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9 Online Grocery Shopping Sites In Singapore For When You’re Too Lazy To Leave Home

Online grocery stores in Singapore


Online grocery stores in Singapore cover image

Image adapted from: @dannarodeza30, @ubaidihazim

There is a bit of a typical aunty in every Singaporean, regardless of age or gender. Truly, nothing beats the glee of snagging a good deal, even if the savings are a teeny tiny amount.

Enter online grocery shopping. The fact that it’s convenient is a given – you don’t even need to lift yourself off your bed. But on top of that, what most aren’t aware of is that many of them run weekly promotions, flash sales and the like.

We sifted out these top 9 online supermarkets with regular deals sure to switch on the aunty mode in you.


1. Go fresh – flash sales for meat and seafood


 Go fresh flash sales

Image credit: Go Fresh

If you’re one of them aunties, head straight to the flash sales section on Go Fresh’s homepage. Meat and seafood items are often the ones most featured here. Hit up this site if those ingredients are going to be used in your Restaurante de Home soon.

Next day delivery is available for orders placed before 3pm.

Delivery fee: $15, free with purchase above $60.


2. Redmart – 30,000 items on sale daily



Image credit: Insider Retail

No one really knows why Redmart is named as such. But what we do know, is that there are about 30,000 items going at a discounted price (up to ~50%) every day – and really, that’s all that matters.

Hailed as one of the largest online grocery shopping sites in Singapore, Redmart carries all kinds of items, from necessities like cooking ingredients to home decor and children’s books.

Redmart ss

Image credit: Redmart

Delivery is free with purchases over $49. If you are a live-up member, there’s no delivery charge regardless of whether you buy a set of furniture or just an avocado.

Delivery fee: $7, free with purchase over $49 ($30 for first-time customers).


3. EAMART – 5% rebate


Prima taste chicken rice paste

Image credit: Tirakita

Rebates don’t just exist for your Passion Card. EAMART gives you a 5% rebate (with min spend of $150/month) for all purchases. This will be stored into your EAMART account, ready to be redeemed in your next order.

They also have a sales category featuring chopped down prices for more than 3,000 products.

Delivery fee: free with no min purchase.


4. Giant Online – bulk specials


Giant Online Bulk Deals

From The Greatest Showman’s Jenny Lind, we all know some things are never enough. But she never came across Giant’s bulk deals.

For the snack monsters out there, this section is where you can find things like a set of 24 packs of roasted peanuts and 1 kg of prawn crackers. You can also turn to this section to stock up on munchies and beverages for parties. 

Other than that, Giant Online offers its usual gigantic range of products from groceries to home furnishings to apparels – all with same day delivery.

Delivery fee: $7, free with purchase over $59.


5. TwentyOff – up to 20% off total bill and free delivery


Giant Online Bulk Deals

Image adapted from: @dannarodeza30, @ubaidihazim

This one’s a gem that most of you are probably unfamiliar with. TwentyOff’s website might seem unassuming at first glance, but it has one really cool feature – a tiered discount system where you can save up to 20% off your total bill.

Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase of $50-$99: 10% off
  • Purchase of $100-$149.99: 15% off
  • Purchase of $150 and above: 20% off

With their wide variety of items, ranging from organic food to health supplements, it won’t be hard to hit the minimum spend to be eligible for the discounts.

On top of saving you some dollars, TwentyOff also helps to save the earth. The company’s main aim is to promote bulk buying which will help reduce your carbon footprint. To live up to their philosophy, TwentyOff swears off plastic bags in their delivery.

But regardless of how big or small your purchase is, there are zero delivery charges for all orders! Delivery is available from 8am to 8pm daily, in 2h time slots.

Delivery fee: free, no minimum purchase.


6. Cold Storage Online Store – weekly deals


Cold Storage Online Store weekly deals

Image credit: Small Footprint Family

With new items refreshed regularly in their weekly sales, Cold Storage Online is definitely one to keep on tab.

Known to offer a slightly more gourmet range to your everyday groceries, their sales often contain organic snacks and fruits that might be hard to find in other supermarkets – like figs and blackberries.

Delivery fee: $7, free with purchase over $59. 


7. Fairprice On – slashed prices with clearance sales


Fairprice On Paleco Crumble Cacao spice

Fairprice generally has some of the most affordable prices when it comes to supermarkets here. But online, on Fairprice On, the prices fall even more with their clearance sales

For all things that have reached the end of season, are near expiry, or are simply overstocked, price tag numbers drop like hot potatoes.

Their delivery scheme allows you to choose from 2h delivery time slots, from 10am to 10pm daily – perfect for those who are rarely home. And if you’re the kind who always OTs with random panggang timings, there is also a special Click and Collect ($3) option where your items can be picked up anytime from one of the 70 collection points around the island.

Delivery fee: $7, free with purchase over $59.


8. All For You by Sheng Siong – promos for food and household items


All For You by Sheng Siong strawberry

Image credit: My Fruit

With All For You there is a whole range of products available for you to toss into your online cart. Alongside the typical fruits, vegetable and dairy, there are also electrical appliances and pet feed available.

But before you click “check out”, visit their promotions page where there are a bunch of items on sale, all listed by category for ease of shopping.

Delivery fee: $6, free with purchase over $100.


9. Fresh by honestbee – sales items from various stores


 Fresh by honestbee delivery van

Image credit: honestbee

You’ve bound to have seen honestbee’s yellow smiling bee logo somewhere. With products sourced from various partners and merchants, it has everything you need from groceries to ready-to-eat food from it’s 70 stores.

If you are looking to get bang for your buck, check out the promotions under Fresh by honestbee, where poultry, fruits and instant pizzas are put up at slashed prices.

For those last minute chiongsters, this site has same-day delivery available with 1h time-slots to choose from, between 11am and 10pm daily.

Delivery fee: $4.99, free with purchase over $30.


Shop for groceries online and enjoy savings at the same time


As much as we love to have a feel of our groceries before getting them, shortage of time – and *cough* the need to put in effort to leave our rooms – can be a deterrent. But thankfully, with these online grocery stores and their promotions, we can now save time and a couple of bucks while we’re at it.