Best robotic vacuum cleaners in Singapore

Robotic vacuum cleaners in Singapore are one of those nifty inventions which make you think, “gosh, technology is amazing”. Allowing you to kick back and relax instead of dragging a traditional vacuum cleaner across your entire house, these magical dust suckers are about as close as we can currently get to the concept of robot servants.

With options across different price ranges and cleaning needs, here are 8 best robotic vacuum cleaners in Singapore. High-tech attributes include wet mopping functions, mobile app syncing so you can control it even when not at home, and scooting automatically to the charging dock. You’ll never have to worry about low-batt right before an emergency clean-up!

*All prices accurate at time of writing.

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1. Philips Robotic Vacuum – ultra slim for tight spaces

Philips Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore
Image credit: Philips

The Philips Robotic Vacuum ($329) is one of the most popular models in the market, boasting strong cleaning capabilities and an ultra sleek design. While the rest of the robo-vaccs on this list span 8-10CM in height, this slim machine measures just 5.8CM and is able to scoot under low furniture. Perfect to suck all the dust bunnies out from under sofas, cabinets and so on.

Being compact doesn’t mean sacrificing on function though, as it operates on a 3-step cleaning system. General vacuuming is followed by wet mopping, before high suction mode is activated for a thorough clean. You’ll also be able to toggle between 4 different cleaning modes to suit various types of carpet and tile flooring. 

Battery life: 105 min per full charge
Height: 5.8CM
Smart features: Smart mapping sensors, remote control

Price: $329
Get the Philips Robotic Vacuum FC8795/01 from Best Denki

2. Samsung Power Bot – auto-adjusts suction according to surface

Samsung Power Bot Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore
Image credit: Samsung

Those with lots of different flooring types within their home will save lots of time from manually adjusting their vacuum modes, thanks to the Samsung Power Bot’s ($729) Intelligent Power Control. It’s able to detect the surface material it’s on, be it thick carpets, hardwood flooring, marble tiles and so on, and adjust the suction strength accordingly.

This model also has added Cyclone Force technology which intelligently picks up larger particles without choking up the receptacle. This is possible through a strong centrifugal force sending dust particles to the inner chamber, while bigger debris is sieved into an outer chamber. The trade-off is that it’s the noisiest model on this list, at 72 decibels. 

Battery life: 60 min per full charge
Height: 9.7CM
Smart features: Automatic suction strength variation, automatic charging dock return, smart mapping sensors

Price: $729
Get the Samsung Power Bot VR10M7020UW/SP from Harvey Norman

3. Xiaomi Mijia – affordably priced all-rounder

Xiaomi Mijia Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore
Image credit: Xiaomi Today

Mid-tier in terms of brand recognition, the Xiaomi Mijia ($229) might not be an obvious choice among big names like Philips, Samsung and LG. That said, it is an all-rounder combining many of the key functions across various models. These include control via remote, mobile app and even voice commands, smart mapping sensors, wet mopping capability, and auto-charging.

Fitted with an ultra dense fiber brush to better pick up fine dust particles, online reviews also mention the effective filter system separating bigger debris and preventing choking. All in all, it possesses a bevy of strong attributes from robo-vaccs under renowned brands, but at a fraction of the price. 

Battery life: 110 min per full charge
Height: 8.2CM
Smart features: Automatic charging dock return, smart mapping sensors, remote and voice control, mobile app control, Google Home/Amazon Echo connectivity

Price: $229
Get the Xiaomi Mijia G1 from Ezbuy

4. EcoVacs Deebot – thorough filtering for those with allergies

Image credit: Power Planet Online

If you’re investing in a vacuum cleaner of any sort, chances are that you prioritise keeping your home dust-free. Yet, many people with allergies and sensitive noses sneeze up a storm after a vacuum session, because dust has been dispersed through the air in the midst of suction.

The EcoVacs Deebot ($299) not only sucks dirt and debris up, it passes even the finest particles through a filter to minimise the spread of airborne triggers and allergens. General cleaning aside, it also has a specialised Edge Mode that sucks along walls and deeply into corners, clearing dirt that’s trapped and deeply embedded in the nooks and crannies.

Battery life: 110 min per full charge
Height: 7.9CM
Smart features: Automatic charging dock return, mobile app control, Google Home/Amazon Echo connectivity

Price: $299
Get the EcoVacs Deebot 501 from Best Denki

5. LG WiFi Hom-Bot – sensors to map your house for efficient cleaning

LG Wifi Hom Bot Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore
Image credit: @mtchitgk

Although robotic vacuum cleaners keep the house tidy without you lifting a finger, it’s not ideal for the gadget to roam around repeat areas when it comes to energy efficiency. Rather than waste precious battery, the LG WiFi Hom-Bot ($799) possesses sensors that intelligently map out your house. 

With each session, the internal blueprint gets increasingly precise, resulting in strategic cleaning routes that cover the most surface area in the shortest amount of runtime. You’ll also be presented with a self-learnt floor map through the mobile app, which indicates the progress of areas cleaned so far.

Battery life: 100 min per full charge
Height: 8.9CM
Smart features: Smart mapping sensors, mobile app control, remote control, Google Home/Alexa connectivity

Price: $799
Get the LG WiFi Hom-Bot VR66800VWP from Gain City

6. Proscenic Auto Boost – quietest with many in-app functions

Proscenic Auto Boost Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore
Image credit: Modern Castle

If the constant whirring noise of vacuum cleaners bothers you, the Proscenic Auto Boost ($225) is an affordable solution clocking in at 55 dB, the quietest on this list where the average is 60-70dB. It’s also low maintenance and requires infrequent emptying and refilling of the spacious 600ML dustbin and 350ML water tank respectively.

By syncing the device to a mobile app, you’ll be able to schedule sessions, customise routes, view past cleaning records, check remaining battery and more. This means you’ll be able to toggle it from anywhere in the world. Imagine getting to keep tabs on the cleanliness of your house even while on an overseas trip, and getting to return to spick and span surroundings.

Battery life: 120 min per full charge
Height: 7.6CM
Smart features: Remote control, mobile app control, Alexa connectivity, manual route customisation

Price: $225
Get the Proscenic Auto Boost 820S from Lazada

7. Karcher Robotic Vacuum – dual brush to pick up more dirt

Karcher Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore Kaercher Rubber Slats
Image adapted from: Kaercher

Besides looking like a Bumblebee Transformer with its cool black-and-yellow facade, the Karcher Robotic Vacuum ($552) boasts dual brushes which pick up double the dirt. The large spiral brush at the edge rotates and collects surrounding dust, while high-grip rubber slats under the vacuum cleaner’s base enable bigger particles to be sucked away.

There are also infrared sensors which help prevent the vacuum from falling down steps or colliding with obstacles, so don’t worry about it denting your wall paint or plummeting to death if you live in a house with stairs.

Battery life: 90-120 min per full charge
Height: 10.5CM
Smart features: Infrared sensor, automatic charging dock return, mobile app control

Price: $552
Get the Karcher Robotic Vacuum RC3 from Best Denki

8. PowerPac Smart Vacuum – cheapest, for simple home layouts

PowerPac Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in SingaporeImage adapted from: PowerPac

The PowerPac Smart Vacuum ($175) is the cheapest option on this list, and a good entry-level buy if you just want to keep your living spaces dust-free. While it might not fare well for heavy duty messes on a regular basis, it is well-suited to tidying simple home layouts with little need for swift maneuvering.

Wet-and-dry cleaning is enabled by the rotating bristles on one side, and water tank plus mop base on the other. That said, we’d advise manually cleaning the mop base from time to time to ensure residual dirt isn’t dragged throughout your house. 

Battery life: 120 min per full charge
Height: 8.5CM
Smart features: Automatic charging dock return, remote control

Price: $175
Get the PowerPac Smart Vacuum PPV3200 from Lazada

Keep your home tidy with robotic vacuum cleaners in Singapore

As someone who abhors chores, I’d gladly invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner just to save time and energy for other activities. With built-in water tanks, some even eliminate the need for manual mopping. Plus, being able to control your vacuum cleaning sessions from anywhere in the world due to mobile syncing makes for some seriously high-tech convenience.

Dragging a heavy vacuum cleaner throughout the house and enduring the whirring noise up-close is something most people dread. Since technological advancements have rendered hands-off cleaning a reality, why not invest in a robo-companion to handle the labour?

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The products have been ranked in terms of features and price from sources and reviews online.