six pieces.

Must-buy: Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna ($12.80), for 200G, it’s more value than what you can get at most Japanese restaurants.

Delivery: $10, next-day delivery available for orders placed before 9PM.

8. Apollo Marine – premium seafood like lobsters & oysters

apollo marine seafood delivery service
Seafood delivery – Apollo Marine lobster
Image credit:

Apollo Marine not only farms their own prawns and hybrid grouper but they also carry Live Canadian Oysters (from $20), Live Boston Lobsters (from $40), and Cod Fish Fillets ($20). They also boast a preparation process of five minutes, meaning the seafood is gutted, cleaned and packed within that time for peak freshness. 

Must-buy: Live Blue Flower Crab ($45), with tender and moist meat when cooked.

Delivery: Free for orders above $120. Self pick-up available.

Fresh seafood delivery to your doorstep

A busy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you can’t get quality food to cook with, nor does it mean that it’s more expensive than heading to your nearest supermarket or wet market. With plenty of options among these with free seafood delivery, you may find your new favourite go-to merchant.

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Original article published on 28th February 2020. Last updated by Kezia Tan on 27th May 2021.
Cover image adapted from:
9s Seafood, @apollomarineseafood