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best thermometers in Singapore

8 Best Thermometers In Singapore Including Infrared & Digital To Check For Fevers

Best thermometers in Singapore

Thermometers have fast become a must-have device in every household, thanks to the ongoing pandemic that has hit the world. Needless to say, most of us are now extra paranoid when we feel a little under the weather. If you’re constantly worried about catching a fever, having a thermometer at home will give you some peace of mind. 

We scoured the likes of user reviews on online stores to find out which are the best thermometers in Singapore, so here are ones you need to know of.

1. Docooler – affordable infrared thermometer

best thermometers in Singapore - Docooler infrared thermometer
The Docooler thermometer can also be used to take the temperature of rooms and liquids like milk
Image credit: Lazada

Nothing pleases Singaporeans more than the word “affordable”. That’s why it’s hard to ignore the very attractive $10.90 (U.P. $15.60) price tag of this infrared forehead thermometer by Docooler. It’s a non-contact option that’s perfect for safe-distancing, similar to those thermometer “guns” that are used at stores and restaurants all over the country. 

If there are only so many beeps you’d like to hear in a day,  simply set it to silent mode. A backlit screen is also useful if you’re using it in the middle of the night, or on sleeping kiddos. If it detects a forehead temperature higher than 37.5°C, an alarm will be prompted.

How to use: Aim at the centre of the forehead at a distance of about 3CM-5CM and press the “scan” button.

Get the Docooler forehead thermometer

2. BRAUN ThermoScan NTF3000 – dual function with fever indicator 

best thermometers in Singaporebraun digital thermometer
Image credit: Braun

Braun is that one brand that’s always mentioned on lists for best thermometers, so it’s only fitting they’re getting a spot here too. Their highly-rated ThermoScan NTF3000 is on the pricier side at $149 but it gives you readings that are as accurate as what you’d get in a clinic. This is thanks to its guidance system which “points” you in the optimal direction for forehead scans. 

Its backlit display will indicate reading colours of green for normal, yellow for fever, and red for high fever. And if your kiddo is moving way too much for you to get an accurate non-contact reading, simply flip on the “touch” mode to directly scan the surface of the forehead. 

How to use: Aim at the centre of the forehead at a distance of 0CM-5CM and press the temperature button

Get the Braun ThermoScan NTF3000

3. Omron MC-246 – traditional thermometer for personal use

Best thermometers in Singapore -Omron MC-246 digital thermometer
Image credit: Galeri Medika 

Those looking for an affordable thermometer for personal use can opt for something more straightforward like the Omron Digital Thermometer MC-246 ($15, U.P. $19.90). Other than its portable size, this thermometer is also water-resistant so it’s pretty hardy – plus, this makes it easy to clean with water and soap.

You can use it orally, or via underarm and rectal temperature-taking for young kids for the most accurate reading possible.

How to use: Press the on/off button and place it under the tongue. 3 beeps will sound once your temperature is confirmed.

Get the Omron Digital Thermometer MC-246

4. InstamediQ IMT 4000 – doubles as infrared & ear thermometer

InstamediQ IMT 4000
Image credit: Shopee 

Those who want to make sure your temperature readings are as accurate as possible may be tempted to buy different types of thermometers to get the job done. But with the InstamediQ IMT 4000 ($99.99), you can swap between using it as an infrared and ear thermometer – both of which are suitable for kids as well. 

For the most accurate reading, it comes with modes for kids, adults, ears and objects. Its backlit LCD display also changes colour according to the temperature taken, and will flash green for normal, yellow for a fever, and red for high fever. 

How to use: For forehead temperature readings, lightly touch the probe to the centre of the forehead and press the temperature button. For ear mode, insert the probe cover, place it inside your ear and press the temperature button. For object mode, place the probe about 1 inch from the object. 

Get the InstamediQ IMT 4000

5. Sukragraha forehead strip thermometer – cheap and easy-to-use

Sukragraha forehead strip thermometer
Image credit: Amazon

Those who aren’t so technologically savvy may prefer doing things the old-school way. If that’s you, this forehead strip thermometer by Sukragraha gets the job done – all at a relatively low price of $20.81 too!

This mercury-free thermometer comes in a set of 3 and is reusable. Plus its extremely compact paper-thin size makes it easy to stash in your first aid kit and handbag alike. 

How to use: Place it on your forehead with the temperature readings facing up. Wait for about 15 seconds and a colour change will indicate your temperature. 

Get the Sukragraha forehead strip thermometer

6. Exergen Temporal Artery – forehead thermometer for kids

exergen thermometer
Image adapted from: Amazon & QuadMed

One of the top-rated thermometers for kids based on online reviews worldwide, the Exergen Temporal Artery is an easy-to-use option for accurate readings. Just swipe it across the forehead to do the deed, and a red LED light and a soft beep will let you know you’ve done it correctly. 

It’s also used by medical professionals in the US, so its decent price tag of $79.90 (U.P. $89.90) is well-justified. 

How to use: Press and hold the button while lightly scanning across the forehead. Release the button to view the temperature.

Get the Exergen Temporal Artery

7. Xiaomi Youpin Mijia iHealth – sleek design and non-contact

xiaomi infrared thermometer
Image credit: AliExpress

We’re always welcoming of aesthetic gadgets, and Xiaomi’s Youpin Mijia iHealth is a sleek non-contact thermometer you’d be proud to display in your home. 

It’s pretty affordable at $37.99 (U.P. $99) and you’ll get high-tech functions like a silent mode, infrared sensor and an LED screen display. It’ll also vibrate when it shows your temperature, for scatterbrains who tend to forget to look at the results after screening. 

How to use: Aim the probe at about 3CM from the centre of your forehead and press the temperature button to scan. 

Get the Xiaomi Youpin Mijia iHealth

8. BRAUN Thermoscan 7 – medical-grade ear thermometer

Braun ear thermometer
A colour-coded display will flash green for normal, yellow for fever, and red for high fever.
Image credit: Braun

Walk into any clinic for an appointment, and most likely the receptionist would take your temperature with an ear thermometer. If you’re looking for a medical-grade one, the highly-rated BRAUN Thermoscan 7 ($91, U.P. $96) is for you. 

With a temperature guidance system, you can set it to use on people of all ages, including newborns. It also comes with a pre-warmed tip so you won’t get that nasty cold metal feeling in your ear. Each box comes with disposable ear caps for hygiene, and you can find ear probe replacements online for as low as $6.

How to use: Pop a disposable ear cap onto the probe and insert it into the ear. Press the temperature button for a reading. 

Get the BRAUN Thermoscan 7

Best thermometers for all ages

Having a thermometer on hand is undoubtedly a necessity in this pandemic-ridden world. As this list goes to show, there are several different types of thermometers suitable for all ages, so pick one that best suits your lifestyle to speedily check that you’re not running a temperature. 

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