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8 Perm Hairstyles For Men For Singaporean Guys Who Want Volume Or Korean Waves

Perm hairstyles for men

In the months of Circuit Breaker and post-CB phases, men around Singapore have been learning to embrace long locks of hair. If you want to turn that into something more refined, now’s the best time to try out one of these perm hairstyles for men.

There are perm hairstyles that can be pulled off perfectly with shorter and longer haircuts alike. For that Korean oppa or Cole Sprouse-like look you’ve been dying to get, a quick call to the salon and a few hours of your time is enough for this extreme makeover.

1. Short hair perm – for guys who haven’t grown out their hair

short hair perm - perm hairstyles for men
Image credit:
Project Hair

Perms aren’t just for guys with long, flowing hair. In fact, they’re a good way to add texture and volume no matter the length. Better yet, short hair perms, even with only 3-4 inches of hair, are relatively low maintenance for a more youthful look. A looser, softer wave perm works well, especially since it won’t reduce hair length too much.

short hair perm
Image credit:
HAHA Hair Salon

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an edgier, more defined look, opt for tighter curls with short sides. It’s also a massive throwback to Justin Timberlake from the ’90s. 

Ideal hair length: Short
Maintenance: Low

2. Curly undercut – fresh update on the undercut

curly undercut
Image credit:
Aazu cuts factory

Undercut hairstyles are a staple today, and guys can take it one step further with a curly undercut. The shaved sides and curled top makes you look cool and suave while also injecting some volume into your hair. But if you want a more conservative look, you can switch it up by asking your barber for a fade on the sides to soften up the undercut.

Ideal hair length: Short to medium
Maintenance: Moderately low

3. Comb over curly hair with fade – a curly twist on a classic haircut

comb over - perm hairstyles for men
Image credit:
Rouge and Beyond

Comb-overs are the quintessential men’s haircut and renowned for being simple, slick, and very versatile. So add your own twist by getting a comb-over with curly haira trendy variation on that classic look.

A medium fade will help create a smooth transition from the sides of your hair to the top. Additionally, you could also ask for a parting line for a disconnected look that’s neater and easy to style.

Ideal hair length: Short to medium
Maintenance: Moderately low

4. Curly hair with fringe – bring back your youthful looks

fringe curly
Image credit:

Fringes are a magical tool that can help a guy instantly look 10 times younger – and the same applies even with curly hair. This messy, “I got out of bed like this” look is perfect for guys who don’t want to wake half an hour earlier in the morning to blow dry their hair. The added texture to your hair can help you rock that Korean oppa look even better.

Ideal hair length: Medium
Maintenance: Love 

5. Korean wave perm – stylish like K-Pop idols

korean wave perm - perm hairstyles for men
Image credit:
Formencutz Exclusive Barbershop

The K-wave isn’t just influential in the entertainment industry, but also in the hairstyling world. Plenty of salons around the island are offering trendy Korean wave perms – soft, wavy, textured streaks created by increased layers at the top. One of the best ways to style it is with a centre-parting or a 3:7 ratio similar to Gong Yoo from Goblin.

gong yoo
Image credit:
Goblin – Gong Yoo

But if you’d rather a bit more swagger in your hair, you can get an undercut to go along with the Korean wave perm instead.

Ideal hair length: Medium to long
Maintenance: Moderate

6. Curly pompadour – slick and cool look

curly pompadour - perm hairstyles for men
Image credit:
Silver Star Salon

We all know Elvis was known for his cool, slicked back pompadour, but you can modernise the famous hairstyle with a curly pompadour. The look’s all about volume, and a perm serves to amplify that level of thickness while adding texture.

curly pompadour
Image credit:
The Black Salon

Regardless of whether you opt for completely shaved sides, a low or high fade, you’ll be rock ‘n’ rollin’ out the salon door with confidence. Style a little inwards-curling quiff up top and it’ll add even more character to the look.

Ideal hair length: Medium
Maintenance: Moderately high

7. Wavy side part – let your hair loose

wavy side part
Image credit:

For the guys who have a little more hair to play with, opt for a wavy side part. Since most Asian guys have naturally straight hair, it tends to grow straight down the sides and can often look flat. That’s why a perm works beautifully, maintaining that cascading flow while significantly boosting volume and adding much-needed texture.

Part your hair in a 2:8 or 3:7 ratio to ensure the wavy waterfall of hair flows out on both sides. 

Ideal hair length: Medium to long
Maintenance: Moderate

8. Curly bob – for those with long hair

curly bob - perm hairstyles for men
Image credit:
AM_Hair Studios

Before your hair grows out to your shoulders, get a curly bob to nail that cool surfer dude look. Even though it’s a shaggy look, it’s still very much versatile, just tuck one or both sides behind your ears and it’ll look a lot neater. And hey, if you keep growing it out, you’ll eventually be able to cosplay Jon Snow.

curly bob
Image credit:

Your stylist might recommend various types of perms, such as a ceramic perm, spiral perm or classic perm, that can keep those curls nice and tight. 

Ideal hair length: Long
Maintenance: High

Get one of these perm hairstyles for men

No one ever said that guys can’t get perms. Once you’ve picked from one of these perm hairstyles for men to go for and found the right salon, it’s time to show the world your new, curly locks. Remember to consult your stylist about the necessary maintenance afterwards as well, because the after-care journey is just as important as the initial salon appointment.

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Cover image adapted from: Rouge and Beyond, Formencutz Exclusive Barbershop, @logkazuma
Originally published on 6th August 2020.