Standing desks in Singapore

Standing desk Singapore
Standing desks
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As a 9 – 5 staff, your daily work routine might look like this: work starts, everything goes well, lunchtime arrives, then the dreaded food coma hits and the rest of the day passes in a daze. But that’s not all – back and shoulder aches and the occasional attack of pins and needles are other problems that come with the sedentary life as well.

For those tired of staying perched on a chair all day, there’s a new office trend to check out: standing desks. These nifty inventions allow you to add some much-needed movement into your life, by simply adjusting them from seated to standing positions. Here are some of the best standing desks and converters that you can buy online.

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1. Standing Computer Table – budget-friendly with keyboard ledge

Standing computer desk ezbuy
Adjust from standing to sitting height
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Available for purchase on Ezbuy, this Standing Computer Table is a good introductory piece for those who’d like to try out a standing desk but don’t want to invest too much in one just yet.

The basic design, priced at an affordable $32, has a lower ledge for you to place your keyboard for comfortable typing. Additional features such as extra ledges and a rotatable desk surface are also available if you top up a couple of bucks.

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2. Aftershock’s OMNIDESK – many tech-savvy add-ons

New Next Generation Table By Aftershock

[Giveaway] The OMNIDESK is a new generation table now available in Singapore and we are giving one OMNIDESK away!Features include adjustable table height with memory profiles, mounting solutions below the desk for more space and add-on features like LED lights and multiple monitors with cable management.Brought to you by the team behind AFTERSHOCK PC and priced at $630, you can order your table now at: take part in the giveaway, simply:1. Like and share this post2. Comment below on one of the features of the tableThis contest will end in a week on 16 March. Good luck everyone!Director: Gabriel Marcus Seow I Talent: Don Lim

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Known as a “next-generation table”, OMNIDESK (from $449) is a popular choice among gamers – and that’s when you know a tech device is sturdy and reliable.

The motorised lifting system is smooth and sturdy, but possibly the best part of this desk is that there are many tech-savvy add-ons you can pick from to make it the desk of your dreams. Tech geeks can look forward to upgrading their desk with features like hidden pull-up power sockets, monitor arms and CPU roller stands.

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3. Standing Laptop Desk – multiple tiers for desktop, keyboard and speaker

Mobile Standing Laptop Desk
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Chi Ya flagship store

Priced at a wallet-friendly $58.60, the Mobile Standing Laptop Desk has different ledges in its set-up to keep your workspace essentials organised

On top of having different height levels for your screen and keyboard, this design also comes with a shelf on the bottom, where you can place heavier items like your CPU so there’ll be minimal clutter on the ground and you can easily move this set up to another room.

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4. Hollin’s Adjustable Laptop Table – compact and minimalist

Hollin’s Adjustable Laptop Table
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For a minimalist desk that fits into your modern and Marie-Kondo worthy home, check out Hollin’s Adjustable Laptop Table ($236, U.P. $295.80). Shaped like Pixar’s lamp, the desk comes with a gas lift height adjusting system that allows you to easily raise and lower it according to your needs. 

With its compact size and wheels at the base to keep it mobile, this design is great for laptop users who can’t stand sitting still. Need a change of scenery? Simply glide the desk to another workspace.

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5. Ergonomic Standing Desk – slot for tablets or phones

Serial multitaskers can upgrade their existing table easily by adding on the Ergonomic Standing Desk (from $249). On top of having separate heights for your desktop screen and keyboard, this one also comes with an extra slotting compartment for your tablet or phones, so you’ll be able to see all your devices at a glance. 

Ergonomic Standing Desk
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If you’ve got several screens in your office, consider upgrading the desk to its XL-sized cousin, which can fit 2 desktop screens, with room to spare for a coffee mug and decorative items like potted plants and photo frames.

To top that off, since it’s a converter, rather than a full standing desk, this one can be stowed away under the table whenever you prefer to use your desk for something else.

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6. Electric-lift Smart Desk – classic-looking table with hidden lift system

The Electric-Lift Smart Desk ($331), looks like your classic, everyday table. But surprise! It has a well-hidden electric lift system that can raise the desk with the press of a button, whenever your legs need a stretch.

Electric-lift Smart Desk
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Playing guitar de girl

With Scandinavian-style light wood and white colour scheme, this can easily fit right into any Pinterest-inspired room, without cramping your style. 

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7. IKEA’s SKARSTA – all-white design with manual crank

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IKEA is known for its simple and reasonably-priced furniture and their SKARSTA (from $369) table is no different. Completely decked in white, this desk instantly brightens up any room and will easily fit in with the rest of your IKEA furnishings at home. 

In true IKEA style, this one comes with plenty of desk space that two can share comfortably. Whenever you’re feeling a little sore, turn the easy-to-use crank under the table to adjust the table’s height anywhere from 70 – 120CM.

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8. Custom Design’s Elevate Height Adjustable Table – tiny and multi-purpose

The Elevate Height Adjustable Table ($399) is as compact as a standing tables get and can easily fit into any nook and cranny of a room.

Custom Design’s Elevate Height Adjustable Table
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Comfort Design

If you’re a fan of tiny home living, this is one to consider. Other than being a study desk, this petite piece of furniture can also be repurposed for your lounging or leisure needs. Lower it all the way down to turn it into a coffee table, or raise it to its maximum height to turn it into a standing bar table for home parties.

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9. Fitfit – USB charging port

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A Kickstarter-born product, Fitfit is a sturdy standing desk converter wide enough to fit 2 monitor screens, perfect for people who can’t get any work done on a single screen. 

Priced at $368 (U.P. $488) on Lazada, the table can be transformed from sitting to standing position with a simple press of a button, as many of its counterparts in the market. Many of us like to have our phones close to us at all times, and this desk comes with a USB port for convenient charging and less clutter.

To match the aesthetic of your set up, this desk also comes with dual-coloured desk surface, creamy light brown on one side, and dark chocolate brown on the other. Flip the board around to switch up the look of your workspace.

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10. AmpDesk by ErgoEdge – quality desk with super quiet motors

AmpDesk by ErgoEdge
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Getting into the higher-end products here, AmpDesk (from $500) by ErgoEdge is a stylish table that’s made to last. To ensure that there’ll be no glitches in the mechanics, the desk has been repeatedly tested and is promised to last more than 20,000 up-down cycles.

Despite its large size, it hardly makes a sound during height adjustments. So even if you’re a night owl burning the midnight oil, the entire fam-bam won’t be awakened if you decide to adjust your desk.

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11. Electric Standing Desk by TakeAseat – more than 100 designs 

Electric Standing Desk
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The Electric Standing Desk ($599) invites you to take a seat, by all means. But if you’re the sort that gets overly-engrossed with work, it also has a sedentary alert system you can use to remind yourself to stand up every once in a while as well.

Colour options range from neon yellow to dark oak and tabletop shapes can vary from straight edges to ones with varying degrees of curvature. With more than 100 tabletop designs to choose from, it won’t be hard to find a variation of this desk that suits your space to a T. 

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12. SOLOS’ Premium Standing Desk – fast adjustments and environmentally-friendly wood

SOLOS’ Premium Standing Desk
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For those who like things speedy, SOLOS’s Premium Standing Desk ($643, U.P. $888), will take you from seated to standing setup faster than most similar desks with its dual motors. In a matter of seconds, the set-up will be taken from sitting to standing height so the break in your workflow will be minimised.

The environmentally-conscious might also be glad to know that the wood is certified to be sustainably sourced as well, to minimise any damage to the earth. 

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13. Altizen Pro – designed in Singapore, with smart functions

We rarely hear about about products made in Singapore, but standing proud as our #SGrepresent is the Altizen Pro ($799, U.P. $999), designed and engineered on our little island. 

Altizen Pro
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While definitely on the pricer end of the spectrum, this standing desk converter comes with a sleek design that we can easily imagine our Macbooks on. But what takes the cake, for those serious about utilising their standing desk to the fullest, is its smart tracking function. 

Sync the desk up to the accompanying Alitzen app (iOS, Android) and you’ll be able to set goals and track your standing hours and calories burnt. 

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Office desks in Singapore

Here’s a fun fact: standing desks are reputed to reduce your risk of weight gain, lower your risk of heart diseases, and improve mood and energy levels. So it does take things beyond giving your stiff legs a shiok stretch. 

If body aches and sluggishness have been getting the better of you, don’t take these problems sitting down. It’s time to take a stand – literally – to improve both your physical and mental health with these standing desks.

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