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15 Best Digital Locks In Singapore So That You Don’t Have To Be Locked Out If You Forget Your Keys

Best digital locks in Singapore

Digital locks are fast becoming a mainstay in Singapore. And it’s not just because it gives homeowners an added layer of security. 

For those who can’t be hecked with carrying keys while out and about, digital locks have been the best respite, whether they use passcodes, fingerprint scanners or easy-to-store RFID cards. If you’re wondering which one’s best suited for you, check out this list of the top digital locks in Singapore:

Note: Prices quoted are inclusive of installation. All locks come with random security code features so outsiders can’t guess your code via your fingerprints, as well as emergency low-battery features where you can use a 9V battery to jumpstart it.

– Basic with simple modes of entry –

Those looking for something straightforward can head for basic digital door locks with a choice of 2 simple modes of entry such as PIN code access and RFID cards. These user-friendly options are great for those who are on a budget, but also want the ease of not having to carry around bulky keys.

All of these, except for the Yale bedroom lock (Point 6), have fire alarms and anti-theft alarms that’ll sound if someone tries to tamper with the lock.

1. Starke Seamless Designer Digital Lock

digital locks singapore - Starke Seamless Designer Digital LockImage credit: Starke Digital Locks 

For those who are all for risk-free investments, Starke’s Seamless Designer Digital Lock only requires a deposit of $100 to confirm your order and get your new lock installed, and you only need to fork out the full amount if you’re satisfied with it. 

Storing up to a 100 unique fingerprints, this lock is German-designed and one of the sleeker models of digital door locks out there that allows you to input the fingerprints of every important member of your household – from your visiting grandparents to your trusted weekly part-time cleaner. It also has a patented technology that will unlock your door in 0.5 seconds – a literal split second. 

The lock comes with a 2-year on-site warranty as well as free installation and refunds should any issues arise.

Price: From $559.90 (U.P. $899.90) on Starke
Entry modes: Fingerprint, passcode, keycard & mobile app
Emergency mechanical keys: Yes

More info on the Starke Seamless Designer Digital Lock.

2. Luxus Atlas WiFi Digital Door Lock

digital locks singapore - Luxus Atlas WiFi Digital Door Lock
You can double up on safety with the SafeCard- a physical keycard that’s unique to your lock.

Image credit: Luxus 

Gone are the days when digital door locks were chunky – if you’re one to appreciate chic designs, the Luxus Atlas WiFi Digital Door Lock is the way to go. This slim, minimalist panel seamlessly blends into your door, so you won’t have to fret about ruining the aesthetics of your entryway. 

digital locks singapore - Luxus Atlas WiFi Digital Door Lock 2The DG4 Smart Gate Lock (left) and Atlas WiFi Digital Door Lock (right).
Image credit: Luxus 

Don’t let its slight structure fool you as it packs a tonne of features which you can utilise. Enable the PIN number function, or go for the fingerprint option that’ll let you enter with just a simple tap. You can even unlock your door remotely via your phone, and track the log history if needed.  

If your doorway also sports a grill gate, pair your door lock with the Digital Gate Lock DG4 ($550) for extra safety. You can opt to sync both locks and unlock them at the same time. 

Price: $790 (U.P. $1,140)
Entry modes: Passcode, keycard, smartphone & fingerprint
Emergency mechanical keys: 2
Anti-theft & fire alarm: Yes

More info on the Atlas WiFi Digital Door Lock

3. Zeus Z-1

digital locks singapore - Zeus Z-1
Zeus digital locks are made in South Korea.

Image adapted from: Zansan Digital Lock via Carousell

The Zeus Z-1 Lock may be a lesser-known name in Singapore, but has all the options needed for a reliable basic digital lock. It’s one of the most affordable options in the market too, costing below $300 for decent security. In addition, this digital door lock comes with a fire safety and alarm function so that you don’t have to worry if someone tries to break into your home. 

Price: From $199 on Zansan
Entry modes: Passcode
Emergency mechanical keys: None

More info on the Zeus Z-1 Lock

4. Schlage S-480

digital locks singapore - Schlage S-480Image adapted from: Allegion Australia New Zealand via YouTube

Schlage’s S-480 model may have basic entry modes, but what’s impressive about this digital lock is the fact you can create temporary passcodes for guests. Just use the digital door lock’s menu to register and cancel them as needed. 

Price: From $299 (U.P. $399) on Your Digital Lock and Siong Door.
Entry modes: Passcode & keycard
Emergency mechanical keys: None
Anti-theft & fire alarm: Yes

More info on the Schlage S-480

5. Yale YDME50

digital locks singapore - Yale YDME50
Activate a privacy mode from the inside of the door which disables all access from the outside.
Image adapted from: Yale Locks & Hardware via YouTube

Highly raved about among Singapore reviewers, the Yale YDME50 is best suited for bedroom doors. This is a useful digital lock if you have a home office with sensitive documents, or if you’re a landlord who’s renting out your rooms. 

The digital door lock comes with both passcode and keycard access, plus 2 master keys for emergencies. For convenience and safety, it has an anti-panic egress which automatically unlocks the door when you operate the lever from the inside.

Price: From $289 on Shopee & Qoo10
Entry modes: Passcode & keycard
Emergency mechanical keys: Yes

More info on the Yale YDME50.

– Mid tier with extra functions –

Just like how smartphones have evolved to include everything from fingerprint scanners and PIN codes for security, digital locks are fast adapting to easier and more secure ways of functioning. These mid-tier locks are rated among the highest in Singapore, and use around 3-4 modes of access with heightened security features to better suit your family’s needs.

All of these come with anti-theft alarms that’ll sound if the lock detects someone trying to force it open or break it. 

Yale YDM 4109RL+ Biometric

digital locks singapore - Yale YDM 4109RL+ Biometric
Image credit: @keylesssolutionentry via Carousell

The Yale YDM 4109RL+ Biometric digital lock features a smart touchpad that ensures intruders won’t be able to guess your passcode from fingerprint smudges. Once you’ve keyed in your passcode, you’ll need to swipe your palm on the keypad to complete the unlocking process.

As an added security feature, there’s even an option to befuddle kaypoh onlookers. You can add random numbers before or after your actual passcode so there’s no guessing which digits are the right ones.

Price: From $798.90 (U.P. $999) on Lazada
Entry modes: Fingerprint, PIN code, mobile & remote access via app
Emergency mechanical keys: Yes

More info on the Yale YDM 4109RL+ Biometric.

7. Lenovo Smart Lock X3

digital locks singapore - Lenovo Smart Lock X3
Image credit: My Digital Lock 

The Lenovo Smart Lock X3 features a 4.5-inch HD screen and a 2-megapixel camera that acts as a digital peephole to see who’s outside. The peephole can be controlled via a mobile app that also gives you the ability to talk to visitors at your front door even if you’re not at home.

If security is one of your biggest concerns, this digital door lock has 3 levels of locking features. Your door auto locks once it’s closed, after which, the smart lock triggers a triple bolt. Then there’s an extra mechanical lock that’s only accessible from the inside of your home.

Price: From $711.55 on Shopee & My Digital Lock
Entry modes: Keycard, fingerprint, passcode & bluetooth
Emergency mechanical keys: Yes

More info on the Lenovo Smart Lock X3

8. Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S

digital locks singapore - Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S
Image credit: Igloohome

Costing below $500, Igloohome’s Smart Deadbolt 2S is a pretty affordable option for a digital lock that has entry and exit logs you can view via an app – perfect if you have a regular cleaning service or friends and family members who drop by often. 

You can also set one-time passcodes that last for a specific duration of time, or recurring ones via the Igloohome mobile app. For added security, it has an auto-lock function and a lockout mode if someone has keyed in the wrong passcode several times.

Price: $459 on Igloohome
Entry modes: Passcode & bluetooth
Emergency mechanical keys: Yes

More info on the Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S.

9. Schlage S-6800

digital locks singapore - Schlage S-6800
Image credit: Zansan

Schlage’s S-6800 has a pretty huge memory capacity that can register up to 100 fingerprints and 50 keycards, so this digital lock is useful for a big family or an office. For ease of use and in case of emergencies, the door can easily be opened from the inside by rotating its handle. 

Price: $765 on HD Door
Entry modes: Fingerprint, passcode & keycard
Emergency mechanical keys: Yes

More info on the Schlage S-6800.

10. Loghome LH600MG

digital locks singapore - Loghome LH600MG
Image credit: HDDoor

Don’t forget about your main gates when you’re on the hunt for digital locks for your home. Loghome’s LH600MG is one of the most popular models for HDB metal gates, according to reviewers. On top of featuring passcode and keycard access, the lock can detect fingerprints from any angle for added convenience.

It also detects fire and disables its keypad for 1 minute with every 5 wrong passcode attempts, and has an auto-lock feature.

Price: $688 on Smart Digital Lock at Reddot
Entry modes: Fingerprint, passcode & keycard
Emergency mechanical keys: Yes

More info on the Loghome LH600MG.

– Top-tier with maximum features-

Most of us are guilty of wanting to own the newest tech when it comes to electronics. For those who want to incorporate this into their home safety systems, there is an array of digital locks that have 4-5 modes of access and more sophisticated security features. Best of all, not all of them have to cost an arm and a leg. 

Likewise, all of these come with anti-theft functions that sound an alarm during an attempted break-in.

11. Samsung SHP-DH537

digital locks singapore - Samsung SHP-DH537
Image credit: Hanman International

Those who frequently come home late and don’t want to wake the whole household whenever you unlock the door can consider the Samsung SHP-DH537. The digital lock has a silent mode feature that gives you the liberty to adjust the volume or even mute the lock’s notification beeps.

The digital lock also has a vacation mode for those who’ll be away from home for an extended period of time, or for those who travel frequently. An alarm will be triggered in the event of a break-in.

Price: From $539 on Lazada & Shopee
Entry modes: Passcode, mobile app & card
Emergency mechanical keys: Yes 

More info on the Samsung SHP-DH537.

12. Igloohome Smart Mortise 2 Digital Lock

For its price, the Igloohome Smart Mortise 2 Digital Lock has a surprising laundry list of features that includes 4 different modes of access, an alarm system when it’s been tampered with, and a safety function that prevents pets and children from accidentally unlocking the door.

That’s not all – security is enhanced with its ability to create temporary PIN codes for visitors. Plus, you’ll even be able to check who has opened your door in real time with access logs sent straight to your smartphone. The lock also doesn’t need Wi-Fi to operate, which prevents hackers from accessing your digital lock remotely.

Price: $574.00 on Igloohome
Entry modes: Keycard, tags or stickers, passcode & bluetooth
Emergency mechanical keys: Yes

More info on the Igloohome Smart Mortise Digital Lock

13. Samsung SHP-DR708

digital locks singapore - Samsung SHP-DR708This lock comes with a convenient push-pull design so you can easily open your door without an additional door handle.
Image credit: Samsung

The SHP-DR708 is one of Samsung’s latest premium models of digital door locks which basically has every function you can think of. This includes receiving real-time alerts on your smartphone on who’s entering and leaving your home. 

On top of that, you can unlock it remotely and create temporary passwords with a set duration of time for visitors to enter and exit your home if you’re not around. It’s high in security too, with a suspicious movement alert that sounds an alarm if someone lingers in front of your door lock for too long.

Price: From $950 (U.P. $1,380) on Lazada & Qoo10
Entry modes: Fingerprint, passcode, mobile app & NFC for Android
Emergency mechanical keys: Yes

More info on the Samsung SHP-DR708

14. Philips EK9100 

digital locks singapore - Philips EK9100Image adapted from: Smartman Malaysia via YouTube

Another relatively affordable option with premium features, PhilipsEK9100 allows you to monitor your door lock status over Wi-Fi. You can choose a combo of 2 entry methods for dual verification to suit your preference. It also has additional security features, like an alarm that sounds if your door isn’t properly locked, as well as auto-locking if you forget to do the deed.  

Price: From $749 on MyDigitalLock
Entry modes: Fingerprint, keycard or tag, passcode & bluetooth
Emergency mechanical keys: Yes

More info on the Philips EK9100

15. Samsung SHP-DP728

digital locks singapore - Samsung SHP-DP728
Its bluetooth locking method allows you to unlock your door with your mobile phone when you’re nearby.
Image credit: Samsung

The Samsung SHP-DP728 has been topping the list for best digital locks in Singapore for some time now, as it was the OG push-pull model in the market. It hasn’t aged since then, with security features that rival newer models. This includes a warning tone that sounds if someone lingers around the lock. 

You can connect it to the sHome Doorlock mobile app on your phone to get notifications on individuals entering and exiting your home too. 

Price: From $860 on Shopee and Eazea
Entry modes: Fingerprint, keycard or tag, passcode & bluetooth
Emergency mechanical keys: Yes

More info on the Samsung SHP-DP728

Choosing the best digital lock for your home

Needless to say, with numerous brands and models in the market, there are thousands of options when it comes to choosing a digital lock. Depending on what you need for your home, whether it’s all the latest security functions or a basic lock that’ll let you go keyless, this list of the top digital door locks in Singapore can be your guide to choosing the right one.

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Cover image adapted from: Luxus, Igloohome
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Article originally published on 28th June 2020 by Jessica Fang. Last updated by Raewyn Koh on 20th June 2023.