Best electric shavers for men in Singapore

For us men, shaving is a ritual. Most of us shave on the daily, while others do it whenever they feel their unkempt facial hair is getting in the way of their ravishing good looks. Either way, picking the right electric shavers is vital in transforming this regular duty into an enjoyable, seamless experience instead.

From compact travel gadgets to luxurious options complete with elegant charging docks, these top electric shavers in Singapore are your best bet to levelling up your shaving routine to something you’d look forward to every morning.

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Which shaver should I buy? Foil vs rotary shavers

foil and rotary shaver, electric shaver singaporeA foil shaver (left) has 1 or more straight blades placed side-by-side, while a rotary shaver (right) has circular heads with spinning cutters.
Image adapted from: Braun and Giztop

There are 2 main types of electric shavers for men – foil and rotary. Foil shavers have flat, tube-like blades that work best on fine hairs on flat skin surfaces like sideburns and cheeks to give a clean, smooth shave. 

On the other hand, rotary shavers are easily recognisable due to their multi-pronged circular heads. These excel at adapting to facial contours to reach those stubborn spots of hair on your cheekbones and jawline. Though they can handle slightly coarser and longer hair, rotary shavers can irritate your skin a little more.

Another thing to note when choosing a shaver is its Wet & Dry specification, which indicates that it can be rinsed under water, used with shaving gel or foam or simply as it is. Some shavers also have Ingress Protection (IP) ratings that are safe to use in the shower or tub.

With the technical jargon out of the way, here are the best electric shavers for men in Singapore so you get that fuss-free clean shave every single time.

1. Braun Series 9 9390cc – luxurious build & functions

braun series 9000 9390cc electric shaverImage credit: Shopee

With corrosion-resistant titanium-coated blades and a leather travel case, the Braun Series 9 9390cc is the fully-fledged luxury shaver that is efficient and durable. Its 10-directional pivoting head helps the 5 synchronised shaving foils and cutters follow your facial curvatures closely while providing an even, thorough shave. 

It has a 60-minute battery life that provides roughly 2 weeks’ worth of daily shaves on a single charge. If time is of the essence, simply plug it in while you brush your teeth and it’s good for a single shave with a 5-minute charge. 

The sleek multi-purpose charging station also cleans the shaver after you’ve finished, and also serves as a neat dresser ornament to remind you of your worthwhile investment.

Shaver type: Foil
Battery life: 60 minutes

Price: $699
Get the Braun Series 9 9390cc

2. Braun MobileShave M30 Pocket Shaver – budget option for travel

braun mobileshave m30 electric shaverImage credit: Tobalog

Priced under $30, the Braun MobileShave M30 Pocket Shaver is yet another fan-favourite catered for travellers and holiday-goers. Weighing just 0.12KG, this lightweight device runs on just 2 AA batteries that provide 60 minutes of shaving time – more than sufficient for a couple of weeks on vacation.

No bigger than a cell phone and without pesky charging cords, the shaver is both travel-friendly and a handy tool to keep at work for a quick touch-up before an important meeting.

Shaver Type: Foil
Battery life: 60 minutes

Price: $29
Get the Braun MobileShave M30 Pocket Shaver

3. Remington XR1410 Verso – palm-sized & doubles as a cleanser

remington verso XR1410 electric shaver
Image credit:

The versatile Remington XR1410 Verso comes with 5 attachments to satisfy your grooming needs. In addition to its triple-head rotary shaver, you’ll also get 3 different facial brushes for cleansing and scrubbing, along with a precision trimmer to keep your mutton chops in check.

With a 45-minute shave time after 4 hours of charging, throw in its rubberised, compact grip and you literally have all your grooming essentials in the palm of your hand.

Shaver Type: Rotary
Battery life: 45 minutes

Price: $105.74
Get the Remington XR1410 Verso

4. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 – precise blades with fast charging

panasonic ES-LA63-S arc4 electric shaver
Image credits:
Instant Grooming

With 4 cutting elements and an arched shaver head, the Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 is a mid-range shaver that boasts impressive specifications. These include a quick 1-hour charge time, complemented by a 10-stage battery indicator that lets you keep a tab on power so the shaver doesn’t run out of juice midshave.

Uniquely, the Arc 4 possesses a specialised vibrating motor that deals with flat-lying hairs usually found on the neck. Coupled with a smooth, pivoting blade assembly, this shaver is a top choice for those looking for a foil shaver with the ergonomics of a rotary one. 

Shaver Type: Foil
Battery life: 42 minutes

Price: $173.02
Get the Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4

5. Philips Series 5000 S5572/10 – charging dock that cleans

philips series 5000 electric shaver
Image credit:

Our pick from one of the more renowned shaver brands is the Series 5000 variant from Philips. Its intuitive SmartClean system kills 3 birds with 1 stone – automatically cleaning, charging and lubricating your shaver when it’s docked. 

The shaver’s 5-directional shaver head covers ample surface area to precisely reach all the nooks and crannies of your face and neck. If you’re in a rush, activating the Turbo+ mode gives the shaver an extra 20% power boost to get through extra thick and stubborn patches of stubble.

Shaver Type: Rotary
Battery life: 50 minutes

Price: $199
Get the Philips Series 5000 S5572/10

6. Xiaomi Mijia S300 – most affordable option

xiaomi s300 electric shaver - best shavers for men in Singapore
Image credit:

Jumping back into the realm of affordability, the Xiaomi Mijia S300 is a minimalist rotary shaver option you’d proudly display on your dresser. As with all rotary shavers for men, its slightly concave 3-piece shaver head adapts closely to your facial contours for a clean shave. 

The shaver is also certified IPX7 water resistant, which means it can be immersed under water so you can even shave in the shower. It also has a nifty 10-minute power off setting, preserving power in case you forget to switch it off.

Shaver Type: Rotary
Battery life: 60 minutes

Price: $24.90
Get the Xiaomi Mijia S300

7. BaByliss PRO FOILFX02 – barber-approved with 3H battery

babyliss foil shaver, electric shavers for men singapore
Image credit:
The Panic Room

Primarily used by barbers to sharpen up sideburns and necklines, this tool may seem like an odd placement in this list. But apart from trimming tresses, the highly-rated BaByliss PRO FOILFX02 is particularly suited for those with sensitive skin due to its hypoallergenic gold foils

Being a barber-centric piece of equipment does have its perks, as the device boasts an impressive 3 hours worth of cordless shave time – the longest out of all the products in this list. 

Shaver Type: Foil
Battery life: 180 minutes

Price: $173
Get the BaByliss PRO FOILFX02

8. SweetLF 3D – highly-rated, fully waterproof value shaver

best shavers for men in Singapore - sweetlf 3d electric shaver
Image credit:
Oleksii Semeniuk

You’ve probably never heard of this brand before, but don’t let that dissuade you from enjoying the SweetLF 3D’s clean shave for under $60. The shaver is IPX7 certified so you have liberty to shave while showering.

Coupled with its long-lasting 2 hour battery life after just 1 hour of charging, it also has a quiet, high speed motor so you can groom without the fear of the incessant whirring irritating your family. An all-rounder at an affordable price, it’s little wonder that it’s one of the best-selling shavers on Amazon, rated 4.3/5 stars with close to 17,000 reviews worldwide.

Shaver Type: Rotary
Battery life: 120 minutes

Price: $55.81
Get the SweetLF 3D

Bonus: Philips Series 1000 Bodygroom – affordable manscaping tool

best shavers for men in Singapore - philips bodygroom series 1000 electric razorThe pictured model BG1024 is an all-encompassing device for all areas of the body.
Image credit: Philips

To round things off, the Philips Series 1000 Bodygroom is an affordable, electric razor catered for all your full-body grooming needs. Running on just 1 AA battery, the shaver gives you 2 months worth of shaving time to settle your hairier affairs be it on your armpits, chest or anywhere else. 

It also comes with an additional bi-directional comb trimmer to tackle longer hairs, and with its waterproof functionality, the shaver offers you a convenient out for your grooming activities. 

Shaver type: Electric razor
Battery life: 10-12 hours

Price: $29.90
Get the Philips Series 1000 Bodygroom

Electric shavers for men

There are all sorts of different shaver brands, models and variants out there, but these tried and tested options are highly-raved about and you can easily find the best shaver for men to suit your grooming needs.

With shavers covering all budgets and catering to different needs, take your pick from this list of the best electric shavers for men to get in Singapore for that clean shave you’ve been dreaming of.

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