Delivery services for healthy food in Singapore

healthy food delivery services in singapore

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It’s lunchtime but you and your colleagues have tight deadlines to meet. Then comes the familiar line, “Eh, does anyone want to order Macs?”. That might do the trick once or twice, but ordering fast food on a regular basis ain’t gonna be good for your arteries in the long run.

We understand; not everyone has the time or energy to whip up healthy packed lunches. But here are some food delivery companies that specialise in meals that are nutritious yet delicious. Whether you aim to shed some kilos or bulk up, your meals will be customised to your needs and sent right to your doorstep or office.

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1. YOLO food – from $8/meal

YOLO food delivery service

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You only live once, that’s why it’s so important to ensure we keep ourselves strong and healthy. YOLO aims to help you do just that. Meals (from $8/bento) are highly personalised – your age, height, weight, gender and daily level of activity are recorded to generate a recommended calorie intake target. Choose from different daily combos in your calorie intake group and ta-da, you’re all set for a day of guilt-free eating.

Even if you are super Asian and can’t live without rice and spice, YOLO has got your back. Basil minced chicken, Asian greens, and brown rice are all part of their menu.

Delivery timings: 11AM – 9PM
Delivery fee: Varies according to delivery service
Telephone: 6221 3029

YOLO food Website

2. Fitnessration – from $9.40/meal

fitnessration meal subscription service

Image credit: @fitnessration

Fitnessration has it all planned out for you. Whether you’re a gym junkie looking to bulk, looking to lose some weight, or simply want a clean meal, they’ve got a special category of dishes specially customised for you. Choosing the High Protein Active category would let you enjoy meals such as Beef Ribeye Meatballs and Citrus and Chilli Grilled Dory.

Meals come in a bundle of 5, 10, or 15, and the bundles of 10 and 15 come with free delivery starting from $9.40/meal.

Delivery timings: 9AM – 9PM | 2PM – 5PM | 6PM – 9PM
Delivery fee: Free for every purchase of bundle of 10 and 15. $15 delivery fee for bundle of 5
Telephone: 8748 2585

Fitnessration Website

3. Grain – from $9.50/meal

grain meal delivery and bento sets

Image credit: Grain

Grain debunks the myth that eating healthy is oh so boring. There will always be new items on the menu, especially with Grain adding one new highlight dish each week. Sides, desserts and drinks are also available for your choosing, especially if you’re one of those whose stomach is like a bottomless pit. Their desserts like Raspberry Frangipane ($5.95) are low in calories as well, so don’t worry about breaking your healthy streak.

P.S.: Loyal fans of Grain are rewarded with special discounts! For example, an accumulation of 3 orders would entitle you to $2 off your next one.

Delivery timings: 11AM – 11.30AM | 11.30AM – 12PM | 12PM – 12.30PM | 12.30PM – 1PM | 1PM – 1.30PM | 1.30PM – 2PM
Delivery fee: $2, $3 surcharge for orders under $20 .
Telephone: 3163 5336

Grain Website

4. AMGD – from $12.50/meal 

AMGD meal subscription service and delivery singapore

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If keeping fit was on your new year’s resolution list, thank your lucky stars for AMGD, because they’ll make your life a whole lot easier. Choose from a wide variety of the superfoods such as their Triple Fix (quinoa topped with cajun chicken and greens) and Memory (Teriyaki Baked Salmon with mixed greens and nuts).

The meals at AMGD are all low in calories, so you’ll be “forced” to eat healthy when you order from them. You can purchase up to 50 meal credits ($12.50/meal) to use within 90 days – the more credits you buy, the cheaper your meal gets.

Delivery timings: 10.30AM – 1.30PM | 4.30PM – 7.30PM
Delivery fee: Free
Telephone: 87819323

AMGD Website

5. Eat Healthy – from $6.99/meal

healthy lunch and dinner delivery singapore

Image credit: Eat Healthy 

Pretty sure we’ve all heard someone say that in Singapore, there’s no way cheap food is going to be healthy. Wrong! Eat Healthy has meals starting from just $6.99, all of which don’t contain MSG or preservatives. They’ve even partnered with a nutritionist to ensure their meals are well-balanced, so you can be sure they know their stuff. Plus, Eat Healthy is Halal certified, so everyone can enjoy cheap and healthy meals.

Tuck into their in their Beef Meatball Bolognese Linguine ($6.99), you won’t be disappointed with the moist and flavourful handmade meatballs. If you need a midday perk-me-up snack, go for their Large Oatmeal Cookie ($1.99).

Note: Meals are refrigerated when sent to you, so you’ll have to heat them up on your own!

Delivery timings: 10AM – 5PM | 5PM – 9PM
Delivery fee: Varies depending on timing
Contact: Click here to send a message to eat healthy

Eat Healthy Website

6. Spinacas – from $9/meal

spinacas healthy food delivery

Image credit: @spinacas

Juicy meats and incredible texture – not something you’d normally expect to find in a salad. Seems like the salads at Spinacas are an exception. Their meats, bentos, and salads have been kept nutritious and well-balanced, yet highly raved for how well-marinated and flavourful they are. Try out their Moroccan Spiced Chicken Salad ($9), a crowd favourite.

Delivery timings: 11AM – 12PM | 12PM – 1PM | 5PM – 6PM |
Delivery fee: Free, minimum order $25. Click here to see if Spinacas delivers to you.
Telephone: 9770 7039

Spinacas Website

7. Fitthree – from $12.90/meal

Fitthree meal delivery to gyms

Image credit: @buro247singapore

We all know the benefits of eating clean: fit bod, healthy guts. And Fitthree is giving you one more incentive to stick to a healthy meal plan – their meal pick up spots are located at popular gyms, providing you a convenient way to eat healthy before or after a good workout. Pick from Omnitarian, Low-Carb and Vegetarian categories for up to 5 days worth of meals at $12.90/meal.

Delivery timings: 9AM – 12PM
Delivery fee: Free pick up at stipulated spots, delivery direct to you at $6.90 on Mondays or Thursdays and $10.90 for both days.

Fitthree Website

BONUS: Xndo – from $6.64/meal

healthy microwavable food in singapore xndo

Image credit: @reginacharrise

Healthy microwavable food sure seems like an oxymoron, but not with the meals from Xndo. Regardless of your dietary requirements, you’ll find a meal suited to your needs – whether you’re watching your weight or even a diabetic. Just pop it into the microwave for 1-2 minutes, and you’re good to go. Enjoy local favourites such as Curry Chicken Quinoa and Italian mainstays such as Beef Bolognese Pasta from $7.96/meal when you purchase a bundle of 3.

Drop by one of their stores, or send them a message here.

Xndo Website

Cheap and healthy meals delivered to you

Let’s face it, not many of us are disciplined enough to stick to our healthy eating regime. We all need a little help with resisting the temptation to dial the hotline of our favourite fast food restaurants, or to cave in to our cravings for some good ol’ Hokkien Mee. The grub from these companies will not only save you time, but your health as well.

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