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It’s almost a week into Ramadhan and after conquering the bazaar, the next item on anyone’s agenda is to scour for fancy Raya threads that’ll leave the abangs and kakaks going ﻭ (wow). If the post-iftar crowd has got you a lil’ apprehensive of braving physical stores, online retailer FashionValet is here to save the day with their range of chic garments and accessories, for both ladies and gents, which you can get from the comfort of your bed. 

From svelte kebayas and classic kurungs, here are 6 looks to welcome Eid.




1. Kurung Peplum Saloma & Dhya Armada Shawl


FashionValet - chic shawl and peplum dress

You should know by now that a day of Raya-visiting is gonna require lots and lots of travelling so dressing comfortably is of the essence. For those looking for an outfit that strikes the perfect balance between comfy and couture, the Kurung Peplum Saloma in Mustard Yellow ($64.12) by Amar Amran will be right up your alley.

Its peplum design features extra fabric around the waist so you can happily gorge on kuehs and rendang without worrying about potential babats being visible.

FashionValet - chiffon shawl

Hijabstas looking to complement the baju can opt for the Dhya Armada Shawl in Navy Blue ($32.22) by Tudung People which is made of heavy grid chiffon so that it won’t scrunch easily. It even has embellished beads for that dash of luxe.


2.Mariposa Peplum Kurung & Nerissa Crystal Clutch  


FashionValet - maxi kurung with ruffles

If dramatic is your aesthetic, let the Mariposa Peplum Kurung In Dusty Pink ($155.90) by Larney be the stage to showcase your flair. With its pastel colours and flowing ruffles, this is the dress to be in if you’re gunning for those “Eh lawanya. Anak siape tu?” (So pretty. Whose child is this?) comments.

FashionValet - crystal clutch

For an extra oomph, pair it with the Nerissa Crystal Clutch In Black ($191.70) by The Chic Initiative which is encrusted with crystals giving the bag a dazzling ombré effect. It’s practical too; having enough space to fit a huge iPhone Plus and other essentials.


3. Vivian Duo, Cathy Crossbody Wristlet & Cengkih Printed Shawl


FashionValet - sophisticated white lace

Girls who are all about that lace, bout that lace will love the Vivian Duo in Off White ($152.94) by aere. The figure-flattering outfit is made from soft Japanese fabric and has flared sleeves, giving it a touch of sophistication.

FashionValet - nude crossbody

All that duit raya has gotta kept somewhere and if you’re looking for something functional that won’t clash with your outfit, the Cathy Crossbody Wristlet in Nude ($48.50) by Livlola is your lifesaver with its roomy interior and matte nude finish. It also comes with a crossbody chain so you can sling it over your body if your wrist ever gets tired of carrying all those packets around.

FashionValet - black shawl with bright floral prints

To max out on the elegance factor, top off your ensemble with the Cengkih Printed Shawl In Black ($58.26) by Tudung People which is adorned with beautiful floral prints. And since they’re printed on washable satin silk, you won’t have to worry about the prints fading out.


– MEN – 


4. Vale Duo


FashionValet - bluish pink set

Abang-abangs who are going for the suave look this Raya, the Vale Duo In Bluish Pink ($117.14) by aere is your best bet. 

FashionValet - light fabric

The outfit has a pleated finishing across the shoulders making them look broader. It’s also made of a cooling fabric so say bye-bye to sweat stains ruining your sachok-ness (handsome-ness).


5. Baju Melayu Classic Set


FashionValet - light grey set

If you’re all about keeping it traditional, then channel those old-school cool vibes with the Baju Melayu Classic Set In Light Grey ($64.44) by Amar Amran. It’s crafted in premium Italian satin, making it soft to touch. 

FashionValet - pockets

And if you’re worried about not having space to lug your barang-barang, fret not as the top has 3 deep pockets!


6. Smart Shirt


FashionValet - smart casual white top

For a multipurpose top that can serve as both a jalan raya shirt and an everyday smart-casual top, get the Smart Shirt In White ($47.19) by FidaeKL which has a relaxed cut and is fitted with Mandarin collar – so you can go Raya-visiting after working without changing clothes!


Celebrate Hari Raya with FashionValet


FashionValet - pretty outfits

Hari Raya is fast approaching and if you’re looking to spruce up your entire wardrobe, head to FashionValet for a wide selection of Raya and non-Raya apparel from accessories to full outfits – all inclusive of free shipping with no minimum purchase!

For a greater reason to splash the cash, you’ll be credited with points every time you spend here, which can then be redeemed as cash in your next purchase!

Get FashionValet’s Hari Raya outfits here!

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