Best table and desk lamps in Singapore

Carving out a dedicated workspace in your home is a good way of separating work and play. One of the must-haves in every workspace is a solid desk lamp that brightens the area, reducing eye strain and allowing you to focus.

Plus, having a desk lamp gives you a constant directed light source, so you don’t need to depend on natural sunlight when it’s overcast or disturb your roommates’ sleep when you’re staying up. Whether you’re rushing for deadlines or getting a cram sesh in before a big exam, here are 7 best table lamps that can accompany you through the wee hours.

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1. Mi LED Desk Lamp – for flicker-free and natural lighting

Mi LED Desk Lamp
Image credit: @maggie822

If you’ve ever had poorly fitted LED table lamps that flicker, you would know how straining it is for your eyes to concentrate on whatever is in front of you. The Mi LED Desk Lamp is designed to be a stable light source, reducing eye fatigue and strain. 

You can either adjust the brightness and colour temperature directly via the knob at the base of the lamp, or switch between 4 preset lighting modes using the Mi Home app. 

Focus mode: Allows you to customise different lighting periods for focus or rest, so that you can be more productive in bursts without neglecting rest time for your eyes.

Read mode: Colour temperature is adjusted to a neutral white hue (4000K) and 100% luminance so that your eyes don’t get tired even after reading for long periods of time.

Computer mode: To reduce the amount of harmful blue light exposure to your eyes, this mode keeps the colour temperature at a warm white hue (2700K) so that the light emitting from the screen isn’t too jarring. 

Child mode: To protect childrens’ eyes and prevent myopia or other vision damage, colour temperature is kept under 4000K

Price: $43.68
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2. KONCEPT Equo LED Desk Lamp –  long lifespan and low power consumption

Equo LED Desk Lamp
Image credit: KONCEPT

Not only does the Equo LED Desk Lamp make for a cool statement piece on your desk, it also boasts a long lifespan of 50,000 hours – that’s 8 hours a day for 17 years – and a low power consumption of 6 watts.

Despite the length of the lamp’s floating arm, you only need 1 finger to adjust its angle, thanks to its counter-weight design. The lamp head can also be rotated 180 degrees so you can direct the light where you need it most. To adjust to your preferred brightness, slide your finger along the touchstrip at the stem of the lamp.

Price: From $89
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3. Yeelight LED J1 Clip Lamp Pro – portable and clip-on wireless lamp

Yeelight LED J1 Clip Lamp Pro
Image credit: Yeelight Singapore

For those who don’t have a dedicated workspace and prefer to move from place to place for a change of surroundings, the Yeelight LED J1 Clip Lamp Pro would be the perfect companion. 

It can stand on a table directly or be attached to a surface with its clamp that can open up to 45MM for you to clamp it onto any desk if you lack space, or attach it to your headboard for some light reading before bed. It can be charged via a USB port and at full charge, can last for 6 hours on the brightest mode and 12 hours at its dimmest.

Price: $29.90
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4. IKEA RIGGARD LED Work Lamp – for wireless phone charging

Image credit: IKEA

While functional items are important for your day-to-day life, ensuring that they fit the aesthetic of your home is another criterion that many hold in high regard. If your home is going for a Scandi-Muji look, this birchwood IKEA RIGGARD LED Work Lamp will fit right in. 

Pesky charging cables and wires can clutter up your workspace fast, creating an unconducive work environment. The built-in charger of this lamp allows wireless phone charging, freeing up space on your desk. While the brightness isn’t adjustable, the warm white light is suitable for reading as well as computer use, and can be directed with the adjustable arm and head

Price: $99
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5. Remax RL-E270 Desk Lamp – RGB light modes to suit your mood

Remax RL-E270 Desk Lamp
Image credit: PrintOnDemand1988

For a desk lamp cum night light, the Remax RL-E270 Desk Lamp allows you to choose between warm light for winding down and white light that’s perfect for reading. It also has an LCD screen that can display the time, date and temperature of your room – making it one multi-functional lamp.

To jazz up the aesthetics of your room, this lamp even has RGB light modes for its base where you can choose from a wide spectrum of colours to match your mood.

Price: $30.50
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6. Xiaomi Philips EyeCare Smart Desk Lamp 2s – table lamps with dual light source

table lamp xiaomiImage adapted from: Xiaomi Mi Homes Store

Depending on a singular light source to brighten up your workspace might not be doing your eyes much good. Not having other lights switched on besides your table lamp will result in overly high contrasts between the darkness of your surroundings and the directed brightness from your lamp.

To combat this problem, the Xiaomi Philips EyeCare Smart Desk Lamp 2s has dual light sources giving you a wider lighting area. It also has an eye care mode which senses light in your environment and adjusts the brightness accordingly, minimising eye strain. 

Its free adjustment swing arm also turns this desk lamp into a stylish bedside companion. For a soothing warm light to ease you to sleep, turn on its night light mode via the Mijia app. 

Price: $55.90
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7. KONCEPT Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp – occupancy sensor to save electricity

Mosso Pro LED Desk Table Lamp
Image credit: KONCEPT

While a little pricey for a table lamp, the Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp has many features that will help you save hard-earned dough down the line. Its low power consumption of 5.5 watts, as well as its built-in occupancy sensor, ensures that no electricity is wasted lighting up an area that’s not in use. With an LED lifespan of 50,000 hours, this lamp will definitely last you a while. 

The touchstrip along the 48 LED head also allows you to glide seamlessly between cool and warm light, so you can find the brightness that’s just right.

Price: $178
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LED table lamps in Singapore

Having a conducive workspace is important to be in the right headspace to get your tasks done. One of the things that can help you focus during long hours of work is good lighting in your work area. 

With desktop companions that can double up as bedside table lamps and wireless phone chargers, you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs and style.

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