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10 Undercut Hairstyles For Guys In 2021 With New Variations So You Don’t Look Basic

New undercut hairstyles for guys in 2021

The undercut has become a staple of the modern-day guy and everyone around the world sports some version of this hairstyle. Because of this, many shy away from an undercut for the fear of looking *gasp* basic.

Whether you already have an undercut or not, there is still an ocean of possibilities you have yet to explore with hundreds of variations of this popular cut. For a new year, new you, we’ve compiled 10 different undercut hairstyles with subtle differences, but big enough to give your style a breath of fresh air in the new year.

1. Buzzcut undercut – quick style for post-NS

Buzzcut undercutImage credit: Hombre Barbers SG

So let’s say you’ve just finished NS or participated in Hair for Hope, a quick way to easily differentiate yourself from your hairless buddies and show some style is with this buzzcut undercut. All it takes is a trim on both sides whilst leaving the top. With some sharp edges near your temples, it looks tons better than just letting your hair grow on all sides.

buzzcut undercut colouredImage credit: Hombre Barbers SG

You can vary your look by dyeing a unique colour such as orange, pink or blue on the spiky, grass-like strands on top of your head. If you’re afraid of commitment, fret not because your natural hair colour will quickly grow back out in one to two months! Just look at local rapper Fariz Jabba who’s been rocking a different colour of the rainbow every other month.

Ideal hair length: Short
Ideal hair texture: Straight or curly
Maintenance: Low
Products needed: None

2. Caesar undercut – hipster look named after Roman emperor

Caesar undercutImage credit: @originsstudio*

If you’re wondering, the caesar haircut was indeed named after Julius Caesar himself, who ruled over Rome with short hair and straight bangs. Let’s hope Caesar would have been proud as modern-day hipsters have created an undercut version of this centuries-old haircut.

The haircut works well with a medium fade on the sides, creating a smooth transition for your hair and really making your fringe pop! You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow out for this hairstyle either, so those with short hair can quickly add some style points.

Ideal hair length: Short
Ideal hair texture: Straight
Maintenance: Low
Products needed: Pomade/wax to texture

*Update: Origin Studio is now known as debonair Atelier.

3. Disconnected Comb Over Undercut – a bold take on a basic look

mens undercuts
Image credit: @sultansofshave

Just a short stroll outside and you’ll spot many men sporting the comb-over hairstyle, so stand out by opting for this daring, disconnected look. Simply ask your barber to include a line dividing your sides and the top to fully separate the two regions of your hair, making you look edgy yet professional.

disconnected comb Image credit: The ‘A’ Street Barber Shop

The position of the dividing line is totally up to you as well! If you always insist on your right side when having pictures taken, then the right decision would be to make it stand out even more. Touch up with some pomade or wax to add shine and go out with 200% confidence.

Ideal hair length: Short to medium
Ideal hair texture: Straight
Maintenance: Low
Products needed: Pomade/wax with shine and hold

4. Undercut with fringe – revitalise your youthful looks

fringe undercut
Image credit: @greasemonkeybarbergarage

Whilst it may look similar to the caesar undercut, the undercut with fringe involves a bigger bunch of hair on your head. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a good fringe makes you look younger and fresher, and the undercut adds a vintage touch to the look. On those lazy days, a messy fringe works just as well as an “I got out of bed like this” look too!

curly fringeImage credit: @originsstudio

Those with curly hair will be glad to know that this style works perfectly for them as well. Like Rapunzel, let your hair down and let those curls roll!

Ideal hair length: Medium
Ideal hair texture: Straight or curly
Maintenance: Low
Products needed: Pomade/wax to texture

5. 3/7 Undercut – look like a stylish Korean oppa

3/7 undercutImage credit: Atatcutz Singapore

All the Korean oppas have a 3/7 parting nowadays, meaning that the hair is parted with a proportion of 3:7 instead of the usual side-part or centre-part. To gain an edge over all those K-pop idols, get an undercut with it. The style is trendy and makes the hair feel less baggy, which is ideal and practical for handling Singapore’s hot weather.

If you’re looking to vary the look for special occasions, use some pomade or wax and twist small bunches of hair to add mini-curls and a wavy feel. For more volume, blow-dry the hair upwards whilst still maintaining the 3/7 parting. 

Ideal hair length: Medium
Ideal hair texture: Straight or curly
Maintenance: Moderate
Products needed: Pomade or wax with hold, blowdryer

6. Short Slicked Back Undercut – easier to maintain slickness

short slicked back undercutImage Credit: Rockarolla

A lot of slicked back undercuts you see in the streets require long hair and when you see them you think “That must be a pain to maintain”. In that case, why not opt for a shorter, sleeker looking variant that does the job just as well. You’ll feel slick AF, like a dapper businessman in a two-piece suit, as your hair is slicked back and shiny. 

This haircut is also super versatile as it can easily be styled upwards as a quiff or ruffled up for a messy look. 

Ideal hair length: Medium
Ideal hair texture: Straight
Maintenance: Moderate
Products needed: Pomade/wax/gel with hold and shine

7. Pompadour Undercut Fade – a cool look to channel your inner Elvis

pompadour undercut
Image credit: @sultansofshave

Pompadours have always been a classic and are still popular, but are known for being too voluminous and hard to bear with, especially in the searing heat. With a pompadour undercut fade, rock some Elvis looks whilst still looking modern and cool. 

As the hair fades from the sides to the well-recognised volume of hair on top, it instantly feels breezier, both for your style and your head. 

pompadour undercut fade backImage credit: Keep It Handsome Barbershop SG

Don’t forget about the backside of your head too! For a cool pompadour undercut, you can opt for a “V” shape at the back and hold it all in place with some pomade or wax.

Ideal hair length: Medium to long
Ideal hair texture: Straight
Maintenance: High
Products needed: Pomade/wax with hold

8. Spiky Quiff Undercut – bringing the 90s back whilst looking modern

spiky quiff undercutImage Credit: Hombre Barbers SG

You may associate spiky hair with pop singers in the 1990s and early 2000s, but this style is slowly making a comeback. A quiff hairstyle is one where your hair is textured and styled upwards, giving you a dynamic, versatile and professional look. When you combine the two, you manage to bring the 90s back with that subtle edge but still look like a modern 2021 guy.

spiky quiff Image credit: Acidic Chop Shop

The spiky quiff undercut doesn’t need to always be styled upwards in the middle, you can vary it by opting for an angled quiff. You don’t even have to go to the barber to make these adjustments, just some hair gel and hairspray in your own bathroom will do! 

Ideal hair length: Medium
Ideal hair texture: Straight
Maintenance: Moderately high
Products needed: Pomade/wax/gel with hold, hairspray

9. Long Side-Swept Undercut – make hair growing more comfortable

long side swept undercutImage credit: QueensWealth

A lot of us try to grow out our hair, but we end up having a bush on our heads. To easily fix this problem, a long side-swept undercut maintains your hair length but still keeps you looking clean and fresh. The sides will be freshly shaved and you’ll sweep all the hair on top to one side, it’s effortlessly hip and your hair doesn’t annoy you in front of your face to ensure that you can comfortably grow out that mane. 

For an even more stylish look, add curls by giving your hair a perm for a wavy effect. If that’s too much commitment, a little bit of texture from styling at home from goes a long way to make your hair more defined.

Ideal hair length: Long
Ideal hair texture: Straight or curly
Maintenance: Moderate
Products needed: Pomade/wax

10. Man Bun Undercut – transcend the typical man bun

man bunImage credit: @limpehbarbershop

You know you’ve reached the peak of modern-day male hairstyles when you finally get a man bun, but why not transcend that style one step further by going for an undercut. A quick but careful shave of the sides – plus an additional line or two if you’d like – is enough to make you sleeker and impress the most hip of hipsters. 

Plus, you’ll finally get to feel the cool breeze on the sides of your head after all that time.

Ideal hair length: Man bun
Ideal hair texture: Straight or curly
Maintenance: High
Products needed: Probably a lot of shampoo and conditioner

Undercut hairstyles for 2021

Basic no more, these different undercut hairstyles and their variations will keep your hair continually fresh. Pick the one that suits the style you’re looking for and enjoy confidence in knowing that you’ll stand out in a crowd!

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Cover image adapted from (L-R): @greasemonkeybarbergarage, @sultansofshave
First published on 10th February 2020. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 13th April 2021.