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Hair Curlers in Singapore

8 Best Hair Curlers In Singapore To Give You Bouncy Waves Without Heat Damage

Best hair curlers in Singapore

Curls are a staple in today’s hair trends. Whether it’s vivacious locks rocked by international superstars like Beyoncé, or soft waves sported by K-pop idols, a little volume and curl does wonders to change up your regular hairstyle. That’s why hair curlers are a convenient tool and a low-commitment alternative to perming. 

If you’re looking to rock everything from perm-like curls to natural waves, check out this list of best hair curlers in Singapore that will get the job done.

Pro-tip: The higher the heat settings and timer durations are, the more suitable it is for thicker hair and to create tighter curls. For less long-term heat damage, always apply a heat protection cream before using any styling tool on your hair.

1. BaByliss Pro Bab2665H Miracurl – automatic one-click curling

BaByliss Pro Bab2665H Miracurl
Image adapted from: Babyliss Singapore

It’s human nature to find the easiest possible way to get things done, and it’s no different when it comes to hair styling tools. Enter the Pro Bab2665H Miracurl by BaByliss that’s highly rated among reviewers online.

This handy gadget does away with the need to manually twirl your hair around a styling iron, risking accidental burns in the process. Instead, just place small sections of your hair into the barrel and click a button for auto-curling. An audio timer – which you can set for 8, 10 or 12 seconds – will then beep to let you know when it’s time to release your hair. 

You won’t have to worry about finding the correct angle to position this device either, as it comes with 3 curl settings that indicate which side of the head it’s meant to be used on.

Suitable for: All hair types
Heat settings: 190°C, 210°C, 230°C
Price: $109 (U.P. $259) on Lazada 

2. Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron – K-pop-style natural waves

Best hair curlers in Singapore - Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron
The Glamwave comes in black, white, pastel pink, purple and blue.
Image adapted from: Vodana

We have to give props to K-pop culture for popularising natural waves that look effortless. That’s probably why Vodana’s Glamwave Curling Iron’s popularity in Korea has quickly leaked over into Singapore. It comes in an array of barrel sizes to suit your preference: whether it’s larger for loose waves, or smaller for tighter curls.

What makes this a reliable tool is its ability to heat up within 1 minute, perfect for those who’re always rushing to head out. You can also customise your preferred temperature as there are 12 heat settings for more precise styling. 

Suitable for: Shoulder-length to long hair
Heat settings: 12 heat settings: Min 100°C, max 200°C
Price: From $82 (U.P. $100-$107) on Shopee

3. Pritech 3 Barrel Hair Curler – easy-to-use clamp-on styling

Pritech 3 Barrel Hair Curler
Image credit: Shopee

Anyone who has tried using a hair curler would know that it takes some practice to master using conventional models. But if you can’t be fussed to figure out how to twirl your hair around a curling iron barrel, this 3 Barrel Hair Curler from Pritech is the tool for you. Simply clamp it directly onto sections of your hair, and boom, mermaid-like waves. 

Pritech is known for its array of affordable straighteners and curlers, and this one’s no different, costing below $35. It’s a steal, considering this tool is also able to quickly heat up within 30 seconds.

Suitable for: Medium to long hair
Heat settings: 160°C, 190°C, 220°C
Price: $28.19 (U.P. $33.17) on Shopee

4. GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand – twirl-around for beachy waves

GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand
GHD is also a top contender for hair styling tools
Image credit: GHD

One common pet peeve when it comes to regular curling irons is that they may not distribute heat evenly onto all parts of the hair. But what justifies the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand’s high price tag of $330 is the fact that it comes with smart sensors which automatically adjust the temperature of the barrel to heat your hair evenly.

That’s also why this curling wand is perfect for creating crisp, tight and bouncy curls with lots of volume. It’s pretty easy to use too: just twirl your hair around the barrel and hold for 5-8 seconds.

Suitable for: All hair types
Heat settings: 185°C
Price: $330 from Sephora

5. Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron – affordable with 25 heat settings

Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron
Image credit: Target

Those looking for a basic, value-for-money curling iron can opt for the Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron. It’s highly-rated given the fact that it’s incredibly budget friendly, but retains high-end features such as a speedy 1-minute heat-up time. 

You’re also able to achieve precise professional styling by choosing from 25 temperature settings, going all the way up to 400°C for thicker or more stubborn hair. Besides that, its 1-inch barrel is perfect for creating medium to large curls that come with some bounciness.

Suitable for: All hair types
Heat settings: 25 heat settings: Max 400°C
Price: $78.67 (U.P. $86.53) on Lazada

6. Philips BHB876/00 Auto Curler – auto curler for long hair

Best hair curlers in Singapore - Philips BHB876/00 Auto Curler
Philips is known for a ton of reputable hair styling tools, with this auto curler being one of the top-rated ones.
Image credit: Get It

Those with thick and long manes are all too familiar with the pain of having to spend double the amount of time when it comes to styling your hair. But with the automatic curling function of the Philips BHB876/00 Auto Curler, this task becomes a breeze. 

Simply insert small sections of your hair – about 1-2 inches thick – into the barrel, and click the auto-curling button. A timer will beep to let you know when it’s done, and you simply have to lower the device to unveil fresh, hot curls. 

Suitable for: Medium to long hair
Heat settings: 170°C, 190°C, 210°C
Price: $175 (U.P. $239) from Courts

7. Dyson Airwrap Smooth + Control – no direct heat 

Best hair curlers in Singapore - Dyson Airwrap
Image credit: Dyson

The Dyson Airwrap is a no-brainer when it comes to the top hair curlers in Singapore, especially since it has been highly raved-about since it first hit the market in 2018. Unlike conventional hair curlers, this one uses air instead of direct heating plates for less heat damage. It also automatically wraps your hair around its barrel, so no manual hair twirling is needed. 

Fetching a cool $699, it’s obviously the priciest option on this list, but you’ll be glad to know that a basic kit comes with additional attachments. 30MM and 40MM styling barrels, a smoothing brush, a pre-styling dryer, and a storage case are all included for all-rounded styling. 

Suitable for: Medium to long hair
Heat settings: Heats below 150°C
Price: $699 from Dyson

8. Braun Satin-Hair 7 Hair Curler – gentle for thin & coloured hair

Braun Satin-Hair 7 Hair Curler
Image adapted from: Braun

It may look like a regular curling iron at first glance, but the Braun Satin-Hair 7 Hair Curler has been highly rated among reviewers for its ability to style with minimal heat damage to the hair. This is thanks to its IONTEC technology that reduces frizz while smoothening and adding shine to the hair – particularly useful for those with thin and coloured hair. 

What’s worth mentioning is its digital display, allowing you to choose a suitable mode for your hair depending on its thickness. 

Suitable for: All hair types
Heat settings: 5 heat settings: Min 135°C, max 185°C
Price: $116.60 (U.P. $119) on Shopee

Choosing the best hair curler in Singapore

Whether you sport a short bob or long locks, you have a ton of options when it comes to getting the best hair curlers in Singapore. On top of affordable and heat-care options, there are lots of automated styling tools to get the job done quickly without breaking the bank. 

Simply choose one from this list to switch up your everyday hairstyle while vanquishing flat hair, and you’re good to go.

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These products have been ranked in terms of features and price from sources and reviews online.
Cover image adapted from (clockwise from top left): Vodana, John Lewis, Get It & Shopee
Originally published on 29th July 2020. Last updated by Renae Cheng on 31st May 2021.